HC 221 (Cheng) Course Research Guide

HC 221 Course Research Guide

Get help from your librarian!

This is a guide to the library and research materials you may find useful to accomplish the objectives of HC 221--Honors College Literature with Prof. Mai-Lin Cheng, Fall 2012

Finding Background Information, Terms

Finding Primary Sources

Finding Art Images

  • ARTstor (on campus) | ARTStor (off campus)
    ARTstor provides access to approximately 500,000 images of art, architectural, and cultural objects.

  • CAMIO (Catalog of Museum Images Online)
    Provides high-quality art images from around the world which have been contributed and described by leading museums.

  • Google Images
    The most comprehensive image search on the free Internet.

Recommended Websites

SEARCH TIP: To find scholarly sources on the Internet, add site:edu to your Google search (this limits your results to sites from universities).

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