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Max Eastman, 1883-1969


See: Spoken Arts treasury of 100 modern American poets reading their poems

    Richard Eberhart, 1904-2005


    Richard Eberhart
    New Letters, 1985]
    CONTENTS: (Not listed)
    SUMMARY: Pulitzer Prize winning poet Richard Eberhart reads from his collection entitled Florida poems.
    NOTES: Recorded at WUFT-FM in Gainesville, Fla. Broadcast Jan. 1985 on the radio program New letters on the air.

    Richard Eberhart reading his poetry
    Caedmon TC 1243, [1968]
    CONTENTS: The fury of aerial bombardment -- Seals, terns, time -- For a lamb -- The groundhog -- "If I could only live at the pitch that is near madness" -- New Hampshire, February -- The horse chestnut tree -- The cancer cells -- On a squirrel crossing the road in autumn -- A meditation -- "Go to the shine that's on a tree" -- Rumination -- "I walked out to the graveyard to see the dead" -- Sea-hawk -- Nothing but change -- The incomparable light -- La Crosse at ninety miles an hour -- The place -- Sea burial from the cruiser Reve -- A Maine roustabout -- Am I my neighbor's keeper? -- Hardening into print -- A New England bachelor -- The illusion of eternity -- The mastery -- Marrakech -- The ides of March -- The explorer on Main Street -- A wedding on Cape Rosier -- On returning to a lake in spring.
    NOTES: Critical notes by Ralph J. Mills on container.

    Richard Eberhart reads from his own works.
    Decca DL 9145. [1965]
    CONTENTS: Side 1:I. This fevers me, 'Go to the Shine that's on a Tree', 'Now is th Air made of Chiming Balls', 'On a Squirrel Crossing the Road...'; II. Sea-Hawk, Seals, Terns, Time, New Hampshire, February, The Hard Structure of the World, Indian Pipe; III. The Cancer Cells, The Book of Nature, 'If I could only live...', For a Lamb; IV. The Horse Chestnut Tree, The Soul Longs to Return, I Walked Out to the Graveyard, The Tobacconist of Eighth Street.
    Side 2: I. Cousin Florence, Dam Neck, Virginia, The Fury of Aerial Bombardment, War and Poetry; II. The Dry Root, Words, The Verbalist of Summer; III. Half-bent Man, A Ship Burning and a Comet.., Nothing but Change; IV. The Wisdom of Insecurity, Only in the Dream, Great Praises.
    NOTES: Critical notes by R. B. W. Lewis on container.

    See also: Caedmon treasury of modern poets; Katherine Garrison Chapin, etc., reading their poems; Little treasury of 20th century American poetry and Spoken Arts treasury of 100 modern American poets reading their poems

      Guenter Eich, 1907-1972


      See: Lyrik der Zeit

        T. S. (Thomas Stearns) Eliot, 1888-1965


        Four quartets.
        Angel Records ANG. 45012 [1957]
        CONTENTS: - Burnt Norton. - East Coker. - The dry salvages. - Little Gidding.
        NOTES: Brief program notes, in part by the author, on slipcase.

        T.S. Eliot reading his own poems (1946)
        Library of Congress Recording Laboratory P L3, [1953]
        CONTENTS: The waste land -- Ash-Wednesday -- Landscapes -- Sweeney among the nightingales.
        NOTES: Recorded in 1946.
        NOTES: Program notes on container.

        T.S. Eliot reading poems and choruses.
        Caedmon TC-1045. [1956?]
        CONTENTS: The love song of J. Alfred Prufrock--Portrait of a lady-- Preludes--Mr. Eliot's Sunday morning service--Ash Wednesday--A song for Simeon--Marina.--Triumphal march, from Coriolan--O light invisible, from The rock--Opening chorus, from Murder in the cathedral--Chorus, from Family reunion.
        NOTES: Recorded in London, Sept. 26, 1955.

        The waste land and other poems.
        Caedmon TC 1326, [c1971]
        CONTENTS: The waste land -- The hollow men -- Journey of the Magi -- La Figlia che piange -- Landscapes: New Hampshire, Virginia, Usk, Rannoch by Glencoe, Cape Ann -- Morning at the window -- Difficulties of a stateman --Sweeney among the nightingales -- Whispers of immortality -- Macavity: The mystery cat.
        NOTES: Notes by Richard Howard on container.

