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Mendeley - Citation and Article Management

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Mendeley is a reference manager and pdf organizer.

Compare with Endnote, RefWorks, Zotero, and Papers

Mendeley is free for individual private use, with up to 1 GB of storage and 1 private group of up to 3 users. You can extend your storage options by synchronizing with DropBox (see this and this), or other cloud providers.

Premium plans: for more storage, or for larger teams.

Mendeley has two components

Mendeley Desktop

Install Mendeley Desktop on your personal computer(s), and use it to:

  • extract citation information (metadata) from pdf files that are on your desktop
  • organize your files, citations
  • set up a Watch Folder to automatically import files
  • view, annotate pdfs
  • connect to groups, share papers
  • insert footnotes and bibliographies with the included plug-in for Word and OpenOffice

Mendeley Web

Log in to Mendeley web, from any computer, to:

  • connect to your collection from other computers
  • connect to groups, share papers
  • add citations from your web browser

More Information

Short (2-3 minute) tutorials on the Mendeley site, and from the University of Sheffield.

There are Mendeley Apps for iPhone/iPod/iPad, and some some "Mendeley-lite" Apps for Android.

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