Accession Numbered Social Science Microfilm

Titles in the Social Science Microfilm collection were acquired by the UO Library prior to 1980, and include works published between 1950 and 1977. Most reels contain single dissertations, chiefly in the fields of history, economics, anthropology, and sociology. There are, however, a small number of large multi-reel sets. Among these you may find the 177 reel Right Wing Collection (SOC 566). The inventory is arranged by entry number. Entries include author, title, publisher, date, and (in some instances) the subject headings that were assigned when the work was cataloged. Entries for major sets may also include references to finding aids. No records for these works appear in the UO Library's online catalog. The Social Science Microfilm collection is stored in Room 191N.

SOC 1. Nason, Robert W. Urban market process in Recife, Brazil. Thesis, Michigan State, 1968. Marketing.

SOC 2. Bennett, Peter D. The role of the government in the promotion of efficiency in the retail marketing of food products in greater Santiago, Chile. Thesis, U Texas, 1965. Food industry and trade.

SOC 3. Griggs, John E. Evaluating the consequences of marketing change: an application analysis of systems theory. Thesis, Michigan State, 1968. Marketing. System analysis.

SOC 4. Campbell, Rex R. Prestige of farm operators in two rural Missouri communities. Thesis, Missouri, 1965. Social classes. Social psychology.

SOC 5. Harrison, Kelly Max. Agricultural market coordination in agricultural development of Puerto Rico. Thesis, Michigan State, 1967. Marketing.

SOC 6. Harris, Joseph Earl. The kingdom of Fouta Diallon. Thesis, Northwestern 1965. Fulahs.

SOC 7. Gaffney, Henry Harold. Administration and administrative service in Sierra Leone. Thesis, Columbia, 1967. Politics, government.

SOC 8. Cole, Johnetta Betsch. Traditional and wage-earning labor among tribal Liberians. Thesis, Northwestern, 1967. Laboring classes, Liberia.

SOC 9. Stephan, Paul Brooke. Origins of the Sierra Leone Protectorate (1880-1900). Thesis, Yale, 1958. History.

SOC 10. Lewis, Ralph Kepler. Hadchite; a study of emigration in a Lebanese village. Thesis, Columbia, 1967. Lenanon. Emigration and immigration.

SOC 11. O'Connor, James Richard. The political economy of pre-revolutionary Cuba. Thesis, Columbia, 1964. Economic conditions. Social conditions.

SOC 12. Vidich, Virginia Wicks. Climatic, public health and nutritional correlates of infant mortality variations among cities in Colombia, South America. Thesis, Connecticut, 1962. Statistics, vital. Infants. Mortality.

SOC 13. Schultejann, Sister Mary Anunciata. Henry L. Stimson's Latin American policy, 1929-1933. Thesis, Georgetown, 1967. U. S. foreign relations.

SOC 14. Ross, John B. The economic system of Mexico. Thesis, Duke, 1967. Economic conditions. Economic policy.

SOC 15. Powell, John Duncan. The politics of agrarian reform in Venezuela: history, system and process. Thesis, Wisconsin, 1966. Land tenure.

SOC 16. Freyre Serra, Jorge Fabio. External and domestic financing in economic development of Puerto Rico: analysis and projections. Thesis, Yale, 1966. Economic conditions.

SOC 17. Wade, Kenneth Sayre. A study of public accounting in Mexico. Thesis, UCLA, 1967.

SOC 18. Bonaparte, Tony Hillary. An analysis of the racial and cultural influences on the business system of Trinidad, West Indies. Thesis, New York, 1967. Economic conditions.

SOC 19. Colaco, Francis Xavier. Factors affecting changes in the cost of living in Brazil: a sectoral analysis. Thesis, Berkeley, 1967. Cost and standard of living.

SOC 20. Aitken, Norman Dale. Entrepreneural potential in underdeveloped countries: a test of major hypotheses. Thesis, Tennessee, 1967.

SOC 21. Gwyer, George David. Determinants of long-term capital flows to Peru, 1950-1965. Thesis, North Carolina, 1967. Investments, foreign.

SOC 22. Burke, Melvin. An analysis of the Bolivian land reform by means of a comparison between Peruvian haciendas and Bolivian ex-haciendas. Thesis, Pittsburgh, 1967. Land tenure.

