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David Thompson Watson McCord, 1897-1997


The pickety fence & other poems.
Pathways of Sound POS 1042 [196-?]
NOTES: Notes by the author on slipcase.

    Archibald MacLeish, 1892-1982


    Archibald MacLeish reading from his works
    Caedmon TC-1009, [1953]
    CONTENTS: The old man to the lizard -- They come no more, those words, those finches -- What any lover learns -- Bernal Diaz, preface to his book: The 6th Book of Conquistador, pt. 1 -- The renovated temple -- Calypso's island -- Not marble nor the gilded monuments -- The cat in the wood -- Winter is another country -- A man's work -- Years of the dog -- Ezry -- The learned men -- The silent slain -- L'an trentiesme de mon eage -- Immortal helix -- Epistle to be left in the earth -- Actfive (complete): The stage all blood... ; The masque of mummers ; The shape of flesh and bone.
    NOTES: Recorded at Uphill Farm, Mass., on Sept. 26, 1952. Critical notes on container.

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      Jackson MacLow

      See: Poems for Peace

        Louis MacNeice, 1907-1963


        Louis MacNeice reads from his own works
        Decca DL 9141, [1965]
        CONTENTS: The muse -- Conversation -- Dublin -- From a hand of snaps -- The sunlight on the garden -- Les Sylphides -- Christina -- Bagpipe music -- From Autumn journal -- The British Museum reading room-- Meeting point -- Prognosis -- The brandy glass -- Apple blossom -- Evening in Connecticut -- Nuts in May -- Brother fire -- The death of a cat.
        NOTES: Critical notes by Frank J. Warnke on container.

        Louis MacNeice reads selected poems.
        Argo RG 196[1961]
        CONTENTS: Side 1:Conversation; Invocation-Carrickfergus; Dublin--The Left Behind; The Back Again--The Gone To-morrow--Apple Blossom; The Cyclist--The Nurse; Truisms; Sunlight in the Garden--The British Museum Reading Room; Bagpipe Music.
        Side 2: Extract from Autumn Sequal--Pronosis; Nuts in May; Brother Fire; Rites of War--Death of an Old Lady; Christina--Meeting Point; A Toast; The Merna, Selva Oscura--Prayer before birth.
        NOTES: Critical notes by Louis MacNeice on slipcase.

        See also: Caedmon Treasury of Modern Poets

          Jay Mac Pherson


          See: Six Toronto Poets

            Lenore Marshall, 1897-1971


            The poems of Lenore G. Marshall.
            Spoken Arts 746[1959]
            CONTENTS: Side 1: Invented a Person; Two Poems in One; Cricket Song; As Though from Love; Interloper; No Boundary; While Reading History; Rumor; Respite; Though I am False; Other Knowledge; Love Poem.
            Side 2: Shadow Play; This Twentieth-Century Mind; Relativity; How will you show it; The Return; Argument on Immortality; To a House Being Built; Shell Song; Autumn Hilltop; A Mother thinks fo Her Child; Still life; Gogglehead; Mexican Night.
            NOTES: Critical notes by Stanley Kunitz and John Hall Wheelock on container.
            [DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl 283]

            See also: Spoken Arts treasury of 100 modern American Poets reading their Poems

              John Masefield, 1878-1967


              John Masefield reading his poetry.
              Caedmon TC 1147. [1962]
              CONTENTS: Side 1The West Wind; Sea Fever; Cargoes; Captain Stratton's Fancy; Spanish Waters; A Creed;The Wild Ducks; Good Friday, excerpt; C. L.M.; The Widow in the Bye Street, excerpt; The Passing Strange.
              Side 2: The Everlasting Mercy: Saul Kane's Outburst; Lollingdon Downs: II. O wretched man, that for a little mile-V. I could not sleep for thiking of the sky-VI. How did the nothing come, how did these fires-VII. It may be so; but let the unknown be; The Downland; The Rider at the Gate; The Everlasting Mercy: Conclusion.
              NOTES: Program notes on container.
              [DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl 188]

              The story of Ossian.
              Spoken Arts 755. [1960]
              CONTENTS: Unpublished narrative poem, read by the author.
              NOTES: First recording, made in the study of the author's home at Abingdon, Berks. Note about the recording by Harley J. Usill and synopsis by the author on slipcase.
              [DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl 49]

