Poets Reading Their Works:
Recordings Held by The University of Oregon's Knight Library's Douglass Listening Room

The call numbers designate the type of recorded material represented. Those call numbers preceded by the designation PHONODISC are LP's; those with COMPACT DISC are CD's; and those with CASSETTE are cassettes or cassette kits.

The collection is located in the Douglass Listening Room, which is located on the third floor of the Knight Library.

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The Barrow Poets [present] an entertainment of poetry and music.

Argo RG 360 [1963]
CONTENTS: Side 1:Ploughing on Sunday/Wallace Stevens--Oh see how thick the Goldcup flowers/A.E.Housman--Tru to Poll/Sir Francis Bernand--Ach, I dunno/Percy French--Kind are her Answers/Thomas Campion--Slide of Wedding Cake/Robert Graves--Nora Criona/James Stephens--Off the Ground/Walter de la Mare--Helen of Kirkconnell/Anon.--John Kinsella's Lament for Mrs. Mary Moore/W. B. Yeats--Po' Boy/Anon.--Request/J. Hughes--How they Brought the Good News from Aix to Ghent/Sellars & Yeatman
Side 2: Wha' Lies Here?/Anon.--104th Chorus/Jack Kerouac--The Frog/Anon. (French Canadian)--Blow Me Eyes!/Wallace Irwin--Lines from "Betsy Lee"/T.E.Brown--When I Was One and Twenty/A. E. Housman--Linden Lea/--Extract from the Song of Solomon (Authorized Version)--Day of these Days/Laurie Lee--Dirge of Cymbeline/Shakespeare--Lessons of War, Part II: Judging DIstances/Henry Reed--Kiddsed Yestree/Anon.--Extract from 'Don Juan'/Byron--I Do, I Will, I Have/Ogden Nash--Northumbrian Duet/Wilfred Gibson.
SUMMARY: Contains readings of English and American poems with music, for violin and oboe "between sections."
NOTES: Program notes by H. J. U. on slipcase.

    The Black experience: the story of black America's quest for equality in prose, poetry and song.

    Spoken Arts 3002. [197-?]
    CONTENTS: Vinie Burrows: Walk together children.-The dream awake, by Owen Dodson.-Langston Hughes reads and talks about his poems.-Voices of protest.
    NOTES: Program notes by P. Kresh on container; teacher's study manual (32 p.) laid in container.

      The Caedmon treasury of modern poets

      Caedmon TC 2006 , [1957]
      CONTENTS: (Side 1:) The Wasteland/T. S. Eliot
      (Side 2:) The Song of the old mother; Innisfree; Coole & Ballylee(extract)/W.B. Yeats--Still Falls the Rain/Edith Sitwell--A Refusal to Mourn the Death, by Fire, of a Child in London; Fern Hill/Dylan Thomas--Turfstacks; Refugees/Louis MacNeice--Poem to my Son (To Juan at the Winter Solstice)/Robert Graves
      (Side 3:) If I Told Him (A Completed Portrait of Picasso)/Gertrude Stein--Epistle to be Left in the Earth/Archibald MacLeish--what if a much of a which of a wind; "sweet spring is your..."/e. e. cummings--What Are Years/Marianne Moore--Missing Dates/William Empson--I think continually of those; Seascape/Stephen Spender--Tetelestai/Conrad Aiken.
      (Side 4:) Birches; After Apple Picking/Robert Frost--The Seafarer/William Carlos Williams--The Idea of Order at Key West/Wallace Stevens--The Ground hog/Richard Eberhart--Manuelzinho/Elizabeth Bishop--Love Calls us to the Things of This World/Richard Wilbur.
      SUMMARY: Twenty-five poems, read by the authors, including T.S. Eliot, William Butler Yeats, W.H. Auden, Dylan Thomas, Louis MacNeice, Robert Graves, Gertrude Stein, E.E. Cummings, Marianne Moore, Stephen Spender, Robert Frost, Wallace Stevens, Ezra Pound and others.
      NOTES: Notes on inside of container.

        e. e. cummings, Robinson Jeffers, Theodore Spencer [and] John Crowe Ransom reading their own poems

        Library of Congress, Recording Laboratory PL5, [1953]
        CONTENTS: "Plato told him"; "My father moved through dooms of love"/ e. e. cummings -- Oh, lovely rock; The beaks of eagles; Ossian's grave/ R. Jeffers -- The day; The inflatable globe, A narrative ; Problem of immortality; The phoenix/ T. Spencer -- Bells for John Whiteside's daughter; Janet waking; Here lies a lady; Captain Carpenter/ J. C. Ransom.
        SERIES: Twentieth century poetry in English.
        NOTES: Bio-bibliographical notes and texts (4 leaflets) inserted.

          Howls, raps & roars: recordings from the San Francisco poetry renaissance.

          Berkeley, CA : Fantasy Records, 1993.
          NOTES: Produced by Bill Belmont; compiled and annotated by Ann Charters.
          NOTES: Recorded 1955-1970.
          CONTENTS: 1. Shorty Peterstein interview; Djinni in the candy store; Enchanting Transylvania; How to relax your colored friends at parties; Lima, Ohio; Comic at the Palladium; In which the artist discusses "The Lie".../ Lenny Bruce --
          2. Howl; Footnote to Howl; A supermarket in California; Transcription of organ music America; In the back of the real; Strange new cottage in Berkeley; Europe, Europe; Kaddish (Part I); The sunflower sutra/ Allen Ginsberg.
          3. Thou shalt not kill/ Kenneth Rexroth Autobiography; Statue of St. Francis; Moscow in the wilderness; Segovia in the snow/Lawrence Ferlinghetti In the fleeting hand of time; Vision of Rotterdam ; The last warmth of Arnold; Mexican impressions; Botticelli spring; Sun--A spontaneous poem; Ode to Coit Tower; I am 25/ Gregory Corso A rainbow; Morning again/ Peter Orlovsky.
          4. A poem for cocksuckers; A poem for the old man/ John Wieners. Rest in Peace, Al Capone; All hail Pope John XXIII/ Philip Lamanthia From Hermit poems/ Lew Welch Patna-Benares express; May 22 [1962] Calcutta/ Allen Ginsberg From the art of literature/ Philip Whalen From dark brown; From ghost tantras/ Michael McClure Baby's hands; Rain poems; Nerve root poem; Two poems to my wife; Poem for Lew Welch /David Meltzer From angel faint/ Kirby Doyle Grahhh! Michael in the lion's den/ Michael McClure.

