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Sacred Choral Music
Organum Sources
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Oratorio Sources
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General Choral Resources

Corp, Ronald.
The choral singer's companion.
New York, N.Y.: Facts on File Publications, 1987.
[MUSIC REF. MT875 .C68 1987]

Sharp, Avery T.
Choral music: a research and information guide.
New York: Routledge, 2002.
[MUSIC REF. ML128 .C48 S53 2002]

    Choral Music By Age Group

    Hawkins, Margaret.
    An annotated inventory of distinctive choral literature for performance at the high school level.
    [Tampa, Fla]: American Choral Directors Association, c1976.
    [MUSIC ML128.V7H37]

    Music Educators' National Conference (U.S.)/American Choral Directors Association.
    Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barber Shop Quartet Singing in America.
    Selective music lists: vocal solos, vocal ensembles.
    MENC: [Vienna, Va.] 1974.
    [MUSIC ML128.V7 M955]

    Selective music lists, 1968.
    Washington:Music Educators' National Conference (U.S.)[c1968]
    [MUSIC ML128.V7M95]
    [NOTE: For more lists by MENC and other related groups, search by Title Selected music lists...]

    White, J. Perry.
    Twentieth-century choral music: an annotated bibliography of music suitable for use by high school choirs.
    Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow Press, 1982.
    [MUSIC REF. ML128.C48W53 1982]


      Choral Music For Specific Voices

      Burnsworth, Charles C.
      Choral music for women's voices; an annotated bibliography of recommended works.
      Metuchen, N.J.: Scarecrow Press, 1968.
      [MUSIC REF. ML128.V7B87]

      Edwards, J. Michele.
      Literature for voices in combination with electronic and tape music : an annotated bibliography.
      Ann Arbor, Mich.: Music Library Association, 1977.
      [MUSIC REF. ML128.E4 E37]

      Knapp, John Merrill, comp.
      Selected list of music for men's voices.
      Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, 1952.
      [MUSIC REF. ML128.V7K6]

      Roberts, Kenneth Creighton
      A checklist of twentieth-century choral music for male voices.
      Detroit: Information Coordinators, 1970.
      [MUSIC REF. ML128.V7 R6]

      Tortolano, William.
      Original music for men's voices: a selected bibliography. 2d ed.
      Metuchen, N.J.: Scarecrow Press, 1981.
      [MUSIC REF. ML128.V7 T66 1981]


        Choral Music Lists by Nationality:

        American Choral Music, 1870-1923

        American masterpieces: choral music.
        Washington, D.C.: National Endowment for the Arts and Chorus America, [2006]
        NOTES An internet source from the National Endowment for the Arts web site. Access it at

        DeVenney, David P.
        Early American choral music: an annotated guide.
        Berkeley, Calif.: Fallen Leaf Press, c1988.
        [MUSIC REF. ML128.V7 D43 1988]

        DeVenney, David P.
        Nineteenth-century American choral music: an annotated guide.
        Berkeley, Calif.: Fallen Leaf Press, c1987.
        [MUSIC REF. ML128.C48 D48 1987]

        Dox, Thurston J.
        American oratorios and cantatas: a catalog of works written in the United States from colonial times to 1985
        Metuchen, N.J.: Scarecrow Press, 1986. 2 v.
        [MUSIC REF. ML128.O45D7 1986 v.1 & 2]

        Tiemstra, Suzanne Spicer.
        The choral music of Latin America: a guide to compositions and research.
        New York: Greenwood Press, 1992.
        [MUSIC REF. ML128.C48 T5 1992]


          Choral Music By Genre & Composer

          Conlon, Joan C.
          Performing Monteverdi: a conductor's guide.
          Chapel Hill, N.C.: Hinshaw Music, c2001.
          [MUSIC ML410.M77 C66 2001]

          Forbes, Elliot.
          The choral music of Beethoven.
          [New York: American Choral, Foundation] 1969.
          [MUSIC ML134.B4 .F6]

          Green, Jonathan D., 1964-
          A conductor's guide to the choral-orchestral works of J.S. Bach.
          Lanham, Md.: Scarecrow Press, 2000.
          [MUSIC REF. ML134.B1 G74 2000]

          May, James D.
          Avant-garde choral music: an annotated selected bibliography.
          Metuchen, N.J.: Scarecrow Press, 1977.
          [MUSIC REF. ML128.V7 M43]