                Edgar Lee Masters, 1868-1950


                See: Spoken Arts treasury of 100 modern American Poets reading their Poems

                  Phyllis McGinley, 1905-1978


                  See: Nine Pulitzer Prize Poets Reading Their Own Poems

                    William Meredith, 1919-


                    See: Spoken Arts treasury of 100 modern American Poets reading their Poems

                      James Ingram Merrill, 1926-1995


                      James Merrill.
                      Academy of American Poets, 1992.
                      CONTENTS: Mirror -- The smile -- Annie Hill's grave -- To a butterfly -- The book of Ephram. From D ; M ; R -- On the block. Lamp, terra-cotta base, U.S., c.1925 ; Mantle clock, imitation sieve -- Alessio and the zinneas -- More or less -- Volcanic holiday -- Jade/strangers to fire -- Snow jobs -- A downward look -- Japanese poems. Imagining it ; Arrival in Tokyo ; Strategies ; Kyoto ; Temple pond -- Another cemetery -- In the shop -- Dying.
                      NOTES: Introduced by Stephen Yenser. Recorded Sept. 30, 1992, at New York University.
                      [DOUGLASS CASSETTE 1626M]

                      See also: Spoken Arts treasury of 100 modern American Poets reading their Poems

                        Eve Merriam, 1916-1992


                        Catch a little rhyme: poems for activity time.
                        Caedmon CDL 51339, 1970.
                        CONTENTS: Side 1:Introduction; Catch a Little Rhyme; What in the World- a series of Riddles; Ollie's Polly; Satellite, Satellite; A Matter of Taste; Kittens; Alligator on the Escalator; Bam. Bam. Bam.
                        Side 2: Inside the Zoo; Toaster Time; The Motor-Boat Song; Manners; On Our Way; Mean Song; Backwards; Spaghetti: A Round; A Rhyme is a Jump Rope; A Yell for Yellow; Mr. Tall and Mr. Small; Ni.
                        NOTES: Read by the author, with responses from a group of children. Liner notes by Louis Untermyer.
                        [DOUGLASS CASSETTE 771M]

                          W. S. (William Stanley) Merwin, 1927-


                          W.S. Merwin I
                          University of Missouri, 1979.
                          SUMMARY: The author reads selections from his poetry, and is interviewed by Albert Bellg.
                          NOTES: Originally broadcast on the radio program New letters on the air.
                          [DOUGLASS CASSETTE 2007M]

                          W.S. Merwin II
                          University of Missouri, [19--]
                          SUMMARY: W. S. Merwin is interviewed and reads some of his poems.
                          NOTES: Host, Jim McKinley. Originally broadcast on the radio program New letters on the air.
                          [DOUGLASS CASSETTE 2008M]

                          W.S. Merwin reading his poetry
                          Caedmon TC 1295, [1970]
                          CONTENTS: Green with beasts: The mountain; The station; Low fields and light -- The drunk in the furnace: Odysseus; The drunk in the furnace -- The moving target: Noah's raven; Lemuel's blessing; The saint of the uplands; The nails; Bread and butter ; My friends -- The lice: The last one; The river of bees; The cold before the moonrise; The room; Dusk in winter; How we are spared; Provision; For the anniversary of my death; When you go away; Fly -- Teachers -- The different stars -- The bridges -- The piper -- The birds on the morning of going -- The gardens of Zuni -- The port --Banishment in winter -- Second psalm: The signals -- Beginning.
                          SUMMARY: Contains selections from Green with beasts, The drunk in the furnace, The moving target, The lice, and recent works.
                          NOTES: Durations and notes by Richard Howard on container.
                          [DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl 526]

                            Josephine Miles, 1911-1985


                            See: Today's Poets

                              Edna St. Vincent Millay, 1892-1950


                              Edna St. Vincent Millay reading from her poetry.
                              Caedmon TC 1123. [1966]
                              CONTENTS: Side A: A Renascence; Recuerdo; I Shall Forget You Presently, My Dear; The Spring and the Fall; Exiled; God's World; This Beast that Rends me: Not in a Silver Casket; Love Is Not All; Sorrowful Dreams Remembered; O Sleep Forever in the Latmain Cave.
                              Side B: The Ballad of the Harp Weaver; The Return from Town; Portrait by a Neighbor; Travel; For Pao-Chin, A Boatman on the Yellow Sea; The Anguish; I Must Not Die of Pity; To the Maid of Orleans; Where Can the Heart be Hidden in the Ground; Childhood is the Kingdom Where Nobody Dies; Elegy.
                              NOTES: Recorded in New York, 1941. Program notes by M. K. R. on slipcase.
                              [DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl 189]