SOC 23. Fisher, David F. The influence of the agrarian reform on the Mexican sugar industry. Thesis, Columbia, 1966. Land tenure.

SOC 24. Bryce, Herrington. Social origin as an obstacle or as an aid to mobility: a comparative analysis of long-term occupational mobility. Thesis, Syracuse, 1966.

SOC 25. Alschuler, Lawrence Richard. Political participation and urbanization in Mexico. Thesis, Northwestern, 1967. Political psychology. Social conditions.

SOC 26. Berger, Henry Weinberg. Union diplomacy: American labor's foreign policy in Latin America, 1932-1955. Thesis, Wisconsin, 1966. Trade-unions. U.S . Political activity.

SOC 27. Everett, Michael David. The role of the Mexican trade unions, 1950-1963. Thesis, Washington U, 1967. Trade unions, Mexico, labor. Trade-unions.

SOC 28. Childers, Victor Ernest. Unemployment in Venezuela. Thesis, Indiana, 1967. Unemployed.

SOC 29. Davis, Ronald Wayne. Historical outline of the Kru Coast, Liberia, 1500 to the present. Thesis, Indiana, 1968. History.

SOC 30. Bain, Robert Ketcham. The process of professionalization: life insurance selling. Thesis, Chicago, 1959. Agents.

SOC 31. Brown, Michael John. The life of Sir Thomas Roe (1580-1644). Thesis, Emory, 1966.

SOC 32. Ball, Ian Traquair. Institution building for development: OEO community action programs on two North Dakota Indian reservations. Thesis, Indiana, 1968. Community development. Indians of North America..

SOC 33. Donaldson, Catherine Alice. The rhetoric of the Pitt government persuading English parliament and country to war with France in 1793. Thesis, Missouri, 1967. Great Britain. Politics and government.

SOC 34. Grosscup, Gordon Leonard. The ceramics of West Mexico. Thesis, UCLA, 1964. Indians of Mexico.

SOC 35. Finley, David D. Soviet foreign policy decision-making. Thesis, Stanford, 1966. Russia. Foreign relations.

SOC 36. Hunt, Robert Cushman. An intellectual history of national character studies by British and American anthropologists. Thesis, Northwestern, 1965. National characteristics.

SOC 37. Luther, Michael Martin. The birth of Soviet Ukraine. Thesis, Columbia, 1962. History, revolution, 1917-1921.

SOC 38. Gruber, Martin Jay. The determinants of common stock prices. Thesis, Columbia, 1966. Stocks.

SOC 39. Hart, Eugene D. The field organization of the Bureau of Land Management. Thesis, American, 1958.

SOC 40. Kligler, Deborah Schupper. The effects of the employment of married women on husband and wife roles: a study in cultural change. Thesis, Yale, 1954.

SOC 41. Pitts, William Norman. A critical study of Booker T. Washington as a speech maker with an analysis of seven selected speeches. Thesis, Michigan, 1952. Oratory.

SOC 42. Nurge, Ethel D. Culture change in contact situations: generalizations in syntheses by Malinowski, Linton and Barnett. Thesis, Cornell, 1955. Acculturation.

SOC 43. Stocking, George W. American social scientists and race theory, 1890-1915. Thesis, Pennsylvania, 1960. Race problems.

SOC 44. Sussman, Marvin B. Family continuity: a study of factors which affect relationships between families at generation levels. Thesis, Yale, 1951.

SOC 45. Urquidi, Donald William. The origins of the Italian Communist Party, 1918-1921. Thesis, Columbia, 1962. Partito communista italiano. Communism. Italy.

SOC 46. Wike, Joyce Annabel. The effect of the maritime fur trade on Northwest coast Indian society. Thesis, Columbia, 1952. Fur trade. Indians of North America. Northwest, Pacific.

SOC 47. Siskin, Edgar E. The impact of the Peyote cult upon shamanism among the Washo Indians. Thesis, Yale, 1941. Indians of North America.

SOC 48. Davis, Adam Clarke. Retirement and family relations. Thesis, Duke, 1967.

SOC 49. Crabtree, Priscilla Horning. Current financial resources compared with selected characteristics of 60 retired couples. Thesis, Oregon State, 1966. Retirement.

