University of Oregon

Accession Numbered Humanities Microfilm

Titles in the Humanities Microfilm collection were acquired by the UO Library prior to 1980, and include works published between 1950 and 1978. Most reels contain single dissertations, chiefly in the fields of literature, music and librarianship. There are, however, a small number of large multi-reel sets. Among these are the 656-reel collection of German Baroque Literature (HUM 750) and the 16-reel set of British Architectural Library unpublished manuscripts (HUM 725). The inventory is arranged by entry number, 1-750. Entries include author, title, publisher, date, and (in some instances) the subject headings that were assigned when the work was cataloged. Entries for major sets may also include references to finding aids. No records for these works appear in the UO Library's online catalog. The Humanities Microfilm collection is stored in Room 191N in Documents.

HUM 1. Cook, Raymond Allen. Thomas Dixon: his books and his career. Thesis, Emory, 1953.

HUM 2. Coplan, Ruth Ellen. A study of predominant themes in selected best-selling American fiction, 1850-1915. Thesis, Pennsylvania, 1966.

HUM 3. Altman, Albert. The emergence of the press in Meiji Japan. Thesis, Princeton, 1965.

HUM 4. Milligan, Vincent. Valery Larbaud, Anglicist. Thesis, Columbia, 1952.

HUM 5. McShane, Margaret Mary. The music of the medieval liturgical drama. Thesis, Catholic, 1961. Music history and criticism.

HUM 6. Morse, Dorothy J. Word painting and symbolism in the secular choral works of Thomas Weelkes, Tudor composer. Thesis, New York, 1961.

HUM 7. Modisette, Eldon Leon. Changing political thought in the American drama, 1919-1951. Thesis, Minnesota, 1954.

HUM 8. Seaich, John Eugene. Leichtentritt's "History of the motet": a study and translation. Thesis, Utah, 1958.

HUM 9. Vernier, Richard. "Poesie ininterrompue" et la poetique de Paul Eluard [French Text]. Thesis, Berkeley, 1965.

HUM 10. Wurtz, Martha Harris. The sacred vocal works of Francois Couperin (1668-1733). Thesis, Washington U, 1965.

HUM 11. Evans, Hugh Charles. The techniques of acting the Shakespearean clown. Thesis, Stanford, 1963. Characters. Comic.

HUM 12. Ballard, William Joseph. The sources, development and culmination of the dramatic madrigal. Thesis, Northwestern, 1957. Part songs. To 1800.

HUM 13. Levy, Bernard Sidney. Style and purpose: a reconsideration of the authorship of the poems in Cotton MS. Nero. A.x. Thesis, Berkeley, 1961. Patience. Pearl. Cleanness. Gawain and the Grene knight. Literature, medieval.

HUM 14. Ross, Janet. Willa Cather and the realistic movement in American fiction. Thesis, SU Iowa, 1960.

HUM 15. Richards, William Henry. Trends of piano class instruction, 1815-1962. Thesis, UM Kansas City, 1962. Piano. Instruction and study.

HUM 16. Wagoner, Mary Hermione Sparks. The changing patterns of humor in the novels of Tobias Smollett. Thesis, Texas, 1961.

HUM 17. Trantham, William Eugene. A music theory approach to beginning piano instruction for the college music major. Thesis, Northwestern, 1966. Piano. Instruction and study.

HUM 18. Ryding, William Wellington. Structural patterns in medieval narrative. Thesis, Columbia, 1961. Literature, medieval.

HUM 19. Nelson, Philip Francis. Nicolas Bernier (1665-1734): a study of the composer and his sacred works. Thesis, UNC, 1958. Includes musical supplement containing scores of 4 petits motets, 7 grands motets, and 9 lecons de tenebres. Part songs, sacred. to 1800.

HUM 20. Landrum, Marilynn Joyce. An experimental study of perceptual awareness of interior space. Thesis, Missouri, 1966. Interior decoration. Space.

HUM 21. Simon, John Kenneth. The glance of the idiot: a thematic study of Faulkner and modern French fiction. Thesis, Yale, 1963. 20th century. History and criticism.