                                Adrian Mitchell, 1932-


                                See: Poetry and Jazz

                                  Marianne Moore, 1887-1972


                                  Marianne Moore reading from her poetry. Marianne Moore reading her translations of The fables of La Fontaine .
                                  Caedmon TC 1025 , [1954?]
                                  CONTENTS:Side I The Fish; The Steam Roller; Spenser's Ireland; Nevertheless; The Wood Weasel; A Carriage from Sweden; The Mind is an Enchanting Thing; Nine Nectarines; Armour's Undermining Modesty; Rigorists; A Face; A Propriety; What Are Years.
                                  Side II: Translations from the Fables of La Fontaine; The Fox and the Crow; The Dog Who Dropped Substance for Shallow; The Hen that Laid the Golden Eggs; The Farmer and the Adder; The Fox and the Goat; The Scythian Philosopher; Phoebus and Boreas.
                                  NOTES: Recorded in New York City, June 25, 1954.
                                  [DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl 286]

                                  Marianne Moore reads from her own works.
                                  Decca DL 9135, 1965.
                                  CONTENTS: The plumed basilisk -- O to be a dragon -- The arctic ox or goat --The frigate pelican -- Melchior Vulpius -- To a chameleon -- Leonardo da Vinci's -- Saint Nicholas -- A jelly fish -- O to be a withered daffodil -- Bird-witted -- His shield -- In this age of hard trying -- Efforts of affection --The pangolin --Voracities and verities.
                                  NOTES: Critical notes by Geoffrey Hartman on container.
                                  [DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl 192]

                                  See also: Caedmon Treasury of Modern Poets; Louise Bogan, et al., Reading their own Poems and Spoken Arts treasury of 100 modern American Poets reading their Poems

                                    Merrill Moore, 1903-1957


                                    See: Spoken Arts treasury of 100 modern American Poets reading their Poems

                                      John Morgan, 1943-


                                      See: New Jazz Poets

                                        Howard Moss, 1922-1987


                                        See: Spoken Arts treasury of 100 modern American Poets reading their Poems

                                          Edwin Muir, 1887-1959


                                          Recordings of poets reading their own works/ Stephen Vincent Benet [and] Edwin Muir.
                                          Library of Congress, Recording Laboratory, PL 23 [1961]
                                          NOTES: Recorded in 1941 & 1955. Texts (11 p.) inserted; notes on container.
                                          CONTENTS: The animals ; Horses; Toy horse Adam's dream; One foot in Eden; In love for lon; Telemachos remembers; To Ann Scott-Moncrieff ; The late wasp; The confirmation.
                                          [DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl 102]



                                            Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov, 1899-1977


                                            Lolita; Poems
                                            Spoken Arts SA 902, [1964?]
                                            CONTENTS: Lolita, part two, chapter 35 -- The ballad of Longwood Glen -- Rain -- Lines written in Oregon -- On translating "Eugene Onegin" -- An evening of Russian poetry -- The swift -- The discovery.
                                            NOTES: Program notes on container.
                                            [DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl 357]

                                              Ogden Nash, 1902-1971


                                              Everybody knows the trouble I've seen.
                                              RCA Victor VDM 114, [1967]
                                              CONTENTS: A word to husbands -- The hunter -- Unfortunately it's the only game in town -- A limerick: Ft. Worth -- The strange case of the entomologist's heart -- Another limerick: Rodent -- The stilly night -- The perfect husband -- Anybody for money -- Tune for an ill-tempered clavichord -- How to be married without a spouse -- Another limerick: Soprano -- Crossing the border -- A man can complain can't he? -- Another limerick: Umpire -- John Peel - shake hands with 37 mamas -- Exit, pursued by a bear -- Everybody tells me everything -- All's brillig in Tin Pan Alley -- A caution to everybody --Brief lives are not so brief - part I -- Brief lives are not so brief- part II -- What, no sheep? -- Samson Agonistes -- The purist -- The terrible people -- I never even suggested it -- The axolotl -- Don't look now, but there's something behind the curtain -- Another limerick: A princess -- You'll drink your orange juice and like it -- Another limerick: Lady of Natchez -- The buses headed for Scranton -- Come, come Kerovac,my generation is better than yours -- Tweedle dee and Tweedledoom -- I know exactly who dropped the overalls in Mrs. Murphy's chowder -- How can echo answer what echo cannot hear? -- As I was saying to St. Paul just the other day -- Medusa and the Mot Juste -- The carcajou and the kircajou -- O tempora, o, oh -- The nymph and the shepherd, or she went that-a-way -- Another limerick: Svant guard -- So penseroso -- Try it Sundays and holidays - it's closed then -- Ill met by flourescence -- I will arise and go now -- For a good dog -- So I resigned from the Chuchin chowder and marching club -- Thoughts thought while waiting for a pronouncement from a doctor, an editor, a big executive, the department of internal revenue, or any other momentous pronouncer...
                                              NOTES: Titles of contents and autographical notes by the author on container.
                                              [DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl 393]