            John Gould Fletcher, John Malcolm Brinnin, William Carlos Williams [and] Robert Penn Warren reading their own poems

            Library of Congress Recording Laboratory PL4, [1953]
            CONTENTS: Clipper ships/ J.G. Fletcher -- Second sight; Love in particular; Views of the favorite colleges/J.M. Brinnin -- Peace on earth; Light hearted William; Spring and all; It is a living coral; Queen-Ann's-lace; The yachts/ W.C. Williams -- Terror; Pursuit/ R.P. Warren.
            NOTES: Bio-bibliographical notes and text (4 leaflets) inserted.
            [DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl 96]

              Katherine Garrison Chapin, Mark Van Doren, Wystan Hugh Auden [and] Richard Eberhart reading their own poems.

              Library of Congress Recording Laboratory PL1, [1953]
              CONTENTS: The great rose; Autumn song; Provence; This lonely light; Girl in the sun; Sky over Taos: Invocation Dust; Morning song; Too soon the shadow/ K. G. Chapin -- Civil War; Return to ritual; The single hero ; Invincible; The unknown army/M. Van Doren -- Alonso to Ferdinand; Musee des beaux arts; Refugee blues/ W. H. Auden -- Now is the air made of chiming balls; Dam Neck, Virginia; The fury of aerial bombardment; The groundhog/ R. Eberhart.
              NOTES: Bio-bibliographical notes and texts (4 leaflets) inserted.
              [DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl 106]

                A little treasury of 20th century American poetry.

                Colpix Records PS 1000--PS 1001 [1963]
                CONTENTS: Side 1: The Dance; The Botticellian Trees; The Red Wheelbarrow; Burning the Christmas Greens/William Carlos Williams--The Wolves; The Mediterranean; Ode to the Confederate Dead/Allen Tate--Oh Please Don't Get Up; I Will Arise and Go Now; A Caution to Everybody; The Private Dining Room; Tune for an Ill-Tempered Clavichord/Ogden Nash--Terror/Robert Penn Warren.
                Side 2: For a Lamb; If I Could Only Live at the Pitch; The Fury of Aerial Bombardment; On a Squirrel Crossing the Road/Richard Eberhart--N. B. Symmetrians; After Reading St. John the Divine; War's Clow: IN the Proscenium/Gene Derwood--The Drunken Fisherman; Christmas Eve Under hooker's Statue; The Exile's Return; For George Santayana/Robert Lowell--Fall Song; Dandelions; I ONly Am Escaped Alone to Tell Thee; Storm Windows/Howard Nemerov
                NOTES: Introduction and biographical notes by the editor and texts on slipcases.
                [DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl A206 v.2]

                  Louise Bogan, Paul Engle, Marianne Moore [and] Allen Tate reading their own poems

                  Library of Congress Recording Laboratory PL2, [1953]
                  CONTENTS: The sleeping fury; The alchemist; Henceforth, from the mind; The daemon; Last hill in a vista The mark/ L. Bogan -- West of midnight; Pair; Fisherman; Ralph Waldo Emerson; Corn (conclusion)/ P. Engle -- Rigorists; Spenser's Ireland; Virginia Brittania (selections)/ M. Moore -- Ode to the Confederate dead; Sonnets at Christmas, 1934; Records: A dream; A vision/ A. Tate.
                  NOTES: Bio-bibliographical notes and text (4 leaflets) inserted.
                  [DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl 94]

                    Lyrik der Zeit; es lesen eigene Gedichte.

                    Alle Hersteller und Urheberrechte beim Verlag Gunther Neske Pfullingen [196-]
                    CONTENTS: Volume I, Side I:Frueher Mittag; Die gestundete Zeit; Wenn einer fortgeht; Bleib; Die grosse Fracht; Das Spiel ist aus; An die Sonne; Erklaer mir Liebe; Exil/Ingeborg Bachmann--Einst; Kombination VI; Topographien I; Topographien II; Topographien III; Topographien IV; Topographien V; Wenn immer Sinn hat; Untergangsstrassen; Schwarze Wand; Lehrgedicht ueber Geschichte 1954/Helmut Heissenbuettel.
                    Volume I, Side 2: Jemand; Ziemlich viel Glueck; Wahrnehmung; Die Erscheinung; Die Erinnerung; Auf verlorenem Posten; Am See; Der Wind im Zimmer/Karl Krolow; Ende eines Sommers; D-Zug Muenchen-Frankfurt; Herrenchiemsee; Botschaften des Regens; Westwind; Mirjam; Belagerung; Weg zum Bahnhof; In anderen Sprachen; Kurz vor dem Regen; Im Sonnenlicht; Einsicht; Tauben; Ende August; Himbeerranken; Tage mit Haehern/Guenter Eich.
                    Volume II, Side 1: Kaspar ist tot; Bevor Dada da war; Ich bin der grosse derdiedas; Mit seiner dampfmaschine; Er kommt abhanden mit der hand; Er trapeziert das publikum; Die puppen brueten ungestoert; Sie klappen wie altaere auf; Sie hebt die schmollislippen; Ein komma das den berg versetzt; Strassburgkonfiguration; Gondel Fahren; Wir Bittsteller aber/Hans Arp--Zaehle die Mandeln; Todesfuge; Naechtlich geschuerzt; Die Winzer; Tenebrae; Koeln am Hof/Paul Celan
                    Volume II, Side 2: Ruft Seppia; Elephant von Bernini; Der Fremde unserer Stadt; Antlitz geflochten; Gaspard; Gesicht des Fischers/Walter Hollerer--Klappstuehle; Kinderlied; Blutkoerperchen; Ausverkauf; Gefluegel auf dem Zentralfriedhof; Lamento bei Regen; Im Ei; Karfreitag im Gebirge; Sonntagsjaeger/Gunter Grass.
                    SUMMARY: Contains poems by Bachmann, Krolow, Heissenbuttel, Eich, Arp, Hollerer, Celan, and Grass, reading their own works.
                    [DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl A144 v.1+ v.2]

