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Historic Aerial Photography: U of O Campus

Below is a historical set of scanned imagery from photographic prints covering the University of Oregon campus. Feel free to use this imagery for academic work. We also have available georeferenced imagery from 2002. For commercial users, this is equivalent to a 'Phase 1' request, ie:  one photo per decade.

These images are at a resolution of 350dpi in jpg format. To download an individual photo, click on the thumbnail. Typical commercial requests are scanned at 600dpi.

Download all of the photos in a .zip archive here.

1936 Aerial photograph of UO campus 1936, Army Corps of Engineers Willamette Valley Project 1:15,000
1944, Army Corps of Engineers 1944, Army Corps of Engineers 4m Project 1:10,500
1952, Cascade Aerial Contractors 1952, Cascade Aerial Contractors LC1 1:12,000
1960, USDA ASCS 1960, USDA/ASCS DBQ 1:20,000
1968, USDA ASCS 1968, USDA/ASCS DBQ 1:20,000
1977, Skyview Aerial Survey 1977, Skyview Aerial Survey's, Inc ES77 1:12,000
1990 BLM 1990, Bureau of Land Management 0-90-AEC 1:12,000
oregon images 1994 1994, Lane Council of Government LCOG-94 1:12,0

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