Map & Aerial Photography Library: National Survey Maps

East and Southeast Asia

  • National Survey maps tend to be large sets of topographic maps
  • Contemporary National Survey maps are kept in the public section of the Map & Aerial Photography Library, are self-service, and do NOT circulate. Indexes are generally in the first drawer of each set.
  • Older National Survey maps are kept in storage, and are designated by a (Hist Series) in the call number. Please ask at the Document Center reference desk for access to these maps. Indexes are available either online via the list below or in the GIS Lab (Room 134).

  Call Number
Asia G7800s 1500 .R8 (Hist Series)
East Asia  
China and Japan G7800 1942 .G7 (Hist Series)
China, 1954 G7810s .S6 250 .U51 (Hist Series)
China - Roads G7820 1943 .U5 (Hist Series)
East Central China, 1942 G7822s .E2 500 .G7 (Hist Series)
China Proper, NE, 1945 G7822s .N6 250 .U5 (Hist Series)
China Proper, NW, 1945 G7822s .N6 250 .U51 (Hist Series)
China Proper, SE, 1945 G7822s .S6 250 .U5 (Hist Series)
China Proper, SW, 1945 G7822s .S6 250 .U51 (Hist Series)
Kwangtung - Road Map G7823 .K8 1944 .U5 (Hist Series)
Manchuria Liaoning, 1923 G7823s .L4 1000 (Hist Series)
China - Cities G7824s .C5 Var. .U5 (Hist Series)
Manchuria G7830 1950 .U5 (Hist Series)
Manchuria, 1945 G7830s 250 .U5 (Hist Series)
Manchuria, 1955-1958 G7830s 250 .U51 (Hist Series)
Mongolia G7895 1942 .U5 (Hist Series)
Mongolia G7895s 250 .U5 (Hist Series)
Korea G7900 1965 .U5 (Hist Series)
Korea, 1950 G7900s 25 .U5 (Hist Series)
Korea, 1940 G7900s 50 .J3 (Hist Series)
South Korea G7900s 50 .K8
Korea, 1970 G7900s 50 .U51 (Hist Series)
Korea, 1944 G7900s 250 .U5 (Hist Series)
Korea, 1954 G7900s 250 .U51 (Hist Series)
Korea - Road Map G7900s 500 .U5 (Hist Series)
Korea - Cities G7904s .C5 Var. .U5 (Hist Series)
Taiwan (Formosa) G7910 1944 .U5 (Hist Series)
Taiwan, 4th edition G7910 1956 .U5 (Hist Series)
Taiwan (Formosa) G7910s 50 .U5 (Hist Series)
Taiwan (Formosa), 1944 G7910s 250 .U5 (Hist Series)
Taiwan (Formosa), 1950 G7910s 250 .U51 (Hist Series)
Taiwan (Formosa) - Cities G7914s .C5 Var. .U5 (Hist Series)
Hong Kong (2 sheets) G7940 1945 .G7 (Hist Series)
Hong Kong (2 sheets) G7940 1972 .H6 (Hist Series)
Hong Kong G7940 1992 .H6
Hong Kong G7940s 10 .G7 (Hist Series)
Hong Kong: "The Territory of Hong Kong" G7940s 20 .H6
Hong Kong G7940s 25 .G7 (Hist Series)
Hong Kong G7940s 25 .G71 (Hist Series)
Macao G7945 1975 .P6
Japan Road Maps, 1st and 2nd eds. G7950 1945 .U5 (Hist Series)
Japan G7950 1953 .U5 (Hist Series)
Japan G7960 1960 .U5 (Hist Series)
Japan G7960s 25 .J3
Japan G7960s 50 .J3
Japan G7960s 200 .J3
Japan - Road Map G7960s 250 .U5 (Hist Series)
Japan G7960s 250 .U51 (Hist Series)
Bonin Islands - Ogasawara G7962s .B6 50 .J3 (Hist Series)
Bonin Islands - Southern Islands G7962s .B6 250 .U5 (Hist Series)
Hokkaido G7962s .H5 50 .J3 (Hist Series)
Hokkaido G7962s H5 250 .U5 (Hist Series)
Northern Honshu G7962s .H6 50 .J3 (Hist Series)
Central Honshu G7962s .H6 50 .J31 (Hist Series)
Southern Honshu G7962s .H6 50 .J32 (Hist Series)
