FIGs & The UO Libraries - 2020

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  • Increase awareness of the role of the UO Libraries in student academic success
  • Give students a foundation for the development of strong IL practices while at UO
  • Foster critical thinking and research skills for life beyond UO


Planning Checklist for Faculty

We ask that Faculty contact Libraries' Faculty directly by email.

Spring Term Planning:

Connect with your librarian to discuss ideas for incorporating information literacy practices into your FIG. Librarians can tailor activities or assignments that integrate library resources with the FIG related discipline(s). Ideas include:

  • A College Connections Project that integrates IL practices with the FIG related discipline(s) to actively engage students with the academic information landscape
  • A more general instruction session that introduces students to the Libraries and resources, and develops skills via an in-class game

Summer Planning:

  • Confirm a day/time for session so librarian can book a library classroom early (if needed) or plan a synchronous or asynchronous virtual session (Libraries have limited classroom space so be advised – librarian may not be able to accommodate your first choice for day/time)
  • Discuss learning outcomes and lesson plan with librarian 

Fall Term - Week 1 or earlier:

  • Confirm date/time/location for library instruction session with the FIG Librarian

Library day:

  • Attend the instruction session with your class. Instructor presence is important to reinforce the learning and application of research skills to student work

After the library instruction session:

  • Encourage your FIG students to use the library for study, discovery and researching assignments
  • Share with the FIG students that their professors will expect them to use library sources for assignments and papers
  • Suggest FIG students schedule an appointment with a Subject Librarian