HUM 22. Lyons, Charles Ray. Shakespeare and the ambiguity of love's triumph. Thesis, Stanford, 1964. Criticism and interpretation. Love in literature.

HUM 23. Jones, George Elwood. The American Indian in the American novel (1875-1950). Thesis, New York, 1958. Indians in literature. American fiction. History and criticism.

HUM 24. McCormick, John Raymond. The language of William Hazlitt: a study of prose techniques in The spirit of the age. Thesis, Alabama, 1961.

HUM 25. Jacobson, Rodolfo. The London dialect of the late fourteenth century; a transformational analysis in historical linguistics. Thesis, Michigan, 1966. English language. Dialects.

HUM 26. Bitter, Karl Hermann. Carl Philipp Emanuel und Wilhelm Friedemann Bach und deren Bruder. Berlin, 1868. "Chronologisch geordnetes Verzeichniss sammtlicher Composition Beilagen:": v.2, p. 325-344.

HUM 27. Werth, Ronald Nicholas. A structural syntax of the Gothic Gospels of Luke and Mark. Thesis, Cornell, 1965. Bible.

HUM 28. Hill, Ordelle Gerhard. Patience: style, background, meaning and relationship to Cleanness. Thesis, Illinois, 1965. Middle English Poems.

HUM 29. Zavadil, Joseph Benedict. A study of meaning in Patience and Cleanness. Thesis. Stanford, 1962. Middle English Poems.

HUM 30. Ragatz, Oswald Gleason. A study of the 18 Leipzig chorale preludes of Johann Sebastian Bach. Thesis. USC, 1955.

HUM 31. Williams, Richard J. The principles of Hazlitt's critical thinking. Thesis. Chicago, 1964.

HUM 32. Butte, Edna Rosemary. Stewart Edward White: his life and career. Thesis. USC, 1960.

HUM 33. Lambert, Neal Elwood. The western writings of Owen Wister: the conflict of east and west. Thesis, Utah, 1966.

HUM 34. Diskin, Marvin Newton. A descriptive and historical analysis of the live television anthology program, The United States Steel Hour, 1953-1963. Thesis, Michigan, 1963. Television plays.

HUM 35. Hawes, William Kenneth. A history of anthology television drama through 1958. Thesis, Michigan, 1960. Television plays.

HUM 36. Wheeler, Otis B. Maurice Thompson: a biographical and critical study . Thesis, Minnesota, 1951.

HUM 37. Sturcken, Francis W. An historical analysis of live network television drama from 1938 to 1958. Thesis, Minnesota, 1960. Television plays.

HUM 38. Steinberg, Abraham H. Jewish characters in the American novel to 1900. Thesis, New York U, 1956. American fiction. History and criticism.

HUM 39. Herndon, Jerry Allen. Social comment in the writings of Joel Chandler Harris. Thesis, Duke, 1966. Race question.

HUM 40. King, James Kimball. George Washington Cable and Thomas Nelson Page: two literary approaches to the New South. Thesis, Wisconsin, 1964.

HUM 41. Thomson, William Ennis. A clarification of the tonality concept. Thesis, Indiana, 1952. 2 copies.

HUM 42. Douglas, Kathryn Floyd. William Hazlitt: romantic theorist of the imagination. Thesis: Illinois, 1963.

HUM 43. Linck, Alice E. The psychological basis of Hazlitt's criticism. Thesis, Kansas, 1961.

HUM 44. Majdiak, Daniel Thomas. The prose style of William Hazlitt. Thesis, Western Reserve, 1965.

HUM 45. Plasberg, Elaine. William Hazlitt: the structure and application of his critical standards. Thesis, Boston, 1961.

HUM 46. Fennimore, Keith John. A case study of Booth Tarkington as novelist. Thesis, Michigan State, 1956.

HUM 47. Foster, Mary Le Cron. The Tarascan language. Thesis, Berkeley, 1965. Indians of Mexico. Languages.

HUM 48. McCreedy, Sister Mary Lucille. The selection of school librarianship as a career. Thesis, Columbia, 1963. School librarians.

HUM 49. Vance, Kenneth E. The professional status of school librarians in Michigan public secondary schools enrolling 500 or more students. Thesis, Michigan, 1962. School libraries.

