University of Oregon

Use Policy for Aerial Photographs

Aerial Photograph Research Service

  1. Prior to being provided with the photographs, non-University of Oregon patrons must sign a form acknowledging limitations to publication, display, and distribution of copies/scans of the items.   
  2. Scanning will be done under the supervision of library staff to ensure proper handling.
  3. Unless express permission is provided by the Aerial Photography Research Service staff overseeing the collection, patrons may not use their own scanning equipment.
  4. Patrons may use UO Library public equipment to scan up to 20% of an aerial photograph flight from our collection.
  5. In accordance with our published fee schedules, patrons not affiliated with the University of Oregon or patrons involved in research for commercial purposes will be required to pay a research fee to compensate for staff time spent locating and retrieving items from the collection.


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