Research in African Studies

African Studies

The following is a selected list of resources for starting research in African Studies. For further help contact a reference librarian.

Background Information & Reference Works

These reference sources can help you identify a research topic, provide an overview of a specific issue or topic, and suggest other materials which may be useful for your research. The following is a sampling of reference materials available in the libraries on the UO campus.

A good, general reference source is the African Studies Companion. This Companion is a guide to help you find African Studies resources that cover publishers, funding sources, bibliographies, films, magazines, newspapers ... almost anything you might need in the course of your studies or research.


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African Art

African Art : a Bibliographic Guide / Janet L. Stanley
AAA Z5961.A35S7 1985

The Arts of Africa : an Annotated Bibliography / compiled by Janet L. Stanley (4 Vols.)
AAA Z5961.A35 S72 1989

The Continuum Encyclopedia of Native Art : Worldview, Symbolism, and Culture in Africa, Oceania, and North America / Hope B. Werness
AAA REF. E98.A7 W49 2000

African Geography/Maps

Topographic Maps of Africa MAP LIB G 8200-8950 (National Survey)
Country - Call Number - Scale
Morocco G 8230s 50 .M6 1:50,000
G 8230s 100 .M6 1:100,000
Algeria G 8240s 50 .F7 1:50,000
G 8240s 200 .F72 1:200,000
G 8240s 500 .F8 1:500,000
Tunisia G 8250s 50 .F7 1:50,000
Sudan G 8310s 250 .S8 1:250,000
Djibouti G 8360s 250 .S8 1:250,000
Kenya G 8410s 50 .G7 1:50,000
Uganda G 8420s 50 .U4 1:50,000
Tanzania G 8440s 50 .T3 1:50,000
Madagascar G 8460s 50 .F7 1:50,000
G 8460s 100 .F7 1:100,000
South Africa G 8500s 50 .S63 1:50,000
G 8500s 250 .S63 1:250,000
Zimbabwe G 8560s 250 .Z5 1:250,000
Zambia G 8570s 25 .N6 1:25,000
G 8570s 50 .G7 1:50,000
Lesotho/Basutoland G 8580s 50 .G7 1:50,000
Swaziland G 8590s 50 .G7 1:50,000
Botswana G 8600s 50 .G7 1:50,000
G 8600s 250 .B6 1:250,000
Malawi G 8610s 50 .G7 1:50,000
G 8610s 250 .M3 1:250,000
South West Africa/Nambia G 8620s 50 .S6 1:50,000
Angola G 8640s 100 .A5 1:100,000
French Equatorial Africa/ French Congo G 8680s 50 .S6 1:50,000
French West Africa G 8740s 50 .F7 1:50,000
Benin G 8750s 20 .F7 1:20,000
Niger G 8780s 50 .F7 1:50,000
Senegal G 8810s 10 .F7 1:10,000
G 8810s 20 .F7 1:20,000
Nigeria G 8840s 50 .F4 1:50,000
G 8840s 100 .N5 1:100,000
G 8840s 125 .N5 1:125,000
Ghana G 8850 62 .G5 1:62,000
Sierra Leone G 8860s 2 .G7 1:2,500
G 8860s 10 .G7 1:10,000
G 8860s 62 .S5 1:62,000
Gambia G 8870s G43 25 .G7 1:25,000
Liberia G 8880s 125 .O5 1:125,000

General, Thematic, and Miscellaneous mapping of Africa and African countries may be found following the same call numbers in the "General Maps" drawers.