                      Native American poetry

                      New Letters Magazine, [1983]
                      SUMMARY: To celebrate the Native American Indian heritage, the readers of New letters on the air claim their Indian ancestry. Jane Ray (Sioux), Philip Bluewall Hosier (Choctaw), Rebekah Presson (Cherokee), and together with the Abnaki poet Joseph Bruchac, present a collage of Indian stories, speeches, poems, and music.
                      NOTES: "Contemporary writers on radio" Broadcast Feb. 11, 1983 on the radio program New Letters on the air.
                      [DOUGLASS CASSETTE 2046M]

                        New jazz poets

                        Broadside BR 461, 1967.
                        CONTENTS: Jitterbugging in the streets (Calvin C. Hernton) -- The second coming (John Morgan) -- Autumn, 1964 (Peter La Farge) -- March on the delta (Art Berger) -- From valley of shadows (Ree Dragonette) -- If I ride this train (Joe Johnson) -- African memories (Joel Oppenheimer) -- Lady day spring-toned (Ronald Stone) -- Listening to Sonny Rollins at the Five-Spot (Paul Blackburn) -- Canto 4, six cylinder Olympus (Percy E.Johnson) -- The jackal headed cowboy (Ishmael Reed) -- Kauri (Will Inman) -- Elvin Jones gretch freak (David Henderson) -- Poem to Americans (Gerald Jackson) -- Poems from Oklahoma (Allen Katzman) -- Gyre's galax (Norman Pritchard) -- Asian nigger (George N. Preston) -- Poem for Adolph Eichman (John Harriman) -- I am a multitude (Allen De Loach) -- To Jackie in jail (Stephen Troop & Howard Hart) -- Poem to Ernie Henry (Gloria Tropp)
                        NOTES: Texts of the poems and biographical notes ([12] p.) inserted in container.
                        [DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl 488]

                          Nine Pulitzer prize poets read their own poems

                          Library of Congress, Recording Laboratory PL-29, [1963]
                          CONTENTS: Poem in prose; You, Andrew Marvell; Ars Poetica; L'an trentiesme de mon eage/ Archibald Macleish -- Obsessed by her beauty; Which of us two?/ Peter Viereck -- Interlude; Vernal sentiment ; The cycle; My papa's waltz / Theodore Roethke -- Love calls us to the things of this world ; Francis Jammes: A prayer to go to paradise with the donkeys/ Richard Wilbur -- Bearded oaks; To a little girl one year old in a ruined fortress ; Gulls cry The girl next door / Robert Penn Warren -- The thief; End of summer/ Stanley Kunitz -- Heart's needle: Child of my winter; Late April and you are three; The vicious winter finally yields; Song (Sweet beast)/ W.D. Snodgrass -- The day after Sunday; The temptations of Saint Anthony; Simen Stylites ; Portrait of a girl with comic book/ Phyllis McGinley -- Love song: I and thou; Philodendron; Morning song; Notes toward a spring offensive / Alan Dugan.
                          SUMMARY: Contains readings of poems by Archibald MacLeish, Peter Viereck, Theodore Roethke, Richard Wilbur, Robert Penn Warren, Stanley Kunitz, W. D. Snodgrass, Phyllis McGinley, and Alan Dugan.
                          NOTES: Texts (17 p.) inserted; notes on container.
                          [DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl 109]

                            Poems for peace: a benefit reading for the New York Workshop in Nonviolence .

                            Recorded and edited by Ann Charters.
                            New York: Broadside BR 465, 1967.
                            CONTENTS: Auto poesy to Nebraska (Allen Ginsberg) -- June 20, 1961, Tangiers (Peter Orlovsky) -- Elegy ; Poems from Oklahoma (Allen Katzman) -- The mouth is a zoo ; The prize of war is always (Harold Dicker) -- Speech (Jackson MacLow) -- From "The black plague" (David Antin) -- Peace freak poem (Ed Sanders) -- Is any coherence worth the celebration? ; December sixth and seventh (Paul Blackburn) -- From "The tablets" ; The emptying (Armand Schwerner) -- Life has no dimension (Art Berger) -- All our valises are packed (Walter Lowenfels) -- Heat Wave (A discontinuous poem)(Allen Plantz)
                            NOTES: Texts of the poems ([16] p.) inserted.
                            [DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl 486]

                              Poetry and jazz [in concert.]

                              Argo ZDA 26/27[1964]
                              SUMMARY: Adrian Mitchell, Dannie Abse, Jeremy Robson, and Laurie Lee reading their poems, in part with jazz-quintet background music, featuring Michael Garrick, piano.
                              [DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl A79 v.1 + v.2]

                                Poetry out loud - number seven.

                                Out Loud Records OLP-107, 1973.
                                CONTENTS: Magic/The Harlemans and Klyd and Linda Watkins--Amen Absen from the time garden/K. Watkins with Tony Cowan--Help him into holiness/K. and L. Watkins and the Harlemans--Keep away/The Harlemans--Plato's pool room/K. Watkins and T. Cowan--Poem for Brion, part IBernard Heidsieck and Francoise Janicot--29 cats/T. Cowan--Quarter/K. Watkins--If you want to fly/The Harlemans--This fever/Patricia Harleman--Poem for Brion, part II/B. Heidseck and F. Janicot--White church morning/The Harlemans--Hiway/L. Watkins--Silence/Peter Harleman-- The riddle/T. Cowan and K. Watkins--The dance/Peter Harleman.
                                [DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl 615]

                                  Poets reading their own poems.