HUM 50. Hyde, Frederic Griswold. American literature and the Spanish-American war: a study of the work of Crane, Norris, Fox, and R.H. Davis. Thesis, Pennsylvania, 1963. U.S. History. War of 1898.

HUM 51. Charlton, Charles R. The syntax of the old English charters. Thesis, Michigan, 1958. English language. Syntax.

HUM 52. Demarest, David Porter. Legal language and situation in the 18th century novel: readings in Defoe, Richardson, Fielding, and Austen. Thesis, Wisconsin, 1963. English fiction. 18th Century. History and criticism.

HUM 53. Kane, Patricia Lanegran. Legal fictions: the lawyer in the American novel. Thesis, Minnesota, 1961. American fiction. History and criticism.

HUM 54. La Rue, Jene Allen. Sophocles' Deianeira: a study in dramatic ambiguity. Thesis, Berkeley, 1965. Trachiniae.

HUM 55. Vilhauer, William Warren. A history and evaluation of the Provincetown Players. Thesis, Iowa, 1965.

HUM 56. Mowlana, Hamid. Journalism in Iran: a history and interpretation. Thesis, Northwestern, 1963.

HUM 57. Sarlos, Robert Karoly. The Provincetown Players: experiments in style (volumes I and II). Thesis, Yale, 1966.

HUM 58. Castle, Conan Jennings. The grand motets of Andre Campra. 2v. Thesis, Michigan, 1962.

HUM 59. Morton, Ermel Joseph. A descriptive grammar of Tongan (Polynesian). Thesis, Indiana, 1962.

HUM 60. Parker, Robert Wesley. Narrative structure and thematic developments in Sidney's original Arcadia. Thesis, Columbia, 1965.

HUM 61. Beckett, Robert Dudley. The narrative structure of the old Arcadia and the new Arcadia of Sir Philip Sidney. Thesis, Colorado, 1967.

HUM 62. Lass, Roger George. Gawain's apprenticeship: myth and the spiritual process in Gawain and the Green Knight. Thesis, Yale, 1965.

HUM 63. Wells, Sharon B. The feminization of the American library profession, 1876 to 1923. Thesis, Chicago, 1967.

HUM 64. Youngberg, Karin Louise. A comparative study of stylistic patterns in Old English heroic poetry and in the Old Norse Poetic Edda. Thesis, Iowa, 1967. Anglo-Saxon poetry. History and criticism.

HUM 65. Sherwin, Richard Elliot. The use of character in Dickens: a study of Dickens' later novels. Thesis, Yale, 1963.

HUM 66. Sexton, Ada Jeanette. Music in general education. Thesis, Michigan State, 1963. Instruction and study.

HUM 67. Johnson, Gordon Allen. A correlated music and visual arts course of study for the senior high school. Thesis, Michigan State, 1963. School music. Instruction and study.

HUM 68.The Library Association. Youth Libraries Section. Children's books of this century: a first list of books covering the years 1899 to 1956 chosen for the Library of Children's Literature now being formed at Chaucer House. Author. 1958.

HUM 69. Moore, Ann Carroll. The three owls, second book: contemporary criticism of children's books. New York: Coward, 1928.

HUM 70. Institute on Library Work With Children, University of California, 1939. Proceedings; under the direction of Frances Clarke Sayers. Berkeley, school of Librarianship. Berkeley, 1939. Libraries, children's.

HUM 71. Hunt, Clara Whitehill. Library work with children. [Manual of Library Economy No. XXIX]. Chicago: American Library Association, 1924.

HUM 72. The Trinity Review. [Vol. 8, No. 3, May 1954]. A celebration for Wallace Stevens. Hartford, CT, 1954.

HUM 73. Edwards, Herbert Weaver. A study of values in selected published prose of Ellen Glasgow. Thesis: New York, 1960.

HUM 74. Dillard, Richard Henry Wilde. Pragmatic realism: a biography of Ellen Glasgow's novels. Thesis: Virginia, 1960.

HUM 75. Patterson, Daniel Watkins. Ellen Glasgow's use of Virginia history. Thesis: UNC, 1959.