For national mapping information, including historical and recent surveys in individual African nations, a recommended source is:

World Mapping Today. (2000)
DOCS REF. GA105.3 .W67 2000

Geospatial Data

Global GIS database. Digital atlas of Africa DOC-US/CR I 19.121:62-B


Cultural Atlas of Africa (1998)
MAP LIB. G2446.E1 C8 1998

The History Atlas of Africa (1998)
MAP LIB. G2446.S1 K3 1998

The Atlas of African Affairs (1994)
MAP LIB. G2445 .G7 1994

L'Afrique et l'Europe : Atlas du XXe Siècle (1994)
MAP LIB. DT31 .A6915 1994

L'Atlas du continent africain (1993)
MAP LIB. G2445 .A82 1993

The Conservation Atlas of Tropical Forests : Africa (1992)
MAP LIB. G2446.K3 C6 1992

The New Atlas of African History (1991)
MAP LIB. G2446.S1 F73 1991


Place Names of Africa, 1935-1986 : A Political Gazetteer
KNIGHT DT31 .K53 1987

Abyssinia to Zimbabwe: A Guide to the Political Units of Africa in the period 1947-1978
KNIGHT DT1 .P33 no. 25 1979

Also Useful:

The Columbia Gazetteer of the World (1998)
DOCS REF. G103.5 .C645 1998 3 Vols.

