Map & Aerial Photography Library: National Survey Maps

Europe and Russia

  • National Survey maps tend to be large sets of topographic maps
  • Contemporary National Survey maps are kept in the public section of the Map & Aerial Photography Library, are self-service, and do NOT circulate. Indexes are generally in the first drawer of each set.
  • Older National Survey maps are kept in storage, and are designated by a (Hist Series) in the call number. Please ask at the Document Center reference desk for access to these maps. Indexes are available either online via the list below or in the GIS Lab (Room 134).

  Call Number
Regional Maps of Europe  
Eastern Mediterranean G5672 .M4 1941 .B4 (Hist Series)
Eurasia G5690s 5000 .U5 (Hist Series)
South Eurasia - Ethnic G5692s .S6 E1 1000 .G4 (Hist Series)
Europe G5700s 200 .G7 (Hist Series)
Europe G5700s 500 .G7 (Hist Series)
Europe G5700s 1000 .U5 (Hist Series)
Countries & Regions of Europe G5700s 2000 .U5 (Hist Series)
Europe, 1964 G5700s 2000 .U51 (Hist Series)
Europe, 1971 G5700s 2000 .U52 (Hist Series)
Europe, 1983 G5700s 2000 .U53 (Hist Series)
Northern Europe G5702s .N61 300 .G4 (Hist Series)
Western Europe G5702s 250 .U5 (Hist Series)
Northwest Europe, 1939 G5722s .N6 250 .U5 (Hist Series)
Central Europe - Roads G6030s 300 .U5 (Hist Series)
Central Europe G6030s 500 .I8 (Hist Series)
Eastern Europe G6965s 250 .U5 (Hist Series)
Britain/The United Kingdom  
British Isles (Sheet 1) G5740 1936 .O7 (Hist Series)
British Isles (Sheet 2) G5740 1962 .G7 (Hist Series)
Great Britain G5740s 25 .G7
Great Britain G5740 s50 .G73
Great Britain G5740s 63 .G7 (Hist Series)
Great Britain G5740s 126 .B3 (Hist Series)
Great Britain G5740s 126 .G7 (Hist Series)
Great Britain - British Isles G5740s 250 .G71 .E5
England, 1860 G5750s 63 .D3 (Hist Series)
England - Land Use G5751s .G43 63 .E5 (Hist Series)
London - Rocque, 1946 G5754 .L7 s11 .R6 (Hist Series)
Ireland G5780s 2 .G7 (Hist Series)
Ireland, 1840 G5780s 10 .G7 (Hist Series)
Ireland, 1910-1948 G5780s 10 .G7 (Hist Series)
Ireland - Sraith Eolais G5780s 50 .I7
Ireland G5780s 63 .I7
Ireland G5780s 126 .I7
Ireland G5780s 253 .B2 (Hist Series)
Northern Ireland G5790s 10 .N6
Northern Ireland G5790s 50 .N6
Northern Ireland, 1939 G5790s 63 .N6 (Hist Series)
Northern Ireland, 3rd series G5790s 63 .N61 (Hist Series)
Northern Ireland G5790s 63 .N61
Western and Central Europe  
France G5830s 20 .P3 (Hist Series)
France G5830s 25 .F71
France G5830s 25 .F72
France G5830s 50 .F7
France, 1957-1966 G5830s 100 .F7 (Hist Series)
France G5830s 100 .G7 (Hist Series)
France G5830s 200 .F7 (Hist Series)
France G5830s 250 .U5 (Hist Series)
France - Roads G5831 .P2 1944 .U5 (Hist Series)
France - WW I (Set of 12) G5831s .S65 Var. .U5 (Hist Series)
France - Jura Region G5833s .J3 25 .U5 (Hist Series)
France - Cities G5834s .C5 Var. .G7 (Hist Series)
Corsica G5970s 50 .G7 (Hist Series)
Corsica G5970s 50 .I8 (Hist Series)
Netherlands: "Topografische Kaart van Nederland" G6000s 25 .N42
Netherlands G6000s .50 .N48
Netherlands G6000s 100 .G7 (Hist Series)
Netherlands - Transportation G6001 .P1 1944 .G7 (Hist Series)
