Government Information in the Online Catalog
Search Tips

Government information may be found in many places in the UO Libraries, including the Document Center, Knight and branch libraries.  LibrarySearch can be used for locating both paper and electronic publications. Here are some tips for successful use of the catalog in finding government publications:

  1. Search by title if you have a specific one, such as "Oregon statewide planning program".
  2. Search by author for publications by a specific government body. For example, "United States. Dept. of Homeland Security", or "Oregon. Water Resources Dept."
  3. A keyword search permits you to specify a topic, and also limit your results to a particular government entity. For example:
    • choose Advanced Search;
    • type "willamette river" in the first search box;
    • select Author search for the next box, and type "oregon".
    • The results will be publications about the Willamette River that were produced by Oregon state agencies.
  4. As an alternative to tip #3, you may perform any search, then limit it by author. For example, do a Subject search on "refugees", then use the Authors in the left column to choose United Nations agencies.

Regrettably, most U.S. government publications published from 1975 to 1996 are not (yet) in the University of Oregon Libraries catalog. When you search in LibrarySearch, you may find documents of interest from this "gap" period that don't appear to be available at UO. In that case, bring the title and call number to the Document Center, or contact us by email. Document Center staff may still be able to locate the document in our collection.