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African History

African History Research Guide

African Literature

African Authors: A Companion to Black African Writing, 1800-1973 Ref Knight PL8010 .H38 v.1 (1300-1973)
This volume contains information about 594 authors representing over 2,000 works of literature from sub-Saharan (or Black) Africa. Entries cover literature from a variety of genres in 37 African vernacular languages as well as major Western European languages.
African Literature and its Times Ref Knight PL8010 .M65 2000
Volume 2 of the World Literature and Its Times: Profiles of Notable Literary Works and the Historical Events that Influenced Them series, this volume seeks to foster better understanding of literary works through connecting each work to its social and historical context. Entries are organized alphabetically by the title of the work, and each entry includes background information, a discussion of historical events at the time the work was written (and during the time period in which the work is set), a detailed analysis of the work, and a list of resources for further information. A chronology of historical events and correlating literary works is provided as a preface.
African Writers Ref Knight PL8010 .A453 1997
This two-volume set provides detailed entries about sixty-five authors who were born in or spent a good portion of their lives in Africa and who have made significant contributions to the literature of their countries. Authors writing during the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries in a variety of languages from all over the African continent are included. In addition to author profiles, a chronology of African history since 1830 and a listing of authors organized by country of origin are provided.
Bibliography of African Literatures Ref Knight Z6514 .C7 A38 1996
A comprehensive bibliographical survey of African literatures, which brings together works by established and lesser known writers of the African continent and diaspora. This bibliography emphasizes literatures in English and French, but some works in Portugese, Arabic, and African languages are also included. All countries and literary genres are included. This volume is organized by language, with each language entry subdivided by geographical regions or countries. Each regional entry is organized into the following categories: bibliographies, anthologies, general critical works, and works by selected authors.
Bibliography of African Women Writers and Journalists (Ancient Egypt - 1984) Ref Knight Z3508 .L5 B47 1985
This volume covers literary works written by African women writers since the twentieth century, as well as some historic works. The bibliography is organized by genre, with emphasis on the novel, play, short story, folktale, autobiography, biography, children's fiction, and journalistic essays. 913 entries cover primary works in European languages (English, French, and Portugese), while 52 entries cover works in African languages. Nine appendices provide information for further study, including citations to biographical books on African women, a list of African Women's Magazines, lists of non-African women married to African men, as well as indexes of authors arranged by country or genre.
Bibliography of Creative African Writing Ref Knight Z3508 .L5 J28 1973
A bibliography of all creative literature of Black Africa, as well as some secondary sources about African creative literature. The bibliography first indexes general sources about African literature, then is organized by geographic regions: Western Africa, Central Africa, Eastern Africa, and Austral Africa. Each geographic region is divided into the following three categories: secondary literature, anthologies, and individual works.
A Bibliography of Neo-African Literature from Africa, America and the Caribbean (1965) Ref Knight Z3508 .L5 J3
Supplement: A New Bibliography of African Literature (1969) Ref Knight Z3508 .L5 P37,
These bibliographies cover neo-African literature, defined as the "new literature" of African culture which has been shaped by Western influence. Neo-African literature continues stylistic traditions of Africa's rich oral tradition, while adopting the Western traditions of sharing stories in written form by known authors. The author has attempted to include all works of neo-African literature, as well as works of Euro-African or Euro-American authors writing in the neo-African style. The bibliography initially provides a list of anthologies, followed by a listing of works organized by geographic region, then alphabetically by author. The supplement builds on and updates the original Bibliography of Neo-African Literature from Africa, America and the Caribbean, focusing solely on literature from Africa.
Black African Literature in English series:
Black African Literature in English 1992-1996, Ref Knight PR9340 .L573 2000
Black African Literature in English, 1987-1991, Ref Knight PR9340 .L55 1995
Black African Literature in English, 1982-1986, Ref Knight Z3508 .L5 L562 1989
Black African Literature in English: A Guide to Information Sources, Ref Knight Z3508 .L5 L56
Black African Literature in English Since 1952 (published in 1967), Knight Z3508 .L5 A25
This series aims to provide comprehensive critical coverage of major scholarly books and periodicals about Black African literature written in English. The bibliography is divided into two parts: the first half is organized by genre or topic, while the second part is organized alphabetically by author. Author and subject indexes are provided at the back of each volume.
The Companion to African Literatures Ref Knight PR9340 .C65 2000
A guide to literature written in English or widely available in translation from other languages. Entries cover authors writing in English, authors writing in African or non-African languages whose works are available in English, selected works of literature, language entries covering literature in that language, and themed entries (covering literary genres, or topics such as religion and literature).
Dictionary of Oriental Literatures Ref Knight PJ31 .D5
Volume 3: West Asia and North Africa
This dictionary covers the literature of the ancient civilizations of North Africa (including Mesopotamia and Egypt) and Maghreb. Entries are written by individual authors, and cover topics including author profiles, major works, literary forms, genres, and schools of writing.
Dictionnaire des Oeuvres Littéraires Négro-Africaines de Langue Française, des Origines à 1978 Ref Knight PQ3980 .D5 1983
This French-language reference title includes information about African works written in French from earliest times to 1978, when this book was published. Works by lesser-known authors are also included. The Dictionnaire is organized alphabetically by title of the work; author and genre indexes are available at the back of the book.
A New Reader's Guide to African Literature Knight and Ref Knight PN849 .A35 Z44 1983
This guide includes 3091 works by black African authors south of the Sahara who write in English, French, and Portugese. Entries are divided into several sections: an overall bibliography (sub-divided into reference works, criticism, criticism of a single author, collections, and folklore); bibliographies organized by language (English-speaking Africa, Francophone Africa, Lusophone Africa); bibliographies by format (Children's literature, Magazines); and a final section containing author biographies.
Penguin Companion to Classical, Oriental & African Literature Ref Knight PA31 .P4
This volume aims to provide Western readers with a quick overview of the most significant writers of Asia and Africa, from ancient times to 1969 (when the book was published). In addition to overviews of major authors and works, short surveys of lesser-known national literatures are included.
South African Writers Ref Knight PR9350.2 .S68 2000b
Published as Volume 225 of the Dictionary of Literary Biography, this volume includes detailed biographies and critical information about the works of South African authors.
Twentieth-Century Caribbean and Black African Writers series:
Twentieth-Century Caribbean and Black African Writers, Third Series, Ref Knight PR9205 .A52 T893 1995
Twentieth-Century Caribbean and Black African Writers, Second Series, Ref Knight PR9205 .A52 T89 1993
Twentieth-Century Caribbean and Black African Writers, First Series, Ref Knight PR9205 .A52 T88 1992
Published as volumes 117, 125 and 157 of the Dictionary of Literary Biography, this series provides detailed biographical and critical information about sixty-five Caribbean and African authors and their works. Authors are drawn from fourteen nations in Africa and the Caribbean, with the majority coming from Nigeria, South Africa, and Jamaica. Authors covered in these volumes are frequently bilingual and often have published both in English and vernacular languages.