SOC 50. Bersani, Carlo Albert. Analysis of attitude toward retirement and withdrawal from work behavior of self-employed. Thesis, Iowa, 1965.

SOC 51. Fields, Theron Joseph. Company-initiated early retirement as a means of work force control. Thesis, Cornell, 1963.

SOC 52. Flannery, Kent V. The middle formative of the Tehaucan Valley; its pattern and place in Meso-American prehistory. Thesis, Chicago, 1964. Indians of Mexico.

SOC 53. Grove, David Cliff. The Morelos preclassic and highland Olmec problem: an archaeological study. Thesis, UCLA, 1968. Indians of Mexico. Antiquities.

SOC 54. Butcher, D. A. P. The role of the Fulbe in the urban life and economy of Lunsar, Sierra Leone; being a study of the adaptation of an immigrant group. Thesis, Edinburgh, 1964. Fulahs.

SOC 55. Weissbuch, Theodore Nesther. Literary and historical attitudes toward reconstruction following the Civil War. Thesis, Iowa, 1964.

SOC 56. Schwarzlose, Richard Allen. American wire services; a study of their development as a social institution. Thesis, Illinois, 1965. Press. U.S.

SOC 57. Heyer, Claude Herbert. American Indian self sufficiency; a study in human and natural resource development policy. Thesis, Oklahoma, 1966. Indians, treatment of. U.S.

SOC 58. Jones, Hazel J. The Meiji government and foreign employees, 1868-1900. Thesis, Michigan, 1967. Japan. Politics and government.

SOC 59. Kain, John Forrest. The journey-to-work as a determinant of residential location. Thesis, Berkeley, 1961. Residential mobility.

SOC 60. Lundgren, Earl F. Relationship between work attitudes and the retirement experience. Thesis, Wisconsin, 1964.

SOC 61. Markakis, John. Pan-Africanism: the idea and the movement. Thesis, Columbia, 1965.

SOC 62. Parsons, Jeffrey Robinson. The Aztec ceramic sequence in the Teotihuacan Valley, Mexico. Thesis, Michigan, 1966. Indians of Mexico. Pottery.

SOC 63. Mechanic, David. Socially induced stress and illness; a study in medical sociology. Thesis, Stanford, 1959. Social medicine. Stress (physiology).

SOC 64. Saenz, Paul. An analysis of the achievements of the Organization of African Unity in promoting continental co-operation. Thesis, Arizona, 1968. Pan-Africanism.

SOC 65. Stevens, David Walter. Capital as a determinant of economic growth; allocation of a tri-ethnic community. Thesis, Colorado, 1965. Indians of North America. Economic conditions.

SOC 66. Rodner, Kim. Social change and the unified science perspective: the resource control movement in industrial society. Thesis, Michigan State, 1962.

SOC 67. Tallmer, Margot. Social, economic and health factors in disengagement of the aging. Thesis, Yeshiva, 1967. Aged.

SOC 68. Textor, Robert B. An inventory of non-Buddhist supernatural objects in a central Thai village. Thesis, Cornell, 1960. Thailand. Religion. Magic. Ethnology.

SOC 69. Zimmer, Robert Keith. An empirical analysis of stock market price determinants. Thesis, Ohio State, 1964. Stock exchange.

SOC 70. Papazian, Dennis. Nicholas Ivanovich Kostomarov: Russian historian, Ukrainian nationalist, Slavic federalist. Thesis, Michigan, 1966.

SOC 71. Wolsey, Heber Grant. The history of radio station KSL from 1922 to television. Thesis, Michigan State, 1967. Salt Lake City.

SOC 72. Bowen, Don Ramsey. The explanation of judicial voting behavior from sociological characteristics of judges. Thesis, Yale, 1965. Judicial process.

SOC 73. Sansovino, Franceso, 1521-1586. Cronologia del mondo...divisa in tre libri...Venetia, Stamperia della Luna, 1580. Chronology, historical. Early printed books, 1500-1650. Facsimiles.

SOC 74. Bechtold, Peter Klaus. Parliamentary elections in the Sudan. Thesis, Princeton, 1968. Politics and government.

SOC 75. Gossett, Thomas F. The idea of Anglo-Saxon superiority in American thought, 1865-1915. Thesis, Minnesota, 1953. U.S. Race question.

