Map & Aerial Photography Library: National Survey Maps

Mexico, the Caribbean Nations, and Central and South America

  • National Survey maps tend to be large sets of topographic maps
  • Contemporary National Survey maps are kept in the public section of the Map & Aerial Photography Library, are self-service, and do NOT circulate. Indexes are generally in the first drawer of each set.
  • Older National Survey maps are kept in storage, and are designated by a (Hist Series) in the call number. Please ask at the Document Center reference desk for access to these maps. Indexes are available either online via the list below or in the GIS Lab (Room 134)..

  Call Number
Mexico G4410s 50 .M4
Mexico Superceded G4410s 50 .M4 (Hist Series)
Mexico A - Z G4410s Var .M4 (Hist Series)
Mexico, 1957-1961 G4410s 100 .M4 (Hist Series)
Mexico G4410s 250 .U5 (Hist Series)
Mexico, 1957-1958 G4410s 500 .M4 (Hist Series)
Mexico G4410s 500 .U5 (Hist Series)
Mexico G4410s 1000 .M4
Mexico - Nuevo Leon G4440s 100 .M4 (Hist Series)
Central America  
Central America, 1935 G4800s 250 .U5 (Hist Series)
Central America, 1956 G4800 s250 .U51 (Hist Series)
Central America, 1960 G4800 s250 .U52 (Hist Series)
Guatemala G4810s 50 .G8
British Honduras G4820 1963 .E5 (Hist Series)
British Honduras, 1955 G4820s 50 .E5 (Hist Series)
Belize (British Honduras) G4820s 250 .G65
British Honduras G4820 s250 .U5 (Hist Series)
Belize (British Honduras) G4820s 50 .G7
Belize - Vegetation, Land Classification G4821s .D2 50 .B4
Honduras G4830s 50 .H6
El Salvador G4840s 50 .E4
El Salvador G4840s 100 .E4
Nicaragua G4850s 50 .N5
Nicaragua G4850s 250 .N5
Nicaragua - Cities G4854 .C5 1935 .U5
Costa Rica G4860s 25 .C6
Costa Rica G4860s 50 .C6
Costa Rica G4860s 200 .C6
Costa Rica - Cities G4864 .C5 1935 .U5 (Hist Series)
Panama (3 sheets) G4870 1967 .U5 (Hist Series)
Panama G4870s 25 .U5
Panama G4870s 50 .I5
Panama G4870 s250 .P3 (Hist Series)
Caribbean Islands  
Cuba G4920 1933 .C8 (Hist Series)
Cuba G4920 1943 .U5 (Hist Series)
Haiti G4940s 25 .U5
Haiti G4940s 100 .H3 (Hist Series)
Dominican Republic G4950 1967 .U5 (Hist Series)
Jamaica G4960 1944 .U5 (Hist Series)
Jamaica G4960 1954 .G7 (Hist Series)
Jamaica G4960s 12 .J3
Jamaica G4960s 50 .E5 (Hist Series)
Jamaica G4960s 50 .J3
Jamaica G4960s 125 .U5 (Hist Series)
Jamaica G4965 1947 .U5 (Hist Series)
Jamaica G4965 1966 .G7 (Hist Series)
Cayman Islands G4965s 25 .G7
Puerto Rico G4970s 20 .U5
Puerto Rico G4970s 50 .U5 (Hist Series)
Puerto Rico - Roads G4971 .P2 1941 .P8 (Hist Series)
Puerto Rico - Cubebra and
Adjacent Islands
G4972 .C9 1948 .U5
Puerto Rico - Isla De Vieques G4972 .V5 1981 .U5
Puerto Rico - Isla De Vieques Quadrangle G4972s .V5 1982 .U5
Bahamas - Abaco Island G4982s .A2 25 .B3 (Hist Series)
Bahamas - Abaco G4982s .A2 25 .B5
Bahamas - Acklins, Crooked Islands and Long Cay G4982s .A3 25 .B3
Bahamas - Andros Island G4982s .A5 25 .B3
Bahamas - Andros Island G4982s .A5 25 .B3 (Hist Series)
Bahamas - Berry Island G4982 .B4 1969 . B3 (Hist Series)
Bahamas - Berry Islands G4982s .B4 525 . B3
Bahamas - Bimini Island G4982s .B5 10 .B3 (Hist Series)
Bahamas - Bimini G4982s .B5 10 .B3
Bahamas - Catisland G4982s .C3 25 .E5
Bahamas - Conception Islands G4982s .C6 1972 .B5
Bahamas - Eleuthera Island G4982s .E4 25 .B3
Bahamas - Exuma Group G4982s .E9 .B3
Bahamas - Grand Bahamas G4982s .G7 25 .B3 (Hist Series)
Bahamas - Grand Bahama G4982s .G7 25 .B3
Bahamas - Inagua Island G4982s .I5 25 .B3 (Hist Series)
Bahamas - Little & Great Inagua G4982s .I5 25 .B3
Bahamas - Long Island G4982s .L6 25 .B3 (Hist Series)
Bahamas - Long Island G4982s .L6 25 .B3
Bahamas - Mayaguana Island G4982 .M3 1972 .B3 (Hist Series)
Bahamas- Mayaguana G4982s .M3 25 .B3
Bahamas- New Providence Island G4982s .N4 S25 .B3
Bahamas - Ragged Island Range G4982s .R3 25 .B5
Bahamas - Samana Cay G4982 .S2 1972 .B3
