Mathematics Library: Location and Access

The Math Library is located in room 218, Fenton Hall. Upon entering Fenton from the east, go up the half-flight of stairs and look ahead and slightly to the right.  That Math Library is between the conference room and the lounge, across from the elevator.

Patrons with mobility impairments may reach the reading room via elevator by entering the building from the south side (where the ramp allows) and proceeding in to the elevator.  On exiting the elevator on the second floor, the Math Library will be straight ahead.

Because the west wing of Fenton (where the books are) does not line up tidily with the body of the building, three of the five floors have no wheelchair access; it's possible to gain access to levels two and three, but the built-in stacks were not designed for accessibility and it is likely that patrons with mobility impairments will require assistance.

  • For immediate access to materials, patrons may call ahead to the Math Library (541-346-3023) to arrange for staff to page and check out materials and bring them to the reading room desk. We will do this if you just show up, too, of course, but you'd need to wait while we go get things.
  • For future access to materials, patrons may ask for materials from the Math Library to be paged and brought to any other branch of the UO Library system. While we will try to page and deliver materials immediately, please allow us 24 hours to deliver this material.
  • Proxy: patrons with mobility impairments and ongoing needs in the Math Library may be eligible to appoint a proxy to borrow in their name. More information about the Proxy Program.
  • Other needs: please call the Science Library Manager, Lara Nesselroad (541.346-2664) if you have other needs