                                              Ogden Nash reading from his works.
                                              Caedmon TC-1015[1953?]
                                              CONTENTS: Side I: Kind of an Ode to Duty; Portrait of the Artist as a Prematurely Old Man; Good-bye, Old Year, You Oaf, or Why Don't They Pay the Bonus?; Geddondillo; Watchman, What of the First First Lady?; Song for a Temperature of a Hundred and One; Medusa and the Mot Juste; A Beginner's Guide to the Ocean; The Terrible People; I Don't Mean Us, Except Occasionally; That Reminds Me; The Evening Out; Don't Grin, Or You'll Have to Bear It; I Remember Yule.
                                              Side II: Spring Song; Bankers Are Just Like Anybody Else, Except Richer; I Do, I Will, I Have; How Do You Say "Ha-Ha" in French?; What to Do Until the Doctor Goes, or It's Tomorrow Than You Think; The Polterguest, My Polterguest; Piano Tuner, Untune Me that Tune; Thoughts Thought After a Bridge Party; Mr. Bett's Mind a Kingdom Is; Allow Me, Madam, but It Won't Help; You and Me and P.B.Shelley; The Strange Case of Mr. Ormantude's Bride; How to be Married Without a Spouse, or Mr. Kingling, What Have you Done with Mrs. Hauksbee?; Spring Comes to Murray Hill.
                                              NOTES: Recorded Feb. 25, 1953 in New York. Analytical notes on slipcase.
                                              [DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl 287]

                                              See also: The Barrow Poets; A Little Treasury of 20th century American Poetry and Spoken Arts treasury of 100 modern American Poets reading their Poems

                                                Howard Nemerov, 1920-1991


                                                Howard Nemerov
                                                New Letters, 1983
                                                SUMMARY: Howard Nemerov reads thirteen of his poems and briefly talks about the origins of language.
                                                NOTES: Recorded at the Associated Writing Programs conference in St. Louis, Mo., in Apr. 1983. Broadcast June 1983 on the radio program New letters on the air.
                                                [DOUGLASS CASSETTE 2010M]

                                                See also: A Lttle Treasury of 20th century American Poetry and Spoken Arts treasury of 100 modern American Poets reading their Poems

                                                  Pablo Neruda, 1904-1973


                                                  Pablo Neruda reading his poetry
                                                  Caedmon TC-1215, [1967]
                                                  CONTENTS: Las alturas de Macchu Picchu -- Arte poetica -- Solo la muerte --Oda a los alcetines -- Fabula de la sirena y los borrachos -- Testamento de Otono.
                                                  NOTES: In Spanish. Critical notes by Dudley Fitts on container.
                                                  [DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl 288]

                                                  Pablo Neruda reads his poems in Spanish
                                                  Spoken Arts SAC 1114, 1972.
                                                  CONTENTS: Side One: Madrigal escrito en invierno; Tango del viudo; Un dia sobresale; Solo la muerte; Barcarola; El sur del oceano.
                                                  Side Two: Entrade en la madera; No hay olvido (Sonata); IV: La poderosa muerte me invito muchas veces; VI: Entonces en la escala de la tierra he subido; VIII: Sube conmigo, amor americano; IX: Aguil sideral, vina de bruma; X: Piedra en la piedra, el hombre, donde estuvo?; XI: A traves del confuso esplendor; XII: Sube a nacer conmigo, hermano.
                                                  NOTES: Accompanied by booklet with text of poems (8 p.) Biographical notes in English and Spanish on container.
                                                  [DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl 540]

