Indexes to Oregon Newspapers

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This list includes any indexing source available to UO Library users, for newspapers published in Oregon. Indexes take the forms of card files, printed volumes, microfiche sets, online bibliographic databases, and full-text databases. Some treat a single newspaper, such as the Portland Oregonian or the Oregon Daily Emerald, while others include several papers.

(Located in the Reference Department near the Microforms Desk)

1. Card file #1. Index to articles of local and regional interest published in the Oregonian from 1911 to 1915, and 1925 to August 1975. The indexing was begun in 1930 by UO Library staff, with coverage beginning in 1925. Selected records were added for the period 1911-1915 to cover years not treated by the early bound indexes (see #10).

2. Card file #2. Same as #1, for 1975-1979.

3. Card file #3. Index to obituaries printed in the Oregonian, 1975-1979.

4. Card file #4. Same as #1, for 1980-1987.

5. Card file #5. Index to obituaries printed in the Oregonian, 1980-1987.

6. Card file #6. Index to the Oregon Weekly (predecessor to the Oregon Daily Emerald), for the years 1900-1909.

7. Card file #7. Oregon business index. Subject index to various Oregon periodicals, including Business Journal, Portland Magazine, Oregon Business, and Willamette Week; for the years 1982-1987.

8. Card file #8. Index to the Oregon Daily Emerald, the UO's student newspaper, for the years 1909-1978.


    9. Index to files of the Oregonian covering the years 1850-1909 and including only items relating to state and local affairs. 7 volumes. V. 1-6 are a topical index prepared by the University of Oregon: an unnumbered volume contains a detailed subject and name index produced by the Oregon Historical Society.

    11. Index to the...Oregon Journal...1902-1908.... REF AI 21.O78. Prepared by the UO Library Reference Department.

    12. Eugene Register-Guard Index. 1970-1979. REF AI 21.E8. Prepared by the Lane Community College Library.

    13. East Oregonian [Pendleton] Index. 1976-1983 REF AI 21.E753a. Prepared by the Umatilla County Library and the Blue Mountain Community College Library.

      10. Oregonian Index. 1910, 1914-1916,1919-1929. Index to state, local, national and international news. Obituaries are all grouped alphabetically under the heading "deaths". No volumes were produced for 1911-1913, or for the war years 1917-1918; the M-Z portion for 1916 was never published.


    14. Eugene Newspaper Index. 20 fiches. 1855-1870. MICROFICHE AI 21 .E96. By George Ann Clingan and Patty Rhay at the Lane Community College Library. The first part, pages 1-22, is the list of newpapers indexed, the list of abbreviations, and the subject authority. The second part, pages 23-391, is the Biography section. The third part, pages 548-1051, is the General News section. Papers indexed: Democratic Herald, Democratic Register, Eugene City News, Eugene City Review, Eugene City Guard, Pacific Journal, and People's Press.

    15. Portland Newspaper Index. 1851-1979. MICROFICHE AI 21.O5 1851-1979. Produced from card index prepared by the Multnomah County Library. "Articles are indexed from the Oregonian, 1851-1979, the Oregon Journal, 1902-1979, plus some other local newspapers, periodicals, and miscellaneous monographs. The subjects pertain to Oregon, Portland, and the Northwest."

    16. Portland Newspaper Index, 1980-1984. MICROFICHE AI 21.O5 1980-1984. Continuation of #15. Indexes articles from the Oregonian, Oregon Journal, Willamette Week, and Business Journal.


      17. Oregon Index. The Web-accessible Oregon Index is a selective index to Oregon newspapers, and to Oregon items in selected other publications. It's maintained by indexers at the State Library and other libraries across Oregon. The Oregon Index database is divided into two files, a current file covering 1995-current date and a backfile covering 1987-1994.

      Coverage: Oregonian, Jan 1988-Dec 1992; Statesman Journal, Jan 1987-date; Register-Guard, Jan 1988-date; Coos Bay World, Jan 1996-Mar 1996; Corvallis Gazette Times, 1995-1996; Daily Astorian (incomplete coverage); Klamath Falls Herald & News, Jan-Mar 1996; La Grande Observer, 1995-1996.

      18. Oregon Newspapers Index. Oregon Newspapers Index provides a home for electronic Oregon newspaper indexes: The Oregon Daily Emerald 1900-1979; The Portland Oregonian Dec 1850-1987; The Register-Guard 1963-2004.

      19 . Register-Guard Index. , 1963-present. This index contains references to Eugene/Springfield's Register Guard newspaper. The database is limited to citations on local (Lane County, Oregon only) issues and people. Coverage for the early period is less comprehensive.

      20. Fulltext access to the Oregonian is provided by Newsbank.