Map & Aerial Photography Library: National Survey Maps

South and Southwest Asia

  • National Survey maps tend to be large sets of topographic maps
  • Contemporary National Survey maps are kept in the public section of the Map & Aerial Photography Library, are self-service, and do NOT circulate. Indexes are generally in the first drawer of each set.
  • Older National Survey maps are kept in storage, and are designated by a (Hist Series) in the call number. Please ask at the Document Center reference desk for access to these maps. Indexes are available either online via the list below or in the GIS Lab (Room 134).

Regional Maps  
Countries and Regions
of Asia
G7400s Var .U5 (Hist Series)
South Asia G7402s .S6 2000 .G7 (Hist Series)
Middle East G7420 1943 .U5 (Hist Series)
Middle East - Roads G7420 1962 .U5 (Hist Series)
Middle East Briefing Map G7420 1967 .D4 (Hist Series)
Middle East Briefing Map G7420 1967 .U5 (Hist Series)
Middle East Briefing Map G7420 1968 .D4 (Hist Series)
Middle East Briefing Map G7420 1973 .U5 (Hist Series)
Southwest Asia G7420s 250 .U5 (Hist Series)
Southeast Arabia G7560s 500 .U5 (Hist Series)
South Asia G7625s 250 .U5 (Hist Series)
South Asia G7625s 253 .G7 (Hist Series)
Southwest Asia  
Iraq and Iran G7422s .E2 253 .G7 (Hist Series)
Turkey G7430 1943 .G7 (Hist Series)
Turkey G7430s 200 .G7 (Hist Series)
Turkey G7430s 800 .G7 (Hist Series)
Cyprus G7450 1942 .G7 (Hist Series)
Cyprus G7450 1943 .U5 (Hist Series)
Cyprus G7450s 50 .G7 (Hist Series)
Cyprus - Cities G7454s .C5 Var. .G7 (Hist Series)
Syria and Lebanon G7460 1941 .G7 (Hist Series)
Syria and Lebanon G7460s 200 .G7 (Hist Series)
Syria G7460s 50 .U5
Syria G7460s 500 .G7 (Hist Series)
Lebanon G7470s 50 .F7
Beirut - Lebanon, 1967
(Air Photos)
G7474s .B4A3 5 .L4 (Hist Series)
Palestine (Israel) G7500s 100 .G7 (Hist Series)
Palestine (Israel) G7500s 100 .G71 (Hist Series)
Israel G7500s 50 .M4
Israel G7500s 100 .I8
Jordan G7510s 1961 .U5 (Hist Series)
United Arab Emirates G7522 .S6 100 .U5
Saudi Arabia G7530s 25 .S2
Saudi Arabia G7530s 250 .S2
Saudi Arabia G7530s 500 .U5 (Hist Series)
Yeman (Yemen) G7540s 50 .D5
Yeman (Yemen) and Neighboring Areas G7540s 250 .G7
Aden G7550s 50 .G7
Oman G7560 100 .U5
Bahrain Island G7590 1939 .G7 (Hist Series)
Bahrain G7590 1973 .G7
Bahrain G7590 63 .B3 1968
Iraq - Desert G7610s 500 .G7 (Hist Series)
Iran - Roads G7620 1951 .U5 (Hist Series)
Iran G7620s 50 .U5
Afghanistan G7630s 253 .G7 (Hist Series)
South Asia  
India G7650 1942 .G7 (Hist Series)
India G7650s 1000 .I5 (Hist Series)
India - Road Map G7651 .P2 1944 .U52 (Hist Series)
Burma G7720s 250 .U5 (Hist Series)
Nepal - Tioshi Hills G7763s 25 (Hist Series)