        See also: Caedmon treasury of modern poets and Spoken Arts treasury of 100 modern American poets reading their poems

          William Empson, 1906-1984


          See: Poets reading their poems and Poets reading their poems

            Paul Engle, 1908-1981


            See: Louise Bogan, etc., reading their poems and Spoken Arts treasury of 100 modern American poets reading their poems

              Clayton Eshleman, 1935-


              Clayton Eshleman
              New Letters, 1982.
              CONTENTS: (Not listed)
              SUMMARY: Clayton Eshleman reads eight poems from his book entitled Hades in manganese. The poems explore the Paleolithic imagination and the construction of the underworld.
              NOTES: Broadcast May 1982 on the radio program New letters on the air.
              [DOUGLASS CASSETTE 1996M]

                William Everson, 1912-1994


                See: Brother Antoninus



                  Sarah Webster Fabio, 1928-1979


                  Boss soul.
                  Folkways Records FL 9710. c1972.
                  CONTENTS: Work it out "Melody undecided"-Boss soul-Soul through a licking stick:'Yo gramma'-Glimpses "Nigger sweat"-Fungi and Calau (a calypso)-After Birmingham-A lesson twice learned- Panther caged-Black back: "sheeba's Puppies"-Rainbow signs-A mover: "Place in the sun".
                  NOTES: Poems; read by the author, with rhythm accompaniment. Program notes and texts of poems (6 p.) inserted in slipcase.
                  [DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl 555]

                  Soul ain't: soul is.
                  Folkways Records FL 9711. c1973.
                  CONTENTS: Soul ain't: soul is-Sassafras toned, my grandma sat-The hurt of it all-Nina giving Mr. Backlash the blues-A five-year old scream breaking through the night-Cross-fire-Dialogue between two messengers of peace-Black world-My own thing-I would be for you rain-Echo of rain-To turn from love-For my people, a jubilee-Bronzeville breakthrough.
                  NOTES: Notes and texts of poems (6 p.) inserted in slipcase.
                  [DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLds 85]

                    Lawrence Ferlinghetti, 1919-


                    Lawrence Ferlinghetti.
                    Deland, Fla., Everett/Edwards 164, c1972.
                    SERIES: Contemporary American poets read their works.
                    [DOUGLASS CASSETTE 633M]

                    Tentative description of a dinner given to promote the impeachment of President Eisenhower, and other poems.
                    Fantasy 7004, [1958]
                    CONTENTS: Tentative description of a dinner given to promote the impeachment of President Eisenhower -- Goya in America -- The world is a beautiful place -- William Butler Yeats on the Third Avenue el -- Truth is not the secret of a few -- Pennycandystore -- Love comes harder to the aged -- Dog -- Museum of objects depicting the history of my race -- The poet's eye -- Crucifixion -- Marc Chagall and his horse -- Sarolla's women in their picture hats -- Kafka's castle -- See it was like this -- The poet as an acrobat.
                    NOTES: Editions recorded: San Francisco, Golden Mountain Press, c1958; New York, New Directions, c1958; and San Francisco, City Lights Books, c1955.
                    NOTES: Program notes by author on container.
                    [DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl 231]

                    See also: Howls, raps & roars and Spoken Arts treasury of 100 modern American poets reading their poems

                      Dudley Fitts, 1903-1968


                      Dudley Fitts reads from his own works
                      Decca DL 9138, [1965]
                      CONTENTS: Priam -- The liturgy of Small Susan -- Preraphaelite encounter with your grandfather -- Three poems of Martial -- Introduction to poems from the Greek anthology -- Priapos of the harbor -- On Troy fallen -- Dedication of a mirror -- To Melite -- Couplet -- Remonstrance -- A valentine for a lady -- Epitaph of Dionysios of Tarsos -- Secret weapon -- Valentine for a popular tenor -- On Hermogenes the physician -- Meditation on beavers -- Tauromancy at Memphis -- On Apis the prizefighter -- Fortunatus the R.A. -- Epitaph of a Nicene actor -- Compensation -- To Lykainis: a metaphor --Meditation -- The Sidon girls! The Sidon girls! -- Epitaph of Nearchos -- Epitaph of a sailor -- Epitaph of a young man -- Epitaph of a sailor --Epitaph of Charidas of Kyrene -- Epitaph of a Maltese watch-dog-- A general epitaph -- Elegy on Herakleitos -- Star-gazing -- Timon the misanthrope -- Inscription for the tomb of Timon -- Prayer before death -- His epitaph.
                      SERIES: Yale series of recorded poets.
                      NOTES: Program notes by John Hollander on container.
                      [DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl 440]

