Kate Smith, UO Libraries' Billing Coordinator, Receives Life Saving Award from UO Police Department

Kate Smith (center) on stage with fellow Life Saving Award winners, UO students Marla Waters and Maisie Bailey.

A  University of Oregon student is alive today thanks to quick thinking and teamwork by a group that included a UO Libraries staff member.

Kate Smith, the billing coordinator at Knight Library, was recognized for her lifesaving actions at a special ceremony held on February 18, 2017 in the Giustina Ballroom of the Ford Alumni Center. Smith received the University of Oregon Police Department's Life Saving Award and “Heart Saver” Hero Awards from the American Heart Association. Awards also were presented to others involved in responding to the incident, including UO Police Officer John Loos, Officer Anthony Button, and UO students Marla Waters and Maisie Bailey.

“There is no greater honor and no greater gift than saving the life of another,” UOPD Chief Matt Carmichael said.

As reported in Around the O: On the evening of December 2, 2016, Smith learned that a student had suddenly collapsed on the third floor of the Knight Library. She rushed to retrieve and use an automated external defibrillator (AED) to keep the student alive until police could arrive and take over. After several minutes of CPR and cardiac aid, medics transported the man to the hospital, where he eventually stabilized and began a slow recovery to health. 

The student and his parents were in attendance at the February 18 awards ceremony, and they expressed deep gratitude to Smith and the other responders.

Congratulations from your friends and colleagues at the library, Kate! 

In the event of a cardiac emergency, do you know where to find a defibrilator in Knight Library? See the heart-shaped icons on this building map.