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All our lives: a women's songbook. [Unacc. melodies, with guitar symbols.]
Baltimore, Md.: Diana Press, c1976.
Includes songs by: Jane Voss; Alice Gerrard; Janet Smith; Peggy Seeger; Malvina Reynolds; Joanna Cazden; Holly Near; Barbara Dane; Hazel Dickens; Alix Dobkin; Anne Romain; Helen Tucker; J.D.Miller; Julie Snow; Meg Christian; Joyce Cheney; Lanayre Liggera; Ca Berman; Deborah Lempke; Deborah Silverstein; Cathy Winter; Marge Cooper; Jan Levine; Kendall Hale; Bonnie Lockhart; Bev Grant; Carolyn McDade; Naomi Weisstein; Marian McDonald; J.B.Coates; Karen Burt; Elizabeth Cotten; Rosalie Sorrels; Frankie Armstrong; Ma Rainey; Sarah Ogan Gunning; Florence Reece; Caroline Kohsaat.
MUSIC M1977.W64A4

American women composers: piano music from 1865 - 1915.
Bryn Mawr, PA: Hildegard Pub. Co., 1990.
CONTENTS: Lake shore dream / Faustina Hasse Hodges -- La favorite : etude mazurka / Jane Torry Sloman -- Twilight fancies / Clara Scott -- Grand national medley / Eliza Pattiani -- Dreaming, op. 15, no. 3; Sous les etoiles, op. 65, no. 4 / Amy Beach -- Scherzo / Clara Kathleen Rogers -- Rhapsody / Margaret Ruthven Lang -- Valse boheme / Celeste Heckscher -- Staccato polka / Clara Gottschalk Peterson -- Prelude; Dance / Helen Hopekirk -- Reverie / Carrie Jacobs-Bond -- Phoebe Thompson's cakewalk / Sadie Koninsky -- Hoosier rag / Julia Niebergall -- Dusty: a rag / May Aufderheide -- Wireless rag / Adaline Shepherd.
MUSIC M21 .A584 1990

Art songs and spirituals by African-American women composers.
Bryn Mawr, PA: Hildegard Publishing Co., c1995.
CONTENTS: Calvary (spiritual); In the springtime; It's me, O Lord (spiritual) / Betty Jackson King -- Watch and pray (spiritual); Love let the wind Cry-- How I adore Thee; I am in doubt; Is there anybody here that loves my Jesus (spiritual); Come down angels (spiritual) / Undine Smith Moore -- I'm a poor li'l orphan in this worl' (spiritual); Free at last (spiritual) / Julia Perry -- Dry bones (spiritual); Lord, I just can't keep from cryin' (spiritual); The Negro speaks of rivers; Three dream portraits; He's got the whole world in His hand (spiritual) / Margaret Bonds -- My dream; Song to the Dark Virgin; Night; My soul's been anchored in the Lord (spiritual) / Florence Price.
MUSIC M1495 .A79 1995

Art songs by contemporary Texas composers. Vol. 2.
San Antonio, Tex.: Southern Music Company, c2003.
NOTES: For voice and piano.
CONTENTS:Psalm 121: version ... intended for performance in University Interscholastic League solo and ensemble competition/Sharon Leftwich Miller--The care the eagle gives her young/Lana Cartlidge Potts; [words by] R. Deane Postlethwaite--A dreamer's wings/Sally Reid--Come walk with me/Mary Carol Warwick; [words by] Sam Stewman--In a Paris market/Mary Carol Warwick; [words by] Lois Alba--Psalm 121: original version/Sharon Leftwich Miller.
MUSIC M1619 .A7795 2003

Black women composers: twentieth century music for piano and strings. [Score + 2 parts]
Bryn Mawr, PA: Hildegard Pub. Co.; King of Prussia, PA c2003.
CONTENTS: Kiep nao co yeu nhau: for violin and piano: 1994 / Rachel Eubanks -- Bus stop: for cello and piano : 2000 / Mary Watkins -- Las tarantulas: for cello and piano: 1992 / Dolores White -- Saltarello for cello and piano: 1998 / Jeraldine Saunders Herbison -- Excursion: for violin, cello, and piano:1989 / Zenobia Powell Perry -- Energico: for violin, cello, and piano: 1981: (last movement of trio Memories) / Lettie Beckon Alston.
MUSIC M1 .B533 2003

Contemporary anthology of music by women.
Bloomington, Ind.: Indiana University Press, c1997.
CONTENTS: Emma Lou Diemer: Fantasy on "O Sacred Heart" (1967)--Elena Firsova: "What has caused my heart to feel songful," from Three Poems by Osip Mandelstam (1991)--Jennifer Fowler: Blow Flute: Answer Echoes in Antique Lands Dying (1983)--Sofia Gubaidulina: Garten von Freuden und Traurigkeiten (1981)--Barbara Heller: Tagebuch fur Violine und Klavier, Teil II: Die Linien, Movements I and II (1986)--Adriana Holszky: Hangebrucken I und II: Streichquartett an Schubert, excerpts (1989/90)--Betsy Jolas: Plupart du temps II (1989)--Barbara Kolb: Millefoglie, excerpt (1985, revised 1987); Voyants, excerpt (1990)--Joan La Barbara: "to hear the wind roar" (1991)-- Libby Larsen: How It Thrills Us (1990)--Hope Lee: Tangram (1992)--Nicola Le Fanu: The Old Woman of Beare, conclusion (1981)--Tania Leon: Momentum (1986)--Alexina Louie: "Ritual on a Moonlit Plain," from Music from Night's Edge (1988)--Elisabeth Lutyens: Plenum I (1972)--Babbie Mason: "Standing in the Gap for You" (1993)--Joni Mitchell: "Hejira," from the album Hejira (1976)--Meredith Monk: "Airport," excerpt from the opera Atlas (1991)-- Undine Smith Moore: Mother to Son (1955)--Alice Parker: "Lethe," from Songstream (1986)--Dolly Parton: "Coat of Many Colors" (1969)--Marta Ptaszynska: "Thorn Trees," Movement III, Tema con 7 variazioni, from Concerto for Marimba and orchestra (1984-85)--Shulamit Ran: Symphony, Movement II (1990)--Lucy Simon: "Come to My Garden," from The Secret Garden (1993)--Natalie Sleeth: "Hymn of Promise" (1985)--Grace Wiley Smith: A Distant Dream (1995)--Joan Tower: Night Fields, for String Quartet (1994-95)--Nancy Van de Vate: Chernobyl (1987)--Judith Weir: The Consolations of Scholarship, excerpts (1985)-- Gillian Whitehead: The Journey of Matuku Moana(1993)--Mary Lou Williams: "Our Father," from Mary Lou's Mass (1969-71)-- Judith Lang Zaimont: Parable: A Tale of Abram and Isaac, excerpt (1986).