Honshu G7962s .H6 250 .U5 (Hist Series)
Kyushu G7962s .K9 50 .J3 (Hist Series)
Kyushu G7962s .K9 250 .U5 (Hist Series)
Ryukyu Retto G7962s R9 50 .J3 (Hist Series)
Japan - Cities G7964s .C5 Var. .U5 (Hist Series)
Southeast Asia  
Southeast Asia G8000 1962 .U5 (Hist Series)
Southeast Asia G8000 1962 .U51 (Hist Series)
Southeast Asia G8000 1966 .U6 (Hist Series)
Southeast Asia G8000 1968 .U5 (Hist Series)
Southeast Asia G8000s 250 .U5 (Hist Series)
French Indochina G8005 1951 .U5 (Hist Series)
Cambodia G8010s 250 .V5
Laos G8015s 250 .V5
Vietnam G8020s 25 .U5 (Hist Series)
Vietnam G8020s 50 .U5 (Hist Series)
Vietnam G8020s 100 .V5
Vietnam G8020s 500 .V5
Thailand G8025s 250 .R6
Malaya G8030 1930 .G7 (Hist Series)
Malay Peninsula G8030s 63 .G7 (Hist Series)
Malaya - Pahang G8032 .P2 1942 .G7 (Hist Series)
Malaya - Perak, 1929 G8032s .P4 126 .G7 (Hist Series)
Malaya - Trengganu G8032 .T7 1942 .G7 (Hist Series)
Malaya - Kedah and Perlis G8033 .K3 1944 .G7 (Hist Series)
Singapore G8040 1978 .S5 (Hist Series)
Singapore G8040 1983 .S5 (Hist Series)
Singapore G8040 var .S5
Singapore G8040s 10 .S5
Philippine Islands G8060 1944 .U5 (Hist Series)
Philippines G8060s 250 .P5
Philippine Islands G8060s 250 .U5 (Hist Series)
Philippine Islands G8060s 500 .U5 (Hist Series)
Philippine Islands - Road Map G8061 .P2 1944 .U5 (Hist Series)
Central Philippines G8062s .C4 25 .U5 (Hist Series)
Central Philippines G8062s .C4 50 .U5 (Hist Series)
Luzon G8062s .L8 50 .U5 (Hist Series)
Mindanao G8062s .M5 25 .U5 (Hist Series)
Mindanao G8062s .M5 50 .U5 (Hist Series)
Mindanao G8062s .M5 100 .U5 (Hist Series)
Mindanao G8062s .M5 250 .U5 (Hist Series)
Palawan G8062s .P3 25 .U5 (Hist Series)
Sulu Archipelago G8062s .S8 50 .U5 (Hist Series)
Bamban and Vicinity G8064 .B3 1946 .U5 (Hist Series)
Philippine - Cities G8064s .C5 Var. .U5 (Hist Series)
Indonesian Archipelago G8070 1912 .T6 (Hist Series)
Indonesia G8070s 250 .U5 (Hist Series)
Indonesia - Vegetation G8071 .D2 1950 .H3 (Hist Series)
Great Natuna G8072 .B6 1942 .U5 (Hist Series)
Sumatra G8080s 250 .U5 (Hist Series)
Sumatra G8080s 750 .G7 (Hist Series)
Java & Madura G8090s 50 .G7 (Hist Series)
Java & Madura G8090s 100 .G7 (Hist Series)
Java & Madura G8090s 250 .U5 (Hist Series)
Borneo G8100s 50 .G7 (Hist Series)
Borneo G8100s 100 .U5 (Hist Series)
Borneo G8100s 200 .U5 (Hist Series)
Borneo G8100s 250 .U5 (Hist Series)
Southwest Borneo G8102s .S6 50 .U5 (Hist Series)
Western Borneo G8102s .W4 50 .U5 (Hist Series)
Celebes G8110s 250 .I5
Celebes G8112s .N6 200 .U5 (Hist Series)
Boeton (Celebes) G8112 .S6 1943 .U5 (Hist Series)
Babar Island (2 sheets) G8115 1943 .U5 (Hist Series)
Lesser Sunda Islands G8115s 250 .U5 (Hist Series)
Moluccas - Amonia Archipelago G8132 .A6 1943-6 .U5 (Hist Series)
Moluccas - Ceram Island G8132s .C4 100 .U5 (Hist Series)
Moluccas - Halmahera Island G8132s .H3 100 .U5 (Hist Series)
New Guinea G8140s 250 .U5 (Hist Series)
New Guinea G8140s 500 .U5 (Hist Series)
Papua New Guinea G8160 1934 .G7 (Hist Series)
Papua New Guinea G8160s 63 .A8 (Hist Series)
Bismark Archipelago G8180s 50 .U5 (Hist Series)