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Second Floor Classroom, 267B Knight Library
User's Manual

Please read these classroom procedures carefully. We encourage instructors using this classroom for the first time to schedule a brief orientation session in advance. If you are using specialized software, we recommend that you test it several days prior to your class, so that we can work with you to resolve any problems that may occur.

General Instructions

Please report any problems or equipment needs in writing to Library Systems, Knight Library,

When you use this classroom, please:

  • Keep the classroom tidy: remove all handouts you brought with you; erase the whiteboard; and place the caps back on the markers.
  • Restart the instructor's computer (select Restart from the Special menu) before you leave.
  • If you have used the wall-mounted speakers, remember to turn off the surge protector.
  • Turn off the instructor's task lighting and bring the classroom lights up before you leave.


There are two separate lighting controls in this classroom. All lighting controls are located on the wall just inside the entrance to the classroom.

  • A rheostat dimmer that controls the overhead fluorescent lights in the front half of the classroom.
  • A rheostat dimmer that controls the overhead fluorescent lights in the rear half of the classroom.

Task lighting is also available at the instructor's station.

Before Your Class

The Second Floor Classroom is a locked computer lab. You will need to pick up a key from the Circulation desk on the first floor to access the room.

  1. The computers should be on (indicated by the illuminated green power button on the lower right front of the iMac below the monitor). If the screen is dimmed, press any key or the mouse button to wake it up.

    If a computer is turned off (no color indicated on the iMac power button), press the power button on the upper right of the keyboard.

  2. Power up the projector.

    • Remove the lens cap from the projector.
    • Turn on power to the projector (press the button marked On/Off on top of the projector once). The power lamp indicator will illuminate.

  3. For each computer, make sure that no non-essential programs are running. Check the application menu and quit each program you will not be using (choose Quit from the File menu).

  4. If you want the entire room to hear the audio from the instructor's station, turn on the surge protector in the corner behind the instructor's station to play the audio through the wall-mounted speakers. The volume can be adjusted using the volume adjustment on the control strip of the instructor's station.

You will need to dim the lights at the front of the room in order to see the projected image on the screen.

After Your Class

  1. Turn off the projector (unless another class immediately following yours will be using it).

    • Replace the lens cap on the projector.
    • Turn off the projector; press the button marked On/Off (located on top of the projector) twice; the indicator light will turn to orange, but the fan may continue to run for several minutes.

  2. Restart the instructor's computer by selecting Restart from the Special menu.

  3. If you used the wall speakers, turn off the surge protector.

  4. Turn up the classroom lights.

  5. Lock the door and return the key to the Circulation Desk on the First Floor.

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