SOC 76. Pillsbury, Richard R. The urban street pattern of Pennsylvania before 1815: a study in cultural geography. Thesis, Penn State, 1968. Cities and towns. Planning.

SOC 77. Vasquez, Jose L. The demographic evolution of Puerto Rico. Thesis, Chicago, 1964. Population.

SOC 78. Zeman, Morton. A quantitative analysis of white-nonwhite income differentials in the United States. Thesis, Chicago, 1955.

SOC 79. Sansovino, Francesco, 1521-1586. Del governo et amministratione di diversi regni et republiche, cosi antiche come moderne di M. Francesco Sansovino, Libri XXI...Venetia, per ordine de J. Sansovino, appreso G.A. Bertano, 1578. On this film is also his Venetia, citta nobilissima et singolare...1581. Political science. Early printed books, 1500-1650.

SOC 80. Axelson. Leland John. A study of the marital adjustment and role definitions of the husbands of working and non-working wives. Thesis, WSU, 1963. Husband and wife.

SOC 81. Coffin, Harry Caithness. Marine influence on the climate of southern California in summer. Thesis, Berkeley, 1961.

SOC 82. Kraushaar, John Logan. College market in an urban area. Thesis, New York, 1963. Bridgeport, Connecticut. Economic conditions.

SOC 83. Stone, Leroy O. Some demographic concomitants of economic change in sub-regions of Puerto Rico, 1950-60. Thesis, Pennsylvania, 1964. Population. Economic conditions.

SOC 84. Collins, Lloyd R. An application of Barnett's innovation theory to the standardization of a logic symbology. Thesis, Arizona, 1962. Electronic data processing.

SOC 85. David, Pedro Rubens. The social structure of Argentina. Thesis, Indiana, 1963. Argentine Republic. Social conditions.

SOC 86. Smith, Nathan. The Constitutional-Democratic movement in Russia, 1902-1906. Thesis, Illinois, 1958. Russia. Politics and Government. 1894-1917.

SOC 87. Andrus, Roman Raphael. Measures of consumer innovative behavior. Thesis, Columbia, 1965. Consumers' preferences.

SOC 88. Silva, J. F. Barbosa da. A sociological analysis of internal migration in Brazil. Thesis, Florida, 1963.

SOC 89. Saxton, Alexander Plaisted. The indispensable enemy: a study of the anti-Chinese movement in California. Thesis, Berkeley, 1967. Politics and government, 1850-1950.

SOC 90. Gardner, John Berdan. The image of the Chinese in the United States, 1885-1915. Thesis, Pennsylvania, 1961.

SOC 91. Miller, Stuart Creighton. The Chinese image in the eastern United States, 1785-1882. Thesis, Columbia, 1966.

SOC 92. Gerber, Linda Keeney. Antidemocratic movements in the United States since World War I. Thesis, Pennsylvania, 1964. U.S. Politics and government.

SOC 93. Calkins, Kenneth Roy. Hugo Haase; a political biography. Thesis, Chicago, 1966.

SOC 94. Wylie, Kenneth Charles. The politics of transformation: indirect rules in Mendeland and Abuja, 1890-1914. Thesis, Michigan State,1967. Nigeria, northern. Politics and government.

SOC 95. Henry, Robert Rudolph. The changing roles and status of the department store buyer, 1870-1960. Thesis, Syracuse, 1965.

SOC 96. Burch, Thomas Kirby. Internal migration in Venezuela: a methodological study. Thesis, Princeton, 1962.

SOC 97. Clayton, Bruce Lynn. Southern critics of the New South, 1890-1914. Thesis, Duke, 1966. Southern states. Social policy.

SOC 98. House, Robert J. An experiment in the use of selected methods for improving the effectiveness of communication training for management. Thesis, Ohio State, 1960.

SOC 99. Stephenson, Harriet Buckman. The effect of a management training program on leadership attitudes and on-the-job behavior. Thesis, Washington, 1966.

SOC 100. Husted, Frank LeRoy. The application of educational principles of evaluation to industrial supervisory training. Thesis, Buffalo, 1961. Supervisors.