          Rilling, Helmuth.
          Helmuth Rilling: the Oregon Bach Festival master class lectures.
          Dayton, Ohio: R. Dean Pub.: Distributed by the Lorenz Corp., c2000.
          NOTES: Lectures delivered by Helmuth Rilling on Bach cantatas presented as part of the Oregon Bach Festival's discovery series, transcribed and edited by Marla Lowen.
          [MUSIC MT115.B2 R55 2000 v.1 -v.3]

          Valentin, Erich,ed.
          Handbuch der Chormusik. Hrsg. im Auftrag der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutscher Chorverbande.
          Regensburg: G. Bosse [1953- ]
          [Divided by choir, then by composer. Gives orchestration, times, publisher, text to major parts of the mass.]
          [MUSIC ML128.V7 V3 v.1 & 2]


            Sources For Music In Print

            Note: For more resources of publishers, see Music Publishers

            Choral music in print. Master index, 1991.
            Philadelphia: Musicdata, 1991.
            [MUSIC REF. ML128.V7 C57 1991]

            Sacred choral music in print, second edition. Arranger index.
            Philadelphia: Musicdata, 1987.
            [MUSIC REF. ML128.V7E7837 1987]

            Sacred choral music in print. 2nd ed.
            Philadelphia: Musicdata, 1985.
            [MUSIC REF. ML128.V7E78 1985 v.1 & 2]

            Secular choral music in print, second edition. Arranger index.
            Philadelphia: Musicdata, 1987.
            [MUSIC REF. ML128.V7S37 1987]

            Secular choral music in print. 2nd ed..
            Philadelphia: Musicdata, 1987.
            [MUSIC REF. ML128.V7D3 1987 v.1 & 2]

            Secular choral music in print. 1991 supplement.
            Philadelphia: Musicdata, 1991.
            [MUSIC REF. ML128.V7D3 1987 Suppl]

            Secular choral music in print. 1982 supplement.
            Philadelphia: Musicdata, 1982.
            [MUSIC REF. ML128.V7N325 1982]

            And now for the free stuff...

            Choral Public Domain Library
            The Choral Public Domain Library (CPDL) is the largest website devoted exclusively to free choral sheet music. Begun in December 1998, the site has over 300 contributors and 7,600 scores.

              Indexes To Specific Printed Choral Collections

              Hall, Alison.
              E.H. Fellowes, an index to the English madrigalists and the English school of lutenist song writers.
              Boston: Music Library Association, 1984.
              [MUSIC REF. ML120.G7H34 1984]
              [Note: We have this collection=MUSIC REF. M2 .F4]

              Ochs, Michael.
              An index to Das Chorwerk, volumes 1-110.
              [Ann Arbor, Mich.]: Music Library Association, 1970.
              [MUSIC ML113.M84 no. 10]
              [Note: We have this collection=MUSIC REF. M2 .C6325]


                Sacred Choral Music Sources


                Bach, Johann Sebastian; compiled by Melvin P. Unger.
                Handbook to Bach's sacred cantata texts: an interlinear translation with reference guide to Biblical quotations and allusions.
                Lanham, Md.: Scarecrow Press, c1996.
                NOTES: Cantata texts in German with literal and idiomatic English translations; Biblical texts in English.
                [MUSIC REF. ML54.B15 C329 1996]

                Bach, Johann Sebastian, Z. Philip Ambrose, and Helmuth Rilling.
                Texte zu den Kirchenkantaten von Johann Sebastian Bach = The texts to Johann Sebastian Bach's church cantatas.
                Neuhausen-Stuttgart: Hanssler, c1984.
                [MUSIC ML54.B15C33 1984]

                Ambrose, Z. Philip.J.S.Bach: Texts of the complete vocal works with English translation and commentary.
                An online site that duplicates his newest printed version
                [MUSIC ML47 .B2152 2005 v.2]

                Evans, Margaret R.
                Sacred cantatas, an annotated bibliography, 1960-1979.
                Jefferson, N.C.: McFarland, 1982.
                [MUSIC REF. ML128.C15E9 1982]

                Laster, James.
                Catalogue of choral music arranged in Biblical order. 2d ed.
                Metuchen, N.J.: Scarecrow Press, 1996.
                [MUSIC REF. ML128.C54L4 1996 + 2002 supplement]