                                  Library of Congress, Division of Music, Recording Laboratory, PL 12[1954]
                                  CONTENTS: Ajanta/ Muriel Rukeyser (recorded in New York City for the Library of Congress, 1949) -- Ode to the sea/ Howard Baker (recorded in San Francisco for the Library of Congress, 1949) -- The runner with the lots; The mount; Grapes making; Sundown; Country summer; Lullaby/ Leonie Adams (recorded at the Library of Congress, 1949) -- Girl help; Baby goat; A lullaby; Remembered morning; Going home from the party; On an old woman dying; Country burial; Winter garden; Old love/ Janet Lewis (recorded in San Francisco for the Library of Congress, 1949)
                                  SUMMARY: Poetry; read by the poets Muriel Rukeyser, Howard Baker, Janet Lewis, and Leonie Adams. Recorded in 1949. Bio-bibliographical notes and texts ([8] p.) inserted.
                                  [DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl 101]

                                    Poets reading their own poems.

                                    Library of Congress, Division of Music, Recording Laboratory, PL10 [1954]
                                    CONTENTS: The last son/ Theodore Roethke (recorded at the Library of Congress, 1948) -- A thrush in the moonlight; Sonnet 14, 18, and 20, from Against the cold; A dance for rain/ Witter Bynner (recorded at the Library of Congress, 1948) -- De orbe novo; Celestine; Messenger scene, scene 8 from Sophocles' Oedipus at Colonus/ Robert Fitzgerald (recorded at the Library of Congress, 1948) -- Water and shadow; For the seasons; Snowstorm in January; After St. Theresa; The castaways; Falling tears, awakening heavens/ Marya Zaturenska (recorded in New York City for the Library of Congress, 1949)
                                    NOTES: Recorded 1948-49. Bio-bibliographical notes and texts (8 leaflets) inserted.
                                    [DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl 119]

                                      Poets reading their own poems.

                                      Library of Congress, Division of Music Recording Laboratory [1954]
                                      CONTENTS: A world within a war/ Herbert Read (recorded at the Library of Congress, 1948)--Ballad of a strange thing/ Phelps Putnam (recorded at Harvard University for the Library of Congress, 1948)--Winter landscape. The ball poem. The lightning. Canto amor/John Berryman (recorded at the Library of Congress, 1947)--Opera, opera. Chorus for survival: Poem 14. Fortune for Mirabel/Horace Gregory (recorded in New York City for the Library of (Congress, 1949)
                                      NOTES: Bio-biographical notes and texts (4 leaflets) inserted in slipcase.
                                      [DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl 98]

                                        Poets reading their own poems.

                                        Library of Congress, Division of Music, Recording Laboratory [1954]
                                        CONTENTS: The repetitiive heart, pt. 9. "Manic-depressive Lincoln, national hero," from Genesis. Starlight like intuition pierced the twelve/Delmore Schwartz (recorded in New York City for the Library of Congress, 1949)--Beauty for ashes. The oil of joy for mourning. A garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness/Richard Blackmur (recorded at the Library of Congress, 1948)--Conrad Aiken (recorded at Harvard University for the Library of Congress, 1948)--To an old lady. Just a smack at Auden. Missing dates. Bacchus/William Empson (recorded at Kenyon College, Gambier, Ohio, for the Library of Congress, 1948)--Epistle to be left in the earth. The shape of flesh and bone, from Actfive. Conquistador, Bernal Diaz's preface to his book. The too-late born. Once sang, from Actfive/Archibald MacLeish (recorded in Boston, Mass., for the Library of Congress, 1950)
                                        NOTES: Bio-bibliographical notes and texts (4 leaflets) inserted in slipcase.
                                        [DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl 99]

                                          Poets reading their own poems.

                                          Library of Congress, Division of Music, Recording Laboratory P PL11. [1954]
                                          CONTENTS: Christmas eve under Hooker's statue. Noli me tangere, from The death of the sheriff, pt. 1. Between the porch and the altar: Mother and son; Adam and Eve; Katherine's dream; At the altar/Robert Lowell (recorded for the Library of Congress, 1948)--Preludes for Memnon, pt. 14, 19, 63, 3, and 29/ Conrad Aiken (recorded at Harvard University for the Library of Congress, 1948)--To an old lady. Just a smack at Auden. Missing dates. Bacchus/William Empson (recorded at Kenyon College, Gambier, Ohio, for the Library of Congress, 1948)--Epistle to be left in the earth. The shape of flesh and bone, from Actfive. Conquistador, Bernal Diaz's preface to his book. The too-late born. Once sang, from Actfive /Archibald MacLeish (recorded in Boston, Mass., for the Library of Congress, 1950)
                                          NOTES: Bio-bibliographical notes and texts (4 leaflets) inserted in slipcase.
                                          [DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl 100]