HUM 76. Hall, Paul Fredrick. An analysis of music programs to determine the extent to which they are a part of general education. Thesis, Nebraska, 1964. School music. Instruction and study.

HUM 77. Bratton, Edward William. The substance of greatness: Hazlitt's Wordsworthian criticism in its personal, political, and philosophical context. Thesis: Illinois, 1966.

HUM 78. Coulter, Sara Rivard. William Hazlitt as an essayist. Thesis: Colorado, 1966.

HUM 79. Laughlin, Richard Edwin. The influence of eighteenth century associationism on the criticism of William Hazlitt. Thesis: Tulane, 1966.

HUM 80. Perry, David Scott. Hazlitt, Lamb and the drama. Thesis: Princeton, 1966.

HUM 81. Foster, John Burt. China and the Chinese in American literature, 1850-1950. Thesis: Illinois, 1952. 19th Century. History and criticism.

HUM 82. Grayburn, William Frazer. The major fiction of Rebecca Harding Davis. Thesis: Penn State, 1965.

HUM 83. Clarke, John James. Henry Harland: a critical biography. Thesis, Brown, 1957.

HUM 84. Claydon, Ellen Easton. Juan Ruiz de Alarcon: Baroque dramatist. Thesis, Colorado, 1965.

HUM 85. Kausch, Donald Edward. "Poor troop of actors to vacant benches": perspective in the novels of George Meredith. Thesis, Wayne State, 1964.

HUM 86. Stewart, Gwendolyn O. George Meredith's One of our conquerers. Thesis, Columbia, 1966.

HUM 87. Nebel, Joyce Olson Behm. Simplicity out of complexity in works of Meredith. Thesis, Wisconsin, 1967.

HUM 88. Jacobson, Harvey. The credibility of three mass media as information sources. Thesis, Wisconsin, 1967. Mass media. Psychological aspects.

HUM 89. Foley, Joseph M. A functional analysis of television viewing. Thesis, SU Iowa, 1966. Television audiences.

HUM 90. Witt, Daniel Mack. A comparative analysis of audience response to realistic and anti-realistic drama when perceived through acting, readers theatre and silent reading. Thesis, Denver, 1964. Theater audiences.

HUM 91. Porter, Agnes Louise. The construction and testing of a forced choice scale for measuring achievement in oral interpretation. Thesis, Ohio State, 1964.

HUM 92. Rieder, Dolly Schlain. The image of love in the poetry of Apollinaire, Breton, and Eluard. Thesis, Pennsylvania, 1967. French poetry.

HUM 93. MacDonald, Neil William. Television drama preference choice. Thesis, Minnesota, 1966. Television plays.

HUM 94. Smith, Robert Barton. A study of the effect of large-group vocal training on the singing ability of nursery children. Thesis, Illinois, 1961. Singing. Instruction and study.

HUM 95. Newman, Francis Xavier. Somnium: Medieval theories of dreaming and the form of vision poetry. Thesis, Princeton, 1963. Dreams in literature.

HUM 96. Campbell, Karolyn Kohrs. The rhetorical implications of the philosophy of Jean-Paul Sartre. Thesis, Minnesota, 1968.

HUM 97. Wright, James Zebulon. Thomas Dixon: the mind of a Southern apologist. Thesis, Peabody, 1966.

HUM 98. Joseloff, Samuel Hart. John Gay and the eighteenth century pastoral tradition. Thesis, Princeton, 1968.

HUM 99. Green, Frederick Charles. La peinture des moeurs de la bonne societe dans la romane francais de 1745 a 1761. Paris, Presses universitaires de France, 1924. French fiction. 18th century. History and criticism.

HUM 100. Hoagland, Bruce Dudley. A study of selected motets of Stephano Felis: in two volumes. Thesis, Missouri-Kansas City, 1967.

HUM 101. Flower, John Arnold. Giovanni Gabrieli's Sacrae Symphoniae (1597). Vols. I and II. Thesis, Michigan, 1955.

HUM 102. Jarvis, S. L., Sister Mary Eloise. The Latin motets of Hans Leo Hassler. Vols. I - III. Thesis, Rochester, 1960.

