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Yusef Rahman


Yusef Rahman.
Released by Pacific Tape Library BB 2709.02 [1970?]
CONTENTS: Ebony Lady, Eternity, My Cosmic One, The New Day is Here, Goodbye America, Beautiful Black Woman, and others.
SUMMARY: Yusef Rahman reads a series of his poems, some done in song and chant with the Lady Mailika.

Kathleen Raine, 1908-2003

On a deserted shore.
Sulis Music, 1986.
CONTENTS: (Not Listed)
NOTES: "Music composed and played by Robert Stewart from his suite, The Fortunate isle."

Kathleen Raine
New Letters Magazine, [1979]
CONTENTS: (Not Listed)
NOTES: Broadcast Nov. 26, 1979.
NOTES: At a public reading at Syracuse University Kathleen Raine presents a number of her poems, including "Who am I", "Message", and "Three poems of incarnation". She provides brief commentary before some poems.

Margaret Randall, 1936-

A poetry of resistance: poetry reading.
CONTENTS: (Not Listed)
NOTES: Recorded May 1984 at the University of Oregon; sponsored by the Center for the Study of Women in Society.
SERIES: CSWS Speaker series; Spring 1984.

John Crowe Ransom,1888-1974

John Crowe Ransome reads from his own works.
Decca DL 9147, [195-]
CONTENTS: Side One: Miriam Tazewell; Dead Boy; Spectral Lovers; Bells for John WHiteside's Daughter; Good Ships; Here Lies a Lady; Judith of Bethulia; Captain Carpenter; Piazza Piece; Lady Lost; Two in August.
Side Two: Antique Harvesters; Our Two Worthies; Survey of Literature; The Equilibrists; What Ducks Require; Painted Head; Address to the Scholars of New England.
SERIES: Yale series of recorded poets.

John Crowe Ransom reads his works.
Carillon Records YP 306, [1961]
CONTENTS: Side One: Miriam Tazewell; Dead Boy; Spectral Lovers; Bells for John WHiteside's Daughter; Good Ships; Here Lies a Lady; Judith of Bethulia; Captain Carpenter; Piazza Piece; Lady Lost; Two in August.
Side Two: Antique Harvesters; Our Two Worthies; Survey of Literature; The Equilibrists; What Ducks Require; Painted Head; Address to the Scholars of New England.
NOTES: Critical notes by Alvin B. Kernan on slipcase; texts of the poems (15 p.) inserted.
SERIES: Yale series of recorded poets.

Alastair Reid, 1926-

Oddments, Inklings, Omens, Moments and Other Poems.
CMS Records CMS 522, [1967]
CONTENTS: Ghosts' stories -- Calenture -- Oddments, Inklings, Omens, Moments -- Cat-faith -- Who am I? -- A note from the Coast -- What's what -- The syntax of seasons -- For her sake -- The o-filler -- Speaking a foreign language -- Was I, will be -- Spain, morning -- A game of glass -- Growing, flying, happening-- Frog dream -- In memory of my Uncle Timothy -- For ring-givers -- Pigeons -- Ghosts -- Disguises -- A lesson for beautiful women -- Small sad song -- The tale the Hermit told -- Old painter to young model -- Casa d'Amunt -- Outlook, uncertain -- A homecoming -- What bones say --Curiosity -- The figures on the frieze -- Me to you -- The spiral.
NOTES: Program notes on container.

Adrienne Cecile Rich, 1929-

Dark fields of the Republic: poems, 1991-1995.
W.W. Norton, 1995
CONTENTS: What kind of times are these -- Calle vision -- Reversion -- Revolution in permanence (1953, 1993) -- Then or now -- Sending love -- Take -- Late ghazal -- Six narratives -- From pierced darkness -- Inscriptions.

Planetarium: a retrospective 1950-1980.
Watershed Foundation C-201, p1986.
CONTENTS: Side one. Stepping backward -- Letter from the land of Sinners -Snapshots of a daughter-in-law -- The Roofwalker -- Novella -- Mourning picture -- Necessities of life -- Jerusalem -- Ghazals: Homage to Ghalib, excerpts: 7/12/68, 8/8/68 -- November 1968 -- Planetarium -- The stelae. Side two. Trying to talk with a man -- Diving into the wreck -- Song -- For the dead --Power -- Hunger -- A women dead in her forties -- Twenty-one love poems, excerpts: vii, xvii, xxi -- Integrity -- Turning the wheel, excerpts: Burden baskets, Apparition, Turning the wheel.
SERIES: Signature series; no. C-201.
NOTES: All selections were recorded at the University of California at Santa Cruz on August 26, 1986.
NOTES: "All selections are collected in the volume "The fact of a door frame: poems selected and new 1950-1984", W.W. Norton & Company, 1984. ISN,MUS.NO.Watershed.

