HC 222 (Cheng) Course Research Guide

HC 222 Course Research Guide

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This is a guide to the library and research materials you may find useful to accomplish the objectives of HC 222--Honors College Literature with Prof. Mai-Lin Cheng, Winter 2013

General Background Information

Shakespeare Sources

Defoe Sources

  • Cambridge Companion to Daniel Defoe  |  KNIGHT PR3407 .C36 2008
    "This volume surveys the wide range of Defoe's fiction and non-fiction, and assesses his importance as writer and thinker. Leading scholars discuss key issues in Defoe's novels, and show how the man who was once pilloried for his writings emerges now as a key figure in the literature and culture of the early eighteenth century."

  • Daniel Defoe Digital Exhibit, Indiana University Library
    This online exhibition gives an overview of the many types of publications written by Defoe in his lifetime. Includes high-resolution scans of primary sources.

  • The illustration of Robinson Crusoe, 1719-1920  |  KNIGHT PR3403.Z5 B52 1995
    A history of illustrations in the various editions of Robinson Crusoe.

More on Islands, Castaways

Finding Works "Inspired By"

  • Short Story Index  |  KNIGHT REFERENCE Z 5917 .S5 C62
    Lists short stories in anthologies and periodicals by subject, author, or title.

  • Columbia Granger's Index to Poetry  |  KNIGHT REFERENCE PN 1022 .H39 1994
    A list of poems by subject, title, author, first line, or last line.

  • Literature Resource Center
    A multipurpose literary research resource, useful for finding scholarly criticism, author biographies, primary sources, and reviews.
    Search tips:
    • Search for secondary sources about your work or character
    • Scan for clues to related works in the "Narrow Results" links in the left-side menu

  • Google Search
    Search tips:
    • "inspired by [title/character]"
    • "based on [title/character]"
    • "adapted from [title/character]"

Finding Images

  • ARTstor (on campus) | ARTStor (off campus)
    ARTstor provides access to approximately 500,000 images of art, architectural, and cultural objects.

  • CAMIO (Catalog of Museum Images Online)
    Provides high-quality art images from around the world which have been contributed and described by leading museums.

  • Google Images
    The most comprehensive image search on the free Internet.
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