Eighteenth Century Women Composers for the Harpsichord or Piano. (Ed. by Barbara Harbach)
Pullman,WA: Vivace Press, c.1992. 2 vols.
CONTENTS: v.1:Lover, go and calm thy sighs:(aria, gavotte and variations, gigue)/Elisabetta de Gambarini.--Sonata I in F major/ Maria Hester Park-- Lesson VI in D major/A Lady.
Sonata no.3 in A major/Marianne Martinez--Sonata in C major, op.VII/Maria Hester Park.
MUSIC M21 .E334 1992 v.1 & 2

The first solos: songs by women composers. Volume I: high voice.
Bryn Mawr, PA: Hildegard Pub. Co., c2000.
NOTES: For high voice and piano.
CONTENTS:  In vain fair Cloris you design/Mary Harvey--The butterfly/Margaret Essex--Irish love song: op. 22/Margaret Ruthven Lang--There are fairies at the bottom of the garden /Liza Lehmann--Her greatest charm/Carrie Jacobs-Bond--Fairy lullaby: op. 37, no. 3/Amy Marcy Cheney Beach--How doth the little crocodile/Marion Bauer--Dreamin' time/Lily Strickland--Fur Manner uns zu plagen/Corona Schroter--Gia la notte s'avvicina/Isabella Colbran -- Adieu tout/Pauline Duchambge--Zwei Rosen/Pauline Viardot-Garcia--Das Veilchen/Clara Schumann--Chanson/Nadia Boulanger.
MUSIC M1619 .F525 2000

The first solos: songs by women composers. Volume II: medium voice.
Bryn Mawr, PA: Hildegard Pub. Co., c2003.
NOTES: For medium voice and piano.
CONTENTS: Chi desia di saper/Francesca Caccini--Core di questo core/Settimia Caccini-- La Dormeuse/Sophie Mercken--La chanson du charbonnier/Loisa Puget--An den Abenstern/ Corona Schroter--Herbstlied/Louise Reichardt--Sehnsucht "Fern"/Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel -- Verlornes Gluck / Johana Mathieux Kinkel -- Volkslied / Clara Schumann -- Lind / Agathe Backer Grondahl -- How do I love thee / Maude Valerie White -- Till I wake / Amy Woodforde-Finden -- Homing / Teresa del Riego -- Oh were my love yon lilac fair / Amy Beach.
MUSIC M1619 .F526 2003

The first solos: songs by women composers. Volume III: low voice.
Bryn Mawr, PA: Hildegard Pub. Co., c2003.
NOTES: For low voice and piano.
CONTENTS: Vulnerasti cor meum / Alba Trissina -- Vuo cercando / Rosa Giacinta Badalla -- The silent admirer / Margaret Essex -- There's a land / Frances Allitsen -- Keepsake mill / Liza Lehmann -- Were I / Carrie Jacobs-Bond -- There was an old man / Margaret Ruthven Lang -- With rue my heart is laden / Gena Branscombe -- Unruhiger Schlaf / Louise Reichardt -- Vision des heiligen Johannes von Cruz / Bettine von Arnim -- Blumengrasse / Ingeborg von Bronsart -- Vol de fleches de l'amour / Sophie Mercken -- Romance a la nuit / Maria Szymanowska -- Rosemonde / Cecile Chaminade.
MUSIC M1619 .F527 2003

Frauen Komponieren = Female composers: 13 Stucke fur Violine und Klavier = 13 pieces for violin and piano.
Mainz: Schott, c1994.
CONTENTS:Sonate, op. 1,3/ Franziska Lebrun -- Romanze, op. 35/ Luise Adolpha Le Beau -- Notturno, op. 46/ Emilie Mayer -- Romanze, op. 22, Nr. 1/ Clara Schumann -- Deux morceaux pour violon et piano: 1. Nocturne; 2. Cortege/ Lili Boulanger -- Melodie, op. 13, Nr. 1; Elegie, op. 13, Nr. 3/ Johanna Senfter -- Romanze, op. 22; Elegie, op. 34 / Dora Pejacevi'c -- Humoreska/ Grazyna Bacewicz -- Lalai: Schlaflied zum Wachwerden?/ Barbara Heller -- Maske und Kristall/ Susanne Erding Swiridoff.
MUSIC M218 .F72 1994

Frauen komponieren: 14 Stucke fur Violoncello und Klavier = Female composers: 14 pieces for violoncello and piano. [Score + 1 part]
Mainz; New York: Schott, c1999.
CONTENTS: Fantasie uber skandinavische Volkslieder / Marie Wieck --Romanze, op. 24/1 / Luise Adolpha Le Beau -- Melodie nach einer alten Ballade / Clara Faisst -- Drei Stucke, op. 25 / Johanna Senfter -- Nocturne, 1954 / Lucie Vellere -- Dialog: 1954 / Verdina Shlonsky -- Prophet und Vogel: 1994 / Myriam Lucia Marbe -- Lalai / Barbara Heller -- Lamento / Lucie Robert-Diessel -- Albumblatt, op. 67: 1993 / Elena Firsova -- Flash across: 1994 / Violeta Dinescu -- Water under the bridge: 1994 / Caroline Ansink.
MUSIC M230 .F738 1999

Frauen Komponieren: 25 Lieder fur Singstimme und Klavier = Female composers: 25 songs for voice and piano.
Mainz; New York: Schott, c1992.
CONTENTS: Auf dem Land und in der Stadt/ Anna Amalia -- Erlkonig; Manchen langen Tag/ Corona Schroter -- Die Blume der Blumen; Genoveva; Hinuber wall'ich/ Luise Reichardt -- Morgenfreude, op. 4/2; Trennung ohne Abschied/ Emilie Zumsteeg -- Neue Liebe, neues Leben; Mignon; Die Ersehnte/ Fanny Hensel -- An den Mond, op. 7/5; Wunsch, op. 7/2; Romische Nacht, op. 15/1/ Johanna Kinkel -- Ob ich manchmal Dein gedenke, op. 27/3; Fruhzeitiger Fruhling; Nur der Abschied schnell genommen, op. 15/1 /Josephine Lang -- Liebst Du um Schonheit, op. 12/4; Warum willst du and're fragen, op. 12/11; Sie liebten sich beide, op. 13/2; Es fiel ein Reif in der Fruhlingsnacht/ Clara Schumann -- Fruhlingsnacht, op. 18/5; Der Rose Bitte, op. 39/ Luise Adolpha Le Beau -- Die stille Stadt; Ich wandle unter Blumen/ Alma Mahler.
MUSIC M1619 .F844 1992

Frauen Komponieren: 22 Klavierstucke des 18.-20. Jahrhunderts = Female composers: 22 piano pieces from the 18th-20th century.
Mainz: Schott, 1985.
CONTENTS: Rondeau/Elisabeth Jacquet de La Guerre--Sonate No.3.1. Satz/Marianne Martinez-- *Nocturne/ Maria Szymanowska--*Melodie Op.4 no.2; Melodie op.5 no.4/Fanny Hensel-- Andante consentimento/ Clara Schumann-- Impromptu/ Louise Farrenc-- Sonate op.8. 1. Satz/Louise Adolpha le Beau-- *Pierrette: op.41/Cecile Chaminade-- Langsamer Walzer/Ilse Fromm-Michaels-- Elegie fur die linke Hand allein/Else Schmitz-Gohr-- Slow/ Lotte Backes-- *D'un vieux jardin/ Lili Boulanger-- Barbaric dance/Priaulx Rainier-- *Two bagatelles, op.48, 1,3/Elizabeth Lutyens-- *Prelude for a pensive pupil/Peggy Glanville-Hicks-- Introduction/ Verdina Shlonsky-- 2 pieces breves: 1, 8/ Jacqueline Fontyn-- Piano muziek/Barbara Heller-- Chillan/Susanne Erding.
MUSIC M21 .F738 1985