Tracking the contradictions: poems 1981-1985.
Watershed Foundation C-224, p1986.
CONTENTS: Sources -- Poetry I, II, III -- Emily Carr -- North American time-- Contradictions: tracking poems.
NOTES: Recorded at the University of Maryland at College Park on May 1, 1986.

I. A. (Ivor Armstrong) Richards, 1893-1979

Recordings of poets reading their own poems / I.A. Richards [and] Oscar Williams.
Library of Congress, Recording Laboratory, PL 26 [1961]
CONTENTS: Lighting fires in snow; The solitary daffodil; Forfeits; But still desire and will; To be; Harvard Yard in April: April in Harvard Yard; To dumb forgetfulness; Birthday thoughts IV; Reflections II, Content; Seafaring I, Comb and glass; Court of appeal; The yearling swift
NOTES: Recorded in 1956 & 1960.
NOTES: Texts (12 p.) inserted; notes on container.

Luis Rius, 1930-

Poemas (seleccion).
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, c1973.
CONTENTS: Cuestion de amor--Cifra de danza--Breviario de caceria--Arte de extranjeria--Mester de soledad.
NOTES: Program notes, in Spanish, on container; commentary by Arturo Souto Alabarce.

M. Younger Roberts

A reconstruction of a me, and A letter to a cold place.
Red Dust Inc. [1969?]
CONTENTS: Side One: The Poem; Composition; How Hard the Surfaces That Cut Across the Grain; My People Are More Than Three Hundred and Fifty years Old; A Construction of a Me; Now Gwen Wants To Go To The Toilet; Discovery; Tompkins Park; A Eulogy to Anonymous; The Detectives; The Long Cars; If We've Not Vain; The Poem as Aftermath; News; Small Strokes; This is a Business; Small Strokes.
Side Two: Letter to a Cold Place.
NOTES: Poems, read by the author.

Paul Roche, 1928-

Let the senses sing: collected poems.
Spoken Word SW-140, [196-?]
CONTENTS: Side One: A fisherman of Algeciras; The Small Sea Pool; Mediterranean Mid July An Experience of Heat; Midsummer Thames; Sleeping Beauty; The Ascending Jungle; New York; The Spider and the Caterpillar; The Lesser Pipistrelle; Dream Sequence; The Spell of the Cottage; Pandora at Play in the Spring; The Death of Narcissus; Villanelle for a Modern Warrior; The Daylily; Solanum Dulcamara.
Side Two: Revelation in Blanes; The Winter Solstice Comes-i. Autumn, ii. The Last Rose, iii. Regret for the Sun, iv. Christmas Moon, v. Winter Solstice; Love Song; Justice; From an Herbarium-i. Grass, ii. Nettles, iii. Magnolia, iv. Morning Glory, v. Cactus.

Theodore Roethke, 1908-1963

The light and serious side of Theodore Roethke.
Scholastic Records CC-0604, c1968.
CONTENTS: Introduction; The lizard; Myrtle -- The lady and the bear --The hippo; The boy and the bush -- Dinky; The sloth -- The lamb; The ceiling; Philander -- Night journey -- The meadow mouse -- Elegy for Jane -- Excerpt from The lost son -- My papa's waltz.
NOTES: Read by the author and Jean Richards.

Words for the wind: poems.
Folkways Records & Service Corp. FL9736. 1962.
CONTENTS: Side One: Song for the Squeeze-Box; Reply to a Lady Editor; Dinky; The Sloth; The Lady and the Bear; The Dream; All the Earth, All the Air; Words for the Wind; I Knew a Woman; The Voice; She; The Other; The Pure Fury; The Renewal; The Sensualists; Love's Progress; The Surly One; The Swan; Memory.
Side Two: I Need, I Need; Bring the Day!; Give Way, Ye Gates; The Lost Son; The Long Alley; Elegy for Jane; My Papa's Waltz; Four for Sir John Davies; The Waking.
NOTES: Poetry text (8 p.) inserted in container.

Norman Rosten, 1914-1995

The poems of Norman Rosten.
Folkways Records FL 9704. [1963]
CONTENTS: Side One: Speech Before the Curtain; For Walt Whitman; 1929; Depression Blues; Landscape with Figure; The Ministers of State; Spain 1937; Europe 1945; Futurama Love Song; Meditation; The Well; Songs for Patricia; Prelude.
Side Two: The Portable Electric Chair; Identity; Song for the Make-Up Man; The Spider; Crazy Ballad; Inventory; Paris-St.; Portrait, Elegy; Song, Cycle, Philosophy, Short lament; Ballad of the Visiting Fireman; Credo; To Ariake Kambara, on Reading Catullus; Introduction for Beginners.
NOTES: Biographical note and texts of the poems (11 p. and erata leaf) inserted in container.