                                                    John Frederick Nims, 1913-1919


                                                    See: Spoken Arts treasury of 100 modern American Poets reading their Poems

                                                      Salvador Novo, 1904-1974


                                                      Salvador Novo: antologia poetica: voz del autor.
                                                      Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico VV-8 , c1960.
                                                      CONTENTS: Veinte poemas: Viaje; El mar ; Diluvio -- De Espejo: El amigo ido La poesia; Amor; Florido laude -- [De Nuevo amor]: Nuevo amor; Glosa incompleta en tres tiempos sobre un tema de amor; Breve romance de ausencia; Elegia; Dos sonetos.
                                                      SUMMARY: Presents Salvador Novo reading selections from three of his books of poetry.
                                                      NOTES: Booklet in container includes a preface by Jose Emilio Pacheco and the text of the recording.
                                                      SERIES: Voz viva de Mexico; VV-8.
                                                      [DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl 51]



                                                        Ned O'Gorman, 1929-


                                                        Recordings of poets reading their own poems/ Daniel G. Hoffman [and] Ned O'Gorman.
                                                        Library of Congress, Division of Music, Recording Laboratory, PL 28, [1962]
                                                        CONTENTS: On Saint Theresa's difficulty in keeping her feet on the ground -- I am a falcon, hooded... -- The Virgin's house -- Webbed, yellow-billed and aquamarine -- Epithalamion -- Two poems on the creation of a statue of a Maenad -- A rectification of the lyric -- The rose and the body of the rose-- Toward a language of the ineffable -- On silence -- The tent, the song, the sign, the element -- The burning bush -- The tree house.
                                                        NOTES: Recorded in the studio of the Recording Laboratory, Library of Congress, on Nov. 7, 1961. Texts of the poems (14 p.) inserted and notes on container.
                                                        [DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl 108]

                                                          Michael Ondaatje, 1943-


                                                          Previous canoes.
                                                          Coach House/Music Gallery, c1989.
                                                          CONTENTS: Side one (A): Light; Dates; Early Morning, Kingston to Gananoque; Letters and Other Worlds; King Kong Meets Wallace Stevens; "The Gate in his Head"; Burning Hills; White Dwarfs; Farre Off; Wsalking to Bellrock; Pig Glass; Late Movies with Skyler; Bearhug; Tin Roof.
                                                          Side Two (B): Elimination Dance; The Hour of Cowdust; Sweet Like a Crow;The Cinnamon Peeler; From Rock Bottom; All Along the Mazinaw; To a Sad Daughter; Translations of My Postcards; A Dog in San Francisco; Bessie Smith at Roy Thomson Hall; Red Accordion- An Immigrant Song; Birch Bark.
                                                          SERIES: Coach House/Music Gallery talking books; 5.
                                                          [DOUGLASS CASSETTE 1597M]

                                                            Peter Orlovsky, 1933-


                                                            See: Howls, raps & roars and Poems for Peace

                                                              Joel Oppenheimer, 1930-1988


                                                              See: New Jazz Poets

                                                                Guy Owen, 1925-1981


                                                                Guy Owen.
                                                                Everett/Edwards 152, c1971.
                                                                CONTENTS: (No Listings)
                                                                SERIES: Contemporary American poets read their works.
                                                                [DOUGLASS CASSETTE 637M]



                                                                  Robert Pack, 1929-


                                                                  See: Spoken Arts treasury of 100 modern American Poets reading their Poems

                                                                    Dorothy Parker, 1893-1967


                                                                    An informal hour with Dorothy Parker.
                                                                    Spoken Arts 726 [1956]
                                                                    CONTENTS: Side One-Poems The Lady's Reward; Plea; The Red Dress; The Little Old Lady; One Perfect Rose; The Veteran; Parable for a Certain Virgin; Tombstones; The Evening Primrose; Afternoon; The Burned Child; The False Friends; The Satin Dress; Recurrence; Inscription for the Ceiling of a Bedroom; To Newcastle; Men; Resume; For an Unknown Lady; Story; Dilemma; A Fairly Sad Tale; They Part; War Song.
                                                                    Side Two: "Horsie"- a Story.
                                                                    NOTES: Critical notes by W. Somerset Maugham on slipcase.
                                                                    [DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl 359]

