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University of Oregon Insight Seminars
Spring 2014


HOW ORIGINAL WAS MOZART? - registration closed

Professor Marc Vanscheeuwijck (Music)
Wednesdays, May 7, 14, 21, & 28 (6:15 p.m. - 8:45 p.m.) - note new time
Knight Library Browsing Room, 1501 Kincaid Street
Cost: $99
Was Mozart simply a wildly inventive genius, or was he also a true product of his time who “spoke” the musical language he inherited from predecessors and contemporaries? Recent rediscoveries of some mid-18th-century compositional techniques have shown how music instruction in Neapolitan conservatories influenced late-18th-century styles, including those of Mozart and Haydn. In this class we will explore how Mozart constructed his masterpieces.  Book for class: Julian Rushton. Mozart  (Master Musician Series) (Oxford University Press 2009 paperback edition). 

DANTE’S PARADISO - registration closed

Professor Gina Psaki (Romance Languages)
Saturdays, May 17 and 31 (9:30 – Noon)
Knight Library Browsing Room, 1501 Kincaid Street
Cost: $45
The Paradiso someties gets described as the hardest and most abstract of the three canticles. Don’t buy it. The Paradiso is the dessert! Sure, the flavors are complex; it’s for grownups, not youngsters; and you have to savor it, not bolt it.  But Insighters are known for enjoying and savoring the complex, and Dante has trained his readers in the first two canticles, so “stretch out your necks for the bread of angels.”  We’ll conclude this mini-course with a third meeting, a literal feast, at Gina’s house in early June.  (Note: Two class sessions followed by a Italian "feast" at the professors home - date TBA)



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