Benjamin Alire Saenz, 1954-

Benjamin Saenz
University of Missouri, [199-?]
SUMMARY: Interview and poetry reading by Chicano poet Benjamin Saenz.
NOTES: Host, Rebekah Presson; Interviewer, Robert Stewart.
NOTES: Originally broadcast on the radio program New letters on the air.

Ralph J. Salisbury, 1926-

Ralph Salisbury
New Letters, [1984]
CONTENTS: (Poems not listed.)
SUMMARY: In a recording made at the radio station KWAX in Eugene, Oregon, Ralph Salisbury talks with a fellow Indian American, the poet Joseph Bruchac, about his Cherokee heritage and then reads a number of poems from his book Going to the water and a section from his novel entitled Lightning boy and the war against time.
NOTES: Originally broadcast June 8, 1984 on the radio program New letters on the air.

Sonia Sanchez, 1934-

Sonia Sanchez.
Released by Pacific Tape Library BB 2709.04 [1972?]
CONTENTS: Summary, Poem at 30, The Final Solution for me to Speak, To a Jealous Cat, Sonia's Blues, and Malcolm.
SUMMARY: Sonia Sanchez, teacher of English and creative writing at San Francisco State University reads her poems.

Sonia Sanchez at Attica
University of Missouri, [1979]
CONTENTS: (Not Listed)
SUMMARY: "We are taking you inside Attica prison, upstate New York, to hear music and poetry by the prisoners themselves ... These men will be reading their own poems and those of other prisoners and they are joined within the walls of Attica by their guest poet Sonia Sanchez" -- From introduction.
NOTES: Originally broadcast Oct. 29, 1979 on the radio program New letters on the air.

Sonia Sanchez II
University of Missouri, [198-?]
CONTENTS: (Not Listed)
SUMMARY: Sonia Sanchez discusses her work and reads poems from her book Wounded in the house of a friend.
NOTES: Originally broadcast on the radio program New letters on the air.

Carl Sandburg, 1878-1967

The people, yes.
Caedmon TC-2023, [1967]
CONTENTS: The people, yes, the people -- Who knows the people -- The people, yes -- From the far corners of the earth -- There are dreams stronger than death -- The people is everyman, everybody-- We'll see what we'll see -- "The people is a myth, an abstraction" -- "Your low birth puts you beneath me" -- There have been thousands of Andy Adams -- One of the Cherokees in Oklahoma -- He was a king or a shah -- Lincoln? He was a mystery in smoke and flags -- The people learn, unlearn, learn -- What the people learn out of lifting and hauling -- Remember the chameleon -- If you can imagine love letters -- The sea moves always -- "So you want to divide all the money" -- Stocks are property, yes -- "Why did the children put beans in their ears" -- The gang in its working clothes -- They have yarns, the people -- In the people is the eternal child --Who do you think you are -- What did Hiamovi, the red man, have? -- Out of the shopping crowds at State and Madison -- The fireborn are at home in fire -- Mr. Longfellow and his boy -- The long shadow of Lincoln: A litany.
NOTES: Notes concerning the recording on container.

Carl Sandburg reading Fog and other poems
Caedmon TC 1253, [1968]
CONTENTS: Fog -- Child -- Broken-face gargoyles -- Bright conversation with Saint-Ex -- Night bells -- On a flimmering floom you shall ride-- We have gone through great rooms together -- Baby song of the four winds -- Far rockaway night till morning -- How much? -- Wind song -- Flash crimson -- Losers -- A couple -- Omaha -- Seawash -- Precious moments -- Explanations of love --Upstream -- Mr. Attila -- Is there any easy road to freedom? --The man with the broken fingers -- When death came April 12 1945 -- Special starlight -- Light and moon-bells -- Cornucopia-- Little candle -- Wilderness -- River moon.
NOTES: Recorded in 1951 and 1952.
NOTES: Program notes by William A. Smith on container.

Carl Sandburg reading his poetry
Caedmon TC 1150, [1962]
CONTENTS: Prairie waters by night -- Southern Pacific -- Prayers of steel -- In tall grass -- White ash -- Four preludes on playthings of the wind -- Night stuff -- The windy city -- Cool tombs -- Explanations of love -- Sea chest -- Sky pieces -- Francois Villon forgotten -- Gone -- Mag -- Psalm of those who go off before daylight -- Cahoots -- Face -- They all want to play Hamlet -- Storms begin far back -- The fireborn are at home in fire -- The unknown war.
NOTES: Recorded March 21, 1958, in New York City.
NOTES: Notes on container.