SOC 101. Bustrillos, Nena Rola. Decision-making styles of selected Mexican homemakers. Thesis, Michigan, 1963.

SOC 102. Onorato, Loretta Ann. Thesis, Michigan State, 1968. Structures of family management in two socio-economic classes.

SOC 103. Sansovino, Francesco, 1521-1586. Gl'annali overo le vite de'principi et signori delli case Othomana. . .Venetia, 1571. Turkey. Sultans.

SOC 104. Holsoe, Svend Einar. The cassava-leaf people: an ethnohistorical study of the Vai people with a particular emphasis on the Tewo chieftan. Thesis, Boston, 1967.

SOC 105. Shcherbatov, Mikhail Mikhailovich, kniaz', 1733-1790 O povrezhdenii nravov v Rossi. London, Trubner, 1858. xiv, 340 p. Russia. Social conditions. Serfdom. Moral conditions. Court and courtiers. Radischev, Aleksandr Nikolaevich, 1749-1802.

SOC 106. Burns, Joseph Edward. Financial intermediaries and economic growth in Venezuela. Thesis, Oregon, 1967.

SOC 107. Hopkins, Nicolas Snowden. Government in Kita: institutions and processes in a Malian town. Thesis, Chicago, 1967.

SOC 108. Berry, Sara Shepherd Sweezy. Cocoa in Western Nigeria, 1890-1940; a study of an innovation in a developing economy. Thesis, Michigan, 1967.

SOC 109. Bender, Donald Ray. Early French ethnography in Africa and the development of ethnology in France. Thesis, Northwestern, 1964.

SOC 110. Kleban, Eugeniusz. Functionalism yesterday and today: comparison and critique. Thesis, New York, 1965.

SOC 111. Magid, Alvin. District councillorship in an African society: a study in role and conflict resolution. Thesis, Michigan State, 1965. Nigerian, northern. Social conditions.

SOC 112. Mullen, Pierce C. The preconditions and reception of Darwinian biology in Germany, 1800-1870. Thesis, Berkeley, 1964. Evolution.

SOC 113. Stebbins, Robert Ernest. French reactions to Darwin, 1859-1882. Thesis, Minnesota, 1965. Evolution.

SOC 114.Parramore, Thomas Custis. Anson's voyage and the dawn of scientific navigation. Thesis, UNC, 1965.

SOC 115. Nafziger, Estel Wayne. Nigerian entrepreneurship: a study of indigenous businessmen in the footwear industry. Thesis, Illinios, 1967. Businessmen.

SOC 116. Hudson, Charles Melvin. The Catawba Nation: a social history. Thesis, UNC, 1965. Indians of North America.

SOC 117. Schofer, Joseph Landy. Strategies for evaluating alternative transportation plans: a cost-effectiveness framework. Thesis, Northwestern, 1968.

SOC 118. McLean, Thomas Arthur. An employment multiplier model for the state of Oregon. Thesis, Utah, 1966. Lumber trade.

SOC 119. Troub, Roger Monroe. Economic development aspects of the Oklahoma airport system. Thesis, Oklahoma, 1968.

SOC 120. Grosser, Charles. Perceptions of professionals, indigenous workers and lower class clients. Thesis, Columbia, 1965. Social status.

SOC 121. Kaeppler, Adrienne Lois. The structure of Tongan dance. Thesis, Hawaii, 1967. Dancing. Tonga Islands.

SOC 122. Snyder, Sally. Skagit society and its existential basis: an ethnofolkloristic reconstruction. Thesis, Washington, 1964. Indians of North America. Legends.

SOC 123. Wickens, James Frederick. Colorado in the great depression: a study of New Deal policies at the state level. Thesis, Denver, 1964. Economic conditions.

SOC 124. Nelson, Ralph Lowell. The merger movement in manufacturing and mining, 1895-1907. Thesis, Columbia, 1955.

SOC 125. Littlefield, James Edward. Marketing in an underdeveloped economy; the case of Peru. Thesis, Wisconsin, 1967.

SOC 126. Minton, John Dean. The New Deal in Tennessee, 1932-1938. Thesis, Vanderbilt, 1959. Politics and government. Economic conditions. Tennessee Valley Authority.

SOC 127. Swecker, Zoe. The early Iberian accounts of the Far East, 1550-1600. East (Far East). Discovery and exploration.