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African Music

African Music : a Pan-African Annotated Bibliography
MUSIC REF. ML120.A35 L4 1991
World Music Discography Series- Africa
List of the UO Library's holding of recordings of African music.

African Politics

African Political Facts Since 1945
2nd Edition Ref Knight DT30 .C594 1991
African Political Dictionary
Ref Knight DT30.5.P47 1984
Atlas of African Affairs
2nd Edition MAP Library G2445 .G7 1994
Pan-African History : Political Figures from Africa and the Diaspora Since 1787
Ref Knight DT30 .A35 2003

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Finding Articles
The site consists of two bibliographic databases covering Africana periodical literature (Bibliography of Africana Periodical Literature Database) and African Women's literature (African Women's Database).
African Journals Online
An online database which aims to provide access to all scholarly journals published in Africa. Includes links to web sites of African journals.
African Studies Quarterly
An online journal published by the University of Florida.
African newspaper articles dating back to the early 1990s.
African Newspapers from the World Newspaper Archive
Full-text access to selected African newspapers, primarily covering the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
Quarterly Index to Africana Periodical Literature, 2000 - present. Ref Knight Z3503 .Q38, 1991 - present.
Formerly: Quarterly Index to Periodical literature, Eastern and Southern Africa, 1991-1999.
Published by the Library of Congress Office in Nairobi, Kenya, this index covers 300 selected periodicals from 29 African countries. The index is organized into broad subject areas covering all aspects of African periodical literature (Economics, Education, Law, Literature, Politics, Transportation, etc.). Five additional indices are provided: an author index, geographic index (of the article's content), subject term index, title of article index, and a title of journal index.

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Finding Books

UO WorldCat is now the primary tool to find books and other information sources available through the University of Oregon Libraries. It is accessible as the default search (under the Catalog tab) in the search box on the library Web pages. Searching UO WorldCat draws results from a number of databases, including the the UO Local catalog, Summit, and WorldCat, and several large periodical indexes.

For books, videos, music, journal titles and items found in other library catalog, UO WorldCat results are presented in ordered based on how quickly a UO researcher can obtain the item: items held by the UO Libraries appear on top, items held by Summit libraries appear next, then items that are held only by libraries outside the Orbis Cascade Alliance (Summit libraries) appearing last.

Researchers can also still use the UO Local Catalog, which searches only the UO library catalog using the traditional interface. This may be preferred by some users for particular types of searches. For more detailed information, see our Books and More page.

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Finding Videos

To find videos on Africa or on a particular African country or region, type the Keyword(s) which describe your topic. For example, type South Africa. Next, using the drop down box, labeled VIEW ENTIRE COLLECTION, select "Video & Film" to limit your search to the videos or DVDs. Then click on the "Search" button. For further tips, see the library's Looking for Videos and Films page.

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People & Organizations

African Studies Association (ASA)
Association for the Study of African Classical Civilizations
Africa Society of The National Summit on Africa

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Web Resources

A Guide to Africa on the Internet
Maintained by the Nordic Africa Institute, this guide allows you to sort links by country or by subject, and also maintains a guide to other Africa web portals. You can keep up with newly added links via RSS feed.
The Africa Guide
Provides general information on the continent as well as travel information, shopping information and discussion forums.
Africa Resource
An African educational web portal, which offers a variety of educational materials as well as informational products and services.
Africa-related Links
Site maintained by the University of Wisconsin-Madison African Studies Program. Contains numerous links to web sites focused on Africa in various categories.
Africa Web Links: an Annotated Resource List
By Ali B. Ali-Dinar, African Studies Center, University of Pennsylvania.
African Studies Gateway
Provides access to various discussion lists on H-Net, an international consortium of scholars and teachers in the humanities and social sciences.
Index on Africa
Published by the Norwegian Council for Africa, this site provides links to resources on Africa, as well as news and opinion on the continent.

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