Carl Sandburg reads the poems of Carl Sandburg
Decca DL 9039, [196-?]
CONTENTS: Grass -- Primer lesson -- Put the city up -- Fire logs -- Southern Pacific -- Prayers of steel -- Upstream -- Bilbea -- Father and son -- Cool tombs -- Tall grass -- The people speak -- Prejudice -- Proverbs.
NOTES: Program notes by Louis Utermayer on slipcase.

The people, yes!/ Carl Sandburg.
Caedmon DL 5135, c1949
CONTENTS: Prejudice -- Proverbs -- The people speak.
NOTES: Program notes on container.

Poems for children.
Caedmon TC-1124, [1961]
CONTENTS: What is poetry? A small talk; Buffalo dusk; Phizzog; Primer lesson; Young sea -- Jazz fantasia; Chicago poet; Evening waterfall; Small homes -- Milk-white moon, put the cows to sleep; Early moon; Worms and the wind; The abracadabra boys; The wind on the way -- Dust; Sweeping Wendy, a study in fugue; Paper, I; Paper, II; Doors ; Boxes and bags; Little girl, be careful what you say -- Two moon fantasies; Sky talk; Our hells; Meadow in summer; We must be polite: Lessons for children on how to behave under peculiar circumstances; Arithmetic -- This street never sleeps; New song for Indiana Ophelias; Wall shadows Little candle; Crossed numbers -- Night bells; Harmonica humdrums; Changing light winds; Number man; Anywhere and everywhere people; Snatch of sliphorn jazz -- Love letter to Hans Christian Andersen; Foolish about windows; Mysterious biography; Seventeen months; Maybe; Sleep impression.
NOTES: Recorded March 21, 1958 in NYC.

Winfield Townley Scott, 1910-1968

Winfield Townley Scott reads from his own works.
Decca DL 9140 [1965]
CONTENTS: Side One: Mr. Whittier; Coleridge; From Chirico to Charon; What I assembled and dissemble; Dead leaves out of plac e; Blue sleigh; A and B and the mirror; To all objectivists; Communmication Established; Phelps Putnum; May 1506; Come green again; Postscript.
Side Two: A lick and a promise; Landscape as metal and flowers; The man at Mid-Century; The wrong is mixed; 'We are so fond of one another...'; The U.S. Sailor with the Japanese skull; Pvt. John Hogg; Codicil for Pvt. John Hogg's Will; We'll all feel gay; The Mother; Memento.
NOTES: Critical notes by Jay Martin on slipcase.
SERIES: Yale series of recorded poets.

Gil Scott-Heron, 1949-

Small talk at 125th & Lenox.
Flying Dutchman FD 10131, [1970]
CONTENTS: Introduction ; The revolution will not be televised -- Omen -- Brother -- Comment #1 -- Small talk at 125th & Lenox -- The subject was faggots -- Evolution (and flashback) -- Plastic pattern people -- Whitey on the moon -- The vulture --Enough -- Paint it black -- Who'll pay reparations on my soul? -- Everyday.
SUMMARY: 12 poems; read by the poet, and 3 poems with music written by the poet, performed by Eddie Knowles (conga), Charlie Saunders (conga) and David Barnes (percussion and vocal)
NOTES: Program notes by Nat Hentoff on container.

George Seferis, 1900-1971

The poetry of George Seferis
Caedmon TC 1277 , [197-?]
CONTENTS: Erotikos logos, parts IV and V -- In the Goddess' name I summon you -- Spring A.D. -- Crickets -- Thrush -- Helen -- Memory I -- Details on Cyprus.
NOTES: Read in Greek by the author; read in English by the translator, Edmund Keeley.
NOTES: Notes by Keeley on container.

Charles Simic, 1938-

Charles Simic. 2
University of Missouri, [199-]
CONTENTS: (Not listed)
SUMMARY: Charles Simic is interviewed and reads some of his poems.
NOTES: Host, Rebekah Presson.
NOTES: Originally broadcast on the radio program New letters on the air.

Louis Aston Marantz Simpson, 1923-

Louis Simpson reads his works.
Decca Records DL 9146. [1961]
CONTENTS: Side 1: I. The Battle, The heroes, The ash and the oak, Memories of a lost War, I dreamed that in a city Dark as Paris; II. The true weather for women, The man who married magdalene, A woman too well remembered, Early in the morning, Aegean;III. Summer Storm, The lover's ghost, Sleeping beauty, The death of love, invitation to a quiet life.
Side 2: IV. Lazarus convalescent, Brooklyn Flats, Winter, Landscape from a train, A lion in the wind, Hot night on Water street; V. Orpheus in America, West, To the western world, An American in the thieve's market;VI. Orpheus in the underworld; VII. The green shephard.
NOTES: Critical notes by John Hollander on slipcase.
SERIES: Yale series of recorded poets.

