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Creative Musicians' Workstations

Three Creative Musicians' Workstations are located in the Audio & Video Room (Douglass Room) in Knight Library. With notation applications Finale and Sibelius, students can produce professional quality written scores. Students may perform digital audio tasks using Logic Pro, Quattro and Peak; applications such as Max and Final Cut Pro allow users to create multimedia projects. Reaktor is one of several sound libraries found at these workstations. Each of the three stations is equipped with a powerful iMac computer with a large-format screen and a keyboard controller (music keyboard), as well as a comprehensive array of  music technology software.



  • iMac computers w/ 27" screen
  • M-Audio Oxygen-49 keyboard controllers
  • Networked to laser jet printer with capability for printing regular and large-format (11" x 17") documents


  • Software list will be updated soon!


Use of these workstations is restricted to current UO students, staff and faculty. The primary purpose of these workstations is to accommodate students working on projects involving music composition, multimedia sound design and digital audio workstation work. Thus, priority may be given to students needing one or more of the following programs: Finale, Sibelius, Logic, Max, Final Cut Pro, Peak LE, Quattro, Ozone and sound libraries such as Reaktor.


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