Index to Geologic Maps of Oregon by U.S. Geological Survey Topographic Quadrangle Name, 1883-1996


This carto-bibliography was originally published as Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries Open-File Report O-95-4

Compiled by Peter L. Stark
Map and Aerial Photography Library
University of Oregon Library System
Eugene, Oregon

This index covers geologic maps of Oregon that were published in several U.S. Geological Survey series. Only maps from the "L" series (Land Use and Land Cover Maps) have been excluded. The index also includes maps that have been published by the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries and the Oregon Water Resources Department. It lists those geologic maps with a scale of 1:125,000 or larger.

Each entry ncludes the following elements: The quadrangle name; a reference to the publication series that contains a geology map of part or all of the quadrangle; the scale of the geologic map expressed in thousands; and a description of the coverage of the quadrangle provided by the geologic map. Where appropriate, the subject coverage is noted if the map is not a standard geologic map. Even though USGS 15-minute topographic maps are out of print and no longer available, they have been included as an additional finding aid. Not all USGS quadrangles are listed because not all quadrangles have been mapped geologically at a scale larger than 1:125,000.