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1. Take a tour of the library- or ask the library staff where things are located.


2. Look at an encyclopedia article about your performer- or Gospel Music.


The following encyclopedias (in order of usefulness) have excellent articles about Gospel Music and gospel performers, and are located in the Music Services Department on the Music Reference shelves across from the Music Reference Desk.


Gospel music encyclopedia.
[MUSIC ML102.G6A5]

The New Grove dictionary of American music. 4 v.
[MUSIC REF. ML101.U6N48 1986]

Encyclopedia of Popular Music. 10 v.
[MUSIC REF. ML102.P66 G84 2006]


    3. Look for books about your performer and/or Gospel Music in the UO Library's Catalog

    Search the Subject section under the last name of the performer, or under Gospel Music.


      4. Look for articles about your performer- or about Gospel Music- in the following indexes:


      The Music Index
      A good index to articles in most of the standard music journals and magazines.
      The library has the paper index, going back to 1949 at [MUSIC REF. ML 118 .M84], with the latest 10 years on the Music Index table;and the older years on the Music Reference shelves.
      1979 to the present is available on the UO Library's web site, by search under the Databases & Indexes section.

      This is a more specialized index that includes articles from non-music journals, as well as articles in languages other than English.
      It is also available in paper form at:
      [MUSIC REF. ML 118 .R4- the latest 10 years on the Music Index table; older years (back to 1970) on the Music Reference shelves.]

      Academic Search Premier

      This is a general index, available online, that includes articles from some of the more popular journals and magazines. It can be an excellent source for information on people.


        5. If your performer is female, try the following resources:


        Women in music : an encyclopedic biobibliography.
        2nd ed. 2 v.
        [MUSIC REF. ML105 .H6 1993]

        International encyclopedia of women composers.
        2nd ed., rev. and enl. 2 v.
        [MUSIC REF. ML105.C7 1987]

        The Norton/Grove dictionary of women composers.
        [MUSIC REF. ML105 .N38 1995]

          6. Further Biographical Resources:


          Biography and Genealogy Master Index.
          [KNIGHT Z 5305 .U5 B56 + on the web]

          Reader's Guide Retrospective
          (The paper edition of Reader's Guide is at KNIGHT REF. AI 3 .R48 and the online edition is part of Wilson Web


            7. Look at what recordings the library owns of your performer:


            • Search the Gospel Music Discography
              Search it for recordings located in the Douglass Listening Room.


            • Search the UO Library's Catalog for the performer as Author, by searching the last name of the performer. You will get any books and recordings that person has produced.


            • Search SUMMIT to see what other schools in Oregon and Washington have. You can borrow those items that circulate in three working days by requesting the item, using the Request This Item command.


            8. Search the following web sites for information on Gospel and its Artists:



            Other Resources for Gospel Researchers


            Checklist for Doing Music Research

            If you have any questions, be sure to ask a librarian or the Douglass Room staff.


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