                        Robert Fitzgerald, 1910-1985


                        See: Poets reading their poems

                          John Gould Fletcher, 1886-1950


                          See: John Gould Fletcher, etc., reading their poems

                            Robert Francis, 1901-1987


                            See: Today's poets

                              Percy French, 1854-1920


                              The Barrow Poets...

                                Robert Frost, 1874-1963


                                Robert Frost reads from his own works.
                                Decca [1966]
                                CONTENTS: Side 1:Spring Pools, A Young Birch, The Sound of Trees, The Oven Bird, The Onset, Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening, An Old Man's Winter Night, Desert Places, The Need of Being Versed in Country Things, The Line-Gang, A Roadside Stand, The Silken Tent.
                                Side 2: Never Again Would Birds' Song Be the Same, Design, The Wood-Pile, The Star-Splitter, Neither Out Far Nor In Deep, The Most of It, Triple Bronze, The Courage To Be New, No Holy Wars For Them, The Gift Outright, Couplets: The Secret Sits; Forgive, Oh Lord, My Objection to Being Stepped On, Away!
                                NOTES: Texts principally from the Complete poems of Robert Frost.
                                NOTES: Critical notes by R. W. B. Lewis on slipcase.
                                SERIES: Yale series of recorded poets.
                                [DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl 175]

                                Robert Frost reading his own poems.
                                Library of Congress, Recording Laboratory PL 6 [1953]
                                CONTENTS: The witch of Coos--The mountain.--Come in--Mowing--The pasture--Reluctance--Stopping by woods on a snowy evening--The most of it--An old man's winter night--Provide, provide--The runaway.--Acquainted with the night--Choose something like a star--A drumlin woodchuck--Why wait for science--Departmental--A considerable speck--One step backward taken--On looking up by chance at the constellations--A soldier--The gift outright.
                                NOTES: Recorded in 1948. Biographical and bibliographical notes and texts (9 p.) inserted in slipcase.
                                [DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl 118]

                                See also: Caedmon treasury of modern poets and Spoken Arts treasury of 100 modern American poets reading their poems



                                  Jean Garrigue, 1912-1972

                                  See: Spoken Arts treasury of 100 modern American poets reading their poems

                                    Wilfred Gibson, 1872-1962


                                    See: The Barrow Poets

                                      Roland Giguere

                                      See: Voix de 8 poetes du Canada

                                        Allen Ginsberg, 1926-1997


                                        Allen Ginsberg.
                                        Everett/Edwards 161, c1971.
                                        SERIES: Contemporary American poets read their works.
                                        [DOUGLASS CASSETTE 634M]

                                        Allen Ginsberg reading
                                        Fantasy 7006, [1959?]
                                        CONTENTS: Howl -- The sunflower sutra -- Footnote to Howl -- A supermarket in California -- Transcription of organ music -- America -- In back of the real -- Strange new cottage in Berkeley -- Europe, Europe -- Kaddish.
                                        NOTES: Recorded in Chicago, Jan. 1959, and in San Francisco, June 1959.
                                        NOTES: Notes by the poet on container.
                                        [DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl 232]

                                        Ginsberg's thing.
                                        Douglas SD 801, [1970]
                                        CONTENTS: Zen Buddhist chant "High perfect wisdom" -- Message II -- Cafe in Warsaw -- Who to be kind to -- Portland Coliseum -- First party at Ken Keesey's (with Hell's Angels) -- Uptown -- To the body -- Small Spoleto mantra -- Allen Ginsberg reading translations of the poetry of Guiseppe Ungaretti.
                                        NOTES: "The recordings took place at the Festival of Two Worlds in Spoleto, Italy." Program notes by Vincent R. Tortora on container.
                                        [DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLds 49]

                                        See also: Howls, raps & roars; Poems for peace and Spoken Arts treasury of 100 modern American poets reading their poems