HUM 103. Klein, Ursula Petra C. Christoph Thomas Walliser (1568-1648): ein Beitrag zur Musik geschichte Strassburgs. Thesis, Texas, 1964.

HUM 104. Junkermann, Hilde Heubner. The magnificats of Johann Stadlmayr. Vol. I: text. Vol. II: trascription. Thesis, Ohio State, 1966.

HUM 105. Barlow, Carl Leland. The four-part through seven-part sacrae symphoniae collected and published in 1600 by Caspar Hassler (including appendix: transcriptions). Thesis, USC, 1966. Part-songs, sacred. to 1800.

HUM 106. MacDonald, John Alexander. The sacred vocal music of Giovanni Legrenzi. Thesis: Michigan, 1964.

HUM 107. Schnoebelen, Sister Mary Nicole. The concerted mass at San Petronio in Bologna ca. 1660-1730; a documentary and analytical study. Thesis, Illinois, 1966.

HUM 108. Whalum, Wendell Phillips. Selected choral works by Matthias Weckmann...and a motet by Jacob Weckmann.... Thesis, Iowa. 1965.

HUM 109. Bastian, James George. The sacred music of Claudio Merulo. Thesis, Michigan, 1967.

HUM 110. Cavanaugh, Robert William. The anthems in Musica Deo Sacra by Thomas Tomkins. Thesis, Michigan, 1953.

HUM 111. Crawford, David Eugene. Vespers polyphony at Modena's cathedral in the first half of the sixteenth century. Thesis, Illinois, 1967. Church music. Italy.

HUM 112. Haldeman, William Keith. The vocal compositions of Christian Erbach (1576-1635). Thesis, Rochester, 1962.

HUM 113. Livingstone, Ernest Felix. The theory and practice of Protestant school music in Germany as seen through the collection of Abraham Ursinus (ca. 1600). Thesis, Rochester, 1962.

HUM 114. Lockwood, Lewis Henry. The counter-reformation and the sacred music of Vincenzo Ruffo. Thesis, Princeton, 1960. 2 reels.

HUM 115. Pearson, Frank Cogswell. The madrigals of Peter Philips. Thesis, Michigan, 1961.

HUM 116. Politoske, Daniel Theodore. Balduin Hoyoul, a Netherlander at a German court chapel. Thesis, Michigan, 1967.

HUM 117. Schuler, Richard Joseph. The life and liturgical works of Giovanni Maria Nanino. Thesis, Minnesota, 1963.

HUM 118. Uber, David Albert. The brass choir in antiphonal music. Thesis, Columbia, 1965. Band music. History and criticism.

HUM 119. Wing, Henry Joseph. The polychoral motets of Leone Leoni. Thesis, Boston, 1966.

HUM 120. Brundrett, Grant Allan. Rameau's orchestration. Thesis, Northwestern, 1962.

HUM 121. Dunn, James Platte. The Grands motets of Marc-Antoine Charpentier (1634-1704). Thesis, SU Iowa, 1962.

HUM 122. Knox, Charles Courtenaye. The orchestral violin tone. Thesis, Indiana, 1962.

HUM 123. Mackey, Sister Mary Lourdes. The evolution of the leading tone in Western European music to circa 1600 A.D. Thesis, Catholic University, 1962.

HUM 124. Shannon, John R. The Mylau Tabulaturbuch, a study in the preludial and fugal forms in the hands of Bach's Middle-German precursors. Thesis, UNC, 1961. Music. History and criticism.

HUM 125. Stoltie, James Merle. A symphonie concertante type: the concerto for mixed woodwind ensemble in the classic period; illustrated with a score of Francois Devienne's IIe simphonie concertante pour hautbois ou clarinette et basson principal (Vols. I and II). Thesis, SU Iowa, 1962. Concertos (bassoon and oboe). To 1800.

HUM 126. MacClintock, Carol Cook. The five-part madrigals of Giaches de Wert. Thesis, Indiana, 1955.

HUM 127. Spiro, Arthur Gerald. The five-part madrigals of Luzzasco Luzzaschi. Thesis, Boston, 1961.