Bahamas- San Salvador G4982s .S3 1972 .B3
Bahamas G4982s .var
Turks & Caicos Islands G4985s 25 .G7
American Virgin Islands G5010s 24 .U5
British Virgin Islands, 1959 G5020s 25 .G7 (Hist Series)
British Virgin Islands
(Lesser Antilles)
G5020s 25.G72
St. Kitts & Nevis Islands G5032 .N6 1920 .B8 (Hist Series)
Leeward Islands - Saba Island G5032 .S2 1982 .K5
Leeward Islands - Sint Eustatus G5032 .S3 1982 .K5
St. Christopher G5040 1920 .B8 (Hist Series)
St. Christopher & Nevis G5040 1959 .E5 (Hist Series)
Saint Christopher G5040s 25 .G73
Nevis G5042.N5 1975 .G7 (Hist Series)
Anguilla G5045 1959 .G7 (Hist Series)
Anguilla- Dog Island and Scrub Island G5045 1985 .G7
Antigua G5050 1959 .U5 (Hist Series)
Antigua G5050 1962 .E5
Antigua G5050 1975 .D5
Barbuda G5052 .B3 1970 .D5
Montserrat G5055 1963 .G7 (Hist Series)
Montserrat: "Emerald Isle of the Caribbean" G5055 1983 .G7
Guadeloupe G5070s 25 .I5
Guadeloupe - Saint Martin G5072 .S25 1982 .K5
Martinique G5080 1936 .F7 (Hist Series)
Martinique G5080 1944 .U5 (Hist Series)
Martinique G5080 1944 .U51 (Hist Series)
Martinique: "Ile De La Martinique" G5080s 25 .F7
Dominica G5100 1957 .E5 (Hist Series)
Dominica (Sheets 1 & 3) G5100 1961 .E5 (Hist Series)
Dominica G5100 1963 .E5 (Hist Series)
Dominica G5100 1982 .G7
Dominica G5100s 25 .G72
St. Lucia G5110 1958 .E5 (Hist Series)
St. Lucia G5110 1964 .E5
St. Lucia G5110s 25 .G7
St. Vincent G5120 1961 .E5 (Hist Series)
Saint Vincent - Saint Vincent, Grenadines G5120 1983 .G7 National Survey
Saint Vincent G5120 1983 .G71 National Survey
Grenada G5130 1932 .U5 (Hist Series)
Grenada G5130 1962 .E5 (Hist Series)
Grenada G5130 1979. G7
Grenada G5130 1979 .G71
Grenada - Cadastral G5131.G46 1951 .G7 (Hist Series)
Grenada - Carriacou G5132 .C3 1978 .G7
Barbados G5140 1960 .E5 (Hist Series)
Barbados G5140 1987 .G7
Barbados G5140s 10 .G7 (Hist Series)
Barbados G5140s 10 .G7
Trinidad G5150 1930 .G7 (Hist Series)
Trinidad G5150 1950 .U5 (Hist Series)
Trinidad G5150s 62 .U5 (Hist Series)
Trinidad G5145 1986 .T7
Curacao G5180 1942 .U5 (Hist Series)
South America  
South America G5200 1942 .U5 (Hist Series)
South America G5200s 250 .U5 (Hist Series)
South America G5200s 500 .U5 (Hist Series)
South America - Air Strips G5201s .P6 100 .U5 (Hist Series)
British Guiana G5250 1965 .U5 (Hist Series)
British Guiana G5250s 50 .E5
British Guiana G5250s 125 .U5 (Hist Series)
Suriname G5260s 200 .N4 (Hist Series)
Suriname - Paramaribo G5264 .P3 1917 .S9 (Hist Series)
French Guyane G5270s 50 .F7
Venezuela G5280s 50 .U5
Venezuela G5280s 100 .V4
Venezuela G5283s var .F7 .V4
Republic of Colombia G5290s 25 .C6
Republic of Colombia G5290s 100 .C6
Ecuador G5300s 25 .E2
Ecuador G5300s 50 .E2
Ecuador (Duplicates) G5300s 50 .E2 (Hist Series)
Ecuador G5300s 100 .E2
Ecuador (Duplicates) G5300s 100 .E2 (Hist Series)
Peru G5310s 100 .P4
Bolivia G5320s 50 .B6
Chile G5330s 25 .C5 (Hist Series)
Chile G5330s 25 .C51 (Hist Series)
Chile G5330s 50 .C51
Chile G5330s 100 .C5
Chile G5330s 250 .C5
Chile - Santiago, 1946 G5334s .S5 10 .C5 (Hist Series)
Argentina G5350s 50 .A7
Argentina G5350s 100 .A7
Argentina G5350s 200 .A7 (Hist Series)
Argentina G5350s 250 .A7
Argentina G5350s 500 .A7 (Hist Series)
Argentina G5350s 500 .A71
Argentina - Aeronautical G5351s .P6 1000 .A7 (Hist Series)
Argentina - Pilcomayo River G5352s .P5 .C3 100 .L3 (Hist Series)
Uruguay G5370s 50 .U7 (Hist Series)
Uruguay G5370s 50 .U52
Uruguay G5370s 100 .U7
Uruguay - Montevideo G5374 .M6 1941 .B4 (Hist Series)
Paraguay: "Carta Nacional Paraguay" G5380s 50 .P3
Brazil G5400s 50 .I5
Brazil G5400s 100 .I5
Brazil G5400s 250 .B7
Brazil G5400s 1000 .B7
Brazil - North Eastern Region G5500s 25 .B7
Brazil - Regiao Sul Do Brasil G5500s 50 .B7
Brazi - Regiao Sul Do Brazil G5500s 100 .B7
Falkland Islands G9175 1977 .G73
Falkland Islands G9175s 50 .G73
Falkland Islands G9177 .S6 1958 .G73