National Survey Maps


  • 'National Survey' maps tend to be large sets of topographic maps
  • Contemporary National Survey maps are kept in the public section of the Map & Aerial Photography Library, are self-service, and do NOT circulate. Indexes are generally in the first drawer of each set.
  • Older National Survey maps are kept in storage, and are designated by a (Hist Series) in the call number. Please ask at the Document Center reference desk for access to these maps. Indexes are available either online via the list below or in the GIS Lab (Room 134).

  Call Number
Africa G8200 1941 .G4 (Hist Series)
Africa G8200s 250 .G7 (Hist Series)
Africa G8200s 500 .G4 (Hist Series)
Africa G8200s 2000 .U5 (Hist Series)
Africa - Road Map G8201s .P2 2500 .F7 (Hist Series)
Northern Africa  
North Africa G8220s 250 .U5 (Hist Series)
North Africa G8220s 500 .U5 (Hist Series)
Morocco G8230s 50 .G7 (Hist Series)
Morocco G8230s 100 .I5 (Hist Series)
Morocco G8230s 100.M6
Morocco G8230s 200 .G7 (Hist Series)
Southern Morocco G8232s .S6 125 .U5 (Hist Series)
Morocco - Cities G8234s .C5 Var. .G7 (Hist Series)
Algeria G8240s 10 .F7 (Hist Series)
Algeria G8240s 50 .F7
Algeria G8240s 50 .G7 (Hist Series)
Algeria G8240s 50 .M6
Algeria G8240s 200 .F71 (Hist Series)
Algeria G8240s 200 .G7 (Hist Series)
Algeria G8240s 200 .F72
Algeria G8240s 500 .E7
Algeria G8240s 500 .F7
Algeria - Cities G8244s .C5 Var. .G7 (Hist Series)
Tunisia G8250 1943 .G7 (Hist Series)
Tunisia G8250 1959 .F7
Tunisia G8250s 50 .F7
Tunisia G8250s 50 .G7 (Hist Series)
Tunisia G8250s 100 .F7 (Hist Series)
Tunisia G8250s 100 .G7 (Hist Series)
Tunisia G8250s 200 .F7 (Hist Series)
Tunisia G8250s 200 .G7 (Hist Series)
Tunisia - Cities G8254s .C5 Var. .G7 (Hist Series)
Tunisia - Tunis G8254s .T8 5 .F7 (Hist Series)
Libya G8260s 50 .U5 (Hist Series)
Libya G8260s 500 .G7 (Hist Series)
Libya - Cyrenaica G8262s .C9 100 .G7 (Hist Series)
Libya - Tripoli G8262s .T7 100 .G7 (Hist Series)
Libya - Derna G8262s .D4 1943 .G7 (Hist Series)
Libya - Homs G8264 .H6 1943 .G7 (Hist Series)
Libya - Misurata G8264 .M5 1943 .G7 (Hist Series)
Libya - Tripoli G8264 .T7 1943 .G7 (Hist Series)
Egypt G8300s 500 .G7 (Hist Series)
Egypt - Nile River G8302s .N5 100 .E3 (Hist Series)
Egypt - Port Said G8304s .P6 5 .E3 (Hist Series)
Eastern Africa  
Sudan G8310s 250 .S8
East Africa G8320s 250 .U5 (Hist Series)
East Africa G8320s 500 .G7 (Hist Series)
Djibouti G8360s 100 .F7
Southeast Africa  
Southeast Africa G8400s 250 .U5 (Hist Series)
Kenya G8410s 50 .G7
Uganda G8420s 50 .U4
(Rwanda and Burundi)
G8425s 100 .U5 (Hist Series)
(Rwanda and Burundi)
G8425s 200 .U5 (Hist Series)
Tanzania G8440s 50 .T3
Madagascar G8460s 50 .F7
Madagascar G8460s 100 .F7
Madagascar G8460s 500 .G7 (Hist Series)
Southern and Central Africa  
South Africa G8480s 250 .U5 (Hist Series)
South Africa G8500s 50 .S63
South Africa G8500s 250 .S63
Rhodesia and Nyasaland G8550s 250 .G7 (Hist Series)
Zimbabwe G8560s 250 .Z5
Zambia G8570s 25 .N6
Zambia G8570s 50 .G7
Northern Rhodesia G8570s 250 .N6 (Hist Series)
Northern Rhodesia G8570s 500 .N6 (Hist Series)
Zambia - Kitwa-Nkana G8574s .K5 5 .F3 (Hist Series)
Zambia - Muflira G8574s .M8 5 .F3 (Hist Series)
Basutoland G8580s 50 .G7
Swaziland G8590s 50 .G7
Republic of Botswana G8600s 50 .G7
Republic of Botswana G8600s 250 .B6
Botswana G8600s 500 .G7 (Hist Series)
Botswana - Shashe Valley G8602s .S5 5 .B6 (Hist Series)
Malawi G8610s 50 .G7
Malawi G8610s 250k 9810sh (Hist Series)
Malawi G8610s 250 .M3
Namibia G8620s 50 .S6
Angola G8640s 100 .A5
Congo - Bas Congo G8653s .B2 100 .U5 (Hist Series)
Congo - Katanga Province G8653s .K3 200 .K3 (Hist Series)
Congo - Katanga Province G8653s .K3 250 .K3 (Hist Series)
Central Africa G8680s 200 .F7
Central Africa G8735 1920 .F7 (Hist Series)
Western Africa  
West Africa, 1955 G8735s 250 .U5 (Hist Series)
West Africa, 1960 G8735s 250 .U51 (Hist Series)
French West Africa G8740s 50 .F7
French West Africa G8740s 100 .F7
French West Africa G8740s 200 .F7
French West Africa G8740s 250 .G7 (Hist Series)
Republic of Du Benin G8750s 20 .F7
Niger G8770s 50 .F7
Senegal G8810s 10 .F7
Senegal G8810s 20 .F7
Senegal G8810s 50 .F7
Carte Historiques
d'Afrique Occidental
G8811s .S5 Var. F7 (Hist Series)
Senegal - Coastal G8812s .C6 125 .U5 (Hist Series)
Nigeria G8840s 50 .F4
Nigeria G8840s 100 .N5
Nigeria G8840s 125 .N5
Ghana G8850s 50 .G7
Ghana G8850s 62 .G5
Ghana - Road Map G8851 .P2 1965 .U5 (Hist Series)
Sierra Leone G8860s 2 .G7
Sierra Leone G8860s 10 .G7
Sierra Leone G8860s 50 .G7
Sierra Leone G8860s 62 .S5
Sierra Leone G8860s 250 .U5 (Hist Series)
Gambia G8870s 50 .G71
Gambia G8871s .G43 25 .G7
Liberia G8880 1982 .I5
Liberia G8880s 125 .U5