SOC 128. Mitchell, Lisle Serles. An empirical study of urban recreation units: playgrounds as central places. Thesis, Ohio State, 1967. Recreation areas.

SOC 129. Jamieson, James Bradshaw. Political dynamics of recreation resources decision making: case studies of three suburban communities. Thesis, Brown, 1966. Recreation and state.

SOC 130. Meier, August. The emergence of Negro nationalism; a study in ideologies from the American revolution to the first World War. Thesis, Columbia, 1949.

SOC 131. Sopher, David Edward. The sea nomads; a study of the maritime boat people of southeast Asia. Based on the literature. Thesis, Berkeley, 1954.

SOC 132. Wright, Ione Stuessy. Early American voyages to the Far East, 1527-1565. Thesis, Berkeley, 1940.

SOC 133. Adams, Dorothy Inez. The role of rice ritual in southeast Asia. Thesis, Columbia, 1950. Rites and ceremonies.

SOC 134. Guzman-Rivas, Pablo. Reciprocal geographic influences of the trans-Pacific galleon trade. Thesis, Texas, 1960. Spain. Colonies. Philippine Islands.

SOC 135. Ch'oe, Pu, 1454-1504. A record of drifting across the sea: P'yohaerok...translated by John Thomas Meskill. Thesis, Columbia, 1959.

SOC 136. Vander Meer, Canute. Corn on the island of Cebu, the Philippines. Thesis, Michigan, 1962. Maize.

SOC 137. Walsh, James Leo. Professional group striving and the orientations of public health professionals toward lower class clients. Thesis, Pittsburgh, 1966. Public health personnel.

SOC 138. Healy, John Raymond. A geographical study of the coastal zone of western Sabah. Thesis, UCLA, 1964.

SOC 139. Krugman, Herbert Ellis. The interplay of social and psychological factors in political deviance; an inquiry into some factors underlying the motivation of intellectuals who became communists. Thesis, Columbia, 1952. Right and left (political science).

SOC 140. Gupta, Shibshankar Prasad. The size and growth of government expenditures; a time-series and cross-section analysis. Thesis, York, 1966. Expenditures, public.

SOC 141. Cornehls, James Vernon. Mexico's rural road to progress: an analysis of agrarian reform and agricultural development. Thesis, Texas, 1965. Land tenure.

SOC 142. Steiner, Henry Malcolm. Criteria for planning rural roads in a developing country: the case of Mexico. Thesis, Stanford, 1965.

SOC 143. Scott, Juan Felipe. Socio-economic performance of alternative tenure systems in Mexico. Thesis, Berkeley, 1967. Land tenure.

SOC 144. Kauffman, Jay Howard. A comparative study of traditional and emergent family types among midwest Mennonites. Thesis, Chicago, 1960. Social life and customs.

SOC 145. Parson, Lynn Hudson. The Hamiltonian tradition in the United States, 1804-1912. Thesis, Johns Hopkins, 1967.

SOC 146. Bramble, Max Edward. Alexander Hamilton and nineteenth century American historians: a study of selected interpretations of Hamilton. Thesis, Michigan, 1968.

SOC 147. Wolcott, Harry F. A Kwakiutl village and its school: cultural barriers to classroom performance. Thesis, Stanford, 1964. Indians of North America.

SOC 148. Fison, Lorimer, 1832-1907. Kamilaroi and Kurnai; group-marriage and relationship, and marriage by elopement, drawn chiefly from the usage of the Australian aborigines . . . by Lorimer Fison and A.W. Howitt. With an introduction by Lewis M. Morgan. Melbourne, G. Robertson, 1880. Ethnology.

SOC 149. Chang, Tsuen-kung. Historical geography of Chinese settlement in the Malay archipelago. Thesis, Nebraska, 1954. Chinese in Malaya.

SOC 150. Stoll, Hans R. The determinants of forward foreign exchange rates. Thesis, Chicago, 1966.

SOC 151. Chang, Richard T. Fukita Toko and Sakuma Shozan: Bakumatsu intellectuals and the West. Thesis, Michigan, 1964.

SOC 152. Moore, George E. Kozaki Hiromichi and the Kumamoto Band: a study of Samurai reaction to the West. Thesis, Berkeley, 1966.