                                            Six Montreal poets

                                            Folkways Records FL 9805 [1957]
                                            CONTENTS: Side 1, band 1:Like an Old Proud King in a Parable; A Hyacinth for Edith; Noctambule; The Plot Against Proteus; Business As Usual; Fear As Normal; The Archer; Sonnett; My Death/A. J. M. Smith
                                            Side 1, band 2: For Wilf and His House; Beside the Shepherd; Poem; Lovers; The Sparrows; Warning; Les Views; Elegy/Leonard Cohen.
                                            Side 1, band 3: The Birth of Tragedy; The Fertile Muck; Maxie; The Bull Calf; The Cold Green Element; The Improved Binoculars/Irving Layton
                                            Side 2, Band 1:Surfaces; Lakeshore; Laurentain Shield; A Language of flesh and of roses; The Bird; Caring: Bonne Entente; Memory; Will to Win; Conflict/F. R. Scott.
                                            Side 2, Band 2: Poem 19 From Europe; Poem 95 from Europe; To an Unknown in a Restaurant; A Cracker Jack; The Pomegranate; Line and Form/Louis Dudek.
                                            Side 2, Band 3: Psalm XXII; Plumaged Proxy; The Rocking Chair; Political Meeting; For the Sisters of the Hotel Dieu; Montreal/A. M. Klein.
                                            SUMMARY: Poems by A.J.M. Smith, Leonard Cohen, Irving Layton, F.R. Scott, Louis Dudek, and A.M. Klein.
                                            NOTES: Program and biographical notes and texts ([8] p.) inserted in slipcase.
                                            [DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl 491]

                                              Six Toronto poets.

                                              Folkways Records FL 9806. 1958.
                                              CONTENTS: Side 1, Band 1: Cotton Mather I & II; Plunging Into; The Walk; The Saws were Shrieking; The Snake Trying; Nox; The Spring; Catacombs; Gerard de Neval; The Creek; White Water-Lily/W. W. Eustace Ross.
                                              Side 1, Band 2:Penelope; Nature be Damned (set of 5 poems); In Praise of Burton (set of 9 poems); Lens (Set of 2 poems); Noel; Tigers know from birth; The Pressur of Night/Anne Wilkinson.
                                              Side 1, Band 3: The Urge; The Six Quartet Basket; The Rainbow; Downtown Corner Newstand; Rebirth; The Amusement Park; The Sleeper; The Creepr along the house wall; The Top Hat; The Quarry; Flight of the Roller-Coaster; Bridge over the Don; Dark Angel; The Seller of Roses; The Full Gospel Mission; The Swing; The Child's Umbrella; Happy Birthday/Raymond Sonster.
                                              Side 2, Band 1: Excerpt from work in progress(no title); Our working day may be menaced; Tennis; Not the sweet cicely of Gerards Herball/Margaret Avison.
                                              Side 2, Band 2: The Crow; The Heart and the Sun; Dark Lagoon; Klaxon; The Beauty of Miss Beatty; Lake Superior; The Katzenjammer Kids; Three Deadly Sins (set of 3 poems)/James Reaney
                                              Side 2, Band 3: The Fisherman; Storm; Sun and Moon; Whale; Coral; Mermaid; Lung-fish; Egg; Mandrake; phoenix; Abominable Snowman; Book; Retina; Reader; The Fisherman/Jay MacPherson.
                                              SUMMARY: Selected poems by W.W. Eustace Ross, Anne Wilkinson, Raymond Souster, Margaret Avison, James Reaney, and Jay Macpherson, read by the authors.
                                              NOTES: Notes and texts (12 p.) in container.
                                              [DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl 308]