Here's to the women: 100 songs for and about American women.
Syracuse, NY: Syracuse University Press, c1987.
NOTE: Unacc. melodies; includes chord symbols.
Includes Songs by: Linda Allen; Linda Arnold; Joanna Cazden; Meg Christian; Ida Cox; Casse Culver; Hazel Dickens; M. Olive Drenne; Leslie Fish; Alice Gerrard; Sarah Ogan Gunning; Carol Hanisch; Phyllis Unger Hiller; Elisha E. Hoffman; Aunt Molly Jackson; June Jordan; Annette Kirk; Bonnie Lockhart; Debby McClatchy; Sue Massek; Holly Near; Bernice Johnson Reagon; Florence Reese; Malvina Reynolds; Anne Romaine; Ruth Rubin; Buffy Sainte-Marie; Judy Small; Willie Sordill; Willie Tyson; Jane Voss; Ella Mae Wiggins; Kristin Lems; Janet Smith; Lyn Hardy; Sue Fink; Betsy Rose; Jean Ritchie; Patty Hall; Cathy Winter; Bonnie Lockhart; Nancy Schimmel; Margie Adam; Alix Dobkin; Margaret Hope Bacon; Linda Hirschhorn; Elizabeth Freilicher; Rosalie Sorrels; Marcia Deihl.
MUSIC M1977.W64H4 1987

Historical Anthology of Music by Women.
Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1987.
CONTENTS: Augustus the Monarch/Kassia-- The Fallen Woman/ Kassia-- De Sancta Maria/ Hildegard von Bingen-- In Evangelium/ Hildegard von Bingen--*Kyrie/Hildegard von Bingen-- A Chantar/Countess of Dia-- O Deathe, rock me asleepe, for voice and keyboard or lute/Anne Boleyn-- Madrigal VI/ Maddalena Casulana-- Laudate Dominum and Maria, dolce Maria, from Il Primo Libro/ Francesca Caccini-- Aria of the Shepherd, from the opera La Liberazione di Ruggiero/ Francesca Caccini-- *Kyrie and Crucifixus [from Credo] of Messa Prima (from Opus 18), for chorus, strings, and continuo/Isabella Leonarda--*La Flamande and Chaconne, from Suite in D minor, for harpsichord/Elizabeth-Claude Jacquet de la Guerre-- Semele, Cantata for two treble voices, violin, and continuo/ Elizabeth-Claude Jacquet de la Guerre-- Sinfonia, for strings and continuo, from Pallade e Marte "opus dramaticum"/Maria Margherita Grimani-- Adagio, from Sonata in F major for flute and continuo/ Anna Amalie-- Allegro from Sonata in A major for piano/Marianne von Martinez-- Morgenlied eines armen Mannes, for voice and keyboard/Maria Theresia von Paradis-- *Sicilienne, for violin and piano/Maria Theresia von Paradis-- *Nocturne for piano/Maria Agata Szymanowska-- *Fruhzeitiger Fruhling, for voice and piano/Josephine Lang-- *Liebst du um Schonheit, for voice and piano/Clara Schumann-- *Allegro Moderato,from Trio in G minor for violin, cello, and piano/ Clara Schumann-- *Variations on a Theme by Robert Schumann, for piano/Clara Schumann; Trio in E minor for flute or violin, cello, and piano/Louise Farrenc-- *Die Beschworung, from Zwolf Gedichte von Pushkin/ Pauline Viardot-Garcia-- Elle et moi, for voice and piano/Amy Marcy Beach-- Allegro con fuoco, from Symphony No.1/ Amy Marcy Beach-- *A Hermit Thrush at Morn, for piano/Amy Marcy Beach-- *Andante, from Sonata in C minor for piano/ Cecile Chaminade-- Scene from Act I of the opera The Wreckers/Dame garde une medaille d'elle, and Demain fera un an, from Clairieres dans le ciel,for voice and piano/Lili Boulanger--Der Erkennende, for voice and piano/Alma Mahler-- *Allegro, from Trio for violin, cello, and piano/Rebecca Clarke-- *Modere sans lenteur,from Sonata /Germaine Tailleferre-- *Prelude No.2, for piano/Ruth Crawford Seeger-- *Rat Riddles, from Three Songs for Contralto, Oboe, Percussion, and Orchestral Ostinati/ Ruth Crawford Seeger-- *Andante and Allegro possibile, from String Quartet/ Ruth Crawford Seeger- - *The Hound of Heaven,for voice, oboe, and string trio/Miriam Gideon-- *Sonata No.2, for piano/ Grazyna Bacewicz-- *La Corona (Seven Sonnets by John Donne), for mixed chorus/ Louise Talma-- Homunculus C.F., for percussion, harp, and piano/Julia Perry-- *The Triumph of Alcestis, from the ballet Alcestis/ Vivian Fine-- *Preamble, from Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano/Violet Archer-- Teach Yourself to Fly, Tumbling Song, and Zina's Circle, from Sonic Meditations/ Pauline Oliveros-- *Monologue of Mary, from the opera Mary, Queen of Scots/ Thea Musgrave-- First Movement of Symphony No.1/ Ellen Taaffe Zwilich.
MUSIC M 1 .H664 1987

Little dancings: a selection of flute music by New Zealand composers. [Score + pt.]
Wellington, N.Z.: Centre for New Zealand Music, c1998.
INSTRUMENTATION: Music for solo flute, flute duet, flute and piano, and 2 flutes and piano.
CONTENTS: Flute song for the birds/ Dorothy Buchanan -- Requiem for solo flute/ Chloe Moon -- Four Pooh stories. In which Christopher Robin leads an expedition to the North Pole; In which Tigger comes to the forest and has breakfast; In which Pooh and Piglet go hunting and nearly catch a woozle; In which a house is built at Pooh Corner/ Maria Grenfell -- Muriranga-whenua/ Helen Fisher -- Passengers. Under the African sun: for two flutes and piano/ Helen Caskie-- Sonata for flute and piano. II, Quasi recitativo/ Chloe Moon.
MUSIC M60 .L583 1998