Dame Edith Sitwell, 1887-1964

Dylan Thomas and Edith Sitwell read and discuss her poetry
Caedmon TC 1343, [1971]
CONTENTS: Harvest -- Harvest, excerpt -- The two loves -- The two loves, excerpt -- The shadow of Cain -- The shadow of cain, Excerpt --The shadow of Cain -- The shadow of Cain, excerpt -- The canticle of the rose -- The canticle of the rose -- The bee keeper -- The bee keeper -- Heart and mind -- Heart and mind --Still falls the rain.
NOTES: Notes by Erik Wensberg on container.

Excerpts from A poet's notebook and A notebook on William Shakespeare. Excerpts from The canticle of the rose and other poems.
Columbia ML 4759. [195-?]
CONTENTS: A poet's notebook (excerpts)--A notebook on William Shakespeare (excerpts). Dirge for the new sunrise.--The canticle of the rose--Still falls the rain--Lullaby--Harvest from An old woman--A sleepy tune from The canticle of the rose.

Edith Sitwell reading from her poetry.
Caedmon TC 1016. [1955?]
CONTENTS: Three poems from Facade: The wind's bastinado, Trio for two cats and a trombone, and Said King Pompey.--Spinning song.--Green flows the river of Lethe-O.--Serenade: Any man to any woman.--Tattered serenade: Beggar to shadow II.--In the summer, when no one is cold.--Street song.--An old woman.--The youth with the red-gold hair.--A sylph's song.--Most lovely shade.--The Queen of Scotland's reply to a reproof from John Knox.--Who shall have my fair lady?.--The bee oracles, I: The bee-keeper.-- Dido's song.--The canticle of the rose.--Gardeners and astronomers.--Sailor, what of the isles?--Song of Queen Anne Boleyn: At cockcrow.--Song: Where is all the bright company gone?
NOTES: Recorded Mar 2, 1955 in New York.
NOTES: Edition recorded: New York, Vanguard Press, 1954.

Osbert Sitwell, 1892-1969

Osbert Sitwell reading from his poetry: selections from Wrack at Tidesend, England reclaimed, and other volumes.
Caedmon TC-1013, [1953]
CONTENTS: Preface -- Danse macabre -- Elegy from Mr. Goodbeare -- Fool's song -- Four Italian poems -- Fox trot -- Frieze of doctors' wives: Mrs. Humble by ; Mrs. Grandestin ; Mrs. Frossart ; Mrs. Chivers -- The great Nemo -- Journalist's song -- Local press -- Lousy Peter -- Mary Anne -- Miss Lopez -- Mr. Harold Colbert -- Mr. Nutch -- Mrs. Busk -- Mrs. Liversedge -- Mrs. Nutch -- Mrs. Southern's enemy -- Municipal idyll -- Osmund Toulmin -- Out of the flame -- The three Miss Coultrums -- Winter, the huntsman.
NOTES: Recorded in New York, March 5, 1953.
NOTES: Program notes on container.

W.D. Snodgrass, 1926-2009

Recordings of poets reading their own poems/ John Ciardi, W.D. Snodgrass.
Library of Congress, Division of Music, Recording Laboratory PL 27, 1961.
CONTENTS: (Side Two) September in the park; The operation; Returned to Frisco, 1946; These trees stand...; Heart's needle; April inventory; Seeing you have a woman; Lying awake.
NOTES: Recorded in the School of Music, University of Rochester, June 9, 1959.
NOTES: Texts of the poems (10 p.) in container.

Gary Snyder, 1930-

This is our body.
Washington, D.C.: Watershed Tapes, 1989.
CONTENTS: Piute creek--Milton by firelight--Riprap--from Cold Mountain Poems:"In the mountains it's cold..."-"I wanted a good place to settle..."-"I've lived at Cold Mountain..."--Loging #2--Logging #7--Hungtin #10--Burning #17--Sixth-Month Song in the Foothills--Oil--The Song of the Taste--Shark Meat--The Bath--For Nothing--As for Poets--For the Children.
It pleases--Chinese Folk Song (in English & Chinese)--Axe Handles--For/From Lew--Among--Changing Diapers--From "Little Songs for Gaia": "As the crickets' soft autumn hum..."-"Log trucks go by at four in the morning..."-"Dead doe lying in the rain..."-"THE FLICKERS/sharp clear call..."-"Heres was not a/Sheath..."-:I am sorry I disturbed you..."--Breasts--Dillingham, Alaska, the Willow Tree Bar--At White River Roadhouse in the Yukon--True Night--How Poetry Comes to Me--Why I Take GOod Care of My Macintosh Computer--Right in the Trail--Building--Word Basket Woman--At Tower Peak.
NOTES: Selections and recording history inserted in case.
SERIES: Watershed tapes. Signature series; no. C-231.

