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"De arte magorum" : Erklärung und Deutung ausgewählter Hexenszenen bei Theokrit, Vergil, Horaz, Ovid, Seneca und Lucan unter berücksichtigung des Ritualaufbaus und der Relation zu den Zauberpapyri Reif, Matthias, author. Book PN Knight
"Fremdkörper im Sowjet-Organismus" : Deutsche Agrarkonzessionen in der Sowjetunion, 1922-1934 Schmieder, Marina, 1972- author. Book HD Knight
"Liberty to the downtrodden" Thomas L. Kane, romantic reformer Grow, Matthew J. E-book F
"Moors dressed as Moors" : clothing, social distinction, and ethnicity in early modern Iberia Irigoyen-García, Javier, 1975- author. Book DP Knight
"What! Still alive?!" : Jewish survivors in Poland and Israel remember homecoming Rice, Monika, author. Book DS Knight
"Wie ein Apostel Deutschlands" : Apostolat, Obrigkeit und jesuitisches Selbstverständnis am Beispiel des Petrus Canisius (1543-1570) Foresta, Patrizio, author. Book BX Knight
'More crop per drop' : revisiting a research paradigm : results and synthesis of IWMI's research, 1996-2005 Giordano, M. E-book S
...But I'm not racist! : tools for well-meaning whites Obear, Kathy. Book HT Law
1948 a history of the first Arab-Israeli war Morris, Benny, 1948- E-book DS
2016 god v Rossii i Ukraine Kli︠a︡mkin, I. M. author. (Igorʹ Moiseevich), Book DK Knight
2017 god, ili v poiskakh very : izbrannai︠a︡ proza Pʹet︠s︡ukh, Vi︠a︡cheslav, author. Book PG Knight
25 Doctrines of Law Survival Tools for a Litigious Society Tobin, Philip Chase. E-book KF
A 3rd order linear saccade model Enderle, John D. E-book QP
A biosystems approach to industrial patient monitoring and diagnostic devices Baura, Gail D. E-book R
A blossoming development of splines Mann, Stephen, 1963- E-book T
A brief history of the 7th Marines Santelli, James S., 1940- author. E-book R
A century of Oregon covered bridges, 1851-1952 : a history of Oregon covered bridges, their beginnings, development and decline, together with some mention of the builders and techniques Nelson, Lee H. E-book TG
A companion to Custer and the Little Bighorn Campaign Book E Knight
A concise introduction to models and methods for automated planning Geffner, Hector. E-book Q
A concise introduction to multiagent systems and distributed artificial intelligence Vlassis, Nikos. E-book QA
A cyberspace command and control model Scherrer, Joseph H., author. E-book UB
A dangerous awakening : the politicization of religion in Nigeria Enwerem, Iheanyi M Author E-book BR
A family in France Streaming Video DC
A few planes for China : the birth of the Flying Tigers Buchan, Eugenie, author. Book DS Knight
A generation of revolutionaries : Nikolai Charushin and Russian populism from the great reforms to perestroika Eklof, Ben, 1946- author. Book DK Knight
A gift of age : old lesbian life stories : a collection of stories based on interview transcripts in the Old Lesbian Oral Herstory Project Eversmeyer, Arden, editor. Book PS Knight
A guide to visual multi-level interface design from synthesis of empirical study evidence Lam, Heidi. E-book TK
A gyrovector space approach to hyperbolic geometry Ungar, Abraham A. E-book QA
A handbook for analytical writing keys to strategic thinking Winner, William E. E-book T
A hybrid imagination science and technology in cultural perspective Jamison, Andrew. E-book Q
A journey through genetics. Moitra, Karobi, author. E-book QP
A journey through genetics. Moitra, Karobi. E-book QH
A la place du roi : vice-rois, gouverneurs et ambassadeurs dans les monarchies française et espagnole (XVI-XVIII siècles) Casa de Velázquez E-book DC
A little book on teaching a beginner's guide for educators of engineering and applied science Barrett, Steven F. E-book T
A little for my heart and a little for my God Streaming Video DT
A new history of modern architecture : art nouveau, the beaux-arts, expressionism, modernism, constructivism, art deco, classicism, brutalism, postmodernism, neo-rationalism, high tech, deconstructivism, digital futures Davies, Colin, 1929- author. Book NA PDX
A passage to China : literature, loyalism, and colonial Taiwan Tsai, Chien-hsin, 1975- author. Book DS Knight
A persistent revolution : history, nationalism, and politics in Mexico since 1968 Sheppard, Randal, author. Book F Knight
A perspective on single-channel frequency-domain speech enhancement Benesty, Jacob. E-book TK
A philosophy of technology from technical artefacts to sociotechnical systems Vermaas, Peter. E-book T
A practical field technique for measuring reservoir evaporation utilizing mass-transfer theory Harbeck, Guy Earl, 1911- author. E-book QE
A practical guide to gender diversity for computer science faculty Franklin, Diana. E-book QA
A practical guide to testing wireless smartphone applications Harty, Julian. E-book TK
A primer on compression in the memory hierarchy Bordawekar, Rajesh, author. E-book QC
A primer on hardware prefetching Falsafi Babak, author. E-book TK
A primer on memory consistency and cache coherence Sorin, Daniel J. E-book TK
A primer on physical-layer network coding Liew, Soung Chang, author. E-book TK
A primer on radial basis functions with applications to the geosciences Fornberg, Bengt. Book QA Math
A Qurʼān commentary by Ibn Barrajan of Seville (d. 536/1141) = ĪdÌ£āhÌ£ al-hÌ£ikma bi-ahÌ£kām al-Ê»ibra (Wisdom deciphered, the unseen discovered) Ibn Barrajān, ʻAbd al-Salām ibn ʻAbd al-Raḥmān ibn Muḥammad, -1141, author. Book BP Knight
A scene design for the Carnival Theatre, University of Oregon production of "Thesmophoriazusae" Campbell, Daniel Stancil, 1947 - author. Book PN Knight

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