UO Map & Aerial Photography Library Nautical Chart Collection


How to Find Charts and Read the Guides

What Nautical Charts are used for

The University of Oregon Libraries Map Collection houses three collections of NOAA nautical charts.

  • Current: the most recent charts for the Western U.S. and a large selection of international charts.
  • Superseded Series: prior editions of charts covering primarily Oregon, Washington, and California.
  • Historic Charts: domestic charts of historic value, most printed prior to 1900. NOAA has created electronic copies of many superseded and historic charts.

Thank you to Fannie Powers of NOAA [http://www.noaa.gov/] and
Russell Guy of OmniMap [http://www.omnimap.com] for providing the lists on which our Current Nautical Chart Collection index is based, and Jon McConnell who originally created this guide.