Making a room reservation request

Making a room reservation request

Most rooms are on a first-come, first served basis, but making a room reservation request is always a good idea if you want a room for a specific date/time.

Reservations for Monday-Fridays need to be made before 5pm; weekend reservations need to be submitted before 5pm on Friday. Reservation requests made after the designated times will not be honored. See room reservation policies before making the request.

How to make a reservation request

1. Go to the library's main homepage.

2. Click on "Rooms & Study Spaces" in the top left hand corner of the page

3. Look for "25Live" and click on it

4. Click "Sign in" at the top right corner of the screen and sign in with your DuckID username and password

5. Type in "GSH" in the location search on the left

6. Select the room you want to schedule from the list

7. Select the date and time you want to schedule (make sure you are on the "Availability" tab for this)

8. Complete the form (name, type of event, primary organization [this is most likely the School or College for events related to CRN courses], date and time, state, and headcount)

9. An email receipt will be sent to you and the request will be sent to Yen Tran (manager of the GSH Library Commons) who will approve the request within 24 hours

10. A second email will be sent to you to confirm or deny your reservation request

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