Library Technology Services

computer on a table
  • Location: Knight Library, First Floor
  • Mail: 1299 University of Oregon
  • Eugene, OR 97403-1299
  • (541) 346-3049
Library Technology Services (LTS) manages library infrastructure and provides a wide range of technology services that directly support the UO Libraries and University mission. These include core library infrastructure and systems, application development and integration, and computer support services for library facilities, labs, services, and personnel. LTS also partners with technology-intensive library units such as Digital Scholarship Services, Data Services, and the Price Science Commons and Library to provide integrated services and solutions. Staff focus their work in these areas:
  • Core Systems and Infrastructure:  Staff manage a large, complex IT environment. Staff plan, implement and maintain the library's server infrastructure to support the work of library staff and library users and to provide storage space for the library's constantly growing digital collections.  They serve as lead technical support the Visualization Lab in the Price Science Commons & Library.  Staff provide system administration for the library's interlibrary loan services, proxy services, and applications that manage digital respository/digital library systems.
  • Computer support services:  Staff support a large computing environment throughout the libraries, the general campus computer labs in the Erb Memorial Union (EMU) and McKenzie Hall, and library computer classrooms. Staff also manage the pay for print software used by the library and most school computer labs on campus.  Staff provide workstation management, for both Windows and Macs, for all library staff and for library service desks. Staff provide helpdesk support internally for library staff, troubleshooting problems with a range of computers, peripheral devices, software applications and IT accounts.
  • Applications Development and Integration: Staff provide administrative management and technical support for the library's Web presence and Web-based services, applying user experience principles and strategies. Staff participate in Web and application design to support search, discovery and delivery of the library's collections in all formats and to support library workflows. They provide oversight and configuration of the library's enterprise library software applications, including Alma/Primo.

Library Technology Services offices are located on the west side of the first floor of the Knight Library (Room 132) and in the room 121 area across from Acquisitions.