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Spring 2008

Table of Contents

  1. Mark Your Calendars Now for 24/7 in the Library! March 11-21
  2. Have Fun and Learn Something, Too! Check Out the Science Library's New Video Game Collection.
  3. LibX Toolbar Makes Catalog Searches as Easy as A Click of the Mouse
  4. Try Some New Trial Databases
  5. Like Photography? See the Atkeson Exhibit.
  6. A Journey Through Oregon's Musical History
  7. Ten Library IT Resources to Make Your Life Easier
  8. Think Links


1. Mark Your Calendars Now for 24/7 in the Library! March 11-21

Need some peace and quiet during Dead Week and Finals Week? That's why Knight Library will remain open around the clock from March 11 to March 21. Get full details here!


2. Check Out the Science Library's New Video Game Collection

Video games in the library? That's right! The Science Library has a collection of video games and the consoles that play them available for checkout to UO students, faculty, and staff. Find out more about this exciting program.

3. LibX Toolbar Makes Catalog Searches as Easy as a Click of the Mouse

Using the UO Libraries' website just got easier. With the new LibX toolbar, you can search the entire library catalog and much more with just a click of your mouse. Search for articles in the UO Libraries' database, search for keywords in the library catalog, request items through Summit, and pull related articles off of Google Scholar, all without navigating away from the web page you are viewing. Who knew library research could be so easy?

4. Try Some New Trial Databases

The UO Libraries is currently offering trial use of several databases. Whether your cup of tea is psychology, educational administration, theater, economics, journalism, or some other specialty, the UO Libraries probably has a trial database for you. To learn more about these databases and how to access them, click here.

5. Like Photography? See the Atkeson Exhibit.

A leisurely look at only a dozen photographs by Ray Atkeson (1907-1990) is all it takes to recognize the substantial talent of the former Photographer Laureate of Oregon. Twelve prints, representing a tiny fraction of Atkeson's work, are on display in the east and west entryway corridors of Knight Library through April 15. Click here for more information on this exhibit, including viewing hours.

6. A Journey Through Oregon's Musical History

We Oregonians are lucky to live in a state with a vibrant musical past. Composers have been writing songs in or about our great state for more than a century. Now this music is being revitalized by the UO Libraries Digital Collections, so that it can be enjoyed by tech-savvy generations to come. Click here to learn more about this historical collection of Oregon music, which includes full color illustrations, lyrics, and sheet music.

7. Ten Library IT Resources to Make Your Life Easier

UO students have access to many IT resources through the UO Libraries. Here is a small sampling.

I. UO Libraries Website

Your first and best stop for all your research and study needs. Here's where you'll find the best resources for any topic you're tackling.

II. The Learning Commons

Need a room where you can collaborate or study with other students? A place to practice group presentations? Access to high-powered multimedia software, scanners, and other technologies? The Learning Commons in Knight Library is your ticket to success.

III. Blackboard

If you haven't already encountered Blackboard in one of your classes, you soon will. It's the university's online course management system, brought to you by the UO Libraries.

IV. Summit Catalog

How does easy access to 28 million items housed at 34 university and college libraries in the Pacific Northwest sound? Summit gives you that and more. You can search Summit through the library's website.

V. Online Library Account

Using your online library account is as easy as checking your e-mail. Keep track of all things library with your personalized account.

VI. Instant Messaging Help

Get your reference question answered from your dorm, apartment, home, or even on the road. IM a reference librarian and stay put. (You can also get reference help by phone or e-mail.)

VII. Laptop Checkout

Get portable. Borrow a laptop from the UO Libraries. They're loaded with Microsoft Office and Adobe's Creative Suite, and configured for full Internet connectivity.

VIII. Undergraduate Research Awards

Turn your research skills into scholarship dollars. Enter the Undergraduate Research Awards competition.

IX. Library News RSS Feed

Get an RSS feed from the Library News web page, and you'll get immediate notification when a new library service or resource comes on line. You can access Library Lowdown, our electronic newsletter especially for students, from the News page, too.

X. Everything Else

We've only scratched the surface. You'll find hundreds of other useful services and resources by browsing the library's website or by talking to our friendly librarians.

8. Think Links

Your library has a number of services and resources designed to help you study and conduct research. Here are some useful links:

  • Library News

  • Hours

  • Ask a Librarian

  • Reserve a Locked Study Room

  • New Additions to the library collections

  • Online Databases

  • Make a comment or suggestion about the library

  • Responses to library user comments