                Steere, Dwight.
                Music for the Protestant church choir; a descriptive and classified list of worship material.
                Richmond: John Knox Press [1955]
                [MUSIC REF. ML128.V7S84]


                  Organum Sources


                  The Liber Usualis.
                  Tournai: Society of St. John the Evangelist, Desclee, 1938.
                  [MUSIC REF. M 2148.1 .T8 L42 1938 (+ copies in the Miniature M2155 .L4 1997 section to take out]

                  Ludwig, Friedrich, 1872-1930.
                  Repertorium organorum recentioris et motetorum vetustissimi stili
                  New York: Institute of Mediaeval Music, 1964-1978.
                  [MUSIC REF. ML128.M3L92 v.1 pt.1, pt.2; v.2]

                  Mongredien, Jean.
                  Catalogue thematique des sources du grand motet francais (1663-1792)
                  Munchen; New York: K.G. Saur, 1984.
                  [MUSIC REF. ML120.F7C37 1984]

                  Werf, Hendrik van der.
                  Integrated directory of organa, clausulae and motets of the thirteenth century
                  Rochester, N.Y.: H. van der Werf, 1989.
                  [MUSIC REF. ML128.C2 W47 1989]


                    Madrigal Resources


                    Fenlon, Iain.
                    The Italian madrigal in the early sixteenth century: sources and interpretation.
                    Cambridge; New York: Cambridge University Press, 1988.
                    [MUSIC REF. ML2633 .F46 1988]

                    Lincoln, Harry B.
                    The Italian madrigal and related repertories: indexes to printed collections, 1500-1600.
                    New Haven: Yale University Press, c1988.
                    "This work is [primarily a thematic index,] designed to complement but not supplant the various Vogel catalogs."
                    [MUSIC REF. ML128.M2 L56 1988]

                    Newman, Joel.
                    An index to capoversi and titles cited in Einstein's The Italian madrigal.
                    New York: Renaissance Society of America [c1967]
                    [MUSIC ML128.V7 N5]

                    Rimbault, Edward F. (Edward Francis)
                    Bibliotheca madrigaliana; A bibliographical account of the musical and poetical works published in England during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, under the titles of Madrigals, Ballets, Ayres, Canzonets, etc., etc.
                    New York: B. Franklin [196-?]
                    [MUSIC REF. ML120.G7 R5 1847a]

                      Oratorio Sources


                      Mooser, R.-Aloys (Robert-Aloys)
                      Operas, intermezzos, ballets, cantates, oratorios joues en Russie durant le XVIIIe siecle, avec l'indication des oeuvres de compositeurs russes parues en Occident, a la meme epoque. Essai d'un repertoire alphabetique et chronologique. 3. ed.
                      Bale: Barenreiter [1964]
                      [MUSIC ML128.V7 M66 1964]


                        Libraries Of Choral Music


                        Lellky, Ake.
                        Katalog over orkester- och korverk, tillgangliga for utlaning fran Kungl. Musikaliska akademiens bibliotek och Sveriges orkesterforeningars riksforbunds central bibliotek.
                        Stockholm, 1953.
                        [MUSIC ML128.O5 L3]

                        Musical Fund Society of Philadelphia.
                        Catalog of orchestral & choral compositions : published and in manuscript between 1790 and 1840:from the library of the Musical Fund Society of Philadelphia.
                        Tucson: The Society, [1974]
                        [MUSIC REF. ML136.P4 F77]


                          Choral Music Articles, Reviews and Guides (Program Note Information)


                          American Choral Foundation, inc.
                          Research Memorandum. (1964 - 1991)
                          [Lots of reviews, information on choral music, publishers' information, etc.]
                          [MUSIC ML 128 .V7 A5]

                          Sharp, Avery T.
                          Choral music reviews index II, 1986-1988.
                          New York: Garland, 1990.
                          [MUSIC REF. ML128.V7 S386 1990]

                          Sharp, Avery T.
                          Choral music reviews index, 1983-1985.
                          New York: Garland, 1986.
                          [MUSIC REF. ML128.V7S385 1986]

                          Whitten, Lynn.
                          A classified, annotated bibliography of articles related to choral music in five major periodicals through 1980.
                          Lawton, Okla.: American Choral Directors Association, 1982.
                          [MUSIC ML128.C48C4 1982]