Netherlands - Railways G6001 .P3 1943 .G7 (Hist Series)
Belgium G6010s 25 .B4
Belgium G6010s 50 .B4
Belgium and France G6010s 50 .G7 (Hist Series)
Belgium and NE France G6010s 100 .G7 (Hist Series)
Belgium, 1939 G6010s 200 .B4 (Hist Series)
Belgium G6010s 200 .B4
Belgium - Cities G6014s .C5 Var. .U5 (Hist Series)
Luxembourg G6020s 20 .F71
Middle Danube Region G6032s .D3 100 .G7 (Hist Series)
Karte der Schweiz G6040 1945 .D9 (Hist Series)
Switzerland: "Landeskarte der Schweiz" G6040s 25 .S9
Switzerland: "Landeskarte der Schweiz" G6040s 50 .S9
Switzerland: "Landeskarte der Schweiz" G6040s 100 .S9
Liechtenstein: "Furstentum Liechtenstein" G6050s 10 .L5
Germany G6080s 25 .G7 (Hist Series)
Germany G6080s 100 .G7 (Hist Series)
Germany G6080s 100 .U5 (Hist Series)
Germany, 1942 G6080s 250 .A5 (Hist Series)
Germany, 1943 G6080s 250 .G7 (Hist Series)
Germany, 1916-1917 G6080s 250 .G71 (Hist Series)
Germany - Roads G6081s .P2 300 .U5 (Hist Series)
Germany - Railroads G6081s .P3 750 .U5 (Hist Series)
West Germany G6295s 25 .G4
West Germany G6295s 50 .G4
West Germany G6295s 100 .G4
West Germany G6295s 200 .G4
West Germany - Roads (Sheet 9) G6296s .P2 500 .U5 (Hist Series)
Germany - Berlin G6299 .B3 1944 .G7 (Hist Series)
Germany - Berchtesgaden G6299.B284 1945 .U5 (Hist Series)
Germany - Frankfurt, Hanau and Darmstadt G6299 .F6A1 1963 .U5 (Hist Series)
Germany - Heidelberg G6299 .H5 1956 .U5 (Hist Series)
Rheinland, 1803-1820 G6390s 25 .T7 (Hist Series)
Austria-Hungary G6480s 75 .A8 (MicroFiche)(Hist Series)
Austria G6490s 25 .A8
Austria G6490s 50 .O3
Austria G6490s 200 .A8
Austria G6490 s100 .F7-6480s75A8 (Hist Series)
Hungary (Magyar) G6500s 50 .M3
Hungary G6500s 50 .U51 (Hist Series)
Poland, 1912-1936 G6520s 100 .P6 (Hist Series)
Poland G6520s 100 .U5 (Hist Series)
Southern Europe  
Iberian Peninsula G6540s 250 .U5 (Hist Series)
Iberian Peninsula G6540s 400 .M5 (Hist Series)
Iberian Peninsula - Railroads G6541 .P3 1943 .G7 (Hist Series)
Spain G6560s 25 .S7
Spain G6560s 25 .S72 (note: maps are comingled with G6560s 25 .S7)
Spain G6560s 50 .S7
Spain G6560s 50 .U5 (Hist Series)
Spain G6560s 100 .G7 (Hist Series)
Spain G6560s 100 .S7 (Hist Series)
Spain G6560s 100 .S74
Spain G6560s 200 .57
Spain G6560s 250 .S71
Spain - Andalusia G6562s .A5G43 50 .S6 (Hist Series)
Spain - Balearic Islands G6562 .B25 1943 .G7-574 (Hist Series)
Spain - Balearic Islands G6562s B25 50 .U5 (Hist Series)
Spain - Cities G6564s .C5 Var. .U5 (Hist Series)
Portugal: "Carta Topografica de Portugal" G6690s 10 .P6
Portugal G6690s 25 .P6
Portugal, 1904-1942 G6690s 50 .G7 (Hist Series)
Portugal G6690s 50 .P6
Portugal, 1947 G6690s 50 .U5 (Hist Series)
Portugal - Roads G6691 .P2 1943 .G7 (Hist Series)
Italy G6710 1890 .I8 (Hist Series)
Italy G6710s 25 .G7 (Hist Series)
Italy G6710s 25 .I8
Italy G6710s 50 .G7 (Hist Series)
Italy G6710s 50 .I8
Italy G6710s 100 .G7 (Hist Series)
Italy - Road map G6710s 200 .U5 (Hist Series)
Italy G6710s 250 .G7 (Hist Series)
Italy G6710s 500 .I8 (Hist Series)
Italy - Railroads G6711 .P3 1943 .G7 (Hist Series)
Italy - Cities G6714s .C5 Var. .G7 (Hist Series)
Italy - Lampedusa G6762 .L3 1943 .G7 (Hist Series)
Italy - Pantelleria G6762 .P3 1941 .G7 (Hist Series)