                                                Spoken Arts treasury of 100 modern American poets reading their poems

                                                Spoken Arts SA 1040--SA 1057, [1969?]
                                                POETS AND POEMS INCLUDE: v. 1.Edgar Lee Masters: Hare Drummer, Emily Sparks, Reuben Pantier, Edmund Pollard, Anne Rutledge, Lucinda Matlock; James Weldon Johnson: The Creation; Gertrude Stein: A Portrait of T.S. Eliot, A Portrait of Christian Berard, a painter, Matisse, She bowed to her brother; Robert Frost: The Mountain, The Most of it, An Old man's winter night, On looking up by chance at the constellations, Directive; Carl Sandburg: Wilderness, Bilbea, Sea-wash, How much?, Baby song of the four winds, Chicago boy baby, Proverbs from the People, yes, Mr. Atilla.
                                                v. 2.Wallace Stevens: Infanta Marina, Fablian of Florida, Bantams in Pine-Woods, Nomad exquisite, Indian River, Less and less human, o Savage Spirit, Imago, The novel; Witter Bynner: D. H. Lawrence, Epithalamium and elegy; Max Eastman:At the aquarium, Too many people, Epitaph; William Carlos Williams: Sonnet: 1909, Paterson: The Falls, Portrait of a woman in bed, Sympathetic portrait of a child, Spring stains, Dedication for a plot of ground, Complaint, The cold night, Primrose, The sisterly fashion, The World narrowed to a point, The hounded lovers; Louis Untermeyer:Song tournament: new style, Prayer, Caliban in the coal mines, Irony, Hands, Almost, The Wise woman.
                                                v. 3. Ezra Pound:Canto #3, Canto #38,Canto #106; William Rose Benet:The whale, Jesse James; John Hall Wheelock: The divine insect, The house in the green well; H. D. (Helen Doolittle): Helen in Egypt.
                                                v. 4. Robinson Jeffers:Shane O'Neill's cairn, The low sky, Now returned home, Hurt hawks, Night; Marianne Moore:Voracities and verities, In distrust of merits, From the fables of La Fontain: Book 3, Fable 9 "The wolf and the stork", Book 12, Fable 16 "The woods and the woodman"; John Crowe Ransom: Prelude to an evening, Captain Carpenter, Here lies a lady; T. S. Eliot: Macavity, the mystery cat, Shimbleshanks: the railway cat, Morgan: the commissionaire cat; Conrad Aiken:The First Prelude (from Preludes from Memnon or Preludes to Attitude), If Man that angel of bright consciousness, Sea holly.
                                                v. 5.Robert P. Tristram Coffin: Roxiney Boody, Alexander Graham Bell did not invent the telephone, Lantern in the snow, The rocker; Archibald MacLeish: Pole star, The Spanish lie, The two priests, Geography of this time, Words in time; Donald Davidson: Corymba, Randall, my son, On a replica of the Parthenon, Joe Clisby's song, A touch of snow; Dorothy Parker: The lady is reward, One perfect rose, Tombstones in the starlight, Afternoon, The satin dress, Inscription for the ceiling of a bedroom, Men, For an unknown lady, Resume; Mark Van Doren: Morning worship, Dunce songs, Men do not leave things so, Get up, I say: e.e. cummings: now air is air, crazy jay blue, because you take life in your stride, dominic has, maggie and milly and molly and may, so shy, shy, shy, what got him was nothing.
                                                v. 6.Babette Deutsch:Stronger than the worst, Homage to Paul Klee, Homage to John Skelton; Louise Bogan:Henceforth from the mind, Italian morning, Baroque comment, To my brother (killed: Hanmont Wood; October 1918), Song for a lyre, The Daemon; Lenore G. Marshall: Invented a person, As though from love, Latest will, Shadow and answer; Stephen Vincent Benet: Sparrow, Litany for dictatorships; Malcolm Cowley: Blue Juniata, Piney woods, Poem in a time of crisis, The urn, The Rocking chairs.
                                                v. 7. Allen Tate:Emblems I-III, Winter mask to the memory of W.B. Yeats, The Swimmers; Leonie Adams: Bell tower, Sundown, Light at Equinox, Grapes making, Lullaby, Country summer; Yvor Winters:Before disaster, Orpheus (in memory of Hart Crane), John Sutter, Time and the garden, A summer commentary, To the moon; Oscar Williams: I sing an old song, the Man coming toward you, The Children's playground, Why the sea is salt; Langston Hughes: Still here, The Negro speaks of rivers, Negro, Poem, Merry-go-round, Cultural exchange.
                                                v.8. Theodore Spencer:Theme song, Escapist's song, The Inflatable globe, Lesson in natural history, Enlistment; Ogden Nash: We would refer you to our service department if we had one, Piano tuner, untune me that tune, I do, I will, I have, The Private dining room, Peekaboo, I almost see you, The Strange case of the cautious motorist, Tune for an ill-tempered clavichord; Countee Cullen: Heritage; Merrill Moore: Enthusiasm, The book of how, How she resolved to act, Old men and old women going home on the street car, On the Grand Tour 1638 - 1639, The noises that time makes, a sonnet; John Holmes: The fear of dying, Carry me back, All's well that ends well; Richard Eberhart: For a lamb, Seals, terns, time, The human being is a lonely creature, The oak, A ship burning and a comet all in one day, Spring mountain climb, Equivalence of gnats and mice.
                                                v. 9. Robert Penn Warren: Bearded oaks, Terror; Stanley Kunitz: The waltzer in the house, Geometry of moods, The tutored child, So intricately is this world resolved, The dragonfly, A choice of weapons; Kenneth Rexroth: Another spring, A sword in a cloud of light, This night only, An easy song, May day; W. H. Auden: Song: o where are you going, Villanelle: If I could tell you; The Wanderer; River profile, After reading A Child's Guide to Modern Physics; Theodore Roethke: Elegy for Jane, My Papa's waltz, Big wind, Night crow, The shimmer of evil, The Lady and the bear, I know a woman.
                                                v. 10. Paul Engle: To praise a poet: Robert Frost, You can't be wise, Beasts: Part I, Part II, From: American Child, Colette;Winfield Townley Scott: The last one, The man at mid-century, The mother, The long party, Coleridge; Elizabeth Bishop: The imaginary iceberg, The fist, Varick Street, Visits to St. Elizabeth's; J. V. Cunningham: Miramar Beach, August hail, Meditation on a memoir, In the 30th year of life, Hyciathe- The quality of being this, EPigrams: an epitaph, soft, career, at the track, The tourist; Kenneth Patchen: In order to, Poemscapes: A. You know you're all nuts, B. Sunday, April 8th, Selections from Hurrah for anything; Brother Antoninus (William Everson): Original sin, Missa Defunctorum, Missa Sanctorum.
