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Biblical Hebrew

The following is a selected list of resources for research in Biblical Hebrew. For further assistance, contact Paul Frantz, Reference Librarian, at


  • The Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia (REF KNIGHT BS 715 1997), a critical edition of the Masoretic text of the Hebrew Scriptures. In the margins are the Masoretic notes.
  • The Jewish Study Bible (REF KNIGHT BS 895 .J4 2004) uses the Jewish Publication Society's TANAKH translation into English.
  • The HarperCollins Study Bible (REF KNIGHT BS 191.5 .A1 S26) and the New Oxford Annotated Bible (REF KNIGHT BS 191.5 .A1) are two other good translations -- New Revised Standard Version -- into English from the Hebrew.


The second edition of the Encyclopedia Judaica (REF KNIGHT DS 102.8 .E496 2007) provides useful essays on many topics relating to Biblical Hebrew.

Concordance and Dictionaries

  • The Even-Shoshan New Concordance of the Bible (REF KNIGHT BS 1121 .E93) brings together similar words (words that "concord") under a single heading. It's often used to help find a particular passage, and they may be used to see how a word or phrase is used by collecting all forms of a particular root. It gives basic definitions for every word found in the Hebrew Bible, including Aramaic words. When treating verbs, it gives the root, various meanings of the root, and gives the different conjugated forms of the verb. It gives synonyms for those words and different forms of the word (e.g. singular, plural, absolute).
  • The Anchor Bible Dictionary (REF KNIGHT BS 440 .A54; 6 volumes)
  • The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon of the Old Testament (REF KNIGHT PJ 4833 .B68) is most useful for determining the meaning of words in the Hebrew Bible. It gives cognates of each word/root from other Semitic languages and determines how a word in used in context to determine its meaning. Organized by the Hebrew three-letter roots.  (KNIGHT REF BS 425 .S8).
  • Koehler and Baumgartner's Hebrew and Aramaic Lexicon of the Old Testament (REF KNIGHT PJ 4833 .K61813; 5 volumes). The first four volumes are the lexicon of the Hebrew words of the Old Testament, while the fifth is the Aramaic. it traces the development of word meanings, enumerates the various forms of words, and lists quotations of the words. Entries are not organized by root, but by spelling.
  • Clines' Dictionary of Classical Hebrew (REF KNIGHT PJ 4833 .D53 1993; 6 volumes) is a dictionary for all of Classical Hebrew, including the Qumran texts, and not just the Hebrew Bible.

Hebrew Grammars

  • Gesenius' Hebrew Grammar (REF KNIGHT PJ 4564 .G5). Originally written in 1813, it has been the classic of Hebrew grammar for almost two centuries. It has three sections: phonology, morphology, and syntax. Earlier editions had a fourth section (Lexicon) which became the BDB. In using, start with either the Table of Contents or the Indexes (Subjects, Hebrew Words and Forms, Passages).
  • Jouon's Grammar of Biblical Hebrew (REF KNIGHT PJ 4567 .J7613; two volumes) Also quite comprehensive. More up-to-date than Gesenius.Both Gesenius and Jouon are considered complex to use.
  • Waltke and O'Connor's Introduction to Biblical Hebrew Syntax (REF KNIGHT PJ 4707 .W35). It bridges the gap between introductory grammars and the more comprehensive grammars of Gesenius and Jouon. Provides a glossary of linguistic terms. The second half of the book is devoted to verbs.


  • The Anchor Bible (Knight BS 192.2 A1; many volumes]
  • For commentaries on individual books of the Hebrew Scriptures, do a subject search in the UO Library Catalog. Example: Bible Genesis Commentaries

Finding Articles in the Secondary Literature

  • ATLA Religion database indexes approximately 600 religious studies journals and chapters in books, with coverage back to 1949. The full text of about 40 religious journals is included in the database. The Scriptures tab will find articles about a given book, chapter, or verse of the Bible.
  • RAMBI: Index of Articles on Jewish Studies (1985-present) "is a selective bibliography of articles in the various fields of Jewish studies and in the study of Eretz Israel. Material listed in RAMBI is compiled from thousands of periodicals and from collections of articles - in Hebrew, Yiddish, and European languages- mainly from the holdings of the Jewish National and University Library ..." (description from RAMBI website)
  • JSTOR: Electronic Journal Archive provides retrospective indexing and full-text access to core journals in Biblical Hebrew.

Finding Books

LibrarySearch provides search results that combine, into a single merged list, the collections of the UO Libraries and Summit libraries.


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