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Edmiston Classroom, 144 Knight Library
User's Manual

Please read these classroom procedures carefully. If you run into difficulties, emergency phone numbers are posted in the classroom near the telephone.

General Instructions

When you use this classroom, please:

  • Keep the classroom tidy: remove all handouts you brought with you; erase the chalkboard and whiteboard; place the caps back on the markers; and straighten the chairs.
  • Make sure that you've turned off everything you need to (projector, lights) before you leave. Computers should always be left on (they use power-save features to conserve energy).

Please report any problems or equipment needs in writing to Barbara Jenkins, There is a problem report form available in the classroom.


  • Markers: Use only dry erase markers on the whiteboard; any other kind of marker may damage the board.
  • Safety: This whiteboard is reversible; please be gentle when turning the board as the frame is in fragile condition. Important! Do not move the whiteboard while the wheels are locked.


There are three separate lighting controls in this classroom. All lighting controls are located on the wall in the northeast corner of the classroom; in addition, there is a wall switch for the overhead lights located just inside the north entrance to the classroom:

  • Fluorescent overhead lights.
  • A group of recessed fluorescent overhead lights that provide light for the chalkboard.
  • Incandescent overhead lights with a rheostat (dimmer) for use with the projector. To turn the incandescent lights off completely, you must push the rheostat down until you hear or feel a click.

The LCD projector is bright enough that you should only need to adjust the lights in special situations.

Before Your Class

  1. Remove the lens cap from the projector and turn on the projector bulb by pressing the On/Off button on top of the projector. The fan and lamp will turn on. Remove the lens cap. The projector takes about 30 seconds to warm up projector before it projects the computer's image on the screen.

  2. For each computer, make sure the monitor is on. If the indicator light is flashing orange, hit a key on the keyboard to activate the computer. If the indicator light is dark, hold the button down for 1 second, then hit a key on the keyboard to activate the computer. The monitor indicator light will turn green when the computer awakens from its sleep mode. (Note: you can also have the students do this themselves.)

  3. If there's a problem with one of the computers, the first rule of troubleshooting is to restart it; this solves most problems. Click on the Start button, then select Shut Down... from the menu. Choose Close all programs and log in as a different user?, then Yes.

    If you need further assistance, there's a list of phone numbers to call on the cabinet above the phone at the back of the classroom.

  4. If you intend to use the speakers, you will need to turn them on; turn the knob marked "Volume" on the front of the right speaker clockwise, and adjust to the preferred volume level.

Distributing Files to Student Computers

If you have files you would like your students to work on, you can easily distribute a copy of them to each student's computer:

  1. Copy your file(s) to the "My Documents/Distribute" folder on the Desktop.

  2. Click on the Start button, then select Programs --> Instructor --> Distribute Files to all Machines from the menus. A copy of your file(s) will be placed in the "My Documents" (C:Guest) folder on each of the student machines.

After Your Class

  1. If you used the speakers attached to the instructor's computer, turn the "Volume" knob counter-clockwise until you feel a click.

  2. If you distributed files to the student computers, please delete them. Click on the Start button, then select Programs --> Instructor --> Delete Distributed Files from the menu.

  3. Press the On/Off button on top of the projector twice; the indicator light on the top of the projector will change to orange. The fan may continue to operate for several minutes. Please check to see that the lamp has been turned off.

  4. Replace the lens cap on the projector.

  5. Tidy the classroom, gather up any handouts you may have brought with you, and collect any printouts made during your class - for your convenience there are recycling boxes near the printer.

  6. Turn off all the lights, including those controlled by the dimmer switch (push the rheostat control all the way to the bottom, until you feel the click).

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