UO Licensed GIS Data

UO Libraries has agreements with various data creators that allow the Libraries to provide UO students, faculty, and staff access to their data for use in teaching and research. This data is available in a shared folder accessible from any UO Libraries computer that requires the user to log in. ArcGIS Desktop 10.X is available on all PC Academic Workstations in the Library and may be used to manipulate the data. (You cannot save your work to the shared drive or the Academic workstation. Save any files needed for later to a USB or other memory device.) Additionally, files may be accessed and copied to a USB drive for use on a non-Library computer.  We recommend that you use ArcMap and ArcCatalog to subset and copy the data you need. Library users agree to not use the data for commercial purposes or share the data with outside parties without permission.

How to Connect to the data share

Data is in ESRI shapefile format unless otherwise specified.

Data available:



We have ESRI Data & Maps 2006 in the data share.  A whitepaper describing ESRI Data & Maps 2006 is here.

UO GIS Collection


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