ENG 695 Course Research Guide

ENG 695 Melodrama -- Course Research Guide

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Finding Background & Definitions

Use these specialized sources to find background, overviews, and definitions of key terms.

Surveys of Critical Literature

Handbooks and companions are another good way to find out current trends in scholarship, and for surveys of research in a particular area. Some examples:

Production Information

These sources will help you find information about how films were made, including studios, producers, directors, writers, distribution, and budgets.

  • The American Film Institute Catalog
    A comprehensive source for information about all American feature films produced between 1893-1974, with coverage for "selected major films" 1975-2009. Includes production credits, plot summaries, and cross-indexing of themes and genres.

  • Film Index International
    Similar to the AFI Catalog, but with an international scope and coverage of films up to the present day.
  • The [International] Motion Picture Almanac (1929-current) | PN 1993.3 .I55
    An annual compilation of data and information related to the movie industry, including releases for the year, box office receipts, numbers of theaters and screens throughout the United States, studio output, salaries, plot summaries, and much more.

  • Los Angeles Times (1881-1986)

  • New York Times (1851-2007)

  • Variety -- online index | UO Library holdings


These sources will help you find information about how films were received by both film critics and general audiences. Look for reviews, box office receipts, video and DVD sales, awards, appearance on Best Of lists, news items about films' popularity (e.g., "Most expensive flop of all time"), and scholarly criticism.

  • Academic Search Premier (dates vary by title)
    Search for articles and reviews from thousands of scholarly and popular periodicals.

  • Communication & Mass Media Complete (dates vary by title)
    Search for articles on the film and media industry. Especially good for DVD releases and sales information.

  • FIAF (1972-present)
    Reviews and criticism from U.S. and international film journals.

  • Film and Television Literature Index (dates vary by title)
    Search for scholarly criticism, reviews, profiles, box office information, and DVD sales.

  • Index to Motion Picture Credits
    A comprehensive database of cast and crew in all Academy Award categories back to 1934.

  • JSTOR (dates vary by title)
    A full-text database that contains the scanned images of hundreds of major research journals in a variety of academic disciplines, some of which began publication as early as the 1870s.

  • Los Angeles Times (1881-1986)

  • MLA International Bibliography (1926-present) An excellent source for scholarly criticism and analysis of film, new media, cultural studies, and literature.

  • New York Times (1851-2007)

  • The Numbers
    Provides current and historical business information about the film industry. The database includes 10,000 movies and about 500,000 separate pieces of information.

  • Project Muse (dates vary by title)
    Searches the full text in over 300 academic journals in the arts, humanities, and social sciences, journals.

  • UO WorldCat
    Search for books in the UO Library, Summit (Northwest libraries), and worldwide.
  • Variety Film Reviews (1907-1990) | KNIGHT PN 1993 .V36

  • WorldWide Box Office, 1899-2001
    Provides information about worldwide movie ticket sales. Be sure to check out their sources page for additional data.
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