Getting Started: Map Collections

Most of our maps, atlases and GIS data are available for use any time Knight Library is open. Our map collection is organized by Library of Congress call number which groups them by geographic area. Because many of our maps are not cataloged, you will need to search the map cabinets by call number if you do not find what you want listed in the online catalog.

The following pages will be useful in finding what you want in our map collection:

All our Atlases are in the online catalog. Atlases shelved in the Map Library are behind the Government Documents Offices on the Knight Library first floor. 

Aerial Photographs

Aerial Photographs must be requested in advance due to the large size and complex organization of our collection. Details on how to request aerial photographs for viewing and copying may be found at Aerial Photography Research Service (APRS). For University of Oregon and Oregon University System (OUS) affiliated persons, we will pull the appropriate photographs and notify you when they are ready to be viewed in Knight Library. If you are a remote OUS user and cannot come to Eugene to view the photographs, contact us about viewing options.

Non-OUS persons are charged a fee for aerial photograph research and duplication through the Aerial Photography Research Service. Details about fees are listed on our Detailed Rates page.

Research Assistance

A professional librarian is available to assist with the map collection between 9 am and 5 pm on weekdays. (You may access the majority of the maps and GIS data anytime Knight Library is open.)  If you have an in-depth research question or want to consult about using GIS data, you may wish to make an appointment to make the most efficient use of your time. Use the Contact Us form. The MAP/GIS Librarian is generally available during regular business hours, and several other librarians can help you search the collection and provide access to the historic collections which are in a locked location.

Online Resources