Hyman J. Sobiloff, 1912-1970

Breathing of first things/Speak to me, child; new poems.
Gryphon Records GR 907. [1963]
CONTENTS: Side One:Speak to me child as I speak to myself; The Kite the child and the shoe; Exploration of a child-How it explores itself and why; A Jamaican child; Jump rope; They both love me; I am older now; The child's sight; The scarecrow; The pimply wolf; The gang; Short hate; Rover.
Side Two: The two dollar bill; A child and the cocoanut blocks; Boy child; Am I too old to play with block; Weather wisdom; Elegy to my dead cousin; My uncle's derby; Stafford is now five years old; Blind boy in Nassau; Science obses; Soul's rhyme; A tongue's tickle; Horse language; Dance outside my shoes; Your beauty is more than beauty now; Annual Search.
NOTES: Critical notes on slipcase; texts ([4] p.) inserted.

Stephen Spender, 1909-1995

Selected poems.
Spoken Arts SA 953. [1967]
CONTENTS: Side One: Souvenir de Londres; The Prisoners; The Truly Great; The Express; The Landscape Near an Aeodrome; Not Palaces; An Elementary School Classroom in a Slum; Thoughts During an air Raid; Ultima Ratio Regum; A Stopwatch and an Ordinance Map.
Side Two: Song; The Double Shame; The War God; In Attica; To My Daughter; Nocturne; Subject: Object: Sentence; Earth-Treading Stars That Make Dark Heaven Light; One More New Botched Beginning; If It Were Not for That.
NOTES: Includes "three poems which have not previously been published in volume form: Subject: object: Sentence; Earth-treading stars that make dark heaven light; and One more new botched beginning."
NOTES: Read by the author, each poem preceded by a spoken introduction.
NOTES: Edition recorded: New York, Random House, 1964.
NOTES: Author's notes on slipcase.

Stephen Spender reading his poems.
Caedmon TC 1084. [1958]
CONTENTS: Side One: My parents kept me; What I expected; Who live under the shadow; Thoughts during an Air Raid; Two Armies; Memento; The Express; Holderlin's Old Age; The Room Above the Square; A Stopwatch and an ordinance Map; Song.
Side Two: From Elegy for Margaret I, IV, VI; Seascape; He will watch the hawk with an indifferent eye; An I can Never Be Great Man; Beethoven's Death Mask; The Double Shame; Ice; Words; To My Daughter; Dylan Thomas, November 1953.
NOTES: Program note on slipcase.
NOTES: Recorded in New York, Oct. 20, 1956.

Stephen Spender reads a selection of his poems.
Argo RG 88. [1965]
CONTENTS: Side One: Word; the Hawk; Not to you I sighed; An "I" can never be great man; Beethoven's death mask; My parents kept me from children who were rough; What I expected, was; Who live under the shadow of a war; The Express; The Landscape near an Aerodrome; The Prisoners; I think continually; An Elementary school classroom.
Side Two: Elegy for Margaret; Song; Four short poems about children.
NOTES: Autobiographical notes on slipcase.

The still centre.
Faber-Penguin Audiobooks PEN 397, 1996, c1994.
CONTENTS: What I expected -- Beethoven's death mask -- The express -- The truly great -- Shadow of war -- Song -- The double shame -- Polar exploration -- Dolphins -- Letter from an ornithologist in Antarctica -- Epilogue to a human drama -- Air raid across the bay at Plymouth -- Elegy for Margaret: I. Darling of our hearts, drowning; II. From a tree choked by ivy, rotted; III. Poor girl, inhabitant of a strange land; IV. Already you are beginning to become; V. The final act of love; VI. Dearest and nearest brother -- Art student -- Seascape -- In Attica -- Auden at Milwaukee -- Louis MacNeice -- To my daughter -- Empty house -- Grandparents (from Dolphins) -- Grandparents (from Collected poems)

William Stafford, 1914-1993

William Stafford.
Everett/Edwards 150, c1972.
CONTENTS: (Not listed)
SERIES: Contemporary American poets read their works.