SOC 153. Nishio, Harry K. Political authority structure and the development of entrepreneurship in Japan, 1603-1890. Thesis, Berkeley, 1966.

SOC 154. Willett, Thomas D. A portfolio theory of international short term capital movements with a critique of recent United States empirical studies. Thesis, Virginia, 1967. International finance.

SOC 155. Black, Stanley W. Theory and policy analysis of short-term movements in the balance of payments. Thesis, Yale, 1965.

SOC 156. Seldin, Joseph Elliott. Occupational status problems and the radical allegiance: a theory of recruitment to radical groups. Thesis, Pittsburgh, 1968. Radicalism.

SOC 157. McVicar, Kenneth Gordon. Twilight of an East African slum: Pumwani and the evolution of African settlement in Nairobi. Thesis, UCLA, 1968. Social conditions.

SOC 158. Fonda-Bonardi, Mirella. The Istorie Fiorentine by Nicolo Machiavelli. Thesis, UCLA, 1967.

SOC 159. Devlin, David T. Analysis of disturbances in the foreign exchange market. Thesis, Columbia, 1968.

SOC 160. Haas, Ernst B. Belgium and the balance of power; a critical examination of some balance of power theories in the light of the policy motivations of the major European states toward Belgium, 1830-1839. Thesis, Columbia, 1952.

SOC 161. Wursching, Theodor K. Internal factors determining past and future land use and settlement patterns of Washtenaw County, Michigan. Thesis, Michigan, 1967.

SOC 162. Pearce, Robert M. Land tenure and political authority: the processes of change in land relations and land attitudes in Vietnamese village of the Mekong delta since 1945. Thesis, Washington, 1968. Land tenure.

SOC 163. Bowden, Martyn J. The dynamics of city growth: an historical geography of the San Francisco central district, 1850-1931. Thesis, Berkeley, 1967.

SOC 164. Camealy, John B. Management development training: multiple measurement of its effect when used to increase the impact of a long term motivational program. Thesis, Washington, 1968.

SOC 165. Galbraith, Oliver. An analysis of a Small Business Administration mangement training program. Thesis, UCLA, 1968.

SOC 166. Pietrusewsky, Michael. The physical anthropology of early Tomgan populations: a study of bones and teeth and an assessment of their biological affinities based on cranial comparisons with eight other Pacific populations. Thesis, Toronto, 1969. Ethnology, Tonga Islands.

SOC 167. Oleszek, Walter J. Congressional career patterns, 1910-1960. Thesis, SUNY Albany, 1968. Politics, practical. U.S. Politics and government.

SOC 168.Heilbrun, James. The effects of alternative real estate taxes on the maintenance and rehabilitation of urban rental housing. Thesis, Columbia, 1964. Real property tax.

SOC 169. Heslop, David A. The presidency and political science: a critique of the work of political scientists in three areas of presidential politics. Thesis, Texas, 1968.

SOC 170. Weaver, Charles N. A comparative study of selected significant factors in the job performance of the Spanish-surname employee in selected organizations. Thesis, Texas, 1967. Employees, rating of.

SOC 171. Oswald, Rudolph A. Is compulsory arbitration a proper tool of public policy? The fire fighters; a case study. Thesis, Georgetown, 1965. Firemen.

SOC 172. Black, Donald J. Police encounters and social organization; an observation study. Thesis, Michigan, 1968.

SOC 173. Boyd, Richard W. A theory of voting defection; attitudinal cross-pressures and political alienation. Thesis, Indiana, 1967.

SOC 174. Wilson, Eugene Murphey. Folk houses of northern Alabama. Thesis, Louisiana State, 1969. Farmhouses.

SOC 175. Carver, Joan Sacknitz. The non-fighting forces of the United Nations: an instrument for the pacific settlement of disputes. Thesis, Florida, 1965.

SOC 176. Chagnon, Napoleon Alphonseau. Yanomamo warfare, social organization and marriage alliances. Thesis, Michigan, 1966. Indians of South America. Social life and customs.

SOC 177. Orfield, Gary. Ideology and the Indians; a study of the termination policy, by Gary Allan Orfield. Thesis, Chicago, 1965. Indians of North America. Government relations.