Italy - Pantelleria G6762 .P3 1943 .I8 (Hist Series)
Malta G6790 1963 .G7
Malta G6790s 1972 .G7
Malta - Valletta G6794 .V3 1943 .U5 (Hist Series)
Eastern Europe  
Balkans G6800s 210 .B6 (Hist Series)
Balkans G6800s 250 .G7 (Hist Series)
Balkans - Northwest G6802s .N6 50 .G4 (Hist Series)
Greece G6810s 200 .G7
Greece G6810s 250 .G7
Crete G6812 .C7 1942 .G7 (Hist Series)
Dodecanese Islands G6812s .D5 25 .U5 (Hist Series)
Albania G6830 1943 .G7 (Hist Series)
Albania G6830s 50 .A6 (Hist Series)
Albania - Durres G6834 .D8 1943 .G7 (Hist Series)
Albania - Vlore G6834 .V5 1943 .G7 (Hist Series)
Yugoslavia G6840s 50 .U5 (Hist Series)
Yugoslavia G6840s 50 .V6 (Hist Series)
Yugoslavia G6840s 200 .G7 (Hist Series)
Yugoslavia - Croatia G6840s 200 .K7 (Hist Series)
Romania G6880s 20 .R6 (Hist Series)
Romania, 1916 G6880s 75 .R6 (Hist Series)
Romania G6880s 100 .G4 (Hist Series)
Romania - Railroads G6881 .P3 1940 .G7 (Hist Series)
Northern Europe  
Scandinavia G6910s 250 .U5 (Hist Series)
Denmark G6920s 1944 .G7 (Hist Series)
Denmark G6920s 20 .D4 (Hist Series)
Denmark G6920s 40 .D4 (Hist Series)
Denmark G6920s 50 .D4
Denmark G6920s 100 .D4
Denmark G6920s 100 .D4
Denmark G6920s 150 .G4 (Hist Series)
Faeroe Islands G6925 1940 .G7 (Hist Series)
Iceland G6930 1944 .U5 (Hist Series)
Iceland G6930s 100 .D41
Iceland G6930s 100 .U5 (Hist Series)
Iceland, 1945-1952 G6930s 250 .D41 (Hist Series)
Iceland G6930s 250 .L3
Iceland, 1944-1949 G6930s 250 .U5 (Hist Series)
Iceland, 1952 G6930s 250 .U51 (Hist Series)
Iceland - Southwest G6932s .S6 25 .U5 (Hist Series)
Iceland - Western G6932s .W4 50 .U5 (Hist Series)
Iceland - Hafnarf Jordhur G6934 .H3 1943 .U5 (Hist Series)
Iceland - Reykajavik G6934 .R4 1943 .U5 (Hist Series)
Norway G6940s 50 .N6
Norway G6940s 100 .G7 (Hist Series)
Norway G6940s 250 .N6
Sweden: "Grona Karten" G6950s 50 .S8
Sweden G6950s 100 .S79 (Hist Series)
Sweden G6950s 100 .S8 (Hist Series)
Sweden G6950s 100 .S81
Sweden: "Roda Kartan" G6950s 250 .S7
Finland G6960s 20 .F5
Finland G6960s 50 .F5
Finland G6960s 200 .G7 (Hist Series)
USSR G7000 1945 .R8 (Hist Series)
USSR G7000s 2500 .G6 (Hist Series)
European Russia and Eastern Europe G7010s 25 .R8 (Hist Series)
European Russia G7010s 84 .R8 (Hist Series)
Russia G7010s 100 G4 (Hist Series)
European Russia G7010s 100 .P6 (Hist Series)
Russia G7010s 100 .R8 (Hist Series)
European Russia G7010s 500 .G7 (Hist Series)
European Russia G7010s 500 .R8 (Hist Series)
European Russia G7010s 1500 .R7 (Hist Series)
Russia - Building Materials G7011s .N23 300 .G4 (Hist Series)
Latvia, 1925-1937 G7040s 75 .L3 (Hist Series)
Murmansk G7082 .M8 1942 .G7 (Hist Series)
Caucasus G7120 1942 .G7 (Hist Series)
Caucasus G7120s 253 .G7 (Hist Series)
Azerbaijan G7140s 50 .R8 (Hist Series)
Asiatic Russia G7202s .B6 1680 .U5 (Hist Series)
Central Siberia G7272s .C4 250 .U5 (Hist Series)
Western Siberia G7280s 250 .U5 (Hist Series)
Eastern Siberia G7290s 250 .U5 (Hist Series)
Yakutia ASSR G7310s 2000 .R8 (Hist Series)
Sakhalin - North Karafuto G7332s .C4 50 .J3 (Hist Series)
Sakhalin - South Karafuto G7332s .S6 50 .J3 (Hist Series)
Chishima Retto G7340s 50 .U5 (Hist Series)