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Aspects of differential geometry II Gilkey, Peter, author. E-book QA
Aspects of differential geometry. E-book QA
Assembling early Christianity : trade, networks, and the letters of Dionysios of Corinth Concannon, Cavan W., 1979- author. Book BR Knight
Assembling Shinto : Buddhist approaches to kami worship in medieval Japan Andreeva, Anna, author. Book BL Knight
Assessment and valuation of forest ecosystem services : state of the science review Binder, Seth, author. E-book QH
Assistive technology design for intelligence augmentation Carmien, Stefan, author. E-book HV
Astroglia and brain metabolism : focus on energy and neurotransmitter amino acid homeostasis Schousboe, Arne. E-book QP
Asymptotic differential algebra and model theory of transseries Aschenbrenner, Matthias, 1972- author. Book QA Math
Asymptotic issues for some partial differential equations Chipot, M. (Michel) Book QA Math
Asynchronous sequential machine design and analysis a comprehensive development of the design and analysis of clock-independent state machines and systems Tinder, Richard F. 1930-2011. (Richard Franchere), E-book TK
Atlantis destroyed Castleden, Rodney. E-book GN
Atmel AVR microcontroller primer programming and interfacing Barrett, Steven F. E-book TJ
Atmel AVR microcontroller primer programming and interfacing Barrett, Steven F. 1957- (Steven Frank), E-book TK
Auguren des Geldes : eine Kulturgeschichte des Finanzjournalismus in Deutschland 1850-1914 Radu, Robert, 1983- author. Book HG Knight
Augustus Caesar Shotter, D. C. A. (David Colin Arthur) E-book DG
Auroral dynamics and space weather Book QC Science
Australian journal of family law. Book K Law
Authoring Hal Ashby : the myth of the new Hollywood auteur Hunter, Aaron, author. Book PN Knight
Authority and performance : sociological perspectives on the Council of Chalcedon (AD 451) Amirav, Hagit. Book BR Knight
Authority of images/Images of authority : shaping political and cultural identities in the pre-modern world Book P Knight
Autobiographical writing by early modern Hispanic women Howe, Elizabeth Teresa, 1945- author. E-book PQ
Automated grammatical error detection for language learners Leacock, Claudia. E-book PE
Automated grammatical error detection for language learners Leacock, Claudia. E-book PE
Automated metadata in multimedia information systems creation, refinement, use in surrogates, and evaluation Christel, Michael. E-book Z
Automated software diversity Larsen, Per. E-book QA
Automatic detection of verbal deception Fitzpatrick, Eileen, author. E-book P
Automatic parallelization an overview of fundamental compiler techniques Midkiff, Samuel P. 1954- (Samuel Pratt), E-book QA
Automatic text simplification Saggion, Horacio, author. E-book QA
Autonomy, self-governance, and conflict resolution innovative approaches to institutional design in divided societies Weller, Marc. E-book JC
Avec les pélerins de la Mecque : le voyage du docteur Carbonell en 1908 E-book BP
Averrunci, or the Skowrers : ponderous and new considerations upon the first six books of the Annals of Cornelius Tacitus concerning Tiberius Caesar Bolton, Edmund, 1575?-1633?, author. Book PA Knight
Azerbaĭdzhanskie pogromy v Shemakhe, 1918 god : (na osnove dokumentov Chrezvychaĭnoĭ Sledstvennoĭ Komissii Azerbaĭdzhanskoĭ Demokraticheskoĭ Respubliki) Ru̇stămova-Toḣidi, Solmaz, author. Book DK Knight
Background subtraction : theory and practice Elgammal, Ahmed, author. E-book TA
Bacterial sensors synthetic design and application principles Roelof van der Meer, Jan. E-book QH
Bad to the Bone : crafting electronic systems with BeagleBone and BeagleBone Black Barrett, Steven, author. E-book QA
Bad to the bone crafting electronic systems with BeagleBone and BeagleBone Black Barrett, Steven. E-book QA
Ballenesque : Roger Ballen : a retrospective Ballen, Roger, 1950- photographer. Book TR Design
Baltic modernism : architecture and housing in Soviet Lithuania Drėmaitė, Marija, author. Book NA PDX
Banana fish Yoshida, Akimi. Book PN Japanese
Bandung, global history, and international law : critical pasts and pending futures Book JZ Law
Bandwidth extension of speech using perceptual criteria Berisha, Visar. E-book TK
Banking and finance in the Mediterranean a historical perspective Consiglio, John. E-book HG
Bartolomeo Cristofori and the invention of the piano Pollens, Stewart, author. Book ML Music
Basic feedback controls in biomedicine Lessard, Charles S. 1936- (Charles Stephen), E-book QH
Basic principles of wastewater treatment Sperling, Marcos von, author. E-book TD
Basic probability theory for biomedical engineers Enderle, John D. (John Denis) E-book QA
Basic simulation models of phase tracking devices using MATLAB Tranter, William. E-book TK
Batgirl Stewart, Cameron, 1976?- author. Book PN Knight popular
BATS codes : theory and practice Yang, Shenghao, 1978- author. E-book TK
Bayesian analysis in natural language processing Cohen, Shay, author. E-book QA

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