Circulation Policies and Procedures


Atlases and Reference Books

Atlases and reference books do not circulate except under special circumstances. They may be consulted in the Map & Aerial Photography Collection only.  Please contact the cartographic and spatial data librarian ( for permission to borrow.


Folded maps found in the public area of the Map & Aerial Photography Collection [indicated by a (vf) or (Sci vf) at the end of the call number] circulate to UO or other OUS academic patrons for a one week period. Faculty may borrow maps for a two week period. Before the due date, borrowers can stop by in person or us the online catalog to renew for another week. Further renewals must be made with the maps in hand.

Sheet maps, historic maps, and National Survey maps (other than the United States) do not circulate.  There are a number of options for making copies of maps. 

Aerial Photography

Aerial photographs do not circulate outside the Library. After requesting and receiving their photography, academic patrons can duplicate photos with the 11x17 scanners in the Map Library and the 11x17 scanner in the Microforms area. Scanned aerial photos can be saved to a CD, DVD, flash drive, or to your mapped H: drive. Only faculty may check photography out of the library to be used for instructional purposes.

Geospatial Data and CD-ROM Software

Our geospatial data is available in the Learning Commons shared data folder, via our website, and on disk.  Check the library catalog for availability.  Data held in the Map Collection can be copied to a CD, DVD, or flash drive.  Please bring such items with you to the Map Collection. We do not sell any type of disks.

Some geospatial data is restricted due to licensing agreements.  These items will be made available only to faculty, students, or staff of the University of Oregon.