Music by women for study and analysis
[edited by] Joseph N. Straus.
Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice Hall, c1993.
CONTENTS: "Kriesglied des Mays" (mm.1-4);"Fruhlingsblume"; "Der Sanger geht" (mm.1-10);"Aus Ariels Offenbarungen" (mm.1-17); "Poesie von Tieck" (mm.1-10); "Die Blume der Blumen" (mm.1-10); "Buss Lied" (mm.19-26); "Unruhiger Schlaf" (mm.1-26); "Tiefe Andacht", from Sechs geistliche Lieder> (mm. 39-44); "Ida" (mm.1-26)/ Louise Reichardt; Suite in D Minor, second Rigaudon, second Gigue (mm.13-25) and Sarabande (mm.21-28); Suite in A minor, Sarabande (mm.1-8) and Allemande (mm.1-8); Suite in F Major, Allemande (mm.1-7); /Elizabeth Jacquet de la Guerre; Kyrie, from Messa Prima (mm.1-3); Credo from Messa Prima (mm.78-96)/ Isabella Leonarda; Symphony in E Minor, Op.32 ("Gaelic"), second movement (mm.1-8), third movement, (mm.16-20 and mm. 25-27); "Menuet Italien," from Three Pieces, Op.28, No.2 (mm 1-9); "Barcarolle, from Three Pieces,Op.28, No.1 (mm1-10); "Meadow-Larks," Op.79, No.1 (mm.17-21); "In Autumn," from Sketches, Op. 15, No.1 (mm.39-55); Quintet in F-sharp Minor for Piano and Strings, Op.67, second movement (mm.1-9); A Hermit Thrush at Eve," Op. 92, No.1 (mm.10-17); "Phantoms" from Sketches, Op. 15, No.2 (mm.17- 33); "Ah Love, but a day," from Three Browning Songs, Op. 44, No.2 (mm.11-19); "Meadow-Larks", Op.79, No. 1 (mm.29-38); "In Autumn," from Sketches, Op. 15, No.1 (mm.1-8) ; "A Hermit Thrush at Morn", Op.92, No. 2 (mm.37-43)/Amy Marcy Cheney Beach; "Le Ballet des Revenants", from Quatre Pieces Caracteristiques, Op. 5, No.4 (mm.5-12 and mm. 44-67); "Ich stand in dunklen Traumen, from Six Songs, Op.13, No.1 (mm.1-13 and mm.28-31); "Caprice a la Bolero," fromQuatre Pieces Caracteristiques, Op. 5, No.2 (mm.1-13); Trio in G minor for Violin, Cello, and Piano, Op.17, first movement (mm. 1-9 and 265-287) and second movement (154-68); Ballade, from Vier Stucke aus Soirees Musicales, Op. 6, No.4 (mm. 58-70); Trois Romances, Op.11, No.2 (mm.41-50 and mm.136- 151); "Das ist ein Tag, der klingen mag", from Six Songs from Jucunde, Op.23, No. 5 (mm.28-45); No.2 (mm.149-159); "Impromptu- Le Sabbat," from Quatre Pieces Caracteristiques, Op.5, No.1 (mm.105-116); "Notturno", from Vier Stucke aus Soirees Musicals, Op. 6, No.2 (mm.1-10 and 112-126); Ballade, from Vier stucke aus Soirees Musicales, Op.6, No.4 (mm.24-39); Trois Romances, Op.11, No.3 (mm.1-24)/Clara Wieck Schumann; "Or che Apollo", from Arie a voce sola, Op. 8 (mm.66-68); "Dessistete omai, pensiere", from Ariette a voce sola, Op. 6 (mm.34- 45)/Barbara Strozzi; Sonata in A Major, first movement (mm.1-3); Sonata in E Major, first movement (mm.66-78)/Marianne Martinez; "Mag da draussen Schnee sich thurmen" (mm.1-5); "Gott sei mir Sunder gnadig"(mm.4-10); "Ich gab dem Schicksal dich zuruck" (mm.53-68 and mm.83-95); "Ob ich manchmal Dein gedenke" (mm.1-4 and mm.25-36); "In weite Ferne" (mm.1-7); "Ich liebe dich und will dich ewig lieben" (mm.1-14); "Wenn zwei von einander scheiden" (mm.1-8); Immer sich rein" (mm.13-18); "Fee'n-Reigen" (mm.19-25)/Josephine Lang; "Les Cavaliers" (mm.20-27); (Die Soldatenbraut" (mm.20-26)/Pauline Viardot-Garcia; "O Traum der Jugend, O Goldner Stern" (mm.1-15); "Du bist die Ruh" , from Six Songs,Op. 7, no. 4 (mm.25-32); No. 11 from Selected Piano Works, (mm. 1-17); "Notturno", from Selected Piano Works,No. 5 (mm.1-12); "Schwanenlied", from Six Songs, Op. 1, No.1 (mm.1-17);"Nachtwanderer", from Six Songs, Op.7, No.1 (mm.1-17); "Bitte", from Six Songs,Op. 7, No. 5; No. 3 from Selected Piano Works (mm.57-63); "Abschied von Rom" from Selected Piano Works, No. 6 (mm.1-4); Trio for Violin, Cello, and Piano, Op.11, first movement (mm.345-358 and mm.381-400); No. 11 from Selected Piano Works (mm.72-86)/Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel;"O Wond'rous Soul," Op.79, No. 9(mm.1-7); David Rizzio, Op. 89, Act 1 (mm.1-19 and seven measures at rehearsal no. 37); Sonata for Violin (or Flute) and Piano, Op.81, No. 6, first movement (mm.1-12)/Mary Carr Moore;"Hymne" from Five Songs (1924) (mm.9-16); "In meines Vaters Garten", from Five Songs, (1910), No. 2 (mm.126-129 and mm.36-42); "Ich wandle unter Blumen", from Five Songs (1910), No.5 (mm.1-8); "Bei dir ist es traut", from Five Songs (1910) No. 4 (mm.29-40); "Die stille Stadt", from Five Songs(1910), No.1 (mm.1-5); "Die Erkennende" from Five Songs(1924), No.3 (mm.1-11); "Ekstase" from Five Songs (1924), No. 2 (mm.8-23) /Alma Schindler Mahler; "Sympathy" (mm.10-20); Sonata in E Minor, first movement (mm.103-113); "Hold Fast to Dreams" (mm.22-26/Florence Price;"J'ai frappe" (mm.1-15)/Nadia Boulanger; Nocturne (mm. 1-5); Ballada (mm.1-12); Etude in D Minor (mm.1-9); Etude in E Major (mm.1-9)/Maria Wolowska Szymanowska; Sonata in C Minor, Op.21, first movement (mm.43-57); "Reve d'un soir" (mm.3-7/Cecile Chaminade; "Au pied de mon lit", from Clairieres dans le ciel,No. 5 (mm.1-6)/Lily Boulanger; The Wreckers, Act I, (seven measures at rehearsal no. 32)/Ethel Smyth; " troubled Water" (mm.9-24)/Margaret Bonds.
MT6.5 .M84 1993

Music for piano four-hands.
Bryn Mawr, Pa.: Hildegard Pub. Co., c1995.
CONTENTS:A favorite duett/ Jane Savage-- Five waltzes/ Marie Jaell -- Walzer fur den Herzog von Rovigo/ Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel -- Summer dreams/ Amy Marcy Cheney Beach-- Suite/ Margaret Garwood.
MUSIC M201 .M87 1995