                                                v.11.Hy Sobiloff: My mother's table, The Schoolmaster, Pittsburgh, Airship, Chirstmas poem, Hans Christian Anderson in Central Park; Karl Shapiro: The figurehead, Love for a hand, Adam and Eve: a. The Sickness of Adam, B. The Recognition of Eve, The kiss; John Frederick Nims: Love poem, The young Ionia, Cattulus, Poem #LXX, Dawn Song; Delmore Schwartz: The Ballad of the children of the Czar, At a solmen musick, Swift; Muriel Rukeyser: Reading time: 1 minute 26 seconds, Song, Air, The Overthrow of one o'clock at night, Wars, From Tenth Elegy (Elegy and joy), In our time; Barbara Howes: Early supper, The triumph of death, Coq de combat, On a bougainvillea vine at the summer palace, Dead toucan-Guadaloupe, The Critic, Landscape: deer season, To W.H. Auden on his 50th birthday.
                                                v.12. Randal Jarrell:Introductory remarks, Cinderlla, Comments, The woman at the Washington Zoo; John Berryman: Filling her compact and delicious body, I am the little man who smokes and smokes (of 1826), Four dream songs, no.2, Twelve dream songs, No.9, Twelve dream songs, No.4; Owen Dodson: Reunion, One day, Black mother praying; Jean Garrigue: I sought from love, Notes from underground, Invitation to a hay, Catch what you can; Ruth Stone: Loves relative, Vernal equinox, In an iridescent time, In the madness of age, The magnet; Hollis Summers: Once upon a time, On accepting the gold watch, Valentine, Female, Male & both, The September afternoon trees, Colored clay horse with wings.
                                                v.13. John Ciardi: Elegy for G.B. Shaw, The Sea shines, V-J Day, Bedlam revisited, The dolls; Peter Viereck: Homecoming, Poet, Childhood; John Malcolm Brinnin: Little elegy for Gertrude Stein, Heavy, heavy, heavy, Oedipus: his cradle song, Nuns at Eve, American plan; Robert Lowell:For George Santayana, Charles the Fifth and the peasant, Falling asleep over the Aeneid, Pigeons (for Hannah Arendt); Gwendolyn Brooks: Kitchenette building, The Preacher ruminates behind the sermon, 3 Sonnets from The Children are pour, The Ballad of Rudolph Reed, We real cool: the Pool Players, Seven at the Golden Shovel; William Jay Smith: American primitive, A Pavane for the nursery, Morning at Arnheim, Death of a jazz musician, The Wooing lady, The lovers, Pidgin pinch, The Closing of the rodeo, Cupidon, The Peacock of Java.
                                                v.14. William Meredith:The open sea, Roots, For GUillaume Apollinaire, My acts; May Swenson: Fountains of Aix, Poems about time: a. Almanac, b. A loaf of time, c. How to be old, Frontispiece, The key to everything; Howard Nemerov: The goose fish, The vacuum, Dialogue, The quarry, Truth; Lawrence Ferlinghetti: Thought to a Concerto of Telemann; Richard Wilbur: Love calls us to the things of this world, Mind, Digging for China, For the new railway station in Rome, Two voices in a meadow, Museum piece, Looking into history; Howard Moss: The Fall, If you can, Sands, Water Island, The tourists.
                                                v.15.Anthony Hecht:The Vow, A hill, A letter, The Dover bitch; James Dickey: The heaven of animals, The Lifeguard, The Hospital window, In the mountain tent; Louis Simpson: The Silent generation, My Father in the night commanding No, There is, The Man who married Magdalene, The Silent lover, Birch: Denise Leverov:The Jacob's ladder, A solitute, Song for Ishtar, The Ache of marriage, Song for a dark voice, Luxury, The Tulips; Philip Booth: Maine, The anchor, Sable Island, The Islanders; W. D. Snodgrass: Lying awake, A flat one.
                                                v.16. James Merrill: The Current, Time, Annie Hills grave, Watching the dance: a. Balanchine, b. Discotheque; Robert Creeley: Love comes quietly, For love, "Song: What do you want, love...", The finger; Alan Ginsberg: Who be kind to; Uptown, New York City; David Wagoner: House hunting, Bums at breakfast, The Fruit of the tree, The Circuit, Come before his countenance with a joyful leaping; Robert Bly: The man whom the sea kept awake, Condition of the working classes 1960, A busy man speaks, Poem in 3 parts, Snowfall in the afternoon; Galway Kinnell: Another night in the ruins, Vapor trail reflected in the frog pond, The Bear.
                                                v.17. John Ashbery:Thoughts of a young girl, A last world, They dream only of America, Some trees; James Wright: Dog in a cornfield, Two horses playing in the orchard, Depressed by a book of bad poetry, I walk toward an unused pasture and invite the insects to join me, From a Bus window in Central Ohio just before a thunder shower, Rain, Today I was happy so I made this poem, Miners; Peter Davison: Artemis, Not Forgotten: a. Watching her go, b. Dream, c. Reality, d. Self-defense, e. Aftermath, Lunch at the Coq d'Or, Plausible man; Donald Hall: Christmas Eve in Whitneyville, Reclining figure, The man in the dead machine, The dump, Gold; Anne Sexton: Funnel, The truth the dead know, The Farmer's wife, Unknown girl in the maternity ward; Adrienne Rich: Peeling onions, Ghost of a chance, The roof walker, Mourning picture, In the woods.
                                                v. 18. Robert Pack: The Boat, Adam on his way home, The faithful lover, The shooting, Drowning; John Hollander: The Lady's-maid's song, Digging it out, A new leaf, Under Cancer; John Updike: To an usherette, The sensualist, February 22nd, The Stunt flier, Les Saints Nouveaux, Die Neuen Heiligen, Summer: West Side, Time's fool; Sylvia Plath: The Applicant, Stop dead, Medusa, Lady Lazurus; Mark Strand: Keeping things whole, The Tunnel, The Marriage, The Last bus- Rio de Janeiro, My life; Robert Kelly: Prefix to Finding the measure, Sonnet 7, for Linda Parker, Poem for Easter, The Alchemist.
                                                NOTES: Notes by Paul Kresh on each slipcase.
                                                [DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl A171]