                            Periodicals That May Be of Interest


                            American Choral Review.
                            (1961 -1991)
                            [ML 1500 .C5]
                            Previous title:Bulletin of the American Choral Foundation.
                            (1959 - 1960)
                            [ML 1500 .A4]
                            Now called: The Voice of Chorus America. (ML 1500 .V645]

                            The Choral Journal
                            (1969 - present)
                            [ML 1500 .C5]

                            Northwest News (ACDA. Northwest region)
                            (1978 - 1992)
                            [OR COLL. ML 1 .N65]


                              Indexes to Periodical Articles on Choral Works:


                              The MUSIC INDEX (1949 - 2001) in paper
                              (MUSIC REF INDEX TABLE) or The Music Index On-line
                              Available on the web, through the UO connections, under Articles, Databases & Indexes on the UO Library's catalog.
                              Searchable by Index Word; keyword (anything in any part of the citation); author, title, journal.

                              RILM (1967 - 1995) in paper
                              (MUSIC REF INDEX TABLE) or RILM online
                              Available on the web, through the UO connections, under Articles, Databases & Indexes on the UO Library's catalog.
                              A multi-lingual, multi-source index to articles, parts of books and dissertations in music.
                              Searchable by Index Word; keyword (anything in any part of the citation); author, title, journal.

                              Arts & Humanities Search - The Arts & Humanities Citation Index- Traces writings by noted scholars-including who they quoted and who quoted them.


                                To find recordings of Choral music in our library, use the LibrarySearch.


                                  [Note: Often the liner notes of recordings hold important information about the piece itself, the performers, and sometimes, performance practices.]

                                • Search the performer's name as an Author (e.g. Canby, Edward Tatnell or Shaw, Robert)
                                • Search the composer's name as an Author (e.g. Mozart, Wolfgang)
                                • Search the subject headings (listed above)

                                  To all of these, you can limit the list to just recordings (or scores)

                                To search for just the compact discs:

                                • Browse the Music Genre searching screen on the Library's web site by type of choral music (Choral, Masses, Motets, etc.) This should yield the compact discs we own under a number of choral categories.
                                • Browse our Audio Resources Online, (especially the Classical Music Library and DRAM to find recordings available for you to listen to in their entirety- or to download, for a fee.

                                • You may also want to search the following discographies and listening guides to choral music, then check their listings against our catalog to see if we own the recordings:


                                  Blyth, Alan.
                                  Choral music on record.
                                  Cambridge [England]; New York: Cambridge University Press,
                                  [MUSIC REF. ML156.4.V7 C54 1991]

                                  Steinberg, Michael, 1928-
                                  Choral masterworks: a listener's guide.
                                  Oxford; New York: Oxford University Press, 2005.
                                  CONTENTS:Most of the major contemporary and historic sacred and secular works in the reperatoire are discussed for best recorded performances.
                                  [MUSIC MT110 .S74 2005]

                                  Unger, Melvin P., 1950-
                                  J.S. Bach's major works for voices and instruments: a listener's Guide.
                                  Lanham, Md.: Scarecrow Press, 2005.
                                  [MUSIC ML410.B13 U54 2005]


                                  OTHER RESOURCES WORTH CONSULTING:


                                  To find items about choral music, use the following subject headings:

                                    • Choral Music
                                        The following subdivisions will help you hone in to more precise items:
                                      • --Instruction and Study (To get at the "how to" or pedegogical works in the library)
                                      • --Analysis, appreciation (To understand the pieces themselves)
                                      • --Bibliography (For lists of books about choral music and of the music itself)
                                      • --20th Century (or 19th, or 18th, etc.- by era)
                                    • Cantatas--History and criticism
                                    • Choirs (Music)
                                    • Choral sonducting
                                    • Choral singing
                                    • Madrigals--History and criticism
                                    • Motets--History and criticism
                                    • Oratorio
                                    • Also search: Composer's names (as subject) for specific works (such as books on Bach's cantatas)

                                  To find scores or recordings of choral music, these are some of the common subject headings. [Note: For each of the genres, you can limit the search to just Music, Printed (for scores) or Music,Record for our recordings.]


                                  Web Sites of Interest to Choral Musicians:



                                  UO Music Services Guides of Use to Singers, Conductors, & Educators


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