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The primary function of the public workstations is to provide the widest possible access to bibliographic, full-text, and multimedia resources offered by the UO Libraries.

Non-academic use of Internet kiosks is limited to 30 minutes. Non-UO users may be asked to give up an Internet kiosk for UO students and staff doing academic work. To insure equitable access to computers and to all of the Library's electronic resources, library staff may discourage the use of activities such as email, games, chat rooms, etc.

Headphones should be used when listening to media at all workstations, both academic workstations and Internet kiosks, to minmize excessive noise and disruption of other library users.  Headphones may be borrowed from the Knight Library Checkout desk, the Audio Visual room in the Knight Library, and the checkout desks in the Design Library and the Price Science Commons & Research Library by UO users and Oregon card holders.

Activity at the UO Libraries'  public workstations, both Internet kiosks and academic workstations must comply with the UO Acceptable Use of Computing Resources Policy.

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