HUM 128. Anderson, John H. The cadence in the madrigals of Gesualdo. Thesis, Catholic U, 1964.

HUM 129. Carrow, Burton Stinson. The relationship between the Mannheim school and the music of Franz Beck, Henri Blanchard and Pierre Gaveaux. Thesis, New York, 1956. Music. Instruction and study.

HUM 130. Porter, Harold Brook. An integrated course in music literature, theory, and ensemble performance for talented high school students. Thesis, Arizona, 1964.

HUM 131. Kelton, Raymond Harrison. The instrumental music of Ascanio Mayone. Thesis, North Texas, 1961.

HUM 132. Gable, Frederick Kent. The polychoral motets of Hieronymus Praetorius. Thesis, Iowa, 1966.

HUM 133. Brown, Samuel Emmons. The motets of Ciconia, Dunstable, and Dufay. Thesis, Indiana, 1962.

HUM 134. Kinney, Gordon James. The musical literature for unaccompanied violoncello. Thesis, FSU, 1962. Violoncello music. Analysis, appreciation.

HUM 135. Broekema, Andrew Junior. A stylistic analysis of the solo vocal works of Arnold Schoenberg, Alan Berg, and Anton Webern. Thesis, Texas, 1962.

HUM 136. Daniels, Arthur Michael. The De musica libri VII of Francisco de Salinas. Thesis, USC, 1962.

HUM 137. Turrentine, Herbert Charles. Johann Schobert and French clavier music from 1700 to the revolution. Thesis, Iowa, 1962.

HUM 138. Boda, Daniel. The music of Charles T. Griffes. Thesis, FSU, 1962.

HUM 139. Gangware, Edgar Brand. The history and use of percussion instruments in orchestration. Thesis, Northwestern, 1962.

HUM 140. Swanzy, David Paul. The wind ensemble and its music during the French revolution (1789-1795). Thesis, Michigan State, 1966.

HUM 141. Mattfield, Jacquelyn Anderson. Cantus firmus in the liturgical motets of Josquin Des Prez. Thesis, Yale, 1959.

HUM 142. Farndell, Gordon Harold. The development of organ magnificat settings as found in representative German composers between 1450 and 1750. Thesis, Michigan, 1966.

HUM 143. Howe, Marvin Clarence. A critical survey of literature, materials, opinions, and practices relating to teaching the French horn. Thesis, Iowa, 1966.

HUM 144. Komar, Arthur Joseph. Theory of suspensions. Thesis, Princeton, 1968. Music. Theory.

HUM 145. Pierce, Anne Alexandra. The analysis of rhythm in tonal music. Thesis, Brandeis, 1968. Musical meter and rhythm.

HUM 146. Keahey, Thomas Herman. The masses of Johannes Prioris; a critical edition. Thesis, UT Austin, 1968.

HUM 147. Brawley, John Gray. The magnificats, hymns, motets, and secular compositions of Johannes Martini. Thesis, Yale, 1968.

HUM 148. Crawford, John Charlton. The relationship of text and music in the vocal works of Schoenberg, 1908-1924. Thesis, Harvard, 1963.

HUM 149. Kob, Walter. The smaller homophonic forms of instrumental music, 1740-1815, in relation to theories of musical form. Thesis, Rochester, 1965. History and criticism.

HUM 150. Clinkscale, Edward Henry. The complete works of Antoine de Fevin. Thesis, New York, 1965.

HUM 151. Brown, Robert Barclay. The early atonal music of Anton Webern: sound material and structure. Thesis, Brandeis, 1965.

HUM 152. Delente, Gail Buchanan. Selected piano music in France since 1945. Thesis, Washington U, 1966. History and criticism.

HUM 153. Clauser, Charles Theodore. Francois-Joseph Gossec: an edition and stylistic study of three orchestral works and three quartets. Thesis, Iowa, 1966.

HUM 154. Pauly, Reinhard G. Michael Haydn's Latin Proprium Missae compositions. Thesis, Yale, 1956.

HUM 155. Rhea, Claude H. The sacred oratorios of Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767). Thesis, FSU, 1958.

HUM 156. Giebler, Albert Cornelius. The masses of Johann Caspar Kerll. Thesis, Michigan, 1956.