New historical anthology of music by women.
Bloomington: Indiana University Press, c2004.
NOTES: Rev. ed. of: Historical anthology of music by women.
CONTENTS: Sappho / "On the throne of many hues, Immortal Aphrodite" and "The sweet melody of reed-pipe and [kithara] mingled," Ancient Greek lyrics-- Kassia /"Augustus, the Monarch" and "The Fallen Woman," Byzantine chants -- Hildegard von Bingen /"O virgo ac diadema," chant sequence; "Kyrie," mass ordinary chant; "O rubor sanguinis," chant antiphon -- Comtessa de Dia /"A chantar," troubadour song -- Dame Maroie de Diergnau and Dame Margot /"Je vous pri, dame Maroie," trouvere jeu-parti -- Margaret of Austria /"Se je souspire/Ecce iterum," motet-chanson -- Anne Boleyn /"O Deathe, rock me asleepe," lute song (attrib.) --Maddalena Casulana/ Beatrice Pescerelli ; Madrigal VI, "Morte- Che voi?- Te chiamo" Francesca Caccini /"Maria, dolce Maria," sacred madrigal from Il Primo libro di madrigale; La Liberazione di Ruggiero -- Barbara Strozzi /Hor che Apollo, cantata for soprano, two violins, and continuo -- Isabella Leonarda /Kyrie and "Crucifixus" (from the Credo) of Missa Prima, Op.18 -- Elisabeth-Claude Jacquet de la Guerre /"La Flamande" and "Chaconne et son double," from Suite in D minor for harpsichord; Semele, cantata for voice, violin, and continuo -- Maria Margherita Grimani / "Sinfonia," from Pallade e Marte,opus dramaticum -- Anna Amalie, Princess of Prussia / "Adagio", from Sonata for Flute and Continuo in F -- Marianna von Martines /"Allegro," from Sonata in A for piano-- Maria Theresia von Paradis /"Morgenlied einese armen Mannes," for voice and harpsichord -- Maria Agata Szymanowska / "Nocturne in B-flat," for piano -- Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel /"Schwanenlied," for voice and piano -- Clara Wieck Schumann /"Er ist gekommen durch Sturm und Regen," song for voice and piano; "Allegro Moderato," from Trio in G minor for PIano, Violin and Cello; Variations on a Theme by Robert Schumann, for piano-- Louise Farrenc / "Allegro deciso," from Trio in E minor for flute, cello, and piano -- Pauline Viardot Garcia /"Die Beschworung," from Zwolf Gedichte von Pushkin for voice and piano -- Amy Beach / "In the Twilight," for voice and piano; "A Hermit Thrush at Morn," for piano; "Scherzo," from Concerto for Piano and Orchestra -- Teresa Carreno / "Venise," from Italian Sketches Op.33, No.1, for piano -- Cecile Chaminade / "Allegro," movement I from Sonata in C minor for piano -- Dame Ethyl Smith / Scene from act I of the opera The Wreckers -- May Frances Aufderheide / "The Thriller!" rag -- Lili Boulanger /"Demain fera un an," from the song cycle Clairieres dans le ciel -- Alma Mahler / "Der Erkennende," for voice and piano -- Rebecca Clarke / "Allegro vigoroso," movement III from Trio for Piano, Violin and Cello -- Germaine Tailleferre /"Modere sans lenteur," from Sonata in C-sharp minor for violin and piano -- Ruth Crawford Seeger / Prelude No.2 for piano; String Quartet 1931, movements 3 and 4; "Rat Riddles," from Three Songs for Contralto, Oboe, Percussion and Orchestral Ostinati -- Florence Price /"Song to the Dark Virgin," for voice and piano -- Elsa Barraine / Ouvrage de Dame, Theme and Variations for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Horn, and Bassoon -- Miriam Gideon / The Hound of Heaven, for voice, oboe, and string trio -- Grazyna Bacewicz /Sonata II for Piano -- Julia Amanda Perry / Homunculus, C.F.,, for percussion, harp and piano -- Vivian Fine / "Dance of Triumph: The Rescue of Alcestis," from the ballet Alcestis -- Jean Coulthard /"Sarabande," from Sonata for Cello and Piano -- Violet Archer / "Preamble," from Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano -- Pauline Oliveros /"Teach Yourself to Fly," "Tumbling Song," and "Zina's Circle," from Sonic Meditations -- Thea Musgrave / "Monologue of Mary," from the opera Mary, Queen of Scots -- Ellen Taaffe Zwilich / Symphony No.1, movement 1 -- Augusta Read Thomas / around the sun..., Trio for piano, violin and cello.

Out loud!: a collection of new songs by women.
Oakland, Calif.: Inkworks Press, c1978.
NOTES: Principally melodies with chord symbols.
Includes songs by: Lois Ann Thomas, Gail Grassi, Susann Shanbaum, Elaine Brown, Elaine Magree, Bonnie Lockhart, Pam Hefferman, Kathy Kahn, Beverly Grant, Nine to Five, Bernice Reagon, Ruthie Gorton, Holly Near, Marina Garcia, Deborah Lempke, Gwen Avery, Meg Christian, Joan Bobkoff, Ms. Clawdy, Malvina Reynolds, Ruth Schoenbach, Naomi Littlebear, Ethel Rosenberg, Zelima Xochequitel, Judy Statsinger.
MUSIC M1977.W64O9

Ragtimes für Klavier.
Kassel: Furore Edition, c1994.
CONTENTS: Dusty/May Aufderheide--Red peppers/Imogene Giles--The smoky topaz/Grace M. Bolen--The eight o'clock rush/Bess Rudisill--The thrille /May Aufderheide--Horseshoe rag/Julia Lee Niebergall--Chicken chowder/Irene M. Giblin--Eatin time/Irene Cozad.
MUSIC M21 .R214 1994

Songs by 22 Americans: a collection of songs by outstanding American composers. [Low voice edition]
New York: G. Schirmer, 1960.
NOTES: For low voice and piano.
CONTENTS INCLUDE: Works by Clara Edwards (Into the night and Ol' Jim); Gladys Rich (American Lullaby); Mildred Lund Tyson (Sea moods); and Elinor Remick Warren (Snow toward evening.)
MUSIC M1619.T25 S62 1960

Treasury of music by women before 1800: for the young violinist. [Score + 1 part]
Louisville, Ky.: Editions Ars Femina, c1994.
INSTRUMENTATION:Principally arrangements, for 1 or 2 violins and piano.
CONTENTS: Two passepieds/Louise Duval--Bauerntanz/Sophie von Braunschweig--Son de la Ma Teodora/Teodora Gines--Ballet; Menuet; Gigue/Antonia Bembo--Air de violon; The trumpet; Air for the Athenians; March of King Nereus; The shepherds; Rondeau for 2 violins; Bourée for two violins/Elisabeth-Claude Jacquet de la Guerre--Canary trio/Elisabeth Ahlefeldt--Gavottes I and II/Wilhelmine von Bayreuth.
MUSIC M217 .T743 1994

Twentieth century music for flute and piano or flute solo. [Score + 1 part]
Bryn Mawr, Pa.: Hildegard Publishing, c1997.
NOTES:Score includes works for flute and piano only.
Also includes program notes, biographical notes on the composers and performance instructions for the last work.
CONTENTS:East wind: for flute and piano/Wang An-Ming--Interlude between two pieces: for harpsichord and recorder or flute and piano/Mary Howe--Flute solo/Jean Y. Sze-- Butterfly dreaming: for solo alto flute/Claire Durand-Racamato--Arca sacra: for flute solo/Cynthia Folio.
MUSIC M240 .T845 1997

Von Goethe inspiriert: Lieder von Komponistinnen des 18. und 19. Jahrhunderts = Inspired by Goethe: songs by women composers of the 18th and 19th centuries.
Kassel: Furore Verlag, c1999.
NOTES: For voice and piano.
CONTENTS: Schafers Klagelied / Louise Reichardt -- Nachgefuhl / Elise Muller - Heidenroslein / Jeannette Burde -- Nahe des Geliebten; Wenn ich mir in stiller Seele / Fanny Hensel -- An luna / Bettine von Arnim -- Gluckliche Fahrt: op. 5,3 / Josephine Lang -- Gewohnt, getan / Caroline von Egloffstein -- An den Mond: op. 7,5 / Johanna Kinkel -- Sehnsucht / Fanny Hensel -- Gegenwart: op. 16,4 / Johanna Kinkel -- Das Veilchen / Clara Schumann -- Hausgarten; Dammrung senkte sich von oben / Fanny Hensel -- Sieh mich, Heil'ger, wie ich bin / Anna Amalia von Sachsen-Weimar -- Erlkonig; O Mutter, guten Rat mir leiht / Corona Schroter -- Ich gedachte in der Nacht / Sibylle Mertens-Schaaffhausen -- Ach neige, du Schmerzenreiche / Bettine von Arnim -- Lied des Harfners / Annette von Droste-Hulshoff -- Mignon / Helene Liebmann -- Mignons Klage; Lebet wohl, geliebte Baume / Josephine Lang.
MUSIC M1619.5.G6 V65 1999

