University of Oregon

Geographic Information Systems: Tools, Scripts & Utilities

Grime GIS Tools

Texas Bureau of Economic Geology GIS Tools Useful tools for converting time to GPS seconds, area, length a scale calculator and more

State of Georgia GIS Data Clearinghouse GIS Tools

Australian Government Department of Environment and Heritage GIS Tips and Tools

Texas Natural Resource Information System Tools and Viewers

United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), WinDisp is a public domain, easy to use software package for the display and analysis of satellite images, maps and associated databases, with an emphasis on early warning for food security. WinDisp was originally developed for the FAO Global Information and Early Warning System.

USGS PIGWAD Tools and Utilities Includes viewers, 3D viewers, scripts

Colour Calculator Generates codes for RGB or CMYK colors and converts between the two

VisiBone Webmaster's Color Laboratory Color library

ESRI Specific

ArcMap2GMap converts shapefiles to Google Map overlays

ArcView and ESRI Information by Compass

Cave Tools for ArcView/ArcGIS

Department of Agriculture, Rocky Mountain Research Station, Wildlife Project ArcView 3.x Tools

ESRI ArcScripts

Hydrology AMLs-Examples of Hydrology AML's producted by Dr. D. R. Maidment

Malaysia GIS Scripts

Mike Basin River Management GIS Water Modeling Tool

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources ArcView Extensions Page

NOAA Calcasieu Estuary Watershed Database and Mapping Project Tools

North Carolina Department of Transportation ArcView Extensions

Oregon BLM Tools, Scripts and Utilities Page

Oregon Department of Forestry GIS Tools, includes Xtools

Quantitative Decisions Free ArcView Software Includes Data Processing and Analysis, Development Tools, Grids and other utilities

Pierssen Consulting ArcView Scripts, Extensions and other Goodies

Site Builder 3D Tools for GIS Models ArcView Extensions

TBGIS-Erosion and Deposition Modeling Tool for Arc/Info

The Unofficial Arc/Info/ArcView Symbol Page Contains symbols and fonts

USDA Forest Service PNW Region Stream and Data Analysis Tools

Universite Catholique de Louvain GIS Tools for ArcView and ArcInfo

USGS Alaska Science Center-Biological Science Office, Glacier By National Parks Projects, GIS Tools Includes animal movement, spatial analysis, population viability, oceanographic analyst.


Christian Singer MapInfo add-ons and Utilities


Official GRASS GIS Homepage Add-ons

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