                                                  Today's poets: their poems, their voices.

                                                  Scholastic Records FS 11001-11005. [1967-1968]
                                                  POETS and POEMS INCLUDED:
                                                  v.1: Donald Hall:Self-Portrait, As a bear, Cops and robbers, An Airstrip in Essex, 1960, Iuvenes Dum Sumus, The sleeping giant, The old pilot's death, Residential Streets, The adults afternoon, The jealous lovers, The Lone Ranger; Louis Simpson:Stumpfoot on 42nd street, The Heroes, The Ash and the oak, The Battle, The Shadow-hunter, Black Kettle raises the stars and stripes, Early in the morning, The inner part, An American in the Thieve's Market, Hot night on Water Street; Joseph Langland: Sacrifice of gophers and woodchucks, Sacrifice of a rainbow trout, Sacrifice of the golden owl, War, Song with bells, Rocky Mountain snowstorm, Sacrifice of my dog, Rex, Sacrifice of a gunnysack of cats; Robert Francis: The Base stealer, Coin diver (Funchal), Gold, O world of Toms, Summons, "Paper men to air hopes and fears", Boy riding forward backward, Sailboat, your secret, Pitcher, Eagle Plain, The orb weaver, Farm boy after summer.
                                                  v. 2: Josephine Miles: Herald, $7,500, Driver saying, Government injunction restraining Harlem Cosmetic Co., Bloom, Midweek, The disturbed, Sale, Belief, Ride, Reason, Message, Three stages, Conjure, David, Maxim; William E. Stafford: Some shadows, Traveling through the dark, Monuments for a friendly girl at a tenth grade party, That weather, Brother, Fifteen, Homecoming, Holding the sky, Passing remark, The star in the hills, The museum at Tillamook, With one launched look, The farm on the Great Plains; May Swenson: The Centaur, Cat and the weather, Horses in Central Park, Order of Diet, Early morning: Cape Cod, By morning, Pigeon woman, Southbound on the freeway, The blindman, After the dentist, Things in common; David Wagoner: Every Good Boy Does Fine, After consulting my yellow pages, A Valedictory to Standard Oil of Indiana, Words, Working against time, Leaving something behind, The Hold-up, Song to accompany the bearer of bad news, The circuit.
                                                  v.3 Denise Levertov: The secret, The sage, A solitude, The dead, A music, The rainwalkers, Looking glass, Merrit Parkway, Gone away, The whirlwind, To the snake, Advent 1966; Robert Creeley: A tally, Words, The invoice, The cracks, A reason, The name, The wife, Naughty boy, A form of women, Oh no, The ballgame, The door; James Wright: Autumn begins in Martins Ferry, Ohio, An offering for Mr. Bluehart, Spring images, A note left in Jimmy Leonard's shack, Youth, Rip, Mutterings over the crib of a deaf child, Gambling in Stateline, Nevada, Before a Cashier's window in a department store, A poem written under an archway in a discontinued railway station, Fargo, North Dakota, A bless; David Ignatow: Get the gasworks, Playfully, Two friends, The sky is blue, The debate, Apple watcher, Bothering me at last, Moving picture, Emergency clinic, To nowhere, How come?, The bagel, Nice guy, Rescue the dead, All quiet.
                                                  v.4: Philip Booth: Ego, Propeller, Maine, That clear first morning, First lesson, Cleaning out the garage, The dancer, Tenant's Harbor, Was a man, The owl; Adrienne Rich: Breakfast in a bowling alley in Utica, New York, Passing on, Peeling onions, Ghost of a chance, Novella, Charleston in the 1860s, For a Russian poet, The afterwake, Like this together, Autumn sequence; Gary Snyder: Hay for the horses, The Spring, Mid-August at Sourdough Mountain Lookout, Piute Creek, From: Hungint - 13, From: Burning - 8, Kyogo: March, Yase: September, Twelve hours of of New York after twenty-five days at sea, 7.IV.64, Hop, skip and jump, Vapor trails; Robert Hayden: Kid, Night, death, Mississippi, Approximations, The ballad of Sue Ellen Westerfield, Homage to the Empress of the Blues, "The Burly fading one", Mourning poem for the Queen of Sunday, "Summertime and the living", The whipping, Those winter Sundays, O Daedalus, fly away home, Soledad, El Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (Malcolm X).
                                                  v.5: Robert Bly: Driving to town late to mail a letter, Three kinds of pleasures, Driving through Ohio, Driving the Lac Qui Parle River, Love poem, 'Taking Hands', Watching television, Hatred of men with black hair, Counting small-boned bodies, Driving through Minnesota during the Hanoi bombings, Waking from an afternoon sleep, Awakening; Galway Kinnell: First song, The avenue bearing the initial of Christ into the New World (section 6 and section 11), The porcupine, The bear; Michael Benedikt: Air, The cities, Coiffure, The wings of the nose, The eye, Some litanies, Pink buds, In love with you, The European shoe, Inside the mystery; John Logan: Song on the drea of a chill Spring, The brothers: two Saltimbanques, Protest after a dream, New York scene: May 1958, The picnic.
                                                  NOTES: "The new poetry scene," by the compiler, and texts of the poems inserted in slipcases.
                                                  [DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl A129 v.1- 5]

                                                    Voix de 8 poetes du Canada

                                                    Folkways Records FL 9905, 1958.
                                                    CONTENTS Side 1: O Tourments; Le Song; L'Etoile Pourpre/Alain Grandbois--La Fille Maigre; Il y a Certainement Quelqu'un; Vie de Chateau; Le Tombeau des Rois; Les Petites Villes/Anne Hebert--Chanson du Grand Echanson; Feu sur la Bete-Angoisse; Voici Venire Temps; Miroir Transparent/Gilles Henault--Les Heures Lentes; Roses et Ronces; Morne Glebe; La Nuit Humiliee/Roland Giguere.
                                                    Side 2: Visages de la Terre; Reconnaissance des Bornes; Inventaire; Livre de Mon Bord; Legende de la Chair; Le Lien de la Terre/Jean-Guy Pilon--Psyche; Ensemble; Au Bord de l'Eau; Marie Magdeleine/Rina Lasnier--Mirage; Ombres Trs Ecloses et lointaines; Terre d'Alerte/Yves Prefontaine--Soyez Tristes...;Comme on l'Avait Espere; Corps Tendre et Blond...;Nous Sommes Installes Sous le Tonnerre.../Paul-Marie Lapointe.
                                                    POETS INCLUDED: Alain Grandbois -- Anne Hebert -- Gilles Henault -- Roland Giguere -- Jean-Guy Pilon -- Rina Lasnier --Yves Prefontaine --Paul-Marie LaPointe.
                                                    NOTES: Poems in French, read by the authors ; music by Francois Morel. Brief notes on poets and text of poems in container.
                                                    [DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl 320]

                                                      Wishes, lies and dreams [teaching children to write poetry. With Kenneth Koch and students from P. S. 61 in New York City.

                                                      Spoken Arts SA 1101. [1972?]
                                                      CONTENTS: Wish Poems; Comparison Poems; Noises and Sounds; Dreams; A Swan of Bees; I Used to be But Now; Snow Poems; Lies Colors; I Seem to Be/But Really I Am; An Animal or a Thing; Two People; Poems Using Spanish Words.
                                                      NOTES: Poems, written and read by students at P. S. 61. Program notes by Kenneth Koch on slipcase. Teacher's manual ([4] p.) inserted in slipcase.
                                                      [DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl 580]

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