Women composers: a heritage of song: low voice.
Milwaukee, WI: Hal Leonard, c2004.
CONTENTS: Auf dem Land und in der Stadt / Anna Amalia, Herzogin von Sachsen-Welmar -- Three browning songs, op. 44; The year's at the spring; Ah, love, but a day!; I send my heart up to thee / Amy Cheney Beach -- Reflets / Lili Boulanger -- Le couteau / Nadia Boulanger -- Per la piu vaga e bella (Aria of the shepherd) / Francesca Caccini -- Ecrin; Mignonne; Mots d'amour / Cecille Chaminade -- Povero cur tu palpiti; La speranza al cor mi dice / Isabella Colbran -- Fruhling; Morgenstandchen; Nachtwanderer; Suleika; Warum sind denn du Rosen so blass / Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel -- A trianon /Augusta Holmes -- Velvet shoes / Mary Howe -- Den Abschied schnell genommen; Ob ich manchmal Dein gedenke / Josephine Lang -- There are fairies at the bottom of our garden / Liza Lehmann -- Bei dir ist es traut; Ich wandle unter Blumen; Laue Sommernacht; Die stille Stadt / Alma Schindler Mahler -- Les brigands; La voix qui dit: Je t'aime / Maria Felicita Malibran -- Columbine; L'heure exquise; Poldowski (Lady Dean Paul) -- Se non plange un infelice; Unruhiger Schlaf / Louise Reichardt -- An den Abendstern / Corona Schroter -- Er ist gekommen in Sturm und Regen; Ihr Bildnis; Liebst du um Schonheit -- Lorelei -- Mein Stern / Clara Schumann -- Spesso per entro a petto / Barbara Strozzi -- Die Beschworung; Les filles de Cadix; Fleur dessechee / Pauline Viardot -- La belle au bois dormant / Jane Vieu -- Aus faust; Ein Stern de Lieb' am Himmelslauf / Bettine von Arnim.
MUSIC M1619 .W835 2004

