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The University of Oregon Knight Library subscribes to over one hundred Oregon Newspapers. These are collected and filmed at the Library's  Oregon Newspaper Microfilming Project, to which the Microforms Collection is a subscriber for all titles.

There are over two thousand titles, past and present, domestic and international, represented in the holdings. There is an inventory of our microfilm newspaper holdings.

Positive Duplicates of various rolls of film from some titles are available for sale to interested parties. The Microfilming Project is a cost-recovery operation and keeps its film prices as low as possible. Please direct inquiries to the ONP at

The Oregon Blue Book lists papers currently published in Oregon, with addresses, telephone numbers, etc. For full-text access to current (and some archival) issues of hundreds of newspapers worldwide, try the Internet Public Library's Newspapers Page.

Oregon Papers

These are newspapers of record, shown with their counties. Not all dates are available for all titles. There are other papers, not shown, that may contain official notices. There have been hundreds of titles of newspapers in Oregon. You may wish to consult George S. Turnbull, A History of Oregon Newspapers, REFERENCE PN 4897 .073 T8, for titles from your period of interest. For more titles, see the inventory.

  • Albany. DEMOCRAT HERALD. Linn. Est. 1865.
  • Astoria. DAILY ASTORIAN. Clatsop. Est. 1873.
  • Baker City. DEMOCRAT HERALD. Baker. Est. 1870.
  • Bend. BULLETIN. Deschutes. Est. 1903.
  • Burns. TIMES HERALD. Harney. Est. 1887.
  • Condon. TIMES-JOURNAL. Gilliam. Est. 1886.
  • Corvallis. GAZETTE TIMES. Benton. Est. 1862.
  • Coos Bay. THE WORLD. Coos. Est. 1878.
  • Dallas. POLK COUNTY ITEMIZER OBSERVER. Polk. Est. 1875.
  • Enterprise. WALLOWA COUNTY CHIEFTAIN. Wallowa. Est. 1884.
  • Eugene. REGISTER-GUARD. Lane. Est. 1862.
  • Gold Beach. CURRY COUNTY REPORTER. Curry. Est. 1914.
  • Grants Pass. DAILY COURIER. Josephine. Est. 1885.
  • Heppner. GAZETTE TIMES. Morrow. Est. 1883.
  • Hillsboro. ARGUS. Washington. Est. 1873.
  • John Day. GRANT COUNTY BLUE MOUNTAIN EAGLE. Grant. Est. 1868. (Canyon City is the county seat).
  • Klamath Falls. HERALD AND NEWS. Klamath. Est. 1906.
  • La Grande. THE OBSERVER. Union. Est. 1896.
  • Lakeview. LAKE COUNTY EXAMINER. Lake. Est. 1880.
  • Madras. MADRAS PIONEER. Jefferson. Est. 1904.
  • McMinnville. NEWS REGISTER. Yamhill. Est. 1866.
  • Medford. MAIL TRIBUNE. Jackson. Est. 1906.
  • Moro. SHERMAN COUNTY JOURNAL. Sherman. Est. 1888.
  • Newport. NEWS TIMES. Lincoln. Est. 1882.
  • Ontario. ARGUS OBSERVER. Malheur. Est. 1896.
  • Pendleton. EAST OREGONIAN. Umatilla. Est. 1875.
  • Portland. THE OREGONIAN. Clackamas, Multnomah. Est. 1851.
  • Prineville. CENTRAL OREGONIAN. Crook. Est. 1881.
  • Roseburg. NEWS REVIEW. Douglas. Est. 1868.
  • Salem. STATESMAN JOURNAL. Marion. Est. 1851.
  • St. Helens. THE CHRONICLE. Columbia. Est. 1881.
  • The Dalles. Wasco, Wheeler. Est. 1892.
  • Tillamook. HEADLIGHT-HERALD. Tillamook. Est. 1888.

National Papers

Approximate date ranges are shown. Microforms does not have USA TODAY, or current subscriptions to the microfilmed CHICAGO TRIBUNE or the BOSTON GLOBE. For more titles, see the inventory.

  • Boston. BOSTON GLOBE. 1872-1906
  • Chicago. CHICAGO TRIBUNE. 1849-1887
  • Los Angeles. LOS ANGELES TIMES. July 1, 1941-Jan 15, 2010
  • New Orleans. TIMES PICAYUNE. 1845-1854, 1908-1962
  • New York. DAILY WORKER. 1919-1967
  • New York. NEW YORK TIMES. Sep 8, 1851-Jan 31, 2010
  • New York. NEW YORK TRIBUNE. 1841-1923
  • New York. WALL STREET JOURNAL. July 1889-Jan 2010
  • San Francisco. SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE. 1865-2009
  • Seattle. SEATTLE TIMES. 1941-1946, 1971-
  • Washington. WASHINGTON POST. 1877-1916, Jan 16, 1926-Dec 31, 2009 (May 21-Sep 30, 1944 unavailable)

International Papers

Approximate date ranges are shown. This is not a complete list. For more titles, see the inventory.

  • London. TIMES. 1785-
  • Moscow. NEZAVISIMAIA GAZETA. 1991-2009
  • Moscow. IZVESTIIA Jan-Dec 2009
  • Moscow. NOVYE IZVESTIIA Oct 24, 1997-Dec 2009
  • Moscow. OBSHCHAIA GAZETA Aug 20, 1991-Jan 12, 2000
  • Moscow. PRAVDA. 1912-1956, 1977-1996, 1999-2009
  • Moscow: PRAVDA PIAT' Jan 9, 1997-Aug 7, 1998
  • Paris. LA GAZETTE DE FRANCE 1631-1792
  • Paris. LE FIGARO. 1901-1915
  • Paris. LE MONDE. 1945-1972
  • Paris. LE TEMPS 1890-1942
  • Tokyo. CHUGAI NIPPO. 1897-1945
  • Toronto (Ontario, Canada). GLOBE AND MAIL. 1989-94
  • Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada). THE SUN. 1970-1979

Underground Newspapers

The Underground Newspapers Collection (88 reels) holds "alternative" papers published between 1965 and 1971; over 460 papers are represented. The inventory lists underground papers alphabetically by title, giving reel number(s), city and state, and year(s) of publication. All issues of a title for a given year appear on a single reel together. The collection may be found in the Newspapers on Microfilm Collection under "U" for Underground (as if "Underground" were a city).

There are also Japanese Relocation Camp newspapers, and miscellaneous 19th century Mexican newspapers.



If you are searching a subject rather than something in a particular paper, you may wish to consult NewsBank, a full-text database of hundreds of thousands of newspaper articles chosen from over four hundred newspapers in the United States. The microfiche collection dates from 1970 to 1995, and is indexed in two multi-volume indexes, one held with the collection [Apr 1984-1995] and one in Reference [1983-1995] under the call number REFERENCE AI3.N559. The microfiche are held in the Library of Congress catalogued range of microfiche cabinets under twenty-one subject headings, as follows:

Arts and Literature NX 1 .A77
Business and Economic Development HC 101 .N4
Consumer Affairs HC 110 .C63
Education L11 .N489
Employment HD 5724 .N44
Environment TD 172 .N48
Film and Television PN 193 .N4
Fine Arts and Architecture N 1 .N4
Government Structure JK 1 .N2
Health RA 445 .N47
Housing and Land Development HD 7293 .A1
International Affairs JX 1 .I577
Law and Legal Systems KF 9223.A73
Literature PN 2 .N4
Minority Economic Development HD 2346 .U5
Performing Arts PN 1560 .N4
Political Development JK 1 .N44
Science and Technology Q 223.2 .S34
Social Relations HN 59 .N4
Transportation HE 203 .N44
Welfare and Social Problems HV 91 .N47


Indexes to Newspapers

There are a small number of newspaper indexes available. Indexes take the form of card files, printed volumes, microfiche sets, online bibliographic databases, and full-text databases. Some treat a single newspaper, such as the Portland OREGONIAN or the OREGON DAILY EMERALD, while others include several papers.

CARD FILES (Located in the Reference Department near the Microforms Desk)

  • Card file #1. Index to articles of local and regional interest published in the OREGONIAN from 1911 to 1915, and 1925 to August 1975. The indexing was begun in 1930 by UO Library staff, with coverage beginning in 1925. Selected records were added for the period 1911-1915 to cover years not treated by the early bound indexes (see #10).
  • Card file #2. Same as #1, for 1975-1979.
  • Card file #3. Index to obituaries printed in the OREGONIAN, 1975-1979.
  • Card file #4. Same as #1, for 1980-1987.
  • Card file #5. Index to obituaries printed in the OREGONIAN, 1980-1987.
  • Card file #6. Index to the OREGON WEEKLY (predecessor to the OREGON DAILY EMERALD), for the years 1900-1909.
  • Card file #7. Oregon business index. Subject index to various Oregon periodicals, including Business Journal, Portland Magazine, Oregon Business, and WILLAMETTE WEEK; for the years 1982-1987.
  • Card file #8. Index to the OREGON DAILY EMERALD, the UO's student newspaper, for the years 1909-1978.


EAST OREGONIAN [Pendleton] Index. 1971-1983. Call number KNIGHT AI 21.E753a. Prepared by the Umatilla County Library and the Blue Mountain Community College Library.

The NewsBank index is a locator for a collection of articles from over 400 papers from 1983-1996. Call number KNIGHT AI3.N559.

Index to files of the OREGONIAN covering the years 1850-1909, and including only items relating to state and local affairs. 7 vols. Volumes 1-6 are a topical index prepared by the University of Oregon; an unnumbered volume contains a detailed subject and name index produced by the Oregon Historical Society.

OREGONIAN Index. 1910, 1914-1916,1919-1929. Index to state, local, national and international news. Obituaries are all grouped alphabetically under the heading "deaths." No volumes were produced for 1911-1913, or for the war years 1917-1918; the M-Z portion for 1916 was never published. Call number MFORM.REF AI.21.O52

Index to the Portland OREGON JOURNAL. January 1902-April 1908. Call number KNIGHT AI 21.O78. Prepared by the UO Library Reference Department.

Eugene REGISTER-GUARD Index. 1975-1979. Call number KNIGHT AI 21.E8. Prepared by the Lane Community College Library.

An index to the London TIMES, from 1826+, is available in bound volumes. Call number KNIGHT REF AI 21 .T44.

An index to the NEW YORK TIMES, from 1851+, is available online.

An index to the WALL STREET JOURNAL, Eastern Edition, 1955-1996. Call number KNIGHT HG 1 .W26.

An index to the WASHINGTON POST, from 1979-1996, is available in bound volumes. Call number KNIGHT AI 21 .W44.


Eugene Newspaper Index. 20 fiches. 1855-1870. MICROFICHE AI 21 .E96. By George Ann Clingan and Patty Rhay at the Lane Community College Library. The first part, pages 1-22, is the list of newspapers indexed, the list of abbreviations, and the subject authority. The second part, pages 23-391, is the Biography section. The third part, pages 548-1051, is the General News section. Papers indexed: DEMOCRATIC HERALD, DEMOCRATIC REGISTER, EUGENE CITY NEWS, EUGENE CITY REVIEW, EUGENE CITY GUARD, PACIFIC JOURNAL, and PEOPLE'S PRESS.

Portland Newspaper Index. 1851-1979. MICROFICHE AI 21.O5 1851-1979. Produced from card index prepared by the Multnomah County Library. "Articles are indexed from the OREGONIAN, 1851-1979, the OREGON JOURNAL, 1902-1979, plus some other local newspapers, periodicals, and miscellaneous monographs. The subjects pertain to Oregon, Portland, and the Northwest."

Portland Newspaper Index, 1980-1984. MICROFICHE AI 21.O5 1980-1984. Continuation of index above. Indexes articles from the OREGONIAN, OREGON JOURNAL, WILLAMETTE WEEK, and BUSINESS JOURNAL.

San Francisco Newspapers Index, 1904-1959. MICROFICHE AI 21 .S25 S26. Comprehensive subject index to San Francisco area papers for the years covered.


Oregon Index. The Web-accessible Oregon Index is a selective index to Oregon newspapers, and to Oregon items in selected other publications. It's maintained by indexers at the State Library and other libraries across Oregon. The Oregon Index database is divided into two files, a current file covering 1995-current date and a back-file covering 1987-1994.

Coverage: OREGONIAN, Jan 1988-Dec 1992; STATESMAN JOURNAL, Jan 1987-date; REGISTER GUARD, Jan 1988-date;COOS BAY WORLD, Jan 1996-Mar 1996; CORVALLIS GAZETTE TIMES, 1995-1996; DAILY ASTORIAN (incomplete coverage); Klamath Falls HERALD AND NEWS, Jan-Mar 1996; LA GRANDE OBSERVER, 1995-1996.

REGISTER GUARD Index, 1963-present. The database is limited to citations on local (Lane County, Oregon only) issues and people. Coverage for the early period is less comprehensive.

The NEW YORK TIMES is indexed online by Academic Universe. Note that both the Late Edition (L) and National Edition (N) are cited. Only the Late Edition is available on microfilm.

Newsbank provides full text access to the Oregonian.


OREGONIAN. Full text of the Portland OREGONIAN from 1990 to the present. The database is current within about three months. Use is limited to public workstations in the Knight Library.

You may also wish to consult Newspaper Abstracts, a proprietary database accessible from terminals in the Knight Library.


Vital Statistics

These are held on reserve. You may request them at the Microforms Counter.

  • Oregon Death Index. Microfilm, 1903 -1970. Microfiche, 1971-2008
  • Portland Death Index. Microfilm, 1881-1902, 1911-1917
  • Oregon Divorce Index. Microfilm, 1946 -1970. Microfiche, 1961-2008
  • Oregon Marriage Index. 16mm Microfilm, 1906-1924, 1945-1960, 1966-1970. Microfiche, 1961-2008

How to read the Vital Statistics Indexes

Each line entry contains the NAME, the SPOUSE NAME if any, DATE, COUNTY NUMBER, and CERTIFICATE NUMBER. County Numbers are as follows:

1. Baker
2. Benton
3. Clackamas
4. Clatsop
5. Columbia
6. Coos
7. Crook
8. Curry
9. Deschutes
10. Douglas
11. Gilliam
12. Grant
13. Harney
14. Hood River
15. Jackson
16. Jefferson
17. Josephine
18. Klamath
19. Lake
20. Lane
21. Lincoln
22. Linn
23. Malheur
24. Marion
25. Morrow
26. Multnomah
27. Polk
28. Sherman
29. Tillamook
30. Umatilla
31. Union
32. Wallowa
33. Wasco
34. Washington
35. Wheeler
36. Yamhill


Oregon Census Materials

Original schedule of the 8th Census of population (1860). Oregon. 1 reel, 2 copies (MICROFILM HA 592 .U5 1860). United States Bureau of Census.

Original schedule of the 9th Census of population (1870). Oregon. 4 reels (MICROFILM HA 592 .U5 1870). United States Bureau of Census.
Finding aid: Index of the Oregon 1870 Census (MFORM REF F 875 .O744 1999). This a bound reference volume, available on request at the Microforms counter.

Original schedule of the 10th Census of population (1880). Oregon. 5 reels (MICROFILM HA 592 .U5 1880). United States Bureau of Census.

Original schedules of the 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th Census of population. Oregon. 5 reels. (MICROFILM HA 592 .U5 1880a). United States Bureau of Census.

Schedules enumerating Union veterans and widows of Union veterans of the Civil War. 1 reel (MICROFILM HA 592 .U5 1890a). United States Bureau of Census.

Original schedule of the 12th Census of population (1900). Oregon. 9 reels (MICROFILM HA 592 .U5 1900). United States Bureau of Census. Reel 1: Clackamas. Reel 2: Clatsop, Columbia, Coos, Crook, Curry Douglas. Reel 3: Gilliam, Grant, Harney, Jackson, Klamath, Lake. Reel 4: Lane, Lincoln, Linn, Malheur, Morrow. Reel 5: Marion, Multnomah. Reel 6: Multnomah. Reel 7: Multnomah, Polk, Sherman, Tillamook. Reel 8: Umatilla, Union, Wallowa. Reel 9: Wasco, Washington, Yamhill.

13th Census of Population (1910). Oregon. 14 reels (MICROFILM HA 591.5 1910). Reel 1: Baker, Hood River, Benton, Clatsop. Reel 2: Clackamas, Columbia, Crook. Reel 3: Curry, Douglas, Gilliam, Grant. Reel 4: Harney, Jackson, Josephine, Lincoln. Reel 5-10: Multnomah. Reel 11: Multnomah, Sherman, Umatilla. Reel 12: Union, Wasco, Yamhill. Reel 13: Yamhill, Washington. Reel 14: Multnomah (Supplementary).

14th Census of Population (1920). Oregon. 16 reels (MICROFILM HA 591.5 1920 reels 1491-1506). Reel 1491: Baker, Crook, Curry, Benton, Clackamas counties. Reel 1492: Clackamas, Clatsop, Gilliam counties. Reel 1493: Columbia, Deschutes, Coos, Harney counties. Reel 1494: Douglas, Jefferson, Grant, Hood River, Klamath counties. Reel 1495: Jackson, Lake, Josephine, Lane, Lincoln counties. Reel 1496: Lane, Linn counties. Reel 1497: Malheur, Polk, Marion counties. Reel 1498: Marion, Morrow, Multnomah counties. Reels 1499-1503: Multnomah County. Reel 1504: Sherman, Tillamook, Wasco, Umatilla counties. Reel 1505: Wheeler, Yamhill counties. Reel 1506: Union, Wallowa, Washington counties.

15th Census of Population (1920). Oregon. 20 reels (MICROFILM HA 591.5 1920).

16th Census of Population (1930). Oregon. 20 reels (MICROFILM HA 591.5 1930).

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