SOC 178. Gonzalez, Nancie Loudon Solien. The consanguineal household among the black Carib of Central America. Thesis, Michigan, 1958. Indians of Central America.

SOC 179. Ritchie, J. Bonner. Managerial attitudes and leadership behavior. Thesis, Berkeley, 1968. Job satisfaction. Executives.

SOC 180. Jonah, James O. Regional peace-keeping and peace making; the African model. Thesis, MIT, 1966.

SOC 181. U.S. National Archives. Records of the Department of State relating to internal affairs of China. Roll 1: List of documents 893.00/351 1/2-893.00/10700. Washington, the National Archives, the National Archives and Records Service, General Services Administration. 1960.

SOC 182. Schmidt, Hans R. The United States occupation of Haiti, 1915-1934. Thesis, Rutgers, 1968.

SOC 183. Bernardo, Robert M. Central planning in Cuba: ideology, structure and performance. Thesis, California, 1967.

SOC 184. Wingfield, Roland. Haiti, a case study of an underdeveloped area. Thesis, Louisiana State, 1966. Social conditions.

SOC 185. Jones, Dorothy Miriam. A study of social and economic problems in Unalaska, an Aleut village. Thesis, Berkeley, 1969. Social conditions.

SOC 186. Harvey, Edward Burns. Structure and process in industrial organizations. Thesis, Princeton, 1967. Decision-making.

SOC 187. Bell, Gerald D. Formalism versus flexibility in complex organizations: a comparative investigation within a hospital. Thesis, Yale, 1965. Hospitals. Administration.

SOC 188. Campbell, Richard F. The effect of a university marriage course on the opinions of students regarding selected areas of marital interaction. Thesis, FSU, 1960.

SOC 189. Caudle, Ann Hussey. Financial management practices of employed and non-employed wives. Thesis, FSU, 1962. Woman. Employment.

SOC 190. Doyle, Emma Lee. The father-son interaction test. Thesis, FSU, 1968. Fathers and sons.

SOC 191. Hewitt, Doris Woodruff. The family adjustment of culturally-deprived adolescent males in relation to their perceptions of family problems. Thesis, FSU, 1967.

SOC 192. King, Karl B. Comparison of power structure of the negro and the white family by socioeconomic class. Thesis, FSU, 1964.

SOC 193. Stinnett, Nick. Marital competence. Thesis, FSU, 1967. Marriage.

SOC 194. Aberbach, Joel David. Alienation and race. Thesis, Yale, 1968. Social psychology. Race problems.

SOC 195. Frost, Peter Ayars. Banks' demand for excess reserves. Thesis, UCLA, 1966.

SOC 196. Pecilunas, Leonard P. Adolescent misconduct and attitudes toward certain family relationships. Thesis, FSU, 1965.

SOC 197. Hanley, William James. Familistic attitudes and marriage role expectations: a study of American college students. Thesis, FSU, 1967.

SOC 198. Schuckert, Robert Frederick. Maternal aggression as perceived by young children. Thesis, FSU, 1966.

SOC 199. Knoebel, Edgar Erwin. Racial illusion and military necessity: a study of SS political and manpower objectives in occupied Belgium. Thesis, Colorado, 1965. World War, 1939-1945.

SOC 200. Chiswick, Barry Raymond. Human capital and the distribution of personal income. Thesis, Columbia University, 1967.

SOC 201. Millard, William Ellsworth. The "sale of culture." Thesis, Univeristy of Minnesota, 1969.

SOC 202. Wilson, Wesley Carlton. 1946: General George C. Marshall and the U.S. Army mediate China's civil war. Thesis, University of Colorado, 1965.

SOC 203. Wong, Frank Fe. Liang Ch'i-cha-o and the conflict of Confucian and constitutional politics. Thesis, Wisconsin, 1965. Missing/Withdrawn.

SOC 204. Wu, Ellsworth Tien-wei. The Chinese Nationalist and Communist alliance, 1923-1927. Thesis, Maryland, 1965.

SOC 205. Tsuneishi, Warren Michio. The Japanese emperor: a study in constitutional and political change. Thesis, Yale, 1961.

SOC 206. Zaninovich, M. An empirical theory of state response: the Sino-Soviet case. Thesis, Stanford, 1964.

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