Women composers: music through the ages.
New York: G.K. Hall, c1996-
NOTES " ... annotated, modern performance scores from the ninth through the twentieth centuries also contain ... explanatory essays ..."
CONTENTS: v. 1. Composers born before 1599: Kassia/ Edessa Rejoices; The Five-stringed Lute and Fivefold Lamp; Above the Teachings of the Greeks; Now the Voice of Isiah the Prophet; Let Us Priase Peter and Paul; Hildegard von Bingen/ Five Responsories, Sequences, and Hymns from the Sinfonia: Vos flores rosarum; O clarissma mater; O lucidissima apostolorum turba; Cum vox sanguinis; O Ecclesia; The Ordo Virutum: Flos campi: No. 38; Gaudete, O socii: No. 80; Procession: In principio: No.87; The Comtessa de Dia and the Trobairitz/ A chantar m'er (The Comtessa de Dia); Loncx temps ai avut Cossiriers (Raimon de Miraval); Estat ai (The Comtessa de Dia); Suster Bertken/ Die werelt hielt mi in hair gewout; Margaret of Austria/ Se je souspire/ Ecce iterum; Maddalena Casulana/ Se scior si ved'il laccio a cui dianz'io; Isabella de'Medici/ Lieta vivo e contenta dapoi ch il mio bel sole; Gracia Baptista/ Conditor alme; Leonora Orsini/ Per pianot la mia carne; Paola Massarenghi/ Quando spiega; Vittoria Aleotti/Raphaela Aleota/ T'amo mia vita (Vittoria Aleotti); Io v'amo vito mia (Vittoria Aleotti); Exurgat Deus (Raphaela Alleota); Ego flos campi (Raphaela Alleota); Sulpitia Cesis/ Maria Magdalena et altera Maria; Stabat Mater; Il mio piu vago Sole; Io son ferito si; Cantate Domino; Parvulus filius; Francesca Caccini/ Sonetto spirituali; Madrigale: Nel cammino; Aria romanesca; Motetto: Regina caeli; Himno: Jesu corona Virginum; Madrigale a due voci: Io mi distruggo; Aria: La pastorella mia; Canzonetta: Chi desia di saper; Lucretia Vizzana/ Sonet vox tua in auribus cordis mei; Usquequo oblivisceris me in finem; O magnum mysterium; Omaverunt faciem templi; O invictissima Christi martyr; Domine Dominus noster, quam admirable; Protector noster; Alba Trissina/ Vulnerasti cor meum Settimia Caccini/ Gia sperai; Core di questo core; Cantan gl'augelli; due luci ridenti; Caterina Assandra/ O dulcis amor Jesu; Lucia Quinciani/ Udite lagrimosi spirti; Claudia Sessa/ Vattene pur lasciva orecchia humana; Occhi io vissi di voi.
v. 2. Composers born 1600- 1699:Francesca Campana/ Semplicetto augellin che mentre canti; S'io ti guardo ti sdegni; Occhi belli, occhi amati; Sophie Elisabeth/ Vom Himmel kommt der Trost; Will meine Seel sich nimmer mehr abgeben; Als ein Exempel, auch zur Gab; Ich, der hasslich belieche Tod; Dieses ist das Furstenhaus; Barbara Strozzi/ L'Astratto; Hor che Apollo; Chiara Margarita Cozzolani/ O dulcis Jesu; O caeli cives; Isabella Leonarda/ Spes mondane (Opus 6, 1676); Surge virgo (Opus 10, 1684); Mary Harvey, the Lady Dering/ When First I Saw Fair Doris' Eyes; And is this all? What one poor Kiss?; Antonia Bembo/ Amor mio; Tota pulcra es; He, que l'absence est un cruel martire; Diacinta Fedele, Romana/ Scelta di vilanelle napolitane bellissime; Maria Xaveria Peruchona/Quid pavemus sorores; ; Maria Francesca Nascinbeni/ Una fiamma rovente; Rosa Giancinta Badalla/ Pane angelico; Vuo cercando; Elizabeth-Claude Jacquet de la Guerre/ Le Passage de la Mer Rouge; Bianca Maria Meda/ Cari musici; Caterina Benedetta Gratianini/ Santa Teresa; Camilla de Rossi, Romana/ Il figliuol prodigo; Maria Margherita Grimani/ La decollazione di San Giovanni Battista.
v. 3. Composers born 1700-1799 : keyboard music: Maria Teresa Agnesi/ Sonata in G: Allegro; Elisabetta de Gambarini/ from Six Lessons for the Harpsichord: Sonata I; Anna Bon/ Sonata II in B-flat Major; Elizabeth Hardin/ from Six Lessons for the Harpsichord: Lesson VI; Juliane Reichardt/ Claviersonata; Madame Krumpholtz/ A Favorite Piemontois Air, with Variations by Dalvimare; Lison Dormoit, with an Introduction & Variations Arranged for the Harp; The Favorite Air of Pray Goody Arranged for the Harp; Josepha Barbara von Auernhammer/ Six Variations on "Der Vogelfanger bin ich ja" from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Die Zauberflote; Maria Theresia von Paradis/ Fantasie pour le pianoforte; Jane Savage/ from Six Rondos for The Harpsichord or Piano Forte, Op. 3: Rondo I; Rondo III; Rondo V; Marianna d'Auenbrugg/ from Sonata per il claviecembalo o forte piano: II. Largo; Ann Valentine/ Monny Musk, Arranged as a Rondo for the Piano Forte; Jane Mary Guest (Mrs. Miles)/ from Sonata for the Piano Forte with an Accompaniment for the Violin (ad libitum); Adagio con molto espressione; Divertimento for the Piano Forte, in which Is Introduced the Favorite Round "Hark the Bonny Christ Church Bells"; Elizabeth Weichsell Bilington/ from Six Progressive Lessons for the Harpsichord or Piano Forte, Sonata VI, Op.2: Movements I & II Veronica Cianchettini/ from Sonata, Op.4, No.2: II. Andantino cantabile; Mlle Benaut /Air de "l'amitie a l'epreuve" avec cinq variations. Chant, oui noir mais pas si diable Cecilia Maria Barthelemon/ The Capture of the Cape of Good Hope for the Piano Forte or Harpsichord, Concluding with a Song & Chorus; Sophia Dussek/ A Sonata for the Piano Forte; Three Favorite Airs Arranged for the Harp (Book 5): Lewie Gordon; Thy Fatal Shafts; Queen Mary's Lamentation; Fanny Krumpholtz Pittar/ "Dedans mon petit reduit," Air, Arranged with Variations for the Harp; A Military Divertimento for the Harp or Piano Forte; Maria Szymanowska/ from Vingt exercices et preludes pour le pianoforte: Etudes Nos. 6,12, and 17; from Six Menuets pour le Pianoforte: Polonaise and Trio; Valses (nos. 5 - 8); Anglaises (Nos. 9-12); Caprice sur la romance de Joconde pour le pianoforte; Gertrude van den Bergh/ Lied fur Piano-Forte; Helene Riese Liebmann/ Grande sonate, for the Pianoforte, Op.15; Olivia Dussek Bulkley/ Fantasia for the Piano Forte.
v. 4. Composers born 1700-1799: vocal music: Maria Eicher/ O Tauben Einfalt!; Maria Teresa Agnesi/ from Arie con istromenti di Donna Maria Teresa Agnesi Milanese: Non piangete, amati rai, Aria IV; Josina Anna Petronella van Boetzelaer/ Che non mi disse un di, Op. IV, no.1; A Lady [Anne Home Hunter]/ 1. Canzonetta V 2. Arietta IV 3. The Death Song of the Cherokee Indians; Marianna Martines/ from Cantata La tempesta: Alfin fra le tempeste; Madame Louis/ from Fleur d'epine: Quand on est tendre, Act I, Scene II; A l'amour tout est possible, Act I, Scene III; On ne doit compter, Acti I, Scene IV; 4. C'est l'etat de notre coeur, Act I, Scene VI; Echo que Fleur d'epine est belle, Act II, Scene VI; Au bord d'une onde pure, Act II, Scene VI; Henriette-Adelaide de Villars/ from Tibulle et Delie: Vainement je voudrais feindre; Madame Mara/ Say Can You Deny Me; Corona Schroter/ Fur Manner uns zu plagen; Das Madchen am Ufer; An den Abendstern; Mary Ann Wrighten Pownall/ Kisses Sued For; Kiss Me Now or Never; Duchess of Devonshire [Georgiana Cavendish]/ I have a Silent Sorrow Here; Miss Abrams/ And Must We Part For Evermore; Se placar volete Amore; Sophie Westenholz/ Trost der Hoffnung; Weine nicht es ist vergebens; Morgenlied; Mrs. Jordan [Dorothea Bland]/ The Blue Bell of Scotland; Amelie-Julie Candeille/ from Catherine, ou la Belle Ferniere: Fille, avec ses quinze ans, Act I, Scene XI finale; Au tems orageux des folies, Act II, Scene III; Ah, mon Dieu! qu-est-c'qu'on dira, Act III, Scene X finale; Margaret Essex/ from Select Songs: The Silent Admirer; Unfading Beauty; Humid Seal of Soft Affection; The Butterfly; The Lovers Address; Cupids Dismissal; Madame Sophie Gail/ N'est-ce pas d'elle; L'heure du soir; Pauline Duchambge/ La jalouse; Le jardin de ma fenetre; Adieu tout; Louise Reichardt/ Unruhiger Schlaf; Des Schafers Klage; Herbstlied; Der Spinnerin Nachtlied; Se non piange un infelice; Isabella Colbran/ Provero cor tu palpiti; La sperzana al cor mi dice; Adonta del fato mio bene; Mi lagnero tacendo; Bettine von Arnim/ ]Peine et plasier'; Romance du Saule; Ballade; Romance a la nuit; [Le connois-tu]; [Se spiegar]; Emilie Zumsteeg/ Sehnsucht der Liebe; Schlafliedchen; Auf hoher Alp wohnt auch der liebe Gott; Ich denke Dein!; Das Epheublattchen.
