University of Oregon

Proctor 41 Classroom, Knight Library

Special thanks to Steelcase, Inc. for their support of this UO Steelcase LearnLab.

For more information, contact:
Center for Media & Educational Technologies
Knight Library, Lower Level 
(541) 346-3091

UO Steelcase LearnLab in the Proctor Classroom


Quick Facts

  • Capacity: 48 students plus instructor(s)
  • Presentation / Instructor Podiums: 2 Crestron presentation control touch panels, 1 lavelier mic, 1 handheld mic.
  • Laptops: 20 Dell notebook computers running Windows 7
  • Network: added wireless capacity, plus 2 Ethernet ports
  • Media: DVD player
  • Other:  Digital document camera, 4 computer/video projectors on 3 walls, individual tablet-size whiteboards, markers and erasers.
  • Seating: The tables and chairs in this room were designed and arranged specifically for collaborative active teaching and learning styles. Please return them to the configuration in which you found them if you need to move them.
  • Printing: Main Print Station in reference area on main (first) floor of Knight Library

Classroom Policies

This classroom is used exclusively for instruction. These classrooms are not available for use outside the normal service hours of CMET.

First time users of this room are encouraged to schedule a training session with CMET. There is a wide array of technology available in these classrooms, and you are encouraged to work with CMET to make the best use of the space.

No food is allowed in the classroom, but beverages in rigid, spill-proof travel mugs or pull-top bottles are acceptable.


Term-Length Scheduling

CRN courses taught by members of the Working Group for Active Teaching and Learning have first scheduling priority. Priority will then be given to CRN courses whose curricula have been adapted to be taught in a LearnLab. Third priority is given to courses using active/collaborative/cooperative learning techniques in conjunction with the use of media and computing technology. 

A Note about Laptop Use in This Classroom
Laptops are run from battery power when in use, and must be recharged after each class session. To accommodate this, we will not schedule groups using the laptops back to back. Instructors are encouraged to practice power management by having students close the laptop lids when not in use; this puts the laptops into sleep mode, and prolongs the life of the battery. Laptops can be awakened by hitting the power button once.


The Libraries install a standard suite of software on these laptops, intended to serve the needs of most groups using the classrooms, prior to the start of each academic term. Requests to install software not on this list must be received at least four (4) weeks prior to the start of the academic term, and the installation files, with verification of licensing, must be delivered to Library Technology Services, Knight Library, no later than two (2) weeks prior to the start of the term (i.e., before the first day of finals week of the current term).

The Libraries do not have a budget for purchasing software; obtaining software licenses for these classrooms for any software not on the standard list, unless it is freeware, is the responsibility of the requesting department.


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