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Finding Articles

To look for articles in academic journals or magazines, start with a periodical index or database. You can search by subject, by a few keywords which describe your topic, or by author.

After identifying articles which look useful for your research, click on the FindText  button to determine if the Library subscribes to it electronically or in print. We also provide a guide to the most influential political science journals.

  • Worldwide Political Science Abstracts. off-campus access limited to UO
    Citations and abstracts of the international serials literature in political science and its complementary fields, including international relations, law, and public administration / policy. 1975 to the present.
  • International Political Science Abstracts; KNIGHT REFERENCE JA36.I5 Provides citations and non-evaluative abstracts to articles in approximately 600 periodicals. The library has from 1951 to present.
  • The Left access limited to UO
    Provides access to the diversity of literature on the left. Topics covered include politics, economics, the labor movement, race and ethnicity, social and cultural theory, history, law, globalization, and more. Electronic coverage is available from 1990 to the present. A print index (Z7164.S67 L34, Knight Reference) covers 1982 to 1999.
  • PAIS International (Public Affairs Information Service).off-campus access limited to UO
    Articles, books, conference proceedings, government documents, book chapters, and statistical directories about public affairs. Covers over 2,000 periodicals from 1977 to present. Also includes  the PAIS Archive, covering the years 1937-1976.
  • Web of Science off-campus access limited to UO
    Includes the Social Science Citation Index (SSCI) from 1975 to the present. Searchable by keywords, author, etc.; important feature is finding articles that cite (reference) another article.
  • Indexes and Databases by Subject
    Select "General and Interdisciplinary Databases" or "Political Science" for options to find articles in both political science journals and general interest periodicals.


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