                                                                    See also: Spoken Arts treasury of 100 modern American Poets reading their Poems

                                                                      Kenneth Patchen, 1911-1972


                                                                      Kenneth Patchen reads his love poems
                                                                      Folkways Records FL 9719 , 1961.
                                                                      CONTENTS: She is the prettiest of creatures -- Fall of the evening star -- She had concealed him -- O my love the pretty towns -- Creation-- The character of love seen as a search -- Religion is that I love you -- 23rd street runs into heaven -- Beautiful you are -- Give you a lantern -- Little birds sit on your shoulders-- As beautiful as the hands of a winter tree -- While the sun still spends his fabulous money -- The sea is awash with roses -- As frothing wounds of roses -- For losing her love -- The snow is deer on the ground -- The great birds -- O she is as lovely-often-? -- As we are so wonderfully done with each other -- O now the drenched land wakes -- O my darling troubles heaven -- Do I not deal with angels -- We go out together -- From my high love -- A lament for the unlasting joys -- As she was thus alone -- Be music tonight.
                                                                      NOTES: Recorded Sept. 1960 at the poet's home. Holograph reproduction of 5 poems ([10] p.) inserted in container.
                                                                      [DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl 290]

                                                                      Kenneth Patchen reads with jazz in Canada
                                                                      Folkways Records FL 9718, 1959.
                                                                      CONTENTS: There's a place -- They won't let you in there -- A sigh is little altered -- The lonesome boy blues -- The everlasting contenders -- Do I not deal with angels -- The sea is awash with roses -- Not many kingdoms left -- As I opened the window -- Glory, glory.
                                                                      SUMMARY: Poems with jazz acc.; read by the author, with the Alan Neil Quartet.
                                                                      NOTES: Recorded in Vancouver, February 17, 1959. Program and biographical notes by Alan Neil (5 p.) inserted.
                                                                      [DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl 291]

                                                                      Kenneth Patchen with the Chamber Jazz Sextet.
                                                                      Cadence CLP 3004 [n.d.]
                                                                      CONTENTS: Side One: The Murder of Two Men by a young kid wearing lemon colored gloves; State of the Nation; Do the Dead know what Time it is?; And with the Sorrows of This Joyousness; The Lute in the Attic.
                                                                      Side Two: Lonesome Boy Blues; Limericks; I went to the city.
                                                                      [DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl 619]

                                                                      Selected poems of Kenneth Patchen
                                                                      Folkways Records FL 9717, c1959.
                                                                      CONTENTS: And what with the blunders -- The origin of baseball -- The wolf of winter -- The fox -- Nice day for a lynching -- 23rd Street runs into heaven -- The lions of fire shall have their hunting -- Red wine and yellow hair -- The orange bears -- So be it -- The everlasting contenders -- In order to -- The man the golden Adam's apple -- The reason for skylarks --Pastoral -- The state of the nation -- Be music, night -- Show time (Soon it will be) -- Where shall we walk.
                                                                      NOTES: Introductory notes, by Alex Comfort, laid in container.
                                                                      [DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl 292]

                                                                      See also: Spoken Arts treasury of 100 modern American Poets reading their Poems

                                                                        Brian Patten, 1946-


                                                                        Brian Patten reading his poetry
                                                                        Caedmon TC 1300 , [1969]
                                                                        CONTENTS: A small dragon -- A creature to tell the time by -- A theme for various murders -- Little Johnny's confession -- Little Johnny's final letter -- Schoolboy -- Unisong (played and sung by Graham Layden, read by Brian Patten) -- The projectionist's nightmare -- A talk with a wood -- Making a call -- Maud -- Winter song -- January gladsong -- Travelling between places --The telephonists -- The prophet's good idea -- Rauin -- Into my mirror has walked -- You come to me quiet as rain not yet fallen -- Now we will either sleep, lie still, or dress again -- Note to the hurrying man -- Party notes --Portrait of a young girl raped at a suburban party -- Party piece -- Somewhere between heaven and Woolworth's (played and sung by Graham Layden, read by Brian Patten) -- Park poem -- Through the tall grass in your head -- Doubt shall not make an end of you -- In the dying of anything -- The necessary slaughter -- Spring song -- Old crock.
                                                                        NOTES: Program notes by Edward Lucie-Smith on container.
                                                                        [DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLds 45]

                                                                          Marge Piercy, 1936-


                                                                          Marge Piercy reads excerpts from Braided lives and Woman on the edge of time: and four of her poems, including "Crescent moon like a canoe"
                                                                          American Audio Prose Library 6111, 1986.
                                                                          CONTENTS: Crescent moon like a canoe, For the Young who want to, They inhabit me, and Whose creature am I.
                                                                          NOTES: Recorded in April, 1986, in Wellfleet, Mass.
                                                                          [DOUGLASS CASSETTE 1137M]

