Nautical Charts: Current Collection

The Map and Aerial Photography Library acts as a depository library for nautical charts. This page contains a list of the current nautical charts in our collection. The lists for these maps are organized into a series of pages. The first step in finding your map is to locate it by chart number, which is usually defined with a region number. We have a few chart map indexes online, however there are many more in the Map Library Nautical Chart Catalog: in the Department of Defense, Defense Logistics Agency, Catalog of Maps Charts, and Related Products (a.k.a. the big white nautical chart book).

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The main index map will indicate the regional numbers associated with different areas on the Globe. You can access pages for those regions, with nautical chart lists, through the map, or by the list at the end of this page.

Region 1 United States & Canada
Region 2 Mexico, Central & South America, & Antarctica
Region 3 Western Europe, Iceland, Greenland & the Arctic
Region 4 Scandinavia, Baltic, & Russia
Region 5 Western Africa & the Mediterranean
Region 6 Indian Ocean
Region 7 Australia, Indonesia, & New Zealand
Region 8 Oceania
Region 9 East Asia
Region Miscellaneous General World Nautical Charts, International, Great Circle Sailing and Polar Charts, Great Circle Tracking Charts, Loran-C Plotting Charts, Display Plotting Charts, Misc. Plotting Sheets, Diagrams, Mediterranean Sea Wall Charts, Sailing Directions and Limits and more.

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