                                          Nikki Giovanni, 1943-


                                          Cotton candy on a rainy day.
                                          Folkway Records FL 9756. p1978.
                                          CONTENTS: Side One:Cotton candy on a cloudy day; Introspections; Forced retirement; The New Yorkers; Crutches; Boxes; Poem; A Poem off center; The winter storm; Age; Because; Their fathers; Life cycles; Adulthood II; Habits; Fascinations; Gus; Choices.
                                          Side Two: Photography; The beep beep poem; A poem for Ed and Archie; Woman; Space; Poem (for EMA); The rose bush; Patience; Make up; Winter; You are there; A statement on conservation; Turning (I need a better title); A response; A poem of friendship; Being and nothingness; The moon shines down; That day.
                                          NOTES: Notes by Paula Giddings on container.
                                          [DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl 590]

                                          Legacies; the poetry of Nikki Giovanni.
                                          Folkways Records FL 9798. c1976.
                                          CONTENTS: Side One: Once a lady told me; Everytime it rains; Mother's habits; Conversation; The geni in the jar; Mothers; The December of my springs; The women gather; The life I led; Legacies.
                                          Side Two: How do you write a poem; The world is not a pleasant place to be; Nikki-Rosa; Poem (for Nina); Categories; Housecleaning; Scrapbooks; Dreams; Beautiful black men; Always there are the children.
                                          SUMMARY: Contains selections from the books The women and the men, My house, Re:creation, Black feeling black talk/Black judgement, and Ego tripping and other poems for young people.
                                          NOTES: Durations on labels; notes by the author on slipcase.
                                          [DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl 584]

                                          Nikki Giovanni II
                                          University of Missouri, [199-?]
                                          CONTENTS: (Not listed)
                                          SUMMARY: Giovanni reads from her poems and discusses her work.
                                          NOTES: Originally broadcast on the radio program New letters on the air.
                                          [DOUGLASS CASSETTE 2024M]

                                            Alain Grandbois, 1900-1975

                                            See: Voix de 8 poetes du Canada

                                              Gunter Grass, 1927-


                                              See: Lyrik der Zeit

                                                Robert Graves, 1895-1985


                                                Love respelt: old & new poems.
                                                Columbia OL 6400, [1965]
                                                CONTENTS: At best, poets; The meeting; She is no liar; Expect nothing; A last poem; The three-faced; In time; The leap; Dazzle of darkness; Food of the dead; I will write; Bird of Paradise; The Oleaster; Song; Sword and rose; Endless pavement; A measure of casualness; The green castle; Not to sleep; The black goddess; La Mejicana; All I tell you from my heart; Double bass; Judgement of Paris; The undead; Above the edge of doom; Wild cyclamen; Batxoca; The snap-comb wilderness; Change -- Black; Between hyssop and axe -- Gold and Malachite -- Ambience; The vow; The frog and the golden ball; Those who came short; Whole love; This holy month; The impossible; Iron palace; True joy; Tomorrow's envy of today; The hidden garden; The wedding; What will be, is; Son Altesse; Everywhere is here; Song: The far side of your moon; Deliverance; Conjuction; Nothing now astonishes; Postscript.
                                                NOTES: Critical notes by Goddard Lieberson and John Simon on container.
                                                [DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl 233]

                                                Robert Graves reading
                                                Caedmon TC-1066, [c1957]
                                                CONTENTS: The white goddess -- The haunted house -- Outlaws -- Allie -- Love without hope -- What did I dream? -- The hills -- Angry Sansom -- In procession -- Warning to children -- The cool web -- Song of contrariety -- The presence -- Flying crooked --Any honest housewife -- A jealous man -- The cloak -- Time -- Ogres and pygmies -- To bring the dead to life -- Like snow -- The fallen tower of Siloam -- A love story -- Theseus and Adriande -- To Juan at the winter solstice -- The death room --My name and I -- The survivor -- The foreboding -- Cat-goddesses -- The blue-fly -- Sirocco at Deya -- Leaving the rest unsaid.
                                                NOTES: Recorded in London, Nov. 3, 1954.
                                                [DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl 482]

                                                See also: Caedmon treasury of modern poets

                                                  Horace Gregory, 1898-1982


                                                  See: Poets reading their poems

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