                                                                            Pedro Pietri, 1944-2004


                                                                            Loose joints.
                                                                            Folkways Records FL 9722. [1979]
                                                                            CONTENTS: Side One:Warning; How Do Your Eggs Want You; To Get Drunk You Have to Drink; Telephone Booth Number 102; Telephone Booth Number 905 1/2; Telephone Booth Number 580; Telephone Booth Number 722; Telephone Booth Number 190; Puerto Rican Obituary.
                                                                            Side Two: Suicide Note from a Cockroach in a Low Income Housing Project; Telephone Booth Number 23; Telephone Booth Number 535; Telephone Booth Number 801; The Last Game of the World Series; 1 a.m. At All Times (for Nancy).
                                                                            NOTES: Script, with biographical notes ([8] p.), inserted in container.
                                                                            [DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl 589]

                                                                              Jean-Guy Pilon, 1930-


                                                                              See: Voix de 8 Poetes du Canada

                                                                                Allen Plantz


                                                                                See: Poems for Peace

                                                                                  Sylvia Plath, 1932-1963


                                                                                  Plath reads Plath.
                                                                                  Credo 3. p1975.
                                                                                  CONTENTS: The Rabbit catcher.- Ariel.- Poppies in October.- The applicant.-Lady Lazarus.- A secret.- Cut.- Stopped dead.- Nick and the candlestick.- Medusa.- Purdah.- A birthday present.- Amnesiac.-Daddy.- Fever 103.- An interview: Sylvia Plath talks with Peter Orr of the British Council.
                                                                                  NOTES: Recorded on October 30, 1962.
                                                                                  [DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLds 145]

                                                                                  Sylvia Plath reading her poetry.
                                                                                  Caedmon TC 1544. 1977.
                                                                                  CONTENTS: The ghost's leavetaking--November graveyard--On the plethora of Dryads--The moon was a fat woman once--Nocturne--Child's park stone--The earthenware head--On the difficulty of conjuring up a Dryad--Green rock-Winthrop Bay--On the decline of oracles--The goring--Ouija--The beggars of Benidorm Market--Sculptor--The disquieting muses--Spinster--Parliament Hill Fields--The stones--Leaving early--Candles--Mushrooms--Berck-Plage--The surgeon at 2 a.m.
                                                                                  NOTES: Recorded at the Poetry Room, Harvard College Library, 1958-1959 [and] BBC Records, 1960-1962.
                                                                                  NOTES: Notes by Stratis Haviaras in container.
                                                                                  [DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLds 112]

                                                                                  See also: Spoken Arts treasury of 100 modern American Poets reading their Poems

                                                                                    Ezra Pound, 1885-1972


                                                                                    Ezra Pound reading.
                                                                                    Caedmon TC 1122, 1155. [1960-1962]
                                                                                    CONTENTS: Vol. I, Side One: Hugh Selwyn Mauberley; Cantico del Sole: Moeurs Contemporaines.
                                                                                    Side Two: Canto I; Canto IV; Canto XXXVI; Canto LXXXIV.
                                                                                    Vol. II, Side One: Canto XLV; Canto LI; Canto LXXVI; The Gypsy; The Exile's Letter.
                                                                                    Side Two: Canto 99.
                                                                                    NOTES: Recorded in Washington, D.C., June 12, 13, 26, 1958.
                                                                                    [DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl A44 v.1+ v.2]

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                                                                                                Salvatore Quasimodo,1901-1968.


                                                                                                The selected poetry and the Nobel Prize acceptance speech of Salvatore Quasimodo
                                                                                                Spoken Word SW-301 , [196-]
                                                                                                CONTENTS: Il poeta e il politico (delivered December 11, 1959 in Stockholm) -- Vento a Tindari -- Oboe sommerso -- Che vuoi, pastore d'aria? -- Strada di Agrigentum -- Davanti al simulacro d'Ilaria -- Alle fronde dei salici -- Lettera -- Giorno dopo giorno -- Uomo del mio tempo -- Lamento per il sud -- Epitaffio per Bice -- Lettera alle madre -- Thanatos Athanatos -- Dialogo-- Colore de pioggia e di ferro -- La morte chitarre -- Il falso e vero verde.
                                                                                                NOTES: "Read by the author in the original Italian."
                                                                                                [DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl 633]

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