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Aerial Photographs in the Library's collections are subject to specific Rules for Aerial Photography Researchers.

Research Request User Info:

Students, faculty, and staff

Patrons affiliated with the University of Oregon receive research for free. Requests may not be made on behalf of any other persons not entitled to this free service.

Public Patrons

Public patrons have access to the fee-based service.  Individuals working for private, state, and federal organizations qualify for this form of research. Fees go toward recovering the cost of providing the service and the maintenance and development of the collection.

Making a Research Request: 

Step 1. Fill out the request form. For more detailed instructions on how to submit a research request see the Making a Research Request instructional page.

Step 2. Create a site map. Please take a look at our guide to creating a simple map in Google Maps or some other sample maps. For more detailed instructions, see our tutorial on making maps.

Types of Requests

  • Standard ESAs: This is a request for aerial photographs of a limited area of interest (AOI) that ranges from Phase 1 (one-per-decade) to Phase 3 (every year in the collection) levels. One can also opt to have a selection of topographic map 'clips' included in the package.
  • Example of what a Phase 1 request looks like when delivered
  • Extended ESAs: This is a request for a larger than normal area. Prices will vary depending on the size of the area. See our duplication rates for more information.
  • Custom Research: When a request does not fall within our typical parameters, we will charge an hourly research fee in addition to duplication fees. A request of this sort might involve adding metadata to a standard ESA, retrieving and scanning either an area of interest (AOI) or full sheet maps from the print collection, or an ESA-type request that is particularly large or complex.

See our FAQ or our Fees page for more details about the history of the collection, service and duplication services, and copyright policies.

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