LibrarySearch Known Issues

Issue: The Modern Language Association has moved to a single vendor, EBSCO, for the MLA Bibliography.  

What this means for UO Libraries:

  • The UO Libraries already subscribes to the EBSCO version of the MLA database so there will be no change in display or functionality when using the database directly. 
  • The Modern Language Association will remove access in discovery systems such as UO LibrarySearch starting March 28.  As a result, MLA records will no longer appear in LibrarySearch results. However, citations to items in the MLA Bibliography but also covered by other services will continue to appear. For full MLA coverage – please use MLA database.

For more on this topic please see Modern Language Association statement:


Issue: Sometimes full text links do not appear in the “View It” section.
Solution: Refresh your browser.

View it with no content

View it with content

Issue: If you sign into LibrarySearch while viewing a record, then you return to the results list, you’ll be taken back to the first 10 results of your search (even if you’ve loaded additional search results). 
Solution:  Sign in upon starting your search session. 
When results are returned for your search, this banner appears at the top of the results screen; Click to sign in: 


Issue: Search results are garbled 
Solution:  We recommend using up-to-date versions of Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers when using UO LibrarySearch.  

Issue: Can’t renew selected items that you have checked out 
Primo is working as expected. Some checked out materials, such as Summit items and some ILL items, are non-renewable. 

Update: With the Primo August 2019 release (installed September 8), non-renewable items are now indicated in the Loans list in My Account:

Primo loans list status: Not Renewable


Additionally, a warning message notifies users that not all items have been renewed:

Warning message: Only some loans have been renewed