HUM 157. Key, Donald Rochester. Two manuscripts of instrumental ensemble music from the Elizabethan period. Thesis, Boston, 1960.

HUM 158. Wattenbarger, James Albert.The Turmmusik of Johann Pezel. Thesis, Northwestern, 1957.

HUM 159. Vom Lehn, Edgar. The sacred cantatas of Philipp Heinrich Erlebach (1657-1714). Thesis, UNC, 1958.

HUM 160. Abbott, William W. Certain aspects of the sonata-allegro form in piano sonatas of the 18th and 19th centuries. Thesis, Indiana, 1956. Music. History and criticism.

HUM 161. Bicknell, Joan Colleen Patton. The interdependence of word and tone in the dramatic music of Henry Purcell. Thesis, Stanford, 1961.

HUM 162. Bostian, Richard Lee. The works of Rinaldo de Capua. Thesis, UNC, 1961.

HUM 163. Holgate, George Jackson. Mabelle Glenn: her life and contributions to music education. Thesis, USC, 1962.

HUM 164. Childs, Carrol Arthur. A comparison of two distributed instructional periods in the teaching of beginning instrumental music students. Thesis, Colorado State, 1963. Music. Instruction and study.

HUM 165. Lyder, Peguy S. Latin sacred music of Peter Philips. Thesis, New York, 1955.

HUM 166. Evenson, Pattee Edward. The history of brass instruments, their usage, music, and performance practices in ensembles during the Baroque era. Thesis, USC, 1960. Wind instruments.

HUM 167. Borroff, Edith. The instrumental works of Jean-Joseph Cassanea de Mondonville. Thesis, Michigan, 1959.

HUM 168. Poladian, Sirvart. Handel as an opera composer. Thesis, Cornell, 1946.

HUM 169. Cowles, Clifton Volney. Aesthetic judgment of high school music students. Thesis, USC, 1963. Musical abilitiy.

HUM 170. Albright, Joe Ned. The administration of summer music programs in school systems in the United States. Thesis, Columbia, 1963. Music. Instruction and study.

HUM 171. Eisenkramer, Herny Edward. Peter William Dykema: his life and contribution to music education. Thesis, Columbia, 1963.

HUM 172. Boxberger, Ruth. A historical study of the National Association for Music Therapy. Thesis, Kansas, 1963. Music, pyschology.

HUM 173. Ashford, Theodore Harold Askounes. An investigation of programmed instruction in the fundamentals of music theory. Thesis, Northwestern, 1965.

HUM 174. Henry, Robert Alphonso. A comparative study of English choir rehearsal theories and practices. Thesis, Indiana, 1965.

HUM 175. Heidsiek, Ralph George. Music of the Luiseno Indians of Southern California: a study of music in Indian culture with relation to a program in music education. Thesis, UCLA, 1966. Indians of North America.

HUM 176. Getz, Russell Paul. The influence of familiarity through repetition in determining optimum response of seventh grade children to certain types of serious music. Thesis, Penn State, 1963. Music. Psychology.

HUM 177. Aurand, Wayne Orion. An experimental study of a college music methods class laboratory school participation experience. Thesis, Illinois, 1964. School music. Instruction and study.

HUM 178. Coy, Richard Vining. An experimental investigation of factors in children's selection of and adaptation to four orchestral instruments. Thesis, UCLA, 1966. Musical ability.

HUM 179. Mitchell, Francis Humphries. The piano concertos of Johann Nepomuk Hummel. Thesis, Northwestern, 1957.

HUM 180. Haynes, Maurice Brooks. The keyboard works of Bernardo Pasquini (1637-1710). Thesis, Indiana, 1960.

HUM 181. Allaire, Gaston Georges. The masses of Claudin de Sermisy. Thesis, Boston, 1960.

HUM 182. White, E. Chappell. Giovanni Baptista Viotti and his violin concertos. Thesis, Princeton, 1957.

HUM 183. Landau, Victor. The harmonic theories of Paul Hindemith in relation to his practice as a composer of chamber music. Thesis, New York, 1957.

HUM 184. Jorgenson, Dale Alfred. A history of theories of the minor triad. Thesis, Indiana, 1957.