v. 5. Composers born 1700-1799: large and small instrumental ensembles: Princess Royal of Saxony, Maria Antonia Walpurgis /Overture IV, from Talestri, regina delle amazoni; Madame Brillon /Sonata VII; Maria Barthelemon /Sonata III for the Harpsichord of Piano Forte with an Accompanyment for a violin; Madame Louis/ Overture from Fleur d'epine; Francesa Lebrun/Sonata VI with violin obbligato;M.H.Park/A Divertimento for the piano forte;Helene Montgeroult/ Sonate pour le Pianoforte avec l'Accompagnement d'un Violon, Opus 2, number 3; Jane Mary Guest (Mrs. Miles)/ Sonata in D major, Op.1, no.2 for Violin or Flute and Harpsichord or Piano; Amelie-Julie Candeille/ Concerto Pour le FortePiano ou Clavecin (op.2); Ouverture from Catherine, ou la Belle Fermiere; March, Act III, Scene VII from Catherine, ou la Belle Fermiere; Maria Margarethe Marchand Danzi/ Sonata terza pour le pianoforte with violin obbligato; Maria Syzmanowska/ Divertissement Pour le Pianoforte avec Accompagnement de Violon; Serenade pour le Pianoforte avec Accompagnment de Violoncelle; Maddalena Lombardini Sirmen/ Trio a due Violini e Basso
v. 6. Composers born 1800-1899: keyboard music:  Louise Farrenc/ Air (Air Russe Varie pour le Piano-Forte)--Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel/ Untitled Piece in D Minor, Untitled Piece in F Minor, Untitled Piece in A Minor--Clara Schumann/ Three Fugues on Themes of Sebastian Bach; Preludium und Fuga in Fis moll; Praeludien: Nos. 1-11--Elizabeth Stirling/ Moderato; Maestoso--Fautina Hasse Hodges/ Little May; Siciliana--Clara Kathleen Rogers/ Romanza, Op. 31--Marie Jaell/ Aube; petite pluie fine; Valses pour Piano a quatre mains--Sophie Menter/ Mazurka; Etude en sixtes; Etude en la bemol majeur-- Agathe Backer Grondahl/ I. Blaafjellet. Eventyr Suite i 6 Clavierstykker--Teresa Carreno/Gottschalk Waltz; Caprice Etude; "Plaintes au bord d'une tombe"(Op. 20);"Plaintes au bord d'une tombe" (Op.21)--Helen Hopekirk/ Serenata (Suite)--Ana Otero/ Premiere pensee, Op. 1--Dora Bright/ Variations on an Original Theme of Sir G.A.Macfarren's--Amy Marcy Cheney Beach/A Hermit Thrush at Eve; A Hermit Thrush at Morn--Elisabeth Kuyper/Dreams on the Hudson--Wanda Landowska/Liberation Fanfare--Mary Howe/Sand; Stars--Mana-Zucca/ Prelude; Interlude; Rency Etude; Etude d'hommage--Dora Pejacevic/Impromptu; Rose --May Frances Aufderheide/Dusty; The Thriller!; A Totally Different Rag--Germaine Tailleferre/Pastorale--Lili Boulanger/Cortege; D'un jardin clair; D'un vieux jardin--Marie Christine Bergersen/Three Silhouettes--Cecile Louise Stephanie Chaminade/Sonata.
v. 7. Composers born 1800-1899: vocal music: Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel/ Im Herbste from Gartenlieder; Ist es Moglich; In der stillen Mitternacht from Der Cid: Nach Spanischen Romanzan; Wenn der Fruhling kommt; Zauberkreis--Maria Felicia Malibran/ Il Silfo-- Loisa Puget/ Belle pour lui!; La chanson du charbonnier ou Blanc et noir; June fille, a quinze ans--Johanna Kinkel/ Verlornes Gluck, Op.6, No.5; Ich will meine Seele tauchen, Op.10, No.2; Abschied, Op.19, No.5; Zwei Volks Lieder fur Mannerchor: no.1, Ritters Abscheid; Auf wohlauf, ihr Candioten, Op.18, No.3; Nachtgesang, Op.12, No.3--Josephine Lang/ Schmetterling, Op.8, No.1; In die Ferne, Op.8, No.2; Ewige Nahe, Op.8, No.3--Clara SchumannVolkslied; Die gute Nacht; Lorelei--Pauline Garcia Viardot/ Les filles de Cadix; Nixe Binsefuss--Hermina Maria amersfoordt-Dijk/ Gottes allgegenwaart, Op.40: No. 11, Quartet--Marie Grandval/ Mazeppa: Act II, Scene 4 and 5--Ingeborg von Bronsart/ Frisch auf, zum letzten kampf und Streit!; Blumengruss; Letzte Bitte; Ik weet en Leed, wat Niemand weet; Ich stand in dunkeln Traumen; Verwandlung-- Louise Heritte-Viardot/ Serenade--Oliveria Prescott/ A Border Ballad--Clara Kathleen Rogers/Aubade; Come Not When I Am Dead; Apparitions--Frances Allitsen/Come Not When I Am Dead; There's A Land--Mary Carmichael/Hey! Jolly Robin Hood!; Kitty Bawn--Maude Valerie White/To Mary; So We'll Go No More A'Roving; Isaotta Blanzesmano; Mon petit lin--Mary Turner Salter/Love's Epitome: I. Since First I Met Thee, II. In the Garden, III. She Is Mine, IV. Dear Hand, Close Held In Mine, V. Requiem--Catharina van Rennes/Drei Quartette fur Frauenstimmen, Op. 24--Susan Frances Harrison/When I Grow Old--Anna Teichmuller/Windlied, Op.1, No.2; Maria, Op.2, No.4; Wie leise scheue Kinder, Op.7, No.2; Klein Christel, Op.9, No.7--Liza Lehmann/Wiegenlied; Sweet Rhodoclea; The Wren; Evensong--Eleanor Everest Freer/Sweet in Her Green Dell, Op.17, No.2; Summer Night, Op.12, No.6--Adela Maddison/ La bien-aimee...; If You Would Have It So; Tears--Amy Beach/ June, Op.51, No.3; Rendezvous, Op.120; A Mirage, Op.100, No.1; Stella viatoris, Op.100, No.2--Margaret Ruthven Lang/Ojala; Spinning Song, Op.9, No.2; The Lady of Riga, Op.42, No.12; Irish Love Song, Op.22; Snowflakes, Op.50, No.3--Jane Vieu/Dernier baiser; Les etoiles; Puisque c'est l'ete--Anna Cramer/Weisst du noch?, Op.2, No.5; Girre graues Taubchen, Op.3, No.6--Mary Carr Moore/ Legende Provencale: Act III, Scenes 1 and 2 (Epilogue)--Teresa Clotilde del Riego/ O Dry Those Tears!; Thank God for a Garden; Homing--Alma Maria Schindler-Mahler/ Licht in der Nacht; Waldseligkeit; Ansturm; Erntelied--Marion Bauer/ Lad and Lass; My Faun; When the Shy Star Goes Forth; To Losers; How Doth the Little Crocodile; Here Alone Unknown--Rebecca Clarke/The Cherry-Blossom Wand; Cradle Song--Lily Strickland /Bayou Songs: Mornin' on ze Bayou; Ma Li'l Batteau; Dreamin' Time;Li'l Jasmine-bud--Florence Beatrice Price/The Heart of a Woman; The Glory of the Day Was in Her Face--Nadia Boulanger/ Elegie--Ethel Glenn Hier/ Dreamin' Town; Down in the Glen; If You Must Go, Go Quickly--Catherine Urner/Nichts ist dauernd; After Parting--Lili Boulanger/ Sous bois; Pendant la tempete; La source--Eva Alberta Jessye/Stan' Steady; Ain't Got Long to Stay Heah; March Down to Jerden--Barbara Giuranna/ Majerling: Act I, Scene 2.
V. 8. Composers born 1800 -1899: large and small instrumental ensembles: Louise Farrenc/Quintette from the Nonet, Op.38, arranged for string quintet by the composer: I. Adagio-Allegro--Johanna Kinkel/"Otto der Schutz" Ouverture--Leopoldine Blahetka/ Variations Brillantes sur un theme hongrois pour le Piano avec accompagnement del'Orchestre, (ou du Quatuor)--Emilie Mayer/Sonata in A minor [violin and piano]: II. Andante--Elfrida Andree/ Symphony No. 2 for Organ and Brass Ensemble: III. Finale, Allegro maestoso--Agnes Zimmermann/ Second Sonata for Violin and Piano: I. Allegro assai--Augusta Holmes/Fantaisie for Bb Clarinet and Piano--Luise Adolpha Le Beau/ String Quartet: II. Tena con variazioni--Rosalind F. Ellicott/Second Trio for Violin, Cello, and Piano: I. Allegro appassionato--Mathilde Kralik/Sonate fur klavier und violine: I. Schnell und feurig--Ethel Smyth/Quartet--Amy Beach/Variations on Balkan Themes, Op.60 for orchestra with corresponding music from the 1942 two-piano version--Ethel Barns/ Sonata No. 4 in G minor [violin and piano]: II. Elegie--Mabel Daniels/ Deep Forest for Symphony Orchestra--Rebecca Clarke/Two Pieces for Viola (or Violin) and Cello: Lullaby; Grotesque--Florence Beatrice Price/Five Folksongs in Counterpoint for String Quartet--Rosalie Wertheim/Trio for Flute, Bb Clarinet, and Bassoon: I. Allegro risoluto--Pauline (Margrete) Hall/ Ariettes oublees [orchestra]--Germaine Tailleferre/String Quartet: III. Finale--Henriette Bosmans/Sonate for Violin and Piano: I. Allegro passionato, ma non troppo mosso.
MUSIC REF. M2 .W88 1996

Women composers of ragtime: a collection of six selected rags by women composers, reprinted from the original sheet music.
Bryn Mawr, Pa.: T. Presser, c1985.
NOTES: Reprint of works originally published 1906-1910.
CONTENTS: Pickles and peppers/ Adaline Shepherd -- Wireless rag/ Adaline Shepherd -- Hoosier rag/ Julia Lee Niebergall -- Sleepy Lou/Irene M. Giblin -- Richmond rag/ May Frances Aufderheide -- A totally different rag/ May Frances Aufderheide.
MUSIC M21.W85 1985

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