William Stafford.
New Letters Magazine, [1983-1984]
CONTENTS: (Not listed)
SUMMARY: William Stafford reads a number of his poems including those entitled Good thought, Reality, Stillborn, This is the hand I dipped into Missouri, Serving with Gideon, and Aunt Mabel. He intersperses the reading with brief commentary.
NOTES: Broadcast Jan. 28, 1983 and Jan. 6, 1984.
[DOUGLASS CASSETTE 2019M tape 1 + tape 2]

George Starbuck, 1931-1996

George Starbuck reads from his own works.
Decca DL 9137, [1961?]
CONTENTS: Bone thoughts on a dry day -- New strain -- Fable for flipped lid-- Ab ovo -- Diabolist -- Technologies -- To his chi mistress -- Communication to the city fathers of Boston -- Worship -- If Saturday -- Three dreams on a warm sabbath -- Lee Anderson and George Starbuck -- A tapestry for Bayeux --Poems from a first year in Boston: New Year : View west over Storrow ; Outbreak of spring ; Autumn : Progress report -- "Among those known..." -- Cape Cod autumn -- On first looking in on Blodgett's Keat's "Chapman's Homer" -- War story --Elegy.
NOTES: Program notes by Edwin Stein on container.
SERIES: Yale series of recorded poets.

James Stephens, 1882-1950

The poems of James Stephens.
Spoken Arts 744 [195-]
CONTENTS: Side One: Danny Murphy; Ould Snarly-Gob; The Goat Paths; The Main Deep; The Shell; A Glass of Beer; The Snare; Little Things; Cadence.
Side Two: The Market; In the Poppy Field; The Canal Bank; The Daisies; To the Queen of the Bees; Lesbia; The Coolin; Nancy Walsh; Mary Hynes; Eileen, Diarmuid & Teig; Nancy Walsh; Geoffrey Keating; Why Thomas Cam was Grumpy; Green Weeds; The Pit of Bliss.

Wallace Stevens, 1878-1955

Wallace Stevens reading
Caedmon TC 1068, c1957.
CONTENTS: The theory of poetry (a prose note) -- The idea of order at Key West -- Credences of summer -- The poem that took the place of a mountain -- Vacancy in the park -- Large red man reading -- This solitude of cataracts -- In the element of antagonisms -- Puella parvula -- To an old philosopher in Rome -- Two illustrations that the world is what you make it: 1. The constant disquisition of the wind 2. The world is larger in summer -- Prologues to what is possible, II -- Looking across the fields and watching the birds fly by -- Final soliloquy of the interior paramour -- The life of the poet (a prose note)

The poetry of Wallace Stevens
National Public Radio Education Services IE-801102.04/06-C, c1980.
CONTENTS: (Not listed)
SUMMARY: Readings taken from "The collected poems of Wallace Stevens," which won the National Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry in 1955.

Jesse Stuart, 1907-1984

Jesse Stuart.
Everett/Edwards 158, c1971.
CONTENTS: (Not listed)
SERIES: Contemporary American poets read their works.



Allen Tate, 1899-1979

Allen Tate reads from his own works
Decca DL 9130 , [1965]
CONTENTS: The Mediterranean -- Aeneas at Washington -- The buried lake -- The cross -- Seasons of the soul: Summer; Autumn; Winter; Spring -- Mother and son -- Winter mask -- The wolves -- Last days of Alice -- The meaning of life -- The meaning of death --Death of little boys -- Ode to the confederate dead -- The swimmers.
NOTES: Critical notes by Cleanth Brooks on container.
SERIES: Yale series of recorded poets.

William Edwards Taylor, 1920-

William E. Taylor.
Everett/Edwards 163, c1970.
CONTENTS: (Not listed)
SERIES: Contemporary American poets read their works.

Baron Alfred Tennyson, 1809-1892

Alfred Lord Tennyson reads his own poems
Tennyson Society in association with CRS Records CR9000, 1990.
NOTES: Recorded on soft wax cylinders between 1890 and 1892.
CONTENTS: The poet reads excerpts from "Charge of the light brigade," " Song of Elaine," "Charge of the heavy brigade", "Northern farmer", and "Come into the garden Maude."

Dylan Thomas, 1914-1953

Dylan Thomas reading his complete recorded poetry.
Caedmon TC 2014, [1963]
CONTENTS: Vol. I, Side One:Author's Prologue; If I were tickled by the Rub of Love; Light Breaks Where No Sun Shines; The Hand that Signed the Paper; SHould Lanterns Shine; And Death Shall Have No Dominion; Alterwise by Owl Light; After the Funeral; The Tombstone Told When She Died; If My Head Hurt a Hair's Foot; A Refusal to Mourn the Death, by Fire, of a Child in London.
Side Two: Poem in October; This Side of the Truth; Love in the Asylum; The Hunchback in the Park; Do Not Go Gentle Into that Good Night; A Winter's Tale; There was a Saviour; On the Marriage of a Virgin; In My Craft or Sullen Art; Ceremony After a Fire Raid.
Vol II, Side Three: Dawn Raid; Ballad of the Long-Legged Bait; Fern Hill; In Country Sleep.
Side Four: Over Sir John's Hill; Poem on his Birthday; Lament; In the White Giant's Thigh.

Dylan Thomas reading his work: Dylan Thomas reading from the works of Djuna Barnes and Sean O'Casey.
Caedmon TC 1342, [1971]
CONTENTS: A story -- Laugharne -- Especially when the October wind -- Sean O'Casey: I knock at the door, chapter 2, excerpt -- Djuna Barnes: From nightwood, Watchman what of the night?
NOTES: Notes by Harvey Simmonds on container.

An evening with Dylan Thomas reading his own and other poems
Caedmon TC 1157, [1963]
CONTENTS: An irreverent introduction -- The traveler's curse after misdirection -- A glass of beer -- One poet visits another -- An introduction to Thomas Hardy -- To Lizbie Browne -- The ruined maid -- Lent -- Song -- To my son aged eight -- As I walked out one evening -- Master and bos'n song -- Passing the graveyard -- In Tara's halls -- The three bushes -- Lapis Lazuli -- The side of the truth -- In my craft or sullen art --On reading poetry aloud -- If my head hurt a hair's foot -- Poem in October.
NOTES: Program notes on container.

J. R. R. (John Ronald Reuel) Tolkien, 1892-1973

Poems and songs of Middle Earth.
Caedmon TC 1231, [1967]
CONTENTS: The adventures of Tom Bombadil -- The mewlips -- The hoard -- Perry-The-Winkle -- The man in the moon came down too soon -- The sea-bell -- A elbereth gilthoniel -- The road goes ever on: Upon the hearth the fire is red; In the willow-meads of Tasarinan; In western lands; Namarie; I sit beside the fire; Errantry.
SUMMARY: The poems read by the author: the songs, settings from The road goes ever on, sung by William Elvin, the composer, Donald Swann, at the piano.
NOTES: Critical notes by W.H. Auden on container.

Charles Tomlinson, 1927-

Charles Tomlinson reads his poems
[England : s.n., 1985]
CONTENTS: Pt. 1, Side One: The Fox Gallery; Hawks; The Picture of J.T. in a Prospect of Stone; Event; A Given Grace; Stone Speech; A Rose for Janet; The Beech; Winter Journey; On the Principle of Blowclocks; Above Manhattan; What Virginia said; Hero sandwiches; All Afternoon; Lament for Doormen; In Longfellow's Library; A Death in the Desert.
Side Two: The cavern; Arroyo Hondo; Mr. Brodsky; The Well; A Sense of Distance; To Ivor Gurney; The Sound of Time; The Littleton Whale; During Rain; The Door; The Chances of Rhyme.
Pt. 2, Side One: At Stoke; The Slag Heap; Steel; Canal; Poem for my Father; John Maydew; The Hand at Callow Hill Farm; The Farmer's Wife; Black Brook; The Question; The Shaft; After a death; Night Ride; Gladstone Street; Etruria Vale.
Side Two: Dates: Penkhull New Road; The Way in; The Tree; Midlands; Portrait of the Artist (1); Portrait of the Artist (2); The Hoard; Consolations for Double Bass; The Rich; Class; The Hawthorn in Trent Vale; Written on Water; The Marl Pits.
SUMMARY: pt. 1. Charles Tomlinson reads his poems -- pt. 2 Charles Tomlinson reads his Stokes poems.
NOTES: Recorded in the Clock House Studios, University of Keele, Staffordshire, September 17th and 18th, 1985.
[DOUGLASS CASSETTE 1465M pt.1+ pt.2]

Charles Tomlinson: the complete poems, 1955-1984.
University of Keele, 1987.
CONTENTS: pt. 1. The Necklace -- pt. 2. Seeing is believing -- pt. 3. A Peopled landscape -- pt. 4. American scenes and other poems -- pt. 5. The Way of a world -- pt. 6. Written on water -- pt. 7. The Way in and other poems --pt. 8. The Shaft -- pt. 9. The Flood -- pt. 10. Notes from New York and other poems.
NOTES: Recorded in the Clock House Studios, University of Keele, Staffordshire, between September 17, 1985 and July 21, 1987.
[DOUGLASS CASSETTE KIT 234M tape 1-10 + guide]

Jaime Torres Bodet, 1902-1974

Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico UNAM 7/8, c1960.
CONTENTS: Side One: Continuidad (Sonetos); Civilization (Fronteras); La noria (sin tregua); Patri (sin tregua); Ahora (sin tregua); Nunca (sin tregua).
Side Two La septima sinfonia (Tiempo de arena); Encuentro con Marcel Proust (Tiempo de arena).
NOTES: Program notes (11 p.)on container.

Darwin T. Turner, 1931-1991

Darwin T. Turner.
Everett/Edwards 155, c1971.
CONTENTS: (None listed.)
SERIES: Contemporary American poets read their works.

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