HUM 185. Kabis, Sister Mary Elise. The works of Jean Richafort, Renaissance composer (1480?-c.1548). Thesis, New York, 1957.

HUM 186. Weichlein, William Jesset. A comparative study of five musical settings of La clemenza di Tito. Thesis, Michigan, 1956.

HUM 187. Dower, Catherine Anne. Eighteenth century Sistine Chapel codices in the Clementine Library of the Catholic University of America. Thesis, Catholic U, 1968. Catholic Church. Liturgy and ritual. Music. Manuscripts.

HUM 188. Warren, Edward Brady. The masses of Robert Fayrfax. Thesis, Michigan, 1952.

HUM 189. Collins, Walter Stowe. The anthems of Thomas Weelkes. Thesis, Michigan, 1960.

HUM 190. Klitz, Brian Kent. Solo sonatas, trio sonatas, and duos for bassoon before 1750. Thesis, UNC, 1961. Bassoon music. To 1800. History and criticism.

HUM 191. Fleury, Robert Myrl. Objective measurement of group instrumental music. Thesis, UCLA, 1963. Instrumental music. Performances.

HUM 192. Glidden, Robert Burr. The development of content and materials for a music literature course in the senior high school. Thesis, Iowa, 1966. School music. Instruction and study.

HUM 193. Young, Clyde William. The keyboard tablatures of Bernhard Schmid, father and son. Thesis, Illinois, 1957.

HUM 194. Rarig, Howard Raymond. The instrumental sonatas of Antonio Vivaldi. Thesis, Michigan, 1958.

HUM 195. Thompson, Clyde Henderson. Marin Marais (1656-1728). Thesis, Michigan, 1957.

HUM 196. Bryan, Paul Robey. The symphonies of Johann Vanhal. Thesis, Michigan, 1956.

HUM 197. White, Joseph Addison. The concerted symphonies of John [sic] Christian Bach. Thesis, Michigan, 1958.

HUM 198. Mayer, Francis Norbert. A history of scoring for band: the evolution of band scoring in the United States. Thesis, Minnesota, 1957. Instrumentation and orchestration. Bands (Music).

HUM 199. Weaver, Robert Lamar. Florentine comic operas of the seventeenth century. Thesis, UNC, 1953. Opera, Italian. History and criticism.

HUM 200. Wolf, Henry Samuel. The twentieth century piano sonata. Thesis, Boston, 1957.

HUM 201. Kimmel, William B. Polychoral music and the Venetian school. Thesis, Rochester, 1942. Choral music, sacred. History and criticism. To 1800.

HUM 202. Mintz, Donald Monturean. The sketches and drafts of three of Felix Mendelssohn's major works. Thesis, Cornell, 1960.

HUM 203. Keily, James William. The Faust legend in music. Thesis, Northwestern, 1960.

HUM 204. Galkin, Elliott Washington. The theory and practice of orchestral conducting since 1752. Thesis, Cornell, 1960.

HUM 205. Ganz, Peter Felix. The development of the etude for piano-forte. Thesis, Northwestern, 1960. Musical form. Piano music. History and criticism.

HUM 206. Johns, Donald Charles. Johann Nepomuk David's Choralwerk; a study in the evolution of a contemporary liturgical organ style. Thesis, Northwestern, 1960.

HUM 207. Schmidt, Warren Frederick. The organ chorales of Johann Gottfried Walther (1684-1748). Thesis, SU Iowa, 1961.

HUM 208. Perkins, Marion Louise. Changing concepts of rhythm in the romantic era; a study of rhythmic structure, theory and performance practices related to piano literature. Thesis, USC, 1961.

HUM 209. Mandelbaum, Mayer Joel. Multiple division of the octave and the tonal resources of 19-tone temperament. Thesis, Indiana, 1961.

HUM 210. Longyear, Rey Morgan. Daniel-Francois-Esprit Auber (1782-1871); a chapter in French opera comique. Thesis, Cornell, 1957.

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HUM 692.

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HUM 711.

HUM 712.

HUM 713.

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HUM 715.

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HUM 739-749. These numbers were never assigned.

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