NewsBank is a full-text database of hundreds of thousands of newspaper articles chosen from over four hundred newspapers in the United States. The microfiche set dates from 1970 to 1995, and is indexed in two multivolume indexes, one held with the collection [Apr 1984-Aug 1995] and one in Reference [1983-1995] under the call number REFERENCE AI3.N559. The microfiche are held in the Library of Congress catalogued range of microfiche cabinets under twenty-one subject headings, as follows:


Arts and Literature NX 1 .A77
Business and Economic Development HC 101 .N4
Consumer Affairs HC 110 .C63
Education L11 .N489
Employment HD 5724 .N44
Environment TD 172 .N48
Film and Television PN 193 .N4
Fine Arts and Architecture N 1 .N4
Government Structure JK 1 .N2
Health RA 445 .N47
Housing and Land Development HD 7293 .A1
International Affairs JX 1 .I577
Law and Legal Systems KF 9223.A73
Literature PN 2 .N4
Minority Economic Development HD 2346 .U5
Performing Arts PN 1560 .N4
Political Development JK 1 .N44
Science and Technology Q 223.2 .S34
Social Relations HN 59 .N4
Transportation HE 